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  1. Yesterday I met up with my regular bear hunk bud. Our last get together was not the best for a variety of reasons. It happens from time to time, but we always have fun so I gave it another shot. This one was great. Tongued his hole for a while as he blew me. Then slowly stuck it in his ass. Let it sit in there for a bit, since he is so tight. Then finally started moving back and forth slow. After 30 minutes I was pounding his brains out and continued to for about an hour and a half. He had to take a couple five minute breaks so we wouldn't run into the old sore ass routine. Ultimately, it was a lot of fun. Not too much raunch. We have done all that. Sometimes good old fashioned ass punishing is best. Vanilla sex can be good if there is a strong mutual attraction, and there is. He is a big hairy guy, but I still manage to flip him around some. Plus he is a real 9" so its hot when he rides me and that thing is flopping all over the place. Left a nice load up in his guts, and called it a day. Watched a few of the videos, and except for seeing a couple of fuck faces I made I thought they were very hot.
  2. I always like to piss right in there, Sometimes I get hard when Im in and its a pain. Who would think someone would want to stay soft, but thats Murphy's law. Try to get him to put it in and relax. But if you cant: Depends how long you have been fucking. If the guys hole is opened up enough and there is no enema available, you can just use a soda bottle and just squeeze it once the head of the bottle is in the hole. Just be at a downward angle. I sometimes would squirt it up in him with the bottle just to do something different. Or when I had some old party stink piss saved. A nasal aspirator is usually available at convenience stores believe it or not (small ones) or drug stores (always). The thing with the small ones is they don't hold a lot. In a pinch a lot of convenience stores sell those single serve kool-aid squeeze bottles for kids. Have him fill that up and give you a blast. The home made shit is sexier and fun than all the planned shit, although sometimes it can be time consuming and distracting. Even in that pic I posted on my profile last week of me pissing, I was semi hard so it was hard to angle it down in his cunt while he was siting in the shower. But I got it in there. Just had to have him spread it nice and far apart. Perfect Practice makes Perfect.
  3. So, I saw this topic a while ago. Almost answered, then wanted to wait until I had a few moments to write more. I seroconverted many years ago, I was in my twenties. I never practiced safe sex, except occasionally with early hookups here and there. I was in the period of the late nineties, when the shock of AIDS was wearing off, and the safe sex talk had sort of died down. I never bottomed, not even once. And the truth is I was under this misimpression that it was really almost impossible to get HIV by being a top. But I have a big dick and it would occasionally get those chafing sores. And also I got the clap and other shit here and there so most likely converted due to the combination. But I would also party and fuck guys I knew were poz. I was really muscular back then and used to pound a few big muscle guys I thought were hot. And one of the hottest ones I was partying with told me he was poz. And to be honest, it turned me on for some reason. He was huge perfect body, huge cock and handsome. It was hard for me not to fuck him. I would go over there and pound his ass all night a lot. And somehow, I never got it from him. When I used to get tested I would sometimes make little proclamations like, oh I am gonna play safe from now on. Never lasted. Throw that glass pipe in there and forget it. When I went for std testing HIV was last on my mind. It shocked me to say the least. And as I wrote before, I went right to the bathhouse and did some serious seeding. For days. Whats it like? I guess I can't answer, which is why I didn't before. I waited many years for meds. I think the meth kept my viral load down for years, because when I ended up in the can and off it, it went up, I got rashes and started meds. (I'm not crazy others have had the same experience with meth). Would I choose to be neg? I don't live in that sort of fantasy world. We make decisions and we live with them. I cannot say that I did not have a ton of fun. And would have a hard time trading those experiences. I mean a ton of nasty kinky fun. But I also can not say that I don't wonder when it will start to impede my life. I have no issue with bugchasers. I think it is bad to ever criticize anyones fantasy. We don't understand certain things that do not appeal to us. I thought fisting was odd when I was in my teens, but grew to love fisting guys later. So I am hesitant to judge the fantasies of others. For me, I do not want to suffer or look ragged. I just don't. I've got a manageable strain, and that makes it easier. Poz guys are more fun. Less inhibitions. Some have self hatred, I avoid all self hating people like the plague. Which is why despite being a super piglet, I do not fuck guys that self loathe or just want loads for the sake of it. No shame in their game, but I like to fuck. I like the pleasure. And the truth is, I think I have an STI now. Just as of today, I hate those stupid shots. Going in there "Hey its me again." They know Im poz, so then know I am barebacking. I do not care what people think. I just would rather avoid unnecessary pain. I have lost friends to AIDS that were ready to go. I have lost others who were not ready to go. I want to live more, as long as possible. Breed as many more holes as I can. At least that is how I feel in the now. And the now is all we have. The past is an interpretation. The future is an illusion. All we have is today. So my final word is that I accept it, and when I dig down deep, I feel I had I had fun. And I probably would not change the past.
  4. I met up with my little toned bottom pup again. Although he says he is not usually a bottom (right). It is him I'm fucking in the pics I posted. I was wiped out Sunday evening, but he said he got the hotel in town just to see me. A likely story, but I went over anyway as we did have a good time last time we fucked. Anyway he is hung like a bull and it was hot when he rode me and his cock was flopping all over the place. I got him on the edge of the bed and really pounded him. Then I put my feed on the bed frame and squatted down into him with his legs in my hands. Almost pulling out each time. We fucked like hell. I got all the way up towards his guts when I scissored him and his eyes were rolling back in his head. By the time I blew my load up there we had been fucking for 3 hours on and off, mostly on. I fell right asleep. As I was leaving he said the same thing he told me before. Was one of the best times he ever had. I wondered after doing more than 100 porn movies if he was just blowing smoke up my ass. But the ego stroke felt good. All I know is his hole feels good and its fun to have a fuckbuddy that just likes to fuck. And is sane. He's been an all-nighter for a decade, but he has kept most of his marbles. Once in a while you find one of the good ones. Never give up hope. And as I said, after we met ten years ago at a party I always regretted not fucking him. At least I have gotten to more than make up for it.
  5. I have been in a bit of a piss phase. I hadn't done it for a while but I pissed three guys asses recently. I posted a few of the pics on my profile a couple weeks back. When I used to be really hopped up it would drive them crazy. One of my favorite videos I ever made was of me fucking then pissing in this kid I was fucking all the time for a while. You couldn't tell from the video I had pissed in there really, and when I pulled out it all squirted out and was all nasty. It would make me laugh when people said it was gross. Because only I knew how hot it was in the moment. I am not into being pissed on etc, but I have been high and licked an ass after making them squirt most of it out. One guy said he was too self conscious a few weeks ago to push it out in front of me, but I made him. I cleaned his hole myself then had a good lick (Maybe I got a few licks before ). He loved it. The leekage is sort of hot sometimes too. I just used to have to remember to give my cock a good soap scrub before too long. When that chempiss is strong the odor can linger, it may seem hot in the moment, but when you are in your car the next day and get a whiff you will say what the fuck? At least I did.
  6. So tonight my friend and I tag teamed a pretty good looking slut bottom with a nice ass. Pretty good little body on him. He came over and was like "can you cover that camera" I was like, its not on. I told him to not start acting weird or I'd throw him the fuck out. He stopped with that nonsense. He got himself in that place and was ready to get pounded. Sucked me off till I got hard. My friend started really pounding his ass. He was not too good at taking orders so he got the belt a little. I like to turn my wrist perpendicular to him so the leather hits him right on the hole. I pounded him all the way to his guts. Sucked off my buddy while I did that. And I went for quite a while. My hips will pay for that tomorrow. Then I made him ride my buddy and I stuck it in him. He liked the double penetration. I got most of my hand in there afterward. He was not too vocal. I get annoyed when they are, but he was pretty quiet. Which was ok. Anyway I fucked the shit out of him and blew my load in his guts. I got up, went outside and had a cigarette. My friend kept on him for a while. But after an hour and a half of fucking and blowing my load, I did not care what they did. I had jerked off 4 times earlier today. I will certainly sleep like a baby.
  7. So, I had a few good times this week. Got some pounding in, and had fun. My last load, last night, was not that great, and I think I will post the story here. Because if I only post the good ones, it does not seem too authentic. Went with my friend over to a guy he knows house. He had a friend there, and the friend said he really wanted to meet me. We'll call him otter. Bearded pretty good looking younger guy. Looked pretty cute from what I saw. So I went over to see what was up. He was normal looking but after about 20 mins I could see he was one of those people who is a chatterbox. I mean, I was there to fuck not talk about who knows who and all that shit. He couldnt really take getting fucked too much. Another one of these " I don't bottom regularly" guys. Yeah right. I cant get a pinky up my ass, but my cock, which is a bit above average, basically fell in. Pounded him for a bit. Then he kept doing that push me away thing I hate, and holding the legs like very stiff. Another thing is when they tell you how hot you are over and over, well, if that is the case let me pound you and shut the fuck up. Some tina queens really get burned out after years. Not a bad guy, just not the kind of person I mesh with. When I go fuck I don't look at my phone, the computer all that. He was checking. He really got on my nerves a bit, said he wanted more etc. So I pissed in his ass thinking that would get him in the mood. Worked for a few, then it was back to chatting. My bud said he thought the guy was nervous because I was being very aggressive (not compared to normal, but for him). In the end I let his handsome but beat looking up older friend suck me for a few, I stuck it in his ass and blew my load. Not that I wanted to, but at least he was down on planet earth. His friend told me he had been waiting for that for ten years. I said what? He said we met and described when and where. It clicked. Damn the guy used to be super hot. Proof we have to take care of ourselves twice as hard as we abuse ourselves. Anyway I dumped in him one more time as bearded boy salivated while still playing with his phone. By then I was feeling back to normal, hopped in an uber and bounced. Hey they can't all be great times. Just remember most people look half as good as their photos, and are only into a quarter of what they say. Me I say nothing but am into everything. Maybe I am as sick as they say I am?
  8. Nothing better than a Saturday morning roll in the sheets. Friday night a guy I banged last week called me up, asked me if I wanted to come over the next day. Tallish hairy handsome guy with a 9" thick dick. But what matters to me is he's got a great ass and a great hole. Well preserved for 32. I was feeling no pain and could not get keep my tongue out of his ass. And he loved it. He loved getting fucked more. Its always great when they say they are not really a bottom, but take a pounding like a champ. He brought up fucking me a couple times, and I said "thats never gonna happen" But I told him I do him something better: I got back on the filling an ass with piss kick for some reason. And that was hot. After a bit he had to get it out, it looked hot watching the pink skin on the inside of his hole say peekaboo as it pissed urine for the first time. We got back at it, mostly with his legs on my shoulders or his feet pressing flat against my chest. I left a nice load in him, gave him a kiss and flopped over. 5 hours is a long time for this guy now. I cant believe I used to go 24 straight sometimes--or more. Different circumstances. But this was good. And that night , instead of looking for some more action or creeping around online, I jerked off later to some videos of it.
  9. Both of the answers you got were great, and they are right on point. Any type of health problem adds and extra wrinkle to HIV treatment. And because the meds are so strong on organs (for some people), it's better to be putting less other medication in your body. As you know, being overweight usually comes with a myriad of other issues down the road --- often the very same issues meds exacerbate, cholesterol , sugar, kidney problems. So the short answer is yes, it is better to take off the weight for anyone, it is twice as important for an hiv positive person. I recently read that a person who seroconverts at 35 can expect to live to be 78 if he is a non smoker. A smoker with hiv who seroconverts at 35 can expect to live to be 63. Obesity shortens the lifespan often as much if not more than smoking.
  10. Sunday morning I fucked and pissed on a handsome hairy little otter type, but this is the last load forum so thats what I will write about. The photos I posted were from Sunday Morning. Sunday night a guy I have been talking to came up and we got together. He seemed a little intense on the phone, asking me if I was gonna bail. I said no why would I? I wondered if I made a mistake agreeing to get together, but I like to keep my word at least to meet. Once we saw each other I realized we'd met in NYC around ten years ago. At a party at my friends. I was fucking another kid at the party, and as crazy as it sounds I always regretted not fucking this guy. I saw him in a few porn movies since then, he says he's done well over 100 scenes. His little muscular hairy body still looks exactly the same. Great abs. Face a little older, but still handsome in a rough trade kind of way. We got going. He is a hot hung little bottom. Sort of had that little man syndrome at first. Im not a really tall guy myself, so never really understood what drives that. Anyway, his attitude changed after I got it in him. Banged for quite a while. Then I had some fun turning him out. Took a nice piss in his ass. He'd never done it, or watersports. Don't know if I believe that after all those movies. Made him push it out . He said he'd do it for me. He said he didn't think I was such a pig when we met before. I told him I was worse then, Im just me now. Then he said he had to clean up. I told him not to do it on my account, but he insisted. So I helped him, soaped up his round little ass and hole and cleaned him up all pretty. (It amazes me I can do tons of squats and have a semi flat looking ass, yet these skinny little guys have an ass sometimes) I Then carried him back over to the bed and pounded on him for another hour. He asked "what did you do to me?" as I was leaving. I did not know how to take that question. The next day he texted me and we got together for a couple more hours. I told him I was surprised to hear from him so soon, or at all. He said it was in the top five hottest fuck sessions he ever had. ...... I wonder who the other 4 were.
  11. Today, I was a little worn out from this weekend. Sunday I pounded the fuck out of a bearded cute young bear, and my other friend. Bearcub told me he did not like fingers but for some reason when they say that it makes me want to do it more. And once he was loosened up he told me he did like it. Said I was great with my hands. I mostly did him on his hands and knees and my friend likes to get fucked scissored so I can really get in there. By the end I was drenched in sweat and there was literally a puddle on the bed. But the last load I gave is the name of this forum, so thats what I will write about. I was at work feeling turned inside out today and this hairy handsome little cumdump I have been talking to said he was horny as fuck wanted me to come over. I told him I did not want to walk to the train and all that, he offered an uber. I never showered last night, and looked a little tired. But said fuck it and went over. He was actually better looking in person. Hot Italian, handsome. Little love handles, but gave me something to grab onto while I railed on him. Fucked for about twenty minutes and left a big load in his ass. Was actually out of breath afterward as though I ran a marathon. That is no good. But I was able to go again after we chatted for ten minutes. Fucked him some more then, I made him sit on my face, pulled out the first load and fed it to him, then left another one in there. His hole had that sort of lose sandpaper feel after a while, which I think is actually hot. Variety is nice. Afterward he texted me "it was hot when you fed me your load out of my ass" I wrote back "you looked hungry." Figured he was pissed when he didn't respond, but about ten minutes later he sent me a pig snout. So all was copacetic.
  12. 274 if I added right. And I consider myself conservative.
  13. I had an eventful weekend. Saturday my bud called me up, he was getting wild at a hotel with a guy. I was busy but went over that night. The other guy was good looking, Israeli. But his ass stunk from taking seven loads. My friend went down to meet his other bud, skinhead looking young guy. While he was downstairs I stuck it in the Israeli but wasn't in the mental place where I wanted the smell yet. He said I was big and it hurt, so I told him to clean his ass and we'd try again. The other two came up. We all got going,. I ate the skinheads ass pounded him for a while and fucked my bud . Israeli was sort of falling out. Skinhead was very into me pounding him but chatty and being nosey, I said I'm here to fuck not chat about my criminal past and stuff from years ago. Finally skinhead swirled out. I fucked the shit out of my buddy,.after opening his hole with my fingers. He had a couple loads up there alreaady. Dripped out. Finally we were kneeling on the floor --him in front of me with my hands on his shoulders. Going really fast. I blew my load in his ass and it felt so sensitive I shook. He actually came right before me. Afterward he said it was amazing . I hate that word. AMAZING Reminds me of a left wing hipster . It was fucking. That's all. Sunday things got crazy.
  14. Went over Sunday to a 26 year olds house. Got a little crazy. Pounded him for 4 hours, every which way to Sunday. Finally while I had his legs on my shoulders he blew his load. He got all shaky and sensitive. Said he couldn't go anymore. So I jerked off till I was ready to blow. Then I flipped him over and stuck it right into his little hole and left him dripping. Better way to spend Sunday morning than sitting in church. Although he certainly took communion.
  15. I realize it was actually around late 2008 or early 2009.

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