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Pumped furry Jewish fucker full

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Just pumped a furry Jewish fucker's ass full of my pent up cum.

On BBRT his profile said Sasquatch hairy or something. That bothers the shaved-smooth types but I didn't care. I still planted my face inbetween his hairy butt cheeks and sucked on his hairy fuckhole. He let out a big moan when my tongue went up his fuckhole.  No cum to taste but my bet is his fuckhole gets used.

His ass gave a nice firm bounce everything I pounded. Moaner too. And I noticed his Menorah and other stars and such out of the corner of my eye when pumping his ass so kinda hot knowing he's Jewish. Maybe that bothers some too but my dick was liking it.

It was quick pump n dump.  I bumped into the guy's neighbor again who had just started walking a dog and was just finishing that dog walk when I walked out the guy's door. Buddy said he hopes to see my dick again, and I bet I'll see his furry ass again!

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    • By BBttmpozchaser
      Hello fellow pigs. I am going to be traveling to Orlando for business this ups coming week! I am hoping to find a good gay sex toy store to purchase a small cock cage to lock myself in for the week. Any good recommendations??? Once locked I will be taking loads. I will go to club Orlando and would Lo like to find more groups. Please reach out thank you! 
    • By budapest
      I was met at the door and Jack introduced himself, He showed me to the back room where the massage was to take place and I noticed the massage table with clean sheets and towels arranged on it. Jack told me to undress and lie down on the massage table on my front and then he would be back in a minute.
      When he returned Jack put some soothing music on and standing beside me started to rub my back and shoulders with warm soothing sweet smelling oil. The feeling was wonderful and I started to relax as he worked the tension out of my back. As he worked lower down towards my ass I realized that I was feeling very relaxed, and even a bit aroused by the process I was undergoing and started to worry what Jack would think if I had an erection when I rolled over.
      As he continued the massage Jack was now kneading my ass and small of my back with his strong hands. He stopped and moved down to my feet beginning to work back up towards my ass again and now he knelt between my legs working first on one then the other with his strong hands.
      As his hands reached the top of my thighs the pressure of the massage was changing from one of some depth and strength to a caress of my thighs and buttocks. Then taking more oil he traced the crease of my ass with one finger, whilst with his other hand he squeezed the inner thigh and parted my legs further.
      I have to admit that this was giving me an erection and I was beginning to want the action to continue. Just as I thought he would keep stroking my ass cheeks I suddenly felt him use some pressure with his finger and rub it around my anus. The sensation was strange almost divine and I sighed a bit when he stopped. I felt more oil drip onto the crack of my ass and then his finger returned and slowly pushed into me, it was however after a second or two of discomfort a wonderful feeling.
      Jack asked me if everything was all right and lying there with his hand on my ass and a finger up my hole I mumbled "ummm yes, its fine". He asked if I wanted him to continue and again I answered with a "I think so".
      Taking his finger from my ass I felt something else placed against it. Jack told me to try and relax and that he was going to place a small vibrator in my hole. The head slid in and once again after a second or two my ass relaxed to accept the new sensations and the vibrator sent what can only be described as small electric tingles through me, deep inside me, a feeling like no other I had ever felt.
      I don't know when he did it but he somehow had removed his pants, the next thing I knew Jack removed the vibrator and I felt him lean forward over my back. As he did I felt the head of his hard cock probing at my ass. Once again he stopped before he entered me and asked if I was still feeling okay and wanted to continue.
      I started to protest but my words were choked off by Jack's hand over my mouth. Jack told me that I was going to be fucked whether I liked it or not and that there was no way out for me. I felt him roughly force his cock into my now tender virgin ass hole. As I groaned, at his huge cock I felt my ass stretch and then pop as he forced himself into me. Gasping with the pain I writhed and tried to get away but to no avail.
      As I did I felt my ass once again stretch and loosen around his cock and suddenly the pain was gone replaced by a desire to feel the rest of his cock inside me. I hunched back against him and felt the head of his cock move forward another inch into me. As he felt this Jack again pushed forward and in six or seven short pushes he fully buried his cock in my ass.
      Now he started to thrust into me with a greater lust and although it sometimes hurt a bit I felt my ass clutching at his cock as he screwed me deeply. I had a hard on pressed between my belly and the towel and could feel my own pre-cum leaking out of the end of my cock.
      Jack's thrusts became faster with no feeling for the return of the pain it brought me, Jack battered my ass with his cock and now my hard on disappeared. Just as I thought I would pass out from the pain I felt his cock suddenly begun to pulse and throb inside my ass and I felt cum spurt as he came deep inside flooding me. As soon as Jack finished he pulled his softening cock out of my ass and I felt the cool air replacing the heat of his body. I lay there on the bed, his hot sticky seed dripping from my once virgin ass.
      Jack then told me to get dressed and that he wanted me to come back the following week. I began to say that there was no way I would ever be back, but then he showed me that there had been a camera in the room the whole time filming everything.
      Jack then told me that if I didn't return the video would be edited to show just the sex with him, not the “Massage” and that it would be forwarded to my work mates and family. I was from now on he said to be a slave for him, a fuck hole for his pleasure.... And in time he said I would enjoy it and beg him for his seed.
    • By LooseHoleLoverr
      I responded to a m4m CL ad about pnp and wanted to try it. The guy was a hand some guy about 6ft 180lbs. He was masculine looking but slightly feminine acting. I arrived at motel 6 and pitched in for the stuff and he crushed it up. 
      We snorted it and the instant it hit me I felt the insatiable urge to do ridiculously raunchy gay things. I told him I wanted to eat his ass and I had my tongue so deep in his ass that clearly had been penetrated by cocks recently. The taste of cum in his asshole while spun was so intense, and I told him that we need to find as many guys as possible to cum in our asses. I couldn’t get hard at all, but after doing ass to mouth with a guy from Grindr and eating his cum out of this sloppy asshole, I got hard. I then penetrated him and he expressed how much he loves being a cumdump faggot.   More and more random guys showed up and I instantly pulled their cocks out. 
      I loved when the door opened bc people in the parking lot could get a glimpse into the room full of guys fucking two spun faggots before switching turns. I love love love how I feel when I bend over and let men that I don’t know penetrate me. I always knew that I’m destined to have multiple dicks inside my asshole, but this feeling while spun was so intense. Guys were turned on by how desperate I was to drink cum from his ass, and I git so caught up that doing ass to mouth with an asshole full of 15 plus loads that I didn’t even see or greet two guys that came in my ass. That was an amazing feeling and I hope that soon in 2021 I find myself in a cheap motel with hung hung uncut cocks so I can show people what it’s like for me when I have a cock inside my ass that’s covered in other peoples cum. 
      if you’re in Dallas, tx and interested in getting together in a low budget motel to pnp and have gay bareback group sex, give me a shout. I’d also love to start making schedules so people know at those designated times so they can swing by and cum in my ass. I’d also like to start filming my sessions and focusing heavily on how good it feels when a cock first pushes inside and ass snd feels multiple different peoples cum. Ass to mouth is so much better when multiple loads have been dumped!
    • By TwinkSlut24
      Hey guys,
      After wanting to have gay sex for a while, and after finally doing it, iv’e basically just turned into a total whore - had several gangbangs in the last month and taken many loads. I love feeling feminine as loads are pumped in me, and being used.
      During my gangbang this morning (8 guys), I was called a slut, bitch and whore, and the tops joked about my small penis (was tweaking a bit), and it made me wonder what tops think of bottoms that do this. 
    • By Noloadsrefusedfag
      Own me and whore my cumdump ass out. I’m addicted to being a whore and can’t imagine a life any other way. Please help me become my truest self. Attractive 22 y/o white slim cumdump for a hot horny master who’s addicted to breeding my hole and whoring me out for more loads. Love feeling sloppy with cum! Message me if interested I have pics, serious inquiries only.
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