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Quarantine Plans

Post Quarantine   

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  1. 1. What is your Post Quarantine Plans

    • Cumunion
    • Personal BBRTS Sex Party
    • Grindr/Scruff/Jackd/Growlr Hookups
    • Local Bathhouse
    • Sexcation
    • Adult Bookstore/Movie Theater
    • Local Cruise Spot

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Oh my god I am soooo fucking horny just got back from vacation where I took a lot of loads and really got fucked good!! I have been watching porn all week and want nothing more then a cock in my ass!! When this is over I will do all of the above! Hopefully there will be some real horny tops out there when this is over!!

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For me it's really all of the above except Sexcation.

I picked Local Bathhouse since that is definitely the top of my list to get multiple cocks and loads, but I doubt it will actually be the first thing I do.

I am taking the interim y to have a higher presence on online hookup apps, making contacts with guys with a view to finding new casual fuckbuddies for when this over.

If there is a silver lining, I am being more open, tagging guys who might not look like a perfect match, or not worrying too much about whether they might ignore me.

I suspect that when this starts to loosen a bit, my first actual contacts are likely to be friends I have made who have also been isolated or only in contact with a small group.

If any of you are in Toronto and are in a similar mode, hit me up for when this is over. I am a2malways on most platforms so I am easy to find. I'm an openminded bareback bottom and when it's safe I would gladly bring my ass over to your place and let you pump that pent up load straight up my hole. I stocked up on poppers and 420 so I would be ready to go as soon as the powers that be say it's okay.




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I am going to the same as most people go out in my own town and get filled with the help of poppers and other letters, also going to travel interstate in Australia  and do same thing.

Also plan trips to America, Canada, Europe ,England and Ireland. To Experience MAL or IML and bend over for any hard cock that I can take in either end.


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20 minutes ago, JockstrappedSlut said:

I am going to the same as most people go out in my own town and get filled with the help of poppers and other letters, also going to travel interstate in Australia  and do same thing.

Also plan trips to America, Canada, Europe ,England and Ireland. To Experience MAL or IML and bend over for any hard cock that I can take in either end.


If you got Ideas of city's ,venues, hotels to stay and events that will get a mature slut ca get fucked?

Let me know Thankyou 

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8 minutes ago, Cumjunky215 said:

They don't cum much once you get their load, and they never say thanks.

Good reason.  I make it a point of thanking the guy that takes my loads.

in front of every decent top is a great bottom.

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    • By BritishCumdump
      I know there's probably been a thousand threads of this nature already but is anyone else struggling with not being able to meet under UK lockdown? I know lots of people are still meeting and that's their prerogative, but for me I went from having the most cumdump heaven year in 2019 to having like one load since last February. I find myself going onto Fabguys and Scruff and Recon, chatting to hot tops wanting to fuck me but it eventually peters out when I and/or them decide to stay responsible. We make half-hearted arrangements to keep each other in mind when fucking can be a thing again but I feel like such a stick in the mud. It's annoying because I've shaken off meeting for so long but, because of things outside my control, it doesn't look like this pandemic and lockdown is going to end anytime soon. 
      Then again, if it does, I've got a fucking colossal list of guys that want to unload in me so that keeps me going. Luckily the last time I had sex was amazing and the memory of it keeps me going that I can have a night like that again. A regular of mine with a 9.5 incher came round and fucked me anon, then got on the apps and invited other guys to come round and fuck me, with him keeping my hole busy between each of them. I didn't see any of them and he didn't show me their profiles afterward. We only got like 6 guys round in total but it was kinda amazing, getting pimped out by someone I trusted and taking a nice few loads. Hopefully we can do the same thing again soon. 
    • By BlatinoBottom
      I haven’t been fucked since COVID began and I need a trainer to open me back up again! In a perfect world I can get gangbanged every day. 
      @BlatinoBottom on Twitter

    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Ill be in orlando at club o this weekend. Looking for a no loads refused weekend. Ill post room number when i have it. U walk in, breed me and leave. Cum as many times as u need. My hole craves your load! Down for tops to whore me out too!

    • By Akoor
      Planning a bathhouse visit this weekend to fulfill a long-term goal- get fucked by as many cocks as I can (raw preferably).
      I'm no virgin to bathhouses but in the past, I would mostly watch and engage minimally. I was scared (of raw sex) and insecure about the way I look, thus the hesitation.
      This weekend though, I plan to walk in, get on the bed of the common area with my ass facing out and let anyone with a dick fuck me. I'm nervous and was wondering if you guys could help.
      Tips, tricks or just any advice you could give.
    • By 317cumdump
      I'll be in Miami starting Thursday, Jan 07 until the following Thursday, Jan. 14. 
      I'm a complete cumdump and willing to take any load - NO LOAD REFUSED.
      Not yet sure where I'll be staying - I'm working out those details now. I'm flexible the entire time I am there, and will be able to host at my hotel, most likely near one of the beaches. I am also willing to travel within reason.
      TEXT: 3177358650
      EMAIL: 317cumdump@gmail.com.

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