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Good Christian boys

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Part 1

Chris and Tyler both grew up in conservative homes in the midwest. They both knew early on that they were different. At church, homosexuality was condemned and at school the locker room was full of talk about girls. Chris and Tyler both tried to pray their feelings away but they would always go back to their computers at night and search gay porn. After they got off they would feel nothing but guilt. They thought this would be the way their lives would go. Push the urges down and feel guilty about them when they gave in. They always gave in.

Both of them ended up going to the same college and had the same idea once they moved on campus. Give in to the urge now that no one knew them. They were both the only people from their town to go to the school so they didnt have to worry about someone finding out. They both downloaded grindr and thats how they met. They were both bundles of nerves when they chatted but they learned that they had so much in common. They talked about meeting but they both admitted to being scared. It was a big school but they still had the fear of someone finding out. Finally though they did decide to meet but in public like wholesome Christian boys. It was awkward. They didnt know what to say to each other now that they didnt have the safety they felt when they were just messaging in an app. But they were both attracted to each other. Chris was taller by a couple inches but both were athletic from being three season athletes in high school. They even had that in common. That meeting ended with a handshake and they headed back to their dorm rooms. They didnt end up talking about much. Just classes and moving from a small town and dorm life. They had never talked about gay sex with anyone. It was hard to just start.

Once they got back on the app just an hour later, their conversation got a lot freer. They both told the other that he was hot and they wanted to get naked together. They went for it and Tyler invited Chris to his dorm room. Once Chris got there the nerves were back. They didnt really know what to do. They kissed. For both of them their first. They were just lips and teeth at first but a hunger started to emerge as they realized they were getting what they had wanted for so long but thought they would never get. They started moaning and breathing heavy tongues exploring the others mouth. Clothes started coming off and they moved to the bed. Tyler's cock was 7 inches cut but Chris was 9 cut and thick. Chris was on top of Tyler grinding his big cock on the hot boy under him. Both of them lost control fast and came almost at the same time. There was a pool of cum between them all over their chest and abs. They never broke their kiss once it started to the moment they came. But once they came down from their cum the guilt set in and Chris got his clothes on fast and ran out.

They fell into a routine. They would do most of their talking on the app and eventually they would meet up and grind and make out until they came. The guilt was always there to rush them out. But they started getting bolder on the app after a few weeks and a few hot sessions. Chris decided to see if he could push things a little further.

Chris: So you ever think you would wanna do more than what we do?

T: You mean making out and getting naked? I like that

Chris: Yeah it's amazing but would you ever wanna do more?

T: Like what?

Chris: What kinds of things do you think about?

Tyler didnt respond for a while as he tried to decide whether he could tell Chris about a fantasy he had.

Chris: u there?

T: Yeah. I saw this video where a guy was watching a couple guys hook up. He just jerked off and didn't touch the guys but I thought it was hot

Chris: You want someone to watch us?

T: Is that too weird? I didn't really think we would do it or anything

Chris: Thats hot. We could try it if you want. Who would it be though? I don't know anyone.

T: We could find someone on this app.

Chris: Oh yeah lol. So you wanna try to find someone to watch us mess around?

T: Sure!

The search for a guy to watch them play became an obsession for Chris and Tyler. Chris wanted to try more than just rubbing their bodies together until they came and he was hoping this could be a step in that direction. Tyler had been holding this fantasy longer than he told Chris. He would jerk off in his bedroom at home and fantasize about a hot stranger sitting at his desk and watching. The idea of being watched turned him on like nothing else. They decided to start with guys who contacted them first. After chatting them up they would tell the guy that he had a friend who he messed around with regularly and they wanted someone to watch. Some of the guys weren't into it and other guys who liked it as long as they got to join eventually. Chris and Tyler werent ready for that yet. So that left just a few who seemed ok with the parameters that Chris and Tyler set. They settled on Hunter. He was older and seemed really nice and he even said they could play at his place so they could have more privacy.

What Chris and Tyler didnt know was that Hunter was always looking for good Christian boys like them who he could change forever. He bought his home near campus so that students didnt have to worry about finding a ride to his place. Most of the kids on campus didnt have cars so a guy who had his own place and was nearby was always the easiest way to yes. He loved breaking virgin boys in and Chris and Tyler were exactly the type he loved. Usually he would have to find one and convince them to bring a friend, so this was almost too easy.

Hunter first reached out to Chris. Hunter could tell from the profile pic that this boy was hot. Smooth and athletic and he said he was 18. When they traded face pics Hunter thought he was in love. This was the cutest boy he would have over in a while. Tyler was no different. This was going to be a hot couple to watch. At first. He talked to Chris about what he wanted to do once they got past rubbing each others bodies and making out. Chris revealed to him that he really wanted to fuck Tyler but he wasnt sure because he was so big and Tyler was a virgin. Plus he felt like he was a top and wasnt sure if he could handle taking Tylers smaller but still sizable cock in him. Hunter knew that if he could find a way to get Tyler let Chris fuck him, he would own them for good. He wanted them to see him as a helpful guide to pleasures they never even had heard about. That would be easy with these two once he got them their first fuck.

Chris and Tyler were together when they made the decision to meet Hunter. "His pictures look ok." Tyler shrugged. "Yeah but its not like hes gonna mess around with us too so it doesnt really matter that much."

"True" Chris said "but I might get turned off a little if hes a troll."

"Hes not a troll."

"I know. That's what I'm saying. So you wanna do it?"

Tyler knew he could make this fantasy a reality. "Yeah. Let's do it."

Hunter happened to be on when they messaged him and said they were up for meeting.

H: How about now?

Hunter had to wait a while for a response. They must be deciding if they wanted to actually go through with it, he thought.

C&T: Ok. Send over the address. We'll probably be 20 minutes.

H: Thumbs up

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Sorry for the delay guys. Its been a rough couple weeks so its been hard to be in the right mindset to write something for you all. Hopefully part 3 will come soon. Thanks for reading!

Part 2

It didn't even take 20 minutes to get to Hunter's house. It was barely off campus nearby Chris' dorm. The neighborhood Hunter  lived in was one where each house sat alone far enough from the others that you could probably go days or even weeks without seeing anyone else. Tall trees acted as fences between property meaning you couldn't even see into your neighbors windows. These streets were not for pedestrians. Tyler and Chris were walking in the street as they looked for the mailbox with Hunter's house number on it. Hunter's home looked well kept but not fancy. There were no decorative elements that welcomed them as they walked up the driveway and up to his front door.

"Ready?" Chris asked Tyler. Both were suddenly very nervous. Chris almost hoped that Tyler would say something that would force them to turn back before they rang the doorbell. But before Tyler could say a word, Hunter opened the door. The boys were jarred back to attention as they looked from each other back to the door, now open with Hunter standing in front of them. He looked older than they thought he would be but there was something welcoming and kind in his smile that they both followed him into the living room just off the front door.

"Take a seat boys. Can I get you anything? Water? Juice? Beer?" Both shook their heads no as they sat down on one of the couches. They hadn't actually spoken since the door opened. "Is everything ok? Just nervous or did you forget to tell me that youre both mute?" The boys laughed nervously. Chris said, "Yeah. We've never done this before. Everything is new so thats probably it."

"Like I said guys. I've never done this either so we're all in it together. If you are having second thoughts I totally understand if you would feel better leaving now before anything happens." Hunter had done this enough times to know how to put teen virgins at ease. Take it slow. Be patient. Act like you dont care either way.

"No it's good. Right Tyler?" Tyler nodded "Yeah it's cool."

"Then should we go into the bedroom? We don't have to sit here awkwardly if we dont want." This seemed to break the tension. The boys knew that once they were naked with each other they would forget that they were at a strangers house doing something they would be sent to hell for. They all got up and the boys followed Hunter into one of his bedrooms. There was a bed with sheets and pillows, another couch nearby and a big screen TV with porn already playing. The shades were all drawn and there were no lights on.

"This ok?" Hunter was pointing at the screen with a group scene of guys of different ages. Chris and Tyler mostly watched porn with scenes of two guys. Three at the most. They nodded as they watched unable to look away. "Yeah I can tell you're liking it." Hunter chuckled as he sat down on the couch. The boys were at the foot of the bed watching the group all naked with some making out and others sucking cock. WIthout saying anything, the boys started touching each other. It didn't take long before they were making out and laying down on the bed.

"Nice boys." The two looked up and over at Hunter. They had almost forgotten he was there. There was a moment of hesitation. The nerves returned mixed with the realization that a fantasy they had was actually happening. Hunter knew this was a good time to start pushing them. "Why don't you get naked? You look like you have great bodies." They started to strip as they did when they were alone together. Tyler was getting more excited as he thought back to all of the fantasies he had as a high school kid back home imagining a man sitting near his bed as Hunter sat near them now. Their making out became more passionate and soon their bodies were writhing against each other. Hunter was rubbing his hard cock through his shorts but knew to restrain himself. "You boys are hot." His words barely registered over the moaning between the boys. He reached over to the side table on one side of the bed and pulled a pipe and torch out of the drawer. He had it all set up before the boys showed up but played it all down. The boys did hear the click of the torch and paused to see where it was coming from.

"You boys mind?" White smoke began to fill the bulb at the end of the pipe.

"What are you doing?" Neither boy had seen this before though had heard from friends in high school and in their dorms about getting high. "Pot?"

Hunter took a big hit and let out a huge cloud of smoke before responding. He had to hold in a laugh. So these boys had never even seen pot before. This would be too easy. "Not quite. It's called t. You boys look so comfortable so I figured I would need something to calm my nerves since I guess I'm the only one who still needs to calm down about all of this."

"Oh that calms you down?" Chris said. "Pot does that too I heard."

"You boys are welcome to try it. It usually gets me hornier and opens my mind too." He was looking at Chris as he said this knowing that what the boy wanted more than anything was to fuck Tyler. He could tell Chris was curious.

"I don't know. I think we're ok" Tyler finally spoke up.

"No problem. More for me. Do you boys mind if I do a little more?" Tyler just shook his head and turned his attention back to Chris. But Chris was still watching Hunter as he took another hit. Something about the cloud that Hunter blew out intrigued Chris.

"You sure?" Chris asked Tyler. Hunter knew to stay out of it and just watch. He knew where this was going. "We could just try a little this once and see. When are we ever going to get a chance to try something like this again?" Chris pressed his cock a little harder onto Tylers as he said it. Hunter could see what Chris was doing and was impressed. Chris was clearly the dirty one of the two. Tyler still seemed like a scared boy. He could change that if given the chance.

Tyler looked at Hunter who took one more hit. The bulge in his shorts was hard to miss. It looked big. Tyler noticed that Hunter didnt look like the hits had changed him all that much. Maybe it wasnt too strong and one hit wouldnt hurt. He looked back at Chris who gave him that look that said come on lets just try. He gave in. "Ok, I guess I will if you will." Hunter smiled. "Nice boys. Why don't we get you two to sit up against the headboard and I can show you what to do." The boys pulled apart from each other, pre cum glistening against both of their abs which made Hunters cock twitch in his shorts. He got up on the bed and kneeled between their legs facing them. They are beautiful he thought. This would be fun. "Ok, so I use this torch to melt whats inside and then once you see smoke I'll tell you to inhale. Dont stop until I tell you. Then hold it for a little and blow it out. Ok?" They nodded. Hunter could see they were getting nervous. Everything scared these boys. This would change that.

He put the pipe up to Tylers mouth first. Tyler hesitated. He wanted Chris to go first. But he was too deep in now and just let it go. He watched as Hunter put the torch up to the bulb and then opened his mouth to the pipe when Hunter pushed it softly against his lipe. "Go ahead and inhale." Hunter loved the sight of a boy taking his first hit. There were only a few things sexier. After a few moments Hunter told him to stop and hold it for a second. He pulled the pipe away and said, "Go ahead and let it go." Tyler blew out the cloud. Medium sized. A good hit. "Do one more and then we'll get your buddy here."

"Wha-" Tyler couldnt get the whole question out before Hunter told him to inhale. "Good boy. A little more now." This would be a bigger hit. The boy was doing well for his first time. He pulled the pipe away and told him to hold it a little longer than the first time. "Ok now let it go." Tyler did the same and he began to feel something new as he released a bigger cloud. A sensation in his body and somehow in his brain. It felt good and instinctively, he brought his hand to his cock.

Hunter turned to Chris. "Ready?" Chris could see that something was happening to Tyler that made him hornier. He nodded and took the pipe in his mouth for his first hit. Hunter was getting so horny just watching these boys getting high. He was so lost in his thoughts that he left the pipe in Chris's mouth longer than he realized. It hit Chris immediately. As soon as he let out a big cloud he said, "Wow..." Hunter put the pipe up to his mouth one more time and then leaned over to whisper into the ear further away from Tyler. "I'm going to make sure you get to fuck your boy today. Dont you worry boy." Chris's eyes got bigger and even though Tyler couldnt hear what Hunter said, it worried him. What secrets were they sharing already? Chris held his second hit in and then let out another big cloud. These boys are naturals Hunter thought.

"How you boys feeling? You up for doing a couple more?" Tyler was still thinking about seeing Hunter whisper something to Chris but before he could really think about it, Chris said, "Yeah a couple more wont hurt." Tyler just went along. After all the first couple hits felt good and he liked what he was feeling even with the nervousness.

"Ok this time youre going to do whats called a shotgun. I'm going to give one of you a hit and when you are ready to let it go I want you to blow it into the mouth of the other ok? So the other will inhale it like a hit too. Ready?" If it meant they would be touching each other and linking mouths they were up for it. He put the pipe back up to Chris's mouth and made him take another big hit. "Ok now hold it for a second and lean over to Tyler and blow it into his mouth. Then Tyler you hold it in before blowing it back out." Chris leaned over to Tyler and Hunter watched as they opened their mouths toward each other. Chris blew the hit into Tylers mouth and then they started making out again. Soon smoke was coming out of their mouths. Tyler must have needed to let it go. Their kissing was even more passionate than before. Hunter had the boys do one more shotgun this time with Tyler taking the hit from the pipe. He gave Tyler his biggest hit yet and then moved off the bed. "Ok, when you boys are ready just go back to what you were doing before." They didnt need to be told more than once. The shotgun led to kissing and soon the boys were rolling around the bed grabbing onto each other and rubbing themselves all over each other. Hunter took one more hit and put the pipe down.

Yes, this was going to be fun. And easy.

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      After Shawn's show a week later, he was approached by John later. Fuck not this creeper again, Shawn thought.
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      The next morning Shawn had to begin answering to John, his new manager. His schedule changed a lot. There were many more early mornings and random tasks being assigned. Why on earth was Shawn doing John's laundry?! He thought.
      John entered the room, "Hey Shawn, I've been thinking."
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      "What do you mean?" Shawn asked.
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      "I guess I don't have much of a choice, do I?" Shawn asked.
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      Shawn was speechless.
      "I'm guessing that is a yes," John said. "You see, part of the contract that your old manager signed you off to me in included being my lover, taking care of me, and becoming part of my family. I know it may be shock, but experiments in the music industry have really been working out in the long run for a lot of young singers."
      Shawn was speechless.
      "You don't have to say anything," John said as he took Shawns hand, cupped his chin (John stood a good 2" over Shawn), and began kissing him. "Your assistants have already begun moving your stuff into my house and my trailer. Should be ready to move in tomorrow night."
      Shawn was still speechless, he has gone a bit slack jawed. 
      "If you don't have any questions about your contract, you may leave. You have some packing to do and the Music Awards tonight," John said.
      With that Shawn turned and left. Fuck, why was he not able to say anything? And with as fast as he wanted to get out of there, why was he walking so slow? He'll just sleep this off, he thought as he went to take a nap. But instead of napping, Shawn found himself looking at porn on his phone, not just any porn, daddy porn. And as soon as he came all over his abs, he heard himself moan: "John."
      Shawn awoke from a nightmare just in time to get ready. He had been leaving the Music Awards and couldn't find his way home. Instead he found himself staring at a bunch of old men, all staring at him wearing a very tight plaid suit as if he would walk through the space they parted for him. He shook his head thinking, this knew manager is just a bit weird. Changes like this happen to young stars all the time in Hollywood. He'll have a new manager soon enough, right?
      Shawn got up and got ready for the Music Awards tonight. He was surprisingly excited to spend some time with the rest of the team all dressed up. Shawn's stylist had picked a new suit for him to wear on the red carpet. When she took it out of the bag he saw that it was plaid....wait, fuck, plaid just like in my dream, he thought. He shook his head, it's nothing, I probably remember seeing her show me pics of it at one point.
      At the show, something was off. Shawn was not saying much, was very passive on the red carpet, and found himself being nervous for tonight. He didn't crack many smiles for the camera unless the cameramen told him too. John had also prepared a couple things for him to say about his music if anyone asked. He was doing very well, very... obedient.
      After the red carpet was over, Shawn's manager pulled him aside and told him that there was a plan for after. He had a special after party to be at that Shawn would join him for, the limo driver will take him right there, and "Don't worry, the will be a camera man following you around with a small teleprompter. We're working on getting a new tour video up so just follow along." Shawn was speechless after John walked off.
      After the awards show, Shawn went down to the street and got into the limo. Fuck, he thought, why am I do nervous over an after party? he thought. The limo soon stopped, Shawn got out of the car, buttoned the jacket of his tight suit, and heard the driver say John told him to tell Shawn to go upstairs. 
      Shawn expected a mass of fans outside snapping pictures. This wasn't the case. He was standing in front of a large building that looked otherwise abandoned. Not wanting to be the superstar known for breaking a contract, he timidly went upstairs. It was dark and the floorboards creeked. What the fuck is this, Shawn thought. Then he could hear something the higher he went. Lots of men talking. Ok that sounds like a party, Shawn thought and walked slightly faster. Then at the top of the stairs Shawn saw it and his heart sank.
      Shawn was speechless and went slackjaw as he found himself looking at the same crowd of men he saw in his dream. All the voices stopped and faces turned towards him, parting the sea and revealing a sling (he had only seen in porn) and John standing in the middle. He sported his slightly overweight and wrinkly naked body and Shawn finally saw the tattoo on his chest. He recognized as a biohazard tattoo. 
      The cameraman appeared in front of him as the lights turned off behind him and dimmed in the room. He slowly began to walk forward, step by step, closer to his fate. All you could hear was the deep click of Shawn's boots on the floor and the slight rattle off chains. When Shawn got to the front he slowly turned around. His heart was racing, face flush, and stomach full of butterflies. He noticed words come up on the teleprompter and began to read them off.
      "My name in Shawn Mendes, I'm an internationally renowned singer/songwriter, 22 years old, and recently was sold to my new manager, John. Tonight I will officially bind to my contract. I will be fucked by over 50 men over the age of 50, all...HIV positive..." Shawn swallowed and couldn't believe what he was reading. "All of these men are in different stages, several of whom have...late stage AIDS..." Fuck, why couldn't he move. "The video will be released and my new career as a...porn star will begin." FUCK! This is what sleazy John was up to. Shawn was speechless once more and went slackjaw as more lights turned off.
      He slowly unbuttoned his suit jacket and gave his hands up to two men he could no longer see and felt what he thought were small boxing gloves being put on them. Then he felt a gas mask get lowered onto his head and he could no longer see. He was gently picked up and lowered into the sling, a whole was cut in his trousers, the men smirked when they found he wasn't wearing underwear, his feet and hands strapped to the chains, and a long tube attached to the gas mask.
      One man began to feed Shawn a steady stream of poppers through the mask as he felt himself lose control of his body. John stepped up, shoved his massive cock in and came inside him after just a few minutes. Other men all began to step up, Shawn was unable to hear all the words they were yelling, see the men who was fucking, and very soon he couldn't even feel the cocks inside him. All he could do was breathe in more more poppers. Shawn went from being an anal virgin to taking lots of toxic cocks.
      "Yeah charge this slut up!"
      "Give him AIDS!"
      "Oh yeah, let's get him a couple strains and superconvert him!" 
      Man after man ravaged Shawn's hole for the next six hours. Just before Shawn passed out, he felt himself get free of the sling and the gas mask removed. He stumbled when he stood up but regained his balance quickly. He buttoned his tight suit jacket while the men all cheered for him. He couldn't believe this was happening, but it was. And he strangely found it...arousing. 
      "Come with me," John said.
      Shawn followed to a well lit room across the hall where he was shown to a chair. A tattoo artist was placed on a stool. "Unbutton your jacket and open up that shirt a bit more." Shawn did as he was told and before he realised it, he now had a biohazard tattoo right in the middle of his chest. Fuck, my career is over, he thought. He buttoned his shirt back up, stood up and... Wait ... Was there something inside him? Fuck! They stuffed him with a buttplug to keep all the cum inside me. Shawn's heart sank, but he felt relatively excited. What is wrong with me, he thought.
      "Turn around," John instructed.
      Shawn buttoned his tight jacket and did as he was told. He looked at himself in the mirror and could see the new tattoo through the open shirt he was wearing.
      "All your fans will soon know the truth," John said. With that, he cuffed Shawn's hands behind his back, escorted him out into the daylight wear lots of fans and media were watching, and he was forced into the limo. The media will have tons of questions later.
      The next week, Shawn's concerts were pretty much empty. It didn't matter though, he got a bad case of the flu and had to cancel the rest of his tour. Then his new career began.
      The end.
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      Hello, first I have to apologize in case the story is difficult to understand. I write the stories in German and have them translated by the Google translator, as I cannot speak or write and read English. Needless to say, this story is fictitious, as are people and places.
      The game got out of hand - Part 1 (introduction, not sexual)
      Every first Friday of the month our small group meets for a game night. Every now and then there are a few new faces, like on this Friday evening, which should change my life.
      But first I would like to introduce the regular cast of our small group:
      Frank is 32 years old, gay, very trained at 1.87 meters tall, he weighs 80 kilos.
      Simon is 40 years old, gay, rather lanky and 1.95 meters tall, he only weighs 72 kilos. He is also Frank's husband.
      Hussein is 22 years old, bisexual, bodybuilder type, and at 1.80 meters he weighs 86 kilos.
      Johannes is 25 years old, bisexual, of normal stature and weighs 73 kilos at 1.75 meters tall.
      Elias is 20 years old, gay, the typical twink, weighs 60 kilos and is 1.76 meters tall.
      Dominik is 36 years old, bisexual, of normal stature and weighs 70 kilos at 1.68 meters.
      I'm Benjamin, 21 years old, straight (I thought so far), I also have a normal stature at 1.72 meters, I bring 68 kilos with me.
      Usually my friend Amelie (24) and Dominik's friend Magdalena (30) are also there. However, this time the two girls could not take part for professional reasons, as there was an acute shortage of staff on the night shift in the hospital where they work.
      I only owe this evening game to my girlfriend (or better said now ex-girlfriend) Amelie, who found out through Magdalena that we had gone there.
      That said Friday evening there were three new faces brought by Hussein and Simon.
      Hussein brought Matteo, and Simon brought Vincent and Fabio.
      Matteo is a 19 year old twink, absolutely gay, weighs only 77 kilos at 1.99 meters tall.
      Vincent and Fabio are both 38 and twins, both are gay and at 1.75 meters tall and 70 kilos, they are more average.
      That evening we wanted to play the dice game 10000. The winner is whoever threw the 10,000 points together first.
      A 5 is 50 points,
      3 fives with a throw are 500 points, these must still be confirmed by a 1 or 5.
      4 fives with a throw are 5000 points, these must also be confirmed with a 1 or 5.
      A 1 is 100 points,
      3 ones with a throw are 1000 points, and must also be confirmed with a 1 or 5.
      3x the 2, 3, 4 or 6 with one throw means 200, 300, 400 or 600 points after confirmation by a 1 or 5.
      4x the 2, 3, 4 or 6 with one throw means 2000, 3000, 4000 or 6000 points after confirmation.
      There are 6 dice in play, but a maximum of 2 dice may remain, but at least one die must remain for the game to be scored.
      After the rules were set, Matteo asked about the stakes per game, whereupon Frank explained to him that we would normally only play just for fun, i.e. without stakes.
      Matteo then said, however, that it would be more interesting if the person who had thrown the least number of points had to take off an item of clothing. As a little thrill by the way.
      My opinion was NO, as I had just lost a bet with my girlfriend two days ago and as a punishment I was only allowed to wear one item of clothing per body region. So I only had a t-shirt, Adidas sports pants and my Adidas shoes ...
      ...not more.
      Of course, I did not say that, but instead said that a vote was needed.
      No wonder, the only one who was against this additional rule was me, but I was also the last one who was allowed to vote, and since I already knew the result, I voted for the rule extension with a better conscience.
      Sequel follows...
    • By Alexreyez
      I moved recently to Orlando and have been having been fucking and getting fucked raw the last few months. It’s been so hot and It’s my first time really encountering so many poz men around here. The idea of a real man using me and breeding me and knowing he is poz gets me so hard. Recently got tested and am neg. a part of me wants to just keep fucking like wild and go to the bath house every weekend. On the other hand I’ve been told to get on prep. What do we think ?

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