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Good Christian boys


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Part 1

Chris and Tyler both grew up in conservative homes in the midwest. They both knew early on that they were different. At church, homosexuality was condemned and at school the locker room was full of talk about girls. Chris and Tyler both tried to pray their feelings away but they would always go back to their computers at night and search gay porn. After they got off they would feel nothing but guilt. They thought this would be the way their lives would go. Push the urges down and feel guilty about them when they gave in. They always gave in.

Both of them ended up going to the same college and had the same idea once they moved on campus. Give in to the urge now that no one knew them. They were both the only people from their town to go to the school so they didnt have to worry about someone finding out. They both downloaded grindr and thats how they met. They were both bundles of nerves when they chatted but they learned that they had so much in common. They talked about meeting but they both admitted to being scared. It was a big school but they still had the fear of someone finding out. Finally though they did decide to meet but in public like wholesome Christian boys. It was awkward. They didnt know what to say to each other now that they didnt have the safety they felt when they were just messaging in an app. But they were both attracted to each other. Chris was taller by a couple inches but both were athletic from being three season athletes in high school. They even had that in common. That meeting ended with a handshake and they headed back to their dorm rooms. They didnt end up talking about much. Just classes and moving from a small town and dorm life. They had never talked about gay sex with anyone. It was hard to just start.

Once they got back on the app just an hour later, their conversation got a lot freer. They both told the other that he was hot and they wanted to get naked together. They went for it and Tyler invited Chris to his dorm room. Once Chris got there the nerves were back. They didnt really know what to do. They kissed. For both of them their first. They were just lips and teeth at first but a hunger started to emerge as they realized they were getting what they had wanted for so long but thought they would never get. They started moaning and breathing heavy tongues exploring the others mouth. Clothes started coming off and they moved to the bed. Tyler's cock was 7 inches cut but Chris was 9 cut and thick. Chris was on top of Tyler grinding his big cock on the hot boy under him. Both of them lost control fast and came almost at the same time. There was a pool of cum between them all over their chest and abs. They never broke their kiss once it started to the moment they came. But once they came down from their cum the guilt set in and Chris got his clothes on fast and ran out.

They fell into a routine. They would do most of their talking on the app and eventually they would meet up and grind and make out until they came. The guilt was always there to rush them out. But they started getting bolder on the app after a few weeks and a few hot sessions. Chris decided to see if he could push things a little further.

Chris: So you ever think you would wanna do more than what we do?

T: You mean making out and getting naked? I like that

Chris: Yeah it's amazing but would you ever wanna do more?

T: Like what?

Chris: What kinds of things do you think about?

Tyler didnt respond for a while as he tried to decide whether he could tell Chris about a fantasy he had.

Chris: u there?

T: Yeah. I saw this video where a guy was watching a couple guys hook up. He just jerked off and didn't touch the guys but I thought it was hot

Chris: You want someone to watch us?

T: Is that too weird? I didn't really think we would do it or anything

Chris: Thats hot. We could try it if you want. Who would it be though? I don't know anyone.

T: We could find someone on this app.

Chris: Oh yeah lol. So you wanna try to find someone to watch us mess around?

T: Sure!

The search for a guy to watch them play became an obsession for Chris and Tyler. Chris wanted to try more than just rubbing their bodies together until they came and he was hoping this could be a step in that direction. Tyler had been holding this fantasy longer than he told Chris. He would jerk off in his bedroom at home and fantasize about a hot stranger sitting at his desk and watching. The idea of being watched turned him on like nothing else. They decided to start with guys who contacted them first. After chatting them up they would tell the guy that he had a friend who he messed around with regularly and they wanted someone to watch. Some of the guys weren't into it and other guys who liked it as long as they got to join eventually. Chris and Tyler werent ready for that yet. So that left just a few who seemed ok with the parameters that Chris and Tyler set. They settled on Hunter. He was older and seemed really nice and he even said they could play at his place so they could have more privacy.

What Chris and Tyler didnt know was that Hunter was always looking for good Christian boys like them who he could change forever. He bought his home near campus so that students didnt have to worry about finding a ride to his place. Most of the kids on campus didnt have cars so a guy who had his own place and was nearby was always the easiest way to yes. He loved breaking virgin boys in and Chris and Tyler were exactly the type he loved. Usually he would have to find one and convince them to bring a friend, so this was almost too easy.

Hunter first reached out to Chris. Hunter could tell from the profile pic that this boy was hot. Smooth and athletic and he said he was 18. When they traded face pics Hunter thought he was in love. This was the cutest boy he would have over in a while. Tyler was no different. This was going to be a hot couple to watch. At first. He talked to Chris about what he wanted to do once they got past rubbing each others bodies and making out. Chris revealed to him that he really wanted to fuck Tyler but he wasnt sure because he was so big and Tyler was a virgin. Plus he felt like he was a top and wasnt sure if he could handle taking Tylers smaller but still sizable cock in him. Hunter knew that if he could find a way to get Tyler let Chris fuck him, he would own them for good. He wanted them to see him as a helpful guide to pleasures they never even had heard about. That would be easy with these two once he got them their first fuck.

Chris and Tyler were together when they made the decision to meet Hunter. "His pictures look ok." Tyler shrugged. "Yeah but its not like hes gonna mess around with us too so it doesnt really matter that much."

"True" Chris said "but I might get turned off a little if hes a troll."

"Hes not a troll."

"I know. That's what I'm saying. So you wanna do it?"

Tyler knew he could make this fantasy a reality. "Yeah. Let's do it."

Hunter happened to be on when they messaged him and said they were up for meeting.

H: How about now?

Hunter had to wait a while for a response. They must be deciding if they wanted to actually go through with it, he thought.

C&T: Ok. Send over the address. We'll probably be 20 minutes.

H: Thumbs up

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Sorry for the delay guys. Its been a rough couple weeks so its been hard to be in the right mindset to write something for you all. Hopefully part 3 will come soon. Thanks for reading!

Part 2

It didn't even take 20 minutes to get to Hunter's house. It was barely off campus nearby Chris' dorm. The neighborhood Hunter  lived in was one where each house sat alone far enough from the others that you could probably go days or even weeks without seeing anyone else. Tall trees acted as fences between property meaning you couldn't even see into your neighbors windows. These streets were not for pedestrians. Tyler and Chris were walking in the street as they looked for the mailbox with Hunter's house number on it. Hunter's home looked well kept but not fancy. There were no decorative elements that welcomed them as they walked up the driveway and up to his front door.

"Ready?" Chris asked Tyler. Both were suddenly very nervous. Chris almost hoped that Tyler would say something that would force them to turn back before they rang the doorbell. But before Tyler could say a word, Hunter opened the door. The boys were jarred back to attention as they looked from each other back to the door, now open with Hunter standing in front of them. He looked older than they thought he would be but there was something welcoming and kind in his smile that they both followed him into the living room just off the front door.

"Take a seat boys. Can I get you anything? Water? Juice? Beer?" Both shook their heads no as they sat down on one of the couches. They hadn't actually spoken since the door opened. "Is everything ok? Just nervous or did you forget to tell me that youre both mute?" The boys laughed nervously. Chris said, "Yeah. We've never done this before. Everything is new so thats probably it."

"Like I said guys. I've never done this either so we're all in it together. If you are having second thoughts I totally understand if you would feel better leaving now before anything happens." Hunter had done this enough times to know how to put teen virgins at ease. Take it slow. Be patient. Act like you dont care either way.

"No it's good. Right Tyler?" Tyler nodded "Yeah it's cool."

"Then should we go into the bedroom? We don't have to sit here awkwardly if we dont want." This seemed to break the tension. The boys knew that once they were naked with each other they would forget that they were at a strangers house doing something they would be sent to hell for. They all got up and the boys followed Hunter into one of his bedrooms. There was a bed with sheets and pillows, another couch nearby and a big screen TV with porn already playing. The shades were all drawn and there were no lights on.

"This ok?" Hunter was pointing at the screen with a group scene of guys of different ages. Chris and Tyler mostly watched porn with scenes of two guys. Three at the most. They nodded as they watched unable to look away. "Yeah I can tell you're liking it." Hunter chuckled as he sat down on the couch. The boys were at the foot of the bed watching the group all naked with some making out and others sucking cock. WIthout saying anything, the boys started touching each other. It didn't take long before they were making out and laying down on the bed.

"Nice boys." The two looked up and over at Hunter. They had almost forgotten he was there. There was a moment of hesitation. The nerves returned mixed with the realization that a fantasy they had was actually happening. Hunter knew this was a good time to start pushing them. "Why don't you get naked? You look like you have great bodies." They started to strip as they did when they were alone together. Tyler was getting more excited as he thought back to all of the fantasies he had as a high school kid back home imagining a man sitting near his bed as Hunter sat near them now. Their making out became more passionate and soon their bodies were writhing against each other. Hunter was rubbing his hard cock through his shorts but knew to restrain himself. "You boys are hot." His words barely registered over the moaning between the boys. He reached over to the side table on one side of the bed and pulled a pipe and torch out of the drawer. He had it all set up before the boys showed up but played it all down. The boys did hear the click of the torch and paused to see where it was coming from.

"You boys mind?" White smoke began to fill the bulb at the end of the pipe.

"What are you doing?" Neither boy had seen this before though had heard from friends in high school and in their dorms about getting high. "Pot?"

Hunter took a big hit and let out a huge cloud of smoke before responding. He had to hold in a laugh. So these boys had never even seen pot before. This would be too easy. "Not quite. It's called t. You boys look so comfortable so I figured I would need something to calm my nerves since I guess I'm the only one who still needs to calm down about all of this."

"Oh that calms you down?" Chris said. "Pot does that too I heard."

"You boys are welcome to try it. It usually gets me hornier and opens my mind too." He was looking at Chris as he said this knowing that what the boy wanted more than anything was to fuck Tyler. He could tell Chris was curious.

"I don't know. I think we're ok" Tyler finally spoke up.

"No problem. More for me. Do you boys mind if I do a little more?" Tyler just shook his head and turned his attention back to Chris. But Chris was still watching Hunter as he took another hit. Something about the cloud that Hunter blew out intrigued Chris.

"You sure?" Chris asked Tyler. Hunter knew to stay out of it and just watch. He knew where this was going. "We could just try a little this once and see. When are we ever going to get a chance to try something like this again?" Chris pressed his cock a little harder onto Tylers as he said it. Hunter could see what Chris was doing and was impressed. Chris was clearly the dirty one of the two. Tyler still seemed like a scared boy. He could change that if given the chance.

Tyler looked at Hunter who took one more hit. The bulge in his shorts was hard to miss. It looked big. Tyler noticed that Hunter didnt look like the hits had changed him all that much. Maybe it wasnt too strong and one hit wouldnt hurt. He looked back at Chris who gave him that look that said come on lets just try. He gave in. "Ok, I guess I will if you will." Hunter smiled. "Nice boys. Why don't we get you two to sit up against the headboard and I can show you what to do." The boys pulled apart from each other, pre cum glistening against both of their abs which made Hunters cock twitch in his shorts. He got up on the bed and kneeled between their legs facing them. They are beautiful he thought. This would be fun. "Ok, so I use this torch to melt whats inside and then once you see smoke I'll tell you to inhale. Dont stop until I tell you. Then hold it for a little and blow it out. Ok?" They nodded. Hunter could see they were getting nervous. Everything scared these boys. This would change that.

He put the pipe up to Tylers mouth first. Tyler hesitated. He wanted Chris to go first. But he was too deep in now and just let it go. He watched as Hunter put the torch up to the bulb and then opened his mouth to the pipe when Hunter pushed it softly against his lipe. "Go ahead and inhale." Hunter loved the sight of a boy taking his first hit. There were only a few things sexier. After a few moments Hunter told him to stop and hold it for a second. He pulled the pipe away and said, "Go ahead and let it go." Tyler blew out the cloud. Medium sized. A good hit. "Do one more and then we'll get your buddy here."

"Wha-" Tyler couldnt get the whole question out before Hunter told him to inhale. "Good boy. A little more now." This would be a bigger hit. The boy was doing well for his first time. He pulled the pipe away and told him to hold it a little longer than the first time. "Ok now let it go." Tyler did the same and he began to feel something new as he released a bigger cloud. A sensation in his body and somehow in his brain. It felt good and instinctively, he brought his hand to his cock.

Hunter turned to Chris. "Ready?" Chris could see that something was happening to Tyler that made him hornier. He nodded and took the pipe in his mouth for his first hit. Hunter was getting so horny just watching these boys getting high. He was so lost in his thoughts that he left the pipe in Chris's mouth longer than he realized. It hit Chris immediately. As soon as he let out a big cloud he said, "Wow..." Hunter put the pipe up to his mouth one more time and then leaned over to whisper into the ear further away from Tyler. "I'm going to make sure you get to fuck your boy today. Dont you worry boy." Chris's eyes got bigger and even though Tyler couldnt hear what Hunter said, it worried him. What secrets were they sharing already? Chris held his second hit in and then let out another big cloud. These boys are naturals Hunter thought.

"How you boys feeling? You up for doing a couple more?" Tyler was still thinking about seeing Hunter whisper something to Chris but before he could really think about it, Chris said, "Yeah a couple more wont hurt." Tyler just went along. After all the first couple hits felt good and he liked what he was feeling even with the nervousness.

"Ok this time youre going to do whats called a shotgun. I'm going to give one of you a hit and when you are ready to let it go I want you to blow it into the mouth of the other ok? So the other will inhale it like a hit too. Ready?" If it meant they would be touching each other and linking mouths they were up for it. He put the pipe back up to Chris's mouth and made him take another big hit. "Ok now hold it for a second and lean over to Tyler and blow it into his mouth. Then Tyler you hold it in before blowing it back out." Chris leaned over to Tyler and Hunter watched as they opened their mouths toward each other. Chris blew the hit into Tylers mouth and then they started making out again. Soon smoke was coming out of their mouths. Tyler must have needed to let it go. Their kissing was even more passionate than before. Hunter had the boys do one more shotgun this time with Tyler taking the hit from the pipe. He gave Tyler his biggest hit yet and then moved off the bed. "Ok, when you boys are ready just go back to what you were doing before." They didnt need to be told more than once. The shotgun led to kissing and soon the boys were rolling around the bed grabbing onto each other and rubbing themselves all over each other. Hunter took one more hit and put the pipe down.

Yes, this was going to be fun. And easy.

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      Rentboy arrives a short time later, I pay him his fee.  He stripped, stroked his amazing cock a few times and bent me over in front of the 2 brothers and proceeds to fuck me.  Fuck I never thought I would find being fucked in front of others hot, but tonight I did!  The harder he pounded my ass the more I begged for him to give me more. He pushed me over to the other bed where the brothers had their dicks out stroking them.  He shoved my mouth down on bi brothers hard cock to shut me up.   I swallowed his 7" in 1 move all the way to his balls.  No gag reflex existed in that  moment. I swallowed his cock stifling my loud moans of pure ecstasy.  This was fantasy material for me.  Never before had I ever been "spit roasted" by 2 dudes.  In my fuzzy state of mind I was in heaven!   Rentboy pushed me on to the bed face down pounded me as deep as his 8" rock hard cock would go a few more strokes then flipped me over.  He shoved a pillow under my ass and pulled me, legs in the air, to the very edge of the bed.  With my ass framed by my jockstrap my pulsing hole was totally exposed to everyone in the room. Rentboy challenged bi brother to stick his cock in my hungry hole.  I must have turned bi brother on with my cocksucking because before I knew it he as pushing my legs toward my ears and plunging his cock into my ass.  A few strokes later he was breeding me with his load.  I could feel his cock expand just as he exploded.  He shoved his cock as deep as he could and left that spunk deep in my guts.  He collapsed on top of me, out of breathe.  Rentboy quickly rolled him off of me and onto the bed cuz he was about to explode.  He turned me on to my left side and with my right leg pitched forward he slid all 8" in to my ass from my pitched forward hips.  Lifting my right leg toward the ceiling it gave him a wide open gaping hole to slide and then shoot into.  He did just that.  Filling me with my 2nd load for that night.
      Out of breath he laid on top of me letting his cock stay buried in my ass, working as a plug for the 2 loads I had just gotten.  I clenched my ass tight around his cock.  Attempting to milk it and bring it back to hard just in the off chance I could get him to give me another load.  He laughed, slapped my ass as he pulled out slowly and said he had to get to the airport.  He was flying to NY early that morning to spend the weekend with a client.  Damn.  I wanted that man so much at that moment.  
      Grateful for what had just happened I grabbed my wallet from my jeans, pulled out a generous amount of cash and handed it to Rentboy as a tip.  
      I laid back on the bed and I was out cold for the 2nd time that night. 
      Not sure what time it was but I was awakened by the ringing of a phone.  It went off for what seemed like forever.  I then heard brother 2 answer and have some conversation with someone.  Suddenly he's shaking be awake.  Telling me I have to leave immediately because his sister was downstairs in the casino and on her way up to his room.  He sounded very panicked.  I could barely open my eyes let alone find my clothes, dress and leave his room.  Somehow I did just that.  I found myself down in the lobby of the hotel, trying to remember which direction it was to my hotel.  I wandered around, actually stumbled around on the street out front for a few minutes before realizing my hotel was just across the strip.  With the visual in sight, I was able to find the pedestrian bridge, cross Las Vegas Blvd. and enter back into my hotel.  I had stayed here many times before so even in my altered state I was able to find my elevator and get back to my room.  
      I walk in my room, flopped down on the bed and immediately grabbed my phone to go on Grindr, after what had just happened I was still so horny I could barely stand it.  I looked at the alarm clock next to the bed and saw it was 5:15 am.  FUCK I didn't have to be anywhere until 10 a.m. that day. I needed to find another top to take care of the incredible need to be fucked again that I was feeling..what happened next will come in the next post.....

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      I stepped back and before I decided, his meat began a long decent through the wall. It seemed like it might keep going and touch the other side of the booth but my worries were overwhelmed by my desire to see what he tasted like. I didn't get any warning when he began to cum but to be fair I kept backing off when he rammed forward and tried to make me deep throat him. I was pissed and turned on by his surprise sperm in my mouth and the four huge shots he painted my face and shirt with when I coughed and sputtered and spit his cock out after the first few shots choked me. he said thanks and got dressed and I jerked b4 anyone could enjoy eating my cum, simply because I was too close to wait. I came so fast and hard that I was zipping up and exiting at about the same time as my super stud, which allowed me to see his face in the lights of the store. I was not into sucking really but the chance he would return got me to go even more often. Weeks later I had a man back his hot, lubed ass onto my dick without warning one night when I had gone in and gotten sucked by two or three guys and sucked one myself. The bottom had a firm hold of the briefs my cock happened to be caught through the fly of, and once I realized his intention I was already all the way in. I was close even before he popped me up his butt, so with only a throaty whisper of warning I bred his ass which was probably already filled with a load or two by the feel of it. I was shocked he wanted it bare, but I loved the thought of his ass filled with strange cum. As I left I spotted the guy in the hall and realized he was a former coworker of my dad's. I was so freaked that he might tell my folks or something that I dashed to the door, but as I looked back I was flabberghasted to see him wink and lick his lips as he waved goodbye to me. The next time I was there he was also cruising the arcade and although I was too shy to follow him into a booth I did let him suck and ride me again through the glory hole. When I left I found a note on my windshield that confirmed he was who I thought, assuring me he was discreet and providing me his phone number and the offer to meet back at the arcade or his place whenever I was free. My mind was screaming to throw it away but my hormones won out and I kept the number and called him the next time I was headed to the arcade. That time I let him join me in a booth where we sucked each other and I fucked him til a guy went into the next booth and watched through the hole. My older cumpanion encouraged me to let the new stranger taste my cock, so we took turns letting the guy suck us, and when the man in my booth was getting sucked I slid behind him and fucked him some more.
      Since turnabout is fair play, when we switched places again the guy began eating and fingering my ass, feeding me hits from his poppers and slobbering up and down the crack of my ass til I was as wet as I'd ever been. He began teasing my hole with his cock and I immediately told him I didn't get fucked without condoms. This was my sneaky way to avoid admitting I didn't like getting fucked, but it backfired as I took another hit of the poppers and heard the neighboring booth guy say "I've got one" and he slid it under the wall. I thought my friend would at least wait for me to pull out of the glory hole so I could tell him I wasn't interested, but just as I let the deep breath of poppers out, he stepped up and I felt his rubber encased rod puncture my teen hole and start a pretty brutal fucking. I was trapped between his cock and the wall, which was moving so bad I thought for a minute we might take it down. but He just kept on fucking til he could get all the way in and out, keeping the poppers cumming so I couldn't get my senses back enough to stop him. Pretty soon I had given in and started thrusting back to meet his hips, when I heard the neighbor say "how bout giving me a turn." My fucker pulled us back from the wall and a nice uncut 7 inch cock slid through the hole, already wrapped and lubed for me. My perverted bud said something like "nice", then had me take two deep hits off the poppers, spun me around and pushed my ass back into the hole. He kissed me and held me firmly against the wall as a total stranger shoved his entire cock in with a single push. I screamed but my fucker kept going while I tried in vein to make the man restraining me give me at ;east an inch to move off the attacking top. He pressed me back harder and jerked my cock with his rough hands and began ordering me to take the dick like a "good boy" and shoot my load for him. Turns out that was hot enough I did just that and began cumming hard, which made my fucker pull out, rip off his condom and shoot all over my cheeks. When the man I was with realized what was happening on the other side, he spun me around again and ate the mans load from my butt, before standing up and shoving his cock back in me for 3 excruciating mins of rough fucking before the condom broke. I wasn;t gonna let him cum in me, so I pushed him off but agreed to let him shoot on my face while a new stranger watched through the hole, despite the lube, ass juices and cum dripping from both sides.
      I decided never to let that happen again, only going to glory holes for oral and topping, but a few years ago I found myself back at that hole I learned to suck at, and watched a tall 50ish daddy type saunter past me in the hall, admiring his obscene bulge which he groped with his wedding band clad hand before stepping into one side and nodding for me to take the other. In very little time I had watched him lose his shirt and show me some massive pecs and biceps, then release his perfect 8-9inch cut dick which was as big around as it looked from my earlier gawking. He asked me to show him what I had to offer, and with half as much style or talent I hurriedly pulled my shirt over my head, leaving it on my shoulders, dropped my pants and went to pull off my undies when he whispered "turn around and show me that butt when you take em off son."
      I'm not one for dad/son play but that man and his commanding manner and brazen tone made me think I might need to re-evaluate that particular kink. I did as I was told and bent over as I slid the under wear down, then complied as I heard him give me order #2: take your pants and underwear off all the way and let me get a good look at that hole boy. I struggled to get them off without taking off my shoes since the floor was probably pretty nasty, but once I was free of them I backed up til my ass was against the wall. He hadn't expected that I guess, and I felt like an over eager dunce when he pointed out how badly I wanted him to taste my butthole, but I forgot it a sec later when his flat long tongue began bathing my hole and making itself into a firm tongue-dick so he could work it into my asshole. I moaned and let him really make my hole twitch and pulse before my cock was hard enough that I decided to turn around and feed it to him. He stopped me and asked if I was tested recently, which I was about 10 days earlier, so he informed me he had been 3 weeks before that day and had to be sure so he wouldn't bring anything home to his wife, then swallowed my 6 inches in one gulp. I moaned and rocked against the wall as he worked me up good til I warned I was getting close, which prompted him to stop and say
      "Not yet boy, it's my turn first." No problem for me, I dropped down and bounced on the balls of my feet as he stood up and produced a bottle of poppers from his pocket and took a whiff, then offered me one. I was wary since they usually led to me going cock-crazy and doing stuff I normally wouldn't but I was hungry for his dick and said sure, took two big whiffs and passed it back, feeling the dizzyness hit me as his thick manly monster slid through the hole and into my waiting mouth and hands.
      "No hands. You gotta take it with your throat son." he stated with no doubt in his voice that I might protest. As requested I used just my mouth and throat and did my best deep throating to take the entirety of his cock in my slobbery gullet. He only paused a few minutes later to hand the poppers back to me again, waited for me to take a hit and then told me to get back to work. For nearly 10 minutes he softly alternated between dirty names and degrading taunts of how much I obviously needed him to rape my mouth, etc. until I would choke a little or gag and he would switch to encouraging dares that I was fine, take a breath, show me how good a cocksucker you are. He even told me at one point I was the best dick swallower he'd had the pleasure to feed, then asked me if I had a condom because he wanted to see if my ass was as good as my throat. I dug into my pockets but no luck. I was offering to go buy one from the desk, but he said not yet and made me suck him more while he repeatedly asked me 3 times if I was sure I was clean, when my test was. was I totally sure I was neg like him? I moaned yes or pulled off enough to affirm I was each time, and he followed each with a reassurance that he was too, and repeated that he had to be sure he wasn't gonna take anything home to his wife, but he really wanted to cum with me, IN me...I wasn't sure if I heard him right but I leaned back to see if he meant what I thought but he cut me off and told me to let him eat my ass some more while I took a few more hits from his poppers. When I tried to hand them back he told me to keep using them so I did while I let him return to making my ass a meal fit for a king. Every time I caught my breath he said to take another hit and if I said I needed a second he just ignored me and spanked my ass hard and said "do as your told."
      2 minutes more and 4 more hits and I had to brace myself against the far wall and the bench to keep from passing out. He seemed to catch on and said "You okay boy? I can stop if u want but your ass is making me so hot I won't be able to stop myself again if we keep going."
      I just mumbled for him not to stop, and barely felt beefy dad finger slid inside me, lubed by some mystery liquid which burned slightly but soon made my hole hungry for a second finger. He repeated  how bad he wanted to fuck my butt and asked me if I had been fucked by a man before. I slurred as I said it had been a very long time, and he said it was about time to try it again. He went to add a third finger but this on hurt, like his nail was sharp or something on his finger scratched my ass as it went in. I yelped and told him his fingers hurt, and he apologized and told me he knew what I meant, the only thing he allowed in his ass was a tongue or a really well lubed and manicured finger, but added that his wife always insisted his fingers were too rough to put in her cunt or ass, and said she only wanted his bare dick in her. I was hitting the poppers once more and blurted out how hot the few bare cocks I had taken felt once inside me. His voice turned more devious and he said "see, if your ass is too sensitive for my fingers, all you need is my big ol daddy dick instead, right boy?"
      I agreed but reminded him we had no condom, but didn't fight as his third finger wiggled further in me, and whispered yeah when he asked me again if I knew for sure I was clean. He told me to take two huge hits from the poppers and began working more of the burning/lubing liquid into my hole with his fingers while he explained that if I was sure I was clean, I could trust him that he was too and if we both were, then it was too bad we needed a condom. I just moaned as he slid his fingers out and I felt his dick press between my thighs and start sliding up and down my crack, pausing each time he went over my hole. I asked him if he was telling the truth about his test for sure and he said "I swear on my wife and son's lives, I wouldn't risk fucking your sweet boy hole otherwise."
      Whether or not I was sure what I was doing, my body decided it had all the info it needed and the next time his dick head met my ass I arched my back and pressed towards him and felt his dick begin to open my ass. It was definitely as big or bigger in width that his fingers, so I took it slow as I backed my hole carefully onto him until his head popped inside me. We both moaned and he told me how fucking tight my ass was in a deep gravely voice like he had de-evolved into a cave man or at least a young sex-crazed stud from his upper middle class dad-persona. He told me to go real slow but also told me to hit the poppers more, and after that I lost my balance and wound up 2/3rds of the way down his cock. My usually strict ass was unusually cooperative for some reason (be it the poppers, the lube or the fucking god I had inside me) and before I let the next hit go I managed to back up all the way until I was firmly against his hips. Had we been able to try another position I am sure he could have added another 2 inches to my colon, but he wasn't complaining as I began pumping up and down and back and forth, while alternating my hips in circles or side to side and making my asshole tighten and release randomly which got him to say (with a little too much volume) that if I kept that up he would be seeding me in no time. I took that as a challenge and went faster and harder, then I piped in that he had to pull out before he shot his load. He said we'll see boy, then told me to put my ass flat against the wall, put one leg up on the bench, and brace myself. I did as best I could, and suddenly he was fucking me deeper, each thrust almost completely out and back in. I hit the poppers again and jerked my cock, and for the next few minutes I was in heaven. So much so I missed that his fuck thrust shook the walls so much that my booth door lock hopped down and my door swung open. Terrified to see three men standing close enough to see me through the frame, I reached to shut it, and my foot on the bench slid across my piled up pants, making it slide further to where it was close to forcing me into the splits. I clenched my thighs and butt to keep that from happening and had to force my ass back further into the wall to keep myself upright, and with the extra tension on his cock and my butt squirming and pressing hard into his groin I pushed "dad" over the edge and heard him yell "Oh fuck yeah" as he pounded my ass hard and washed my inside with semen so deep and wet that his dick head almost broke through another sphincter inside me. I was in pain but also sweating and hard from how hot it was feeling his balls tighten against my hole and empty their heavy load inside me.
      He finished with massive thrusting rams into me then ripped his cock from my ass and began to dress. I tried to catch my breath and shook as I slowly became human again. I began to pull my clothes on as I heard him exit the booth where he was immediately replaced by a guy who stuck his 7.5 inch black dick into the hole and told me to sit on it, but I told him I needed to get going and wasn't gonna get fucked without a condom anyway, which he finally believed after two minutes of firmly insisting I shut up and let him breed me. Finally he exited the booth and said he would find a condom and be back, when I heard him nearly run into the "dad" in the hall, before there was a knock at my door and his "daddy" tone softly said he thought I might want a wet cloth from the bathroom to clean up. I reluctantly opened the door and let him in.
      He got a better look at me up close and told me I looked like his son's best friend, so much so he almost thought it was him when he began fucking me. I said sorry, not him, but he said it was fine, I was cuter and was the best cock sucker and boy cunt he had fucked since he was my age. he had me turn and drop my pants while he wiped the wet cloth over my cheeks and ass hole, and I asked him if he played with men much. He admitted he did once every few months, but up until recently he had a fuck buddy in town who moved away and this was his first time doing any thing other than feeding some kid his cum at the arcade. I told him how glad I was we had run into each other and he agreed then asked me if I had cum yet. I said no and moaned as he worked his finger back into my ass. I reached back and found he had released his dick from his slacks again and it was hard as before only now it was cleaned up and soapy smelling from his trip to the bathroom. He asked how many times I had been fucked while he turned me to face him and stroked my cock while he fingered my cummy hole. I moaned some more and said I used to get fucked a lot when I was younger by a man who showed me how to play, but otherwise I was all top except for the rare instance with a few guys here and there.
      "That's too bad boy, cause your ass is built for fucking." He moved me to the bench and had me sit back, then lifted my legs and removed my pants again. I told him I didn't think I could handle being fucked again and he said no problem he just wanted to "see my hole while you cum son. How bout takin another hit of the poppers and u can use my lube to jerk while I watch?"
      I wasn't sure I should but he was suddenly so fatherly I felt I had to out of respect. I sniffed the poppers as he dripped lube onto my dick, then pulled a different bottle out and lubed his fingers and began working my hole like before. The dick lube felt cool and slick but the lube in my hole felt grainy almost and instantly began to burn worse than before. I tensed and sucked in and held my breath while I moved my hips down to try and keep him from going in further. "Fuck it is burning like crazy! What lube is that?"
      "Sorry boy, it's a special one made for anal penetration, but I must not have mixed the crys-um special stuff in well enough." 
      "What did you mix in cause it really burns!" I asked as he pushed the poppers back under my nose and told me to take three big hits to help with the burning. I asked again what was in the lube and he blew me off, mumbling that it was something designed to mix with lube to make pussy and ass easier to fuck. I knew it couldn't be numbing stuff cause it hurt so bad but by the third sniff of the poppers I had two fingers all the way in and the burn was fighting for control over the building feeling of pure pleasure in my ass. "There, that's better isn't it kid? I knew you would be fine, you just need to relax and let that  take effect and you won't feel any more pain." I wasn't going to argue since he was using his other hand to jerk me off. "Why don't you try jerking that cock and fingering your ass for me kiddo."
      He said to me while scooting back and watching with a hungry look in his eyes. I did my best to show him how hot I was again, jerking my cock, rubbing my balls and teasing my asshole. He ordered me to take another hit from the poppers then took them from me and took two big hits himself.  My head swam as he undid his pants fully and slid them and his undies to his knees, jerking while he told me what a hot fucking piece of ass I was, and I told him I was close to cumming already just from remembering how awesome it was to have his big "daddy" dick jizzing in my hole. When he heard me say Daddy, he moaned and told me how hot it was to hear me say that, then stepped forward and dropped to his knees between my thighs. I told him I couldn't take his dick again but I was jerking hard and teased him by saying how much I wished I was his son's best friend so I could sneak off and ride his dad cock when ever his wife and son weren't around.  Maybe even seduce his son so he could fuck me with his son's cum as lube. He roared "fuck yeah son!" and shoved the poppers under my nose and told me to take a huge hit. I removed my fingers from my ass to take the bottle and as I held in the hit and went to set the poppers down, he took the opportunity to catch me off gaurd and force my legs open and popped his cock half way in me. I grimaced  but he kept going until he was completely inside me and all it took was three long slow pumps in me and I began shooting a geyser of cum all over his shirt and neck as well as my own chest face and the wall behind my head. "God damn boy, fuck yeah shoot your cum, I'm gonna shoot inside you again. You want my cum son? You want your dad's jizz? Here it cums"
      He shoved in me so hard my head hit the wall and I saw stars for a second but I swear I felt like I had an immediate follow up orgasm with each pulse of his bare cock in my ass. Once we were both finished cumming we looked over just in time to see the black guy pop up from where he had been watching us and jerk his big black cock through the hole, splashing us with his cum with a load that shot so far it rivaled my own. We got cleaned up and parted ways after that, exchanging emails but I never got a response when I emailed him. I also left that day with the phone numbers of the black guy and his bigger, darker, musclier friend. Ended up meeting them at the big guy's apartment a couple weeks later with a fresh clean test result to trade for theirs. Spent 24 hours drinking and smoking weed and getting spit roasted by two of the hottest bare big black cocks god ever created and left with no less than 4 loads from the little guy and 7 from the host. I'm not sure I have ever been able to walk fully upright since his 10 inch ebony dick took turns making me into the gold medal winner for deepdicking my bare white ass. And all because i discovered a glory hole all those years ago 🙂
    • By bottomboib
      Author’s Notes:
      This is a completely fictional story involving infidelity, relationship corruption, and poz worship and fucking along with some light supernatural imagination.   Any connection to the real world is merely coincidental and nothing is modeled after any real life event.
      This story will take time to build.  This first chapter attempts to set a ground stage for the remaining story and therefore contains no sex.  There is a bit of buildup towards to the end to leave you on a cliffhanger.  My expectation based upon my thought process for how this will play out is that for the most part, this will be the most mundane of the chapters, and the rest will be filled with much more of the things we would like to read, although the truest goal here is to continue to layer the tension so that each chapter has the appropriate impact. 
      Brandon and Tyler had been together for three years at this point.  Both 22, they still had a lot of life ahead of them, but were madly in love with each other.  They had moved in a year earlier into a small, somewhat run-down apartment on the bad side of town.  But at least it was theirs.  Plus, they needed money to keep themselves looking good.  Brandon was 5’7” 125 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair swung across the side of his face, slightly emo in nature, but a bit more modernized in its stylizing.  His body was a perfect twink body in all aspects.  Both him and Tyler were obsessive about being smooth.  While they didn’t have a lot of hair on their bodies, they found they felt more attractive waxing themselves to perfection each day.  Tyler wasn’t much different than Brandon in the looks department.  He was himself, hot as hell, with an even tinier skinnier body at only 5’5” and 103 lbs.  He was obsessive and meticulous about his diet, his workout, and had somehow, someway, decided that 103 lbs was the magic number.  It helped accentuate his hip bones just right, kept his thighs at the perfect measurements, made his extremely tight clothes hang on his body just the way he wanted.  He was blonde, with a very similar haircut to Brandon, except his hair was more textured and highlighted and toned which really helped the focus on his incredibly deep blue eyes. 
      Both boys had no tattoos, but they wanted them eventually, should they ever have the money.  Brandon had a PA on his decently large 8 inch dick.  It wasn’t and exceptionally thick dick, but it was a good size.  Brandon also had his nipples pierced – rings – for that matter.   Tyler was more decked out for sure, each ear had three piercings – the lobe, and then two more going up the side on both sides.  His nipples were pierced, and he preferred the balls to the rings, his belly button as well, but with a fairly hefty diamond that an ex had bought him, along with his taint being pierced. He practically came when he get the taint pierced.   Tyler sported a smaller 6 inch dick, and while not tiny, dictated he bottomed more than topped.
      From a looks perspective, these were the stereotypical twinks to the tee.  They had extremely tight little bodies, even hotter asses, looked good in everything, or nothing at all, and were obsessed with their looks.  However, they had a softer side than most.  Overtly friendly, decent, kind, non-judgmental of most guys, it was easy for anyone they met to be surprised be their down-to-earth nature and likability. 
      They were madly in love.  They had already moved from the wild sex phase of the first few years of the relationship to a more mundane “husband phase”, even though they were only planning on getting married eventually.  At this point, neither had proposed to the other, but that didn’t matter.  They knew, with every fiber of their being, who they belonged to, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.  Monogamy was key in the relationship, and pure utter devotion was the way that they lived.  They were at each other’s side most times, but even wen not, they constantly texted or called each other to check in, because they cared, they LOVED, not because they distrusted.
      Sex wasn’t the main part of the relationship like it used to be.  It happened a few times weekly.  Brandon had a decent sex drive, Tyler had a sex drive that couldn’t even be measured.  But the sex was good if not vanilla in nature, and Tyler never minded Brandon’s lovemaking.  Its not as if the both of them had ever had rough sex or been a little loose before they met, but it was almost like they began to embody the traditional relationship in its monogamy and expectations especially after they moved in.  Spontaneity was definitely not something that Brandon exceled at, but Tyler didn’t hold it against him.  He was so madly in love with him that he certainly could practically overlook any tiny fault.
      Brandon worked in a shipped and logistics company in a very manual labor position, and while he had worked there for a few years and finally got on the day shift, since it was a 24 hour operation, there were times, due to staffing, that he had to work late.  The unfortunate situation this particular Saturday was that a couple that they knew, Aaron and Adam, (which Brandon and Tyler called collectively, DoubleA) were going out to the local gay club and wanted Brandon and Tyler to come along that night.  Nothing particularly crazy, something Brandon and Tyler had done with other friends and couples, but not the DoubleA boys.   Adam and Aaaron were a little different.  Not scary or concerning per se, but they had an open relationship and always marketed it as such.  Now, they always drew a line of respect to Brandon and Tyler and never came across pushy, but they still tended to always market how good it felt.  Brandon would always scoff at their musings and statements once he was alone again with Tyler and Tyler would overall agree, although he couldn’t deny that he at least could see the hotness in what they were doing, even if he really had no interest.
      “Ya sure you really can’t change your schedule for Saturday babe?” Tyler whined,
      “Ugh I fucking know.  I never have to fucking work Saturdays and of course its this one when we have a little something to do!  I so want to make every many jealous of us dancing and making out on the dance floor like fiends so they can see what they don’t have!” Brandon commiserated back.
      “Well you do know,” Tyler began, “they probably will end up finding a guy or two to hook up with, and then they will be off to their place or a motel or something, so I cannot imagine I am going to be there till 2AM or anything…”
      “Oh babe, “Brandon interjected,” I don’t care at all.  You shake your ass out there, get a little tipsy, have fun.  Its not a huge deal for you to be there by yourself.  I want you to have fun.  I just want to have fun with you is all”.
      “I know, I know.  It will be fun, Ill just miss you.  Sucks to have fun when you are working.  But oh well, Im going to look hot and if anyone tries to hit on me I’ll tell them they are too late!” Tyler laughed as Brandon joined in on the laughter.
      Saturday rolled around and Brandon went to work on the late shift around 8PM.  Tyler arrived looking hot, in his tightest jeans and shirt, and he’d even made sure to lay out on the top of their apartment building to get a really good tan.  The club they were going to was pretty tame.  Standard fare and a mix of twinks, daddies, and everything in between.  No special theme was on that night, just loud music, strobing lights, hot guys, and plenty of alcohol.  Tyler kissed bother Aaron and Adam on the cheeks when he arrived, almost immediately swinging his hips to the music. After grabbing a few drinks and chatting at some of the tables, the boys were out on the dance floor, swinging around like they hadn’t a care in the world.
      Many tracks later, after the crowd had augmented greatly, the club was hot, the sweat was pouring down, the music pulsed in everyone’s bones, Tyler looked over to see Adam in the arms of another twink, tongues down each other’s throats, totally mesmerized with each other.  Aaron on the other hand was grinding up against a pretty hot beefy daddy and who had one hand on his neck and the other straight down his pants.  Tyler could barely see it but Aaron had a tattoo on his hip, exposed by the mans hand pushing down his pants.  Tyler couldn’t read what it said, but he did find hip tattoos attractive and made a mental note to ask at one point.  Nonetheless his friends looked to be pretty drunk and pretty in lust with their new boys, and Tyler figured he should grab some water as he was soaked in sweat from the dance floor.
      As Tyler floated over to the bar he eyed some boys that looked his age at a table not too far from the bar.  Twinks of course, sipping on whatever their drink of choice was.  However, these were different.  As Tyler got closer he did a double take.  They couldn’t be THAT good looking.  Then he looked again, and was stunned.  He turned away but had to look back.  He felt embarrassed from the constant head swinging back to look at them and then immediately away in shame.   The club was filled with some incredibly hot guys, from twinks to maybe even some pretty senior guys, many that Tyler could absolutely see as porn models if they wanted to be.  But again, for the fourth time, he looked over at the time and these boys, they were different.  Really different.  Still twinks, but….perfect.  Perfect.  They were all perfect.  The entire situation weirded Tyler out.  Perfection is nothing something anyone can see in this world, so how could he actually know what perfection was?  But yet, everything in him was screaming that those were the most beautiful twinks on the face of the earth.  What the fuck was going through his head.
      Tyler turned away again, staying focused, and asked the bartender for some water.  As he turned around to find a table, (and preferably a table on the other side of the bar away from the weird nexus of the universe of perfect boys with unbelievably perfect features), one of the perfect boys stood right in front of him.  Right in front of him.  The boys lips were only an inch or so from Tyler’s. 
      “Hello,” the stranger said in a fairly monotone and mundane voice.
      Tyler, in the heat of the moment, after spinning around and having a boy practically in his pants had dropped his water, shattering the glass on the ground, and getting a fair amount of water all of his already extremely tight shirt.  As those few seconds of mayhem subsided he looked up at this boy and he saw the eyes.  These didn’t even seem to be human eyes.  Were they contacts? They looked like animal eyes.  Like a cat maybe?  Stunning for sure and Tyler had seen they made weird contacts like this, and maybe this boy was just weird, but yet, he felt the eyes were beautiful. Mesmerizing even.  He froze again for another few seconds, adding to the absolute awkwardness of the situation.  His mouth became dry in and instant, as if he was standing in front of a god. He gradually opened his mouth to say something, yet nothing came out.
      Again the stranger, in the same voice, mundanely stated “My friends and I would appreciate your company at our table.”
      My friends and I would appreciate your company at our table?  Who the fuck talks like this Tyler said, his temporary focus broken as he tried to wrestle with the tone in the voice and the oddness in the sentence structure but immediately was pulled back into staring into this boys eyes.  The boy could have kissed him right there and Tyler would have been unable to stop it.
      The boy did not kiss him though. “Looks like you spilled some water on yourself,” the stranger plainly said, reaching out and touching Tyler’s shirt at his chest.  The stranger didn’t try and grope him, it was simply a gentle touch to determine how soaked Tyler was.  The moment the tip of the stranger’s finger touched Tyler he felt these titanic waves of energy convulsing through him.  It was like horniness amplified.  In his head the music muted itself down to a drone, the lights around everything but this boy dimmed to practically nothing and he continued to feel wave after wave of insane bliss shooting through his body like an earthquake.  In reality this all happened in a matter of five seconds or so, but to Tyler it felt like he stood there for an hour basking in the bliss of a simple touch.
      A text came through from Brandon at that point, which broke the mania going through Tyler’s head and he grabbed his phone, taking his eye off stranger boy for a moment. 
      The text was Brandon saying hi and that he loved him.  Tyler texted Brandon back that he loved him too, and missed him, and that everything was going fine.  Tyler glanced back over the dance floor to see Adam shirtless being groped and groping the boy he was with, along with a crowd encircling them, and he couldn’t even see Aaron and the daddy anymore.  Again he pointed his eyes forward and was mesmerized again.
      “Please come sit with us.  You interest us and we would love to get to know you,” the stranger beckoned.
      At least this time the boy spoke in normal English.  
      “Yeah, uh, ok I have some time right now, my friends are, um, tied up at the moment anyway,” Tyler replied.
      He followed the boy back to his table and took a seat amongst the 5 others sitting there.  All the boys ranged in hair colors, but their body types were unequivocally perfect twink bodies, from head to toe.  Tyler was beginning to realize he wasn’t just seeing things.  The craziness of it all was that, yes, they all had the crazy cat eyes.  They were all mesmerizing, but the initial stranger boy sat down next to Tyler and placed his arm around his shoulders.
      “My name is Jax,” he said gently.
      “Uh Jax,” Tyler stumbled as he started to pull Jax’s hand off his should on impulse, “I have a boyf….”
      “Oh SHIT Tyler,” a shirtless Adam exclaimed as he strolled past the table with his new boytoy on his arm, “The first time you’re out without Brandon and you’re already looking to cheat on him. Fucking hot yo!”
      Jax looked up at Adam with a somewhat disgruntled look and pulled his hand off Tyler’s shoulder without any additional help from Tyler. Adam continued to walk away with his boy, even though Tyler reached out trying to stop him.  He couldn’t let Adam talk to Brandon and tell him he saw even the slightest hint of cheating.  Especially when he was the innocent victim here!  Tyler started to jolt out of his seat when his eyes caught Jax and the mesmerizing began again.
      “So your name is Tyler,” Jax surmised from Adam’s outburst, “and you have a boyfriend.  I believe that was what you were trying to say before your friend decided to butt in is that right?”
      “Yeah that’s right,” Tyler blurted back.  Regardless of his focus on Jax, it wasn’t as if he was under a spell.  He had some sarcasm to his tone, and irritation as well. “And I didn’t come here to cheat on the best man in the world that’s for sure.  So please do not touch me, we have a committed monogamous relationship that’s better than anyone else out there!”
      Jax nodded, slowly.  You could see the wheels were turning in his head.  This boy, for not being more than 22 or 23 years old, was acting like some old wise man.  It was intriguing, although batshit fucking weird to Tyler.  Jax stood up without any explanation and walked a few steps, finding Adam, and then with more energy than he had displayed the last few minutes with Tyler, grabbed Adams arm and marched him back to the table.  After setting Adam in front of Tyler, Jax calmly sat down, his composure completely intact.
      “Adam is it?”, Jax poked, “I believe we have a misunderstanding here.  Your friend, Tyler, spilled his drink at the bar.  I believe, based on my observations here, that he came here with you yet you deserted him for….that,” Jax pointed to the boytoy on Adam’s arm, “….and then you unfortunately walked by when I was doing something inappropriate to Tyler, not the other way around.  My apologies, because Tyler loves his boyfriend, and we as a wonderful group of friends searching for another wonderful friend, respect and cherish his monogamy.  It was a simple accident and it shall not happen again.  Please understand, this is a misunderstanding.”
      “Yeah whatever dude,” Adam slurred in his drunken state, “Ya know I know this Tyler well, I knew saying he was cheating on Brandon would just set him off, this boy would never ever EVER cheat on Brandon.  Hes fucking gold.  Now I gotta go though crazy cat boy, me and this bitch are going to fuck like rabbits.”
      Adam scurried off and Tyler was now left impressed by how genuinely Jax tried to correct his error.  Weird guy? Yes.  Decent? Absolutely.  He didn’t have to do that.  He somehow noticed that Tyler was really upset by Adam’s poking and he made it right.  He really made it right.  Ok, there may be some new friends here, possibly.  Then Tyler’s eyes connected with Jax again and the tractor beam was locked.
      “We’ve been here for several hours and find this place to be stereotypical and dull,” Jax stated, matter of fact as usual.  “There is another club attached to this club that we would prefer to spend time in, and would love for you to join us, only if you want.”
      “What other club are you talking about?” Tyler questioned.  This entire building is just one big gay club, its not in a strip mall or anything else, so what could he be talking about?
      “Its not a well known or accessible place.  Only for people in the know,” Jax responded, calmly of course.
      “Oh well hey I mean I’m all for people doing their own thing, but I don’t do drugs guys,” Tyler started to get up but it was if Jax’s stare gained intensity and Tyler began to hang on baited breath for the next statement.
      “We do not do drugs,” Jax stated plainly, very plainly, as if it was absolute verifiable fact.  In fact, Tyler had never heard anyone make a statement that was so absolutely believable in his life. Jax continued, “This is simply a much more chill environment away from the trashy pop music where we can possibly get to know you as a friend.  Not a lover, just a friend. Not a lover, just a friend.
      Not a lover, just a friend, repeated in Tylers mind like an echo.  He nodded, his mouth didn’t work for whatever reason.  His friends had abandoned him for their same ol slutty ways, and he was somehow enthralled with cat boy here and didn’t have any problem proceeding.
      The boys all got up and proceeded to walk towards the back of the club towards the bathrooms, snaking their way through the crowd, catching looks from everyone there.  Once at the bathrooms they took a right down a hallway to a door marked “Basement – Employees Only”.
      Jax pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. 
      “Oh you’re an employee here?” Tyler asked
      Jax turned his head around to look at Tyler, locking eyes once again, “Sometimes a little bit of smoke and mirros is necessary to prevent the world from destroying a thing that you love.”  He turned back around, proceeded to open the doors, which led to a very deep spiraling metal staircase.  Every step down was loud and clanking from every one of their steps.  The light at the top of the deep column going into the ground was a normal yellowy light but towards the bottom of the stairs the lights were a deep red. 
      At the bottom of the circular stairs there was a single, steel riveted door.  Hardly contrasted letters to the dark metal barely stated a word on the door, assuming it to be the word of the club.  With the red light, and the other boys’ heads in the way it was hard to read.  Tyler couldn’t make out what it said.  Again, Jax produced another key from his pocket, this one looked like an old Victorian key, inserted it into the key hold, and with a large creak of unoiled hinges the big heavy door pulled open.  Jax held the door as he ushered the boys inside.  Tyler felt uncomfortable at this point. This felt like a dungeon, but he could hear the thumps of music playing from in the door, and some chatting take place down a long smoky hallway laying on the other side of the gateway, and his eyes caught Jax’s again which somehow communicated to him to proceed, and against his inner judgment, he took the steps through the door and followed the boys down the hallway.  
      As Tyler got far enough from the entrance, Jax motioned to two figures who were cowering, quiet as can be, under the stairs.  Adam and his boy crawled out from shadows.
      “Your performance was acceptable,” Jax said dryly.
      “Well thanks so you going to pay us now?” Adam snapped back, drunk, horny, and caressing his boy. 
      Jax nodded slowly, as if in deep contemplation. “I believe I told you a thousand that is correct?”
      Adam, chomping at the bit and almost salivating jumped, “Yeah man that’s what you said, I’m glad to do it.  But what about this beautiful boy here too?  He had to walk with me to play your little game, I think he should get a thousand as well.”
      Jax looked irritated, but produced the cash right then. A thousand for both of the boys, in incredibly crisp bills. 
      “Aw man, thanks this is great.  Now you don’t be too harsh on Tyler or nothing, hes a good guy, better than Aaron and I,” Adam laughed, holding himself up against his new boy, who was snickering as well.
      “Now this is what is going to happen,” Jax began, as he quickly turned around to eye Tylers tiny ass getting further down the hallway. “You and your boy….”
      Adam interrupted, “are going to go fuck like crazy right now…”
      Jax grabbed Adam, his pulled ripping Adam from his boy, his hands caressing and groping Adam, his mouth connected with Adam’s, and Adam felt the shockwaves.  Massive lustful waves of pure pleasure pulsed through him like craxzy.  How Jax touched him was unlike he’d ever felt, how he kissed him was nothing like Aaron, how he smelled, how mysterious he was, everything came bubbling up in Adam and it felt like bliss.  Adam’s boy stared in amazement, grabbing his own dick and touching himself, until Jax pushed Adam off him and stared into his eyes.
      “I am done with you at this time.  Now you listen to me and execute my orders.  You will walk to the top of these stairs and out the front door.  You will not look for you boyfriend.  When you leave the club, and you will do it immediately after I give these instructions, you will see a black Lincoln Town Car out front.  Open the back door and get in it.  It will take you home.  Tell the driver your address once you get in the car.  You will not touch each other in the car.  You will put your shirt back on.  Once you arrive at home, you will lead this boy into the bed that you share with your lover.  I know you two have an open relationship.  Open relationships are built on trust and honesty.  This is neither of those things.  You will then strip and throw that boy on the bed.  Put out as many pictures of you and your lover surrounding the bed as possible.  You will defile that bedroom and your bed with this boy.  Boy, you will enter Adam raw, as many times as you want, but no less than five, and flood him with your DNA.  Adam you will take him no questions asked.  You will beg for more.  You will stare at the pictures of you and your lover and realize how much better this boy is, how much better it feels in your bed, and how much bliss it is not to tell your man.  Give in to the destruction of your petty relationship and give your ass bareback to this boy, like you know you want to.  Your man will not be home until the morning, I’ve made those arrangements.  By the morning you will be confused, questioning, and begging for this boy to meet you again to cheat on your man.  And you will do it.  I won’t even order that much, you just will.   This will be gratifying to me.”
      With that, Jax, knowing that time was short to catch up with Tyler and the crew, caressed Adams hand for a moment, pulling Aaron’s promise ring off his finger in one quick motion.  Adam immediately looked stunned and was about to speak.
      “Not a word from you Adam,” Jax said forcefully, “you will not need this anymore.”
      Jax placed the ring in his pocket and turned away from a stunned Adam and his boy. As they watched the creaky metal door close in front of them, they saw the words of the club, the words that Tyler couldn’t see.
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