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Part 1 - The Meal Ticket


Walking along the road in Knightsbridge it was already late in the evening and Conrad was a little lost trying to find the way back to his aunt's house. He often stayed up here during the summer holidays and visited with his cousin every evening who lived a thirty minute walk away to play on his xbox. Conrad was in London for two weeks and was taking the time to figure out how he would pay next terms fees and crucially the exams. Struggling to make ends meet he liked to be independent unlike his twin brother Charlie who was happy to visit the bank of mum and dad frequently, doing that have to be his last resort and would insist on paying them back not matter how long it took. Putting himself through college studying horticulture he never imagined the series of events that would unfold from this time of need. Somethings never crossed his mind like taking drugs or having sex with another man, Conrad was as straight as they come. At 20 years old he was average at best coming in at five foot nine inches tall, a swimmers build that lacked any sign of chest hair, just like his twin. The resemblance didn't stop there they both looked the same and that is to say ordinary, not head turners by any means and during school they constantly had a stream of girlfriends. Both of them had a weird strawberry blond colour hair and Conrad had brown eyes whereas Charlie had blue eyes that sparkled. To know them you knew that was the only subtle difference. Conrad began to recognise the shops and rowdy bars knowing he was only 10 minutes from the house. There were numerous young guys of all sorts standing outside one of the bars, some with shirts on others didn't and were showing off their muscular bodies like peacocks strutting around trying to find a mate. Conrad knew this was one of the gay bars and closing time was approaching and it amused him how some of the patrons now desperately searched for a fuck.

It was one of several gay bars along this stretch of road and frankly it had never bothered him in the past, what did though was the limousine that drove slowly along behind him making him feel on edge. He could only assume it was slowing to deposit the passenger at the gay bar. Conrad could smell the cologne mixed with sweat the closer he got to the bar. Humid air still lingered after what had been a scorching day, they even had to stop play at Wimbledon for a few hours. Wearing only shorts and trainers Conrad had taken this t-shirt off for the walk back realising he looked just like one of the gays standing outside the bar that were leaning up against the wall. Some of the guys were chatting, others smoking but all watching diligently at any car that slowed down. The limousine had now slowed down and crawling along allowing Conrad to get further ahead of it. He thought the behaviour of the guys was strange at first then chuckled to himself wondering if they were escorts trying to pick up business.et further away from it, figuring that the guys leaning against the wall outside the bar were touting for business. Sure enough a car pulled in front of the limousine and one guy walked over to the car, after a few seconds of discussion he got in and the car pulled away. He just couldn't believe it was going on right in front of his eyes the noticed that several of the guys spotted the limousine and began moving edging closer to the curb of the pavement, in doing so they effectively blocked Conrad from passing easily. Dodging around the back of them and nearly crashing in to one that was moving forward.

"Out of my way" he abruptly said to Conrad then looking at him up and down.
Conrad looked shocked "I am just trying to get past" he replied annoyingly skirting around the back of him.
Another guy spoke to the one he had the interaction with "Fucking straights always in the way".
The guy laughed "Cute though" he replied.
"Your just a slut like me Harry" the other guy replied moving right on the curb side.

Stupidly Conrad looked over his shoulder whilst walking and saw the limousine slowly moving past the guys then it sped up a little and moved ahead of him stopping about 30 meters in front. You could hear the disgruntled moans from the guys who all moved back to the wall still looking at the limousine. Conrad heard the guys name Harry being called and he looking at Conrad and briefly made eye contact. When Conrad turned to carrying on walking a tall Arabic gentleman exited the limousine, jet black hair with greying sides and a black beard, he was solidly built and around late 40's possibly in his 50's and walking towards Conrad and spoke to him.

"Do you have the time?" he asked in his heavy Arabic accent.
Conrad looked at the man's wrist and gold rolex "You have a watch" he replied looking confused.
He looked impatiently at Conrad "Do you have the time?" he asked again.
Conrad realised what he was asking "Oh god no, I am not one of those" he replied nodding over his shoulder.
"So you gay for pay?" he now asked "30 minutes for me to fuck you".
"Are you serious?" Conrad replied shocked at how he continued to proposition him "I am not gay".
He smirked "Even better" he said hinting to follow "£500 to fuck you".

Conrad stood there rooted to the spot, had he really just been offered that much money to get fucked even though he had told the guy he was straight. Some bizarre decision had happened in his head from the lure of money that made his feet move following him. Was he really going to get in to the guys vehicle with no real idea of why? Conrad couldn't understand why his feet kept moving, the desperation for money was the contributing factor. Conrad felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up figuratively speaking and he glanced behind noticing several stares he was getting from the guys watching him, there was no mistake the looks were not happy ones. He held the door open and Conrad looked at it for a moment then at the man, he showed no friendly expression on his face and was more a business deal look nothing more. His body trembling a little at this bad idea but he still stepped inside sliding over the spacious seating, the leather smell instantly assaulting his senses along with cigar smoke. The strangeness in the way you could not see the driver through the blacked out partition window that was raised cutting them off from them. How bad can it be Conrad thought to himself watching the Arabic man climb in and the door closing like magic behind him. The limousine pulled away and he looked at Conrad for a moment.

"Take your shorts down and lean over the back of the seat" he said in a just do it kind of way.
Conrad embarrassingly pulled his shorts and underwear down and nervously leaned over the back of the seat "Like this?" he was asking to make sure.

He said nothing taking his shirt off revealing a dark hairy chest and a very solid build, hanging the shirt up neatly on the coat hanger with his tie, he now undid his trousers revealing a bulge that looked enormous. Oh shit Conrad said out loud now concerned about what he had let himself in for knowing this was going to hurt.

Conrad didn't even have time to think or back out feeling the body weight of the man leaning heavily down on his back the coarse hair on his chest making his back itch. He felt one arm laying over his neck holding him down in place, his other hand positioning his cock. Conrad let out a gurgling scream feeling his ass being pushed open abruptly taking the head of his cock inside he was almost sure he heard his ass tearing open, it burned like hell and the pain was excruciating. Conrad was gasping for breath his entire body engulfed by a pain that intensified the deeper he pushed his cock in, the thick shaft expanding his ass open wider. The agony and pain he felt left him unable to breath properly and he blacked out momentarily his eyes watering. Conrad snorted and snapped his eyes open crying out again in agony feeling his body and soul being crushed and destroyed by this man's cock. Wishing it would end so he could get his money and run,  he suddenly felt a the sensation of he mans thick bush of pubes burying up against his hole. Getting a momentary relief from the pain only to become aware of the free arm circling around his waist ignoring his own cock it continued moved around like a snake until it held Conrad securely. Conrad felt completely immobilised and at the mercy of this man, the pain still burned deep in his body and gradually he felt like his ass was being pulled inside out. Each deep penetrating thrust made him cry out, unable to move his head he stared blankly out of the darkened back window in to the street lamp lit roads as they drove around west London. He was being fucked hard and steady, each thrust agonising with his calls to stop falling on deaf ears he could feel the warm breath from his benefactor who was now grunting and panting hard. Conrad let out one final loud agonising scream with the man pushing up hard, his cock sinking deeper than ever and simultaneously firing his seed in large thick gloopy streams deep in to Conrad's young body, electrifying jolts followed where each one seemed to penetrate him deeper. Conrad partly grunted and cried at the jolts from the man's orgasm and feeling relieved knowing this was over, even his eyes felt sore and his throat burned from the crying and screaming. Another painful long moan followed with the cock leaving his ass. He was still a little stunned at what he had done, confused, disgusted with himself and slightly dazed he heard a voice telling him to get dressed.

Conrad pulled his underwear and shorts up seeing the lights from the bar appearing and the limo stopped exactly where it picked him up from. A wad of £50 notes was put in his hand and told to get out. The Arabic man grinned and lit up a cuban cigar waving Conrad away from the limousine he watched the door close and turned away in shame. He put the money in his pocket and stood looking at the brick wall in front of him. He felt dirty and degraded by his own actions stumbling towards the wall he leaned against it trying to gather his thoughts and compose himself. His ass felt like the pits of hell burning in so much pain he wanted to cry out in anger.

"As gay as they come" Harry said walking up to Conrad "are you okay?" he asked.
Conrad registered who it was "I'm fine" he replied standing up.
Harry put his hand on Conrad's shoulder "Sure you don't need help?" he asked looking concerned.
Conrad turned looking angry "Fuck off you queer" he responded shrugging Harry's hand off him.
"Well fuck you" Harry replied punching Conrad in the face and walking off leaving him there.

Rubbing his cheek and chin Conrad looked at Harry walking off re-joining his friends who all looked at him. It did nothing to help his self-confidence being looked down on by a bunch of gay guys in that way. Turning in the opposite direction he basically picked up where he stopped before getting in the limousine and painfully walked back to his aunt's house. He slept badly unable to get comfortable, every time he turned on to his left side he saw the pile of £50 notes on the bedside table. Unsure if the degradation and pain was worth it and to top it all he also now had to contend with a lightly bruised jaw from being punched. He couldn't ever remember calling someone queer like that since he had a school friend who turned out gay, then there was the man called Simon owner and occupier of Hibiscus Manor and Jack the gardener. Conrad was probably the only person in Hibiscus Drive who knew Jack was gay. By morning he woke managing to get a few hours sleep, his aunt went off to work and Conrad went to the bathroom. Sitting down he winced at the pain still around the entrance of his ass, he lost track of time sitting there his eyes watering every time the muscles in his ass pushed. Grabbing some toilet tissue he braced himself knowing this was going to hurt and he wasn't wrong, wiping gently he then stood up and saw rusty discoloured blobs floating in the toilet water. Not one or two but multiple ribbons of it. He felt sick again thinking about last night having never discussed using condoms, he had let a complete stranger fuck him and cum in his ass. Wallowing in self pity all day he sat out in the garden watching the planes in the distance heading to Heathrow and catching some of the late afternoon tennis matches on TV being played at Wimbledon. The pain in his ass had eased off although it was still agonising trying to poo he found out that evening. At least there was no more of the horrible stuff coming out of him, it was nagging at him wondering if the guy had hiv, but he did look respectable and bore a wedding ring.

The following afternoon Conrad went to his cousins walking on the opposite side of the road away from the bar in case that Harry bloke was there again and didn't want to get in to any altercation with him. Stopping by the bank he deposited the money in to his account at the same time thinking about his ass and that the pain had all but gone. He spent the rest of the time with his cousin until 10pm. Heading back he walked on the same side of the road and sure enough he saw Harry standing there chatting with a guy. Harry noticed him and grinned giving him the finger. Conrad was so distracted by Harry that he didn't see the black limousine pass then do a U-turn in the road stopping a few meters in front of him. He wasn't sure at first if it was the same one until he started walking past it and the window opened and finger beckoned him over, there sat the Arabic man.

He looked at Conrad and nodded "Same deal as the other night" he said smoking his cigar.
Conrad saw the same guys looking at him from across the road "I'm not gay it was a mistake" he said.
He laughed "You took it well and I need to fuck, get in" he said "£1k if you take like the other night".
Conrad stepped back as the door magically opened "30 minutes" he said inching closer tempted by the money.
"No" he replied "for as long as it takes me to be satisfied and empty my balls up your ass".

Weirdly Conrad just saw the money side of it and slipped in to the seat next to him. It was gone midnight when he finally stepped out of the limousine after the Arabic man asked where he wanted dropping off. That was the extent of their conversation and his pocket was bulging with £50 notes again along with his sore ass that was even worse than the first time. True to his word it was only after the fourth time did he feel satisfied, Conrad just endured two hours of getting fucked stuck in the same position continuously, the Arab only took his cock out once he was done. And so it continued every other night he would get paid to be fucked by the same man in to the second week of his stay. Conrad was due to go home to Hampshire at the weekend and that Thursday afternoon he wandered around Knightsbridge bumping in to Harry who was dressed in public school boy uniform having finished classes for the day. Harry purposefully walked on a collision path with Conrad and every time Conrad stepped across so did Harry. The closer they got Conrad just gave up trying to avoid him.

"How much have you made from Moham?" Harry asked stopping Conrad.
"What?" Conrad asked looking at him "Man you still in school and whoring around?".
"Shut the fuck up or I will punch you again" Harry replied smirking at Conrad.
Conrad tried to pass by but Harry stopped him again "What happened to you being straight then?" Harry asked.
"I am" Conrad replied looking at him unsure why he was still standing there hearing Harry laughing.
"Was the money Moham offered too good to turn down?" Harry asked.
Conrad blushed bright red not sure what to say "I am not gay" he said again.
Harry just laughed in his face "You must be a fucking good bottom to take it from him so many times".
"I am not gay" Conrad repeated to Harry "just get out of my face" he finally said having had enough.
Harry cocked his head to one side "Your very sexy" he said.
"I err" Conrad blushed again having never been told that by anyone "Sorry, what I said the other night".
"That's okay, say it again and I will punch you harder next time" Harry replied making light of it.
Conrad smiled and Harry shook his head "I have to go and do my homework, final exams coming up" he said.
"Sure" Conrad replied awkwardly finding it amusing seeing an escort in school clothes.
Harry walked off then turned "Meet me for a drink tomorrow evening, you know where" he said.

He had to admit that Harry was one of a kind and in a way was a very attractive young and without a doubt he was flirting with him. Like himself he had copious amounts of blondish hair that made him look like a beach bum, those amazing blue eyes dazzled and he stood the same height as himself. Without knowing he was only 19 years old Harry had a pretty perfect body, not ripped but he was built for such a young person. Shaking his head Conrad was confused about meeting him and decided to sleep on it. He kept a low profile until Saturday afternoon, electing to stay in with his aunt that evening. Harry hung around the bar all of Friday evening chatting with his friends and keeping one eye on the direction he thought the guy would be walking from. By closing time Harry left the bar and walked home, it was no surprise the guy didn't turn up after all their meeting was not ideal. As difficult as it was he pinned to much on this so called straight guy but he couldn't help his feelings towards him, in truth Harry just couldn't stop thinking about him. Being an escort and finding a boyfriend was hard as most guys he met couldn't handle that part of him, even when he tried to explain that he did it for sex being a randy and very horny teenager. He was sad inside and tried to play his emotions down until he spotted the limousine and went running towards and tapped on the window.

Moham lowered the window a little "What?" he asked taking a puff on his cigar.
"The blond guy you had who is he?" Harry asked urgently "do you know where he lives?".
Moham looked at him smiling "What's the information worth?" he asked putting the cigar back in his mouth.
It was the last thing Harry wanted right now getting fucked by Moham "I just need to know where he lives".
"It will cost you" Moham replied pressing a button and Harry stood back letting the door open.

He sat next to Moham who looked at him and nodded down indicating for him to remove his jeans and underwear. Harry undid the zipper and the limousine pulled away. Moham put the cigar down and leaned over the back of Harry, his hand pulling his cock out that was already hard and he pushed it straight in to Harry's ass. He very rarely got to fuck Harry and liked that he was a little fighter when roughly taken, Moham loved the feel of Harry's body struggling. Harry didn't scream like the other guy he just wriggled and tired to reduce the impact by pushing his ass back. Moham had his arm secured around Harry's waist and with a steady brutal force he fucked him over and over until he shot his third load. Moahm spent fifteen minutes grinding his cock making sure Harry was properly bred before slowly he released him and sat back down doing his trousers up. The limousine stopped at the top of a road that Harry knew.

"This is where I dropped him off" Moham said nodding down the road.
Harry looked "So you don't know where he lives?" he now asked a little anger in his voice.
The limo door opened "Down there" Moham replied lighting up his cigar "he screams when I fuck him".

Harry slipped out of the limousine and the door closed immediately then drove off, he felt a pain of jealously at Moham's last remark or was it anger more importantly Moham had played him for a free fuck. He should have known since the man never spoke to guys he picked up, they just had to lean over and take it then get paid. Deciding this was a no hoper he turned to walk home even more upset than he was earlier.

Saturday afternoon and Conrad headed back home for the Hampshire countryside, he had no regrets standing Harry up and didn't want the confrontation with him sensing they were complete opposites. His tuition fees well and truly covered by the £9k he made, the extra was pain money for enduring the nights he spent being driven around London taking a hammering from the Arab man. Sitting on the train out of Waterloo station he realised the thought of sex with the Arab had made him hard. Can't be he thought to himself, why would that turn me on? It was the start of his own confused emotions and state of mind questioning his own sexuality on the long journey until he reached home and the serenity of Hibiscus Drive. Sometimes your mind can hide things from you that only appear when you least expect them to. For Conrad he had subconsciously been fighting this battle for years and never even knew it.

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Shaping up to be another great ride. Thanks losolent 😉

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Being ?????? it’s a business and 95% it’s for the $$$$$ only you really don’t have control even if you are the Top as it’s the one paying that is in control. Selling your body to mostly strangers is  humiliating at first until you realize you are doing this for a goal in your life. 

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Great story, set in England where an ass is part of the horse family.  Why do writers pick up on this American spelling of ass & not arse which is the English spelling?

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Great start again. I wonder what lies ahead? Will Harry re enter the story? Hope so

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Part 2 - The Early Years


Hibiscus drive sat just outside a major Hampshire town and only 2 hours by road in to London. It was one of the wealthy gated areas all named after flowers and all relatively the same format comprising large family homes leading down to a cul-de-sac. In total each drive had 13 houses except Hibiscus Drive which was a little more special, along each side of the road stood the large beautiful family homes, 5 each side laid out in sprawling grounds. A the bottom in the cul-de-sac was a small roundabout and the large wrought iron gates to Hibiscus Manor, the view through the gates in to the mansions courtyard was the only way of seeing the place since it was surrounded by high walls for maximum privacy. Along the wall either side of the gates were rows of hibiscus flowers maintained by the gardener, that and the mansion made this place unique. No other residential drive in this area had a mansion of this size. Most people in the drive knew the mansion was owned by one person, his name was Simon who was a tech billionaire and a known recluse who liked his privacy but was never short of visitors at weekends and evenings. There were photos of him in his early 30's and after he made his fortune and brought the three family homes in the cul-de-sac knocking them down and building the mansion that stood there today. Through the heavy iron gates the open courtyard took you up to the large double fronted front doors with two columns each side framing the entrance. Either side of the doors were six Georgian style windows and the upper level contained 18 windows of the same style. No one had ever seen behind the front of the imposing mansion. One thing for sure it was big sitting on an even larger plot of land. The walls stood 9 feet high and topped with barbed wire and overlooked by security cameras.

Conrad, Charlie and their parents moved on to Hibiscus Drive when they were 7 years old in to number 8, next door was number 10 then the cul-de-sac. The house was nothing in comparison to the mansion but it had five bedrooms, two lounges and a large family room overlooking the garden that lead to a wooded are with a stream then to Hyacinth Drive. their parents Jody and Eddie where in their mid twenties the day they moved here and worked locally, it was Eddie's parents who brought them the house when they left the UK moving to Australia to be with Eddie's sister and growing family. From the time they moved in Conrad and Charlie lead a wonderful life with hardly any traffic to worry about they would scoot up and down the road and do 3 turns on the roundabout by the mansion and head back. Saturday's were always the same with Charlie going off to football for most of the day. Conrad would get his bike out and cycle up the road round the roundabout and back down. There was one other thing you could rely on Saturday mornings was Jack the gardener for Hibiscus Manor. At roughly 11am he was always tending to the flower beds along the wall outside the mansion and the roundabout. Jack was always at the manor during the day working in the sprawling grounds behind the manor, he was in his mid twenties when Conrad first met him. Tall and pretty muscular with tattoo sleeves he often walked around with no t-shirt on and very skimpy shorts in the summer. He had longish hair tied back in a pony tail that was jet black, a moustache and thin line of a beard running from his lower lip to just under his chin. He definitely cut a fine figure and many of the ladies along Hibiscus Drive would often talk to him seeking advice on usually ending up with a few hibiscus plants for their front gardens, this included Conrad's mother. The general feeling of community was evident along Hibiscus Drive except with the owner of the manor who as always remained aloof and private.

As the weeks passed in to the depths of summer Jack would often say hello to Conrad, he would usually stop and watch Jack for a minute without saying anything then cycle on. One particular Saturday Conrad was missing Charlie and his mother Jody, was at wits end with him suggesting things he could do. The seven year old Conrad cycled up and down the road slowly doing three turns around the roundabout and cycling back. On his return leg he saw Jack brining a wheelbarrow of plants out the front gates and was just getting busy with the flower bed to the left of the gates.

"Hi Conrad, Charlie playing football?" Jack asked being on first name terms with him now.
Conrad stopped his bike "Yes, he is away all day" he replied sounding sad "What are you doing?" he asked.
Jack looked up and smiled "Changing some of the plants over" he replied walking over to the wheelbarrow.
Conrad watched him for a moment "Why?" he now asked.
Jack chuckled "Well these are a little damaged and need nursing in the greenhouse" he replied.
"Oh, like a hospital you mean?" Conrad replied leaning over his handle bars showing some interest.
"Yeah I suppose you can look at it that way" Jack replied "you can help if you are bored" he offered.
Conrad contemplated for a moment "Will I get dirty?" he asked "only you have dirt smudges on your face".
Jack laughed shaking his head "Gardening is a dirty job Conrad" he said "your hands might get dirty".
Conrad laid his bike down "I don't mind dirty hands" he said "Charlie gets really dirty at football".
"Is that why you don't play?" Jack asked watching Conrad sit down beside him.
"Yes and I hate playing it" Conrad replied "do I dig holes?" he asked getting excited.

Jack was not the kind of person who had time for kids or enjoyed being around them. But there was something different about Conrad and the way he sat diligently watching and listening to Jack talk. A bit of boredom that day lead Conrad down a long term interest in horticulture and a friendship with Jack. He explained about the hibiscus plant and reeling off all the different parts of it, Conrad surprised Jack picking up the information so quickly and able to talk about the plant like he had known about it for years. He proved to be more than competent at treating the plant delicately and planting it correctly. Conrad's mother realised she hadn't seen him cycle past for a couple of hours and frantically ran out of the house and spotting his bike on the grass verge of the roundabout. Jody ran up the road and saw Conrad with a plant in his hand and became anxious and angry that he was digging them up.

"Conrad what are doing?" Jody called at him coming to a stop "put it back immediately you naughty boy".
Jack came out through the gate carrying some baby plants "It's okay he has been helping" he said.
Jody looked at Jack "Sorry I thought for a moment he was digging them up" she said in relief.
Jack smiled and picked up the plants Conrad had dug up "Nice job Conrad you got all the root system".
"Sorry mum, I didn't mean to scare you" Conrad said standing up looking upset.
Jody put her arm around him "You should have told us, you have been gone nearly 2 hours".
Jack walked over with a tray of plants "Here Conrad these are for you to grow".
"Wow" Conrad said gleefully "thanks" he said smiling.
"Your welcome" Jack replied "Next Saturday do you want to help me with the other side?" he asked.
Conrad jumped "Oh yes please, can I mum?" he pleaded with her.
"Yes" Jody replied then looked at Jack "Are you sure you don't mind Jack?" she asked.
"It is a pleasure teaching him" Jack replied "You better get those planted today" he said to Conrad.
"Yes I will do" Conrad said walking over to pick his bike up.
"Maybe I can come and check on them next Saturday for you?" Jack suggested and Conrad nodded.

Conrad thanked him again, his mother was pleased that at last he had shown an interest in something. Over the weeks and months saw a beautiful friendship both with Jack and flowers growing, spending time with Jack who every Saturday got him more and more interested in horticulture and was loving the results watching his own flower bed in the back garden blossoming. A few times Conrad was even lucky enough to be allowed in to the grounds of the manor and the greenhouse where Jack did most of his cultivating. This was only allowed when the owner was away which was quite often. Conrad would sit there watching and asking questions through his growing interest, although never allowed near the manor itself he didn't care and just loved the time there happily pushing the wheelbarrow and help weed the numerous flowering beds around the expansive gardens. Many of the plants towered over Conrad and designed to hide much of the manor house but provide exceptional views from the terrace across the grounds. Jack would walk along and point to a plant asking Conrad the name both in Latin and English. Every birthday and Christmas Jack brought Conrad books on horticulture. By the time Conrad was 11 years old Jack could give him a plant and tell him what plant to put it next to without any further guidance. He also did most of the gardening at his family home now and diligently looked after the flower bed at the front with the abundance of hibiscus plants making some of the neighbours a little jealous. Each house along the road had an hibiscus bed against the pavement, they soon asked Conrad to tend to their flower beds one by one earning him some extra cash. Charlie would occasionally come along and sit chatting to Conrad moving from house to house and also a little jealous that his brother had been inside the manor grounds.

Conrad had already made his mind up this is where he saw his future with plants. Once cold Saturday in December when Conrad was 13 years old and Jack had just celebrated his 31st birthday he was with Jack in the greenhouse. The owner was supposed to be out for the day and Conrad was making conversation with Jack when he realised they were not alone. Simon stood at the door to the greenhouse and Conrad turned and saw him properly for the first time ever.

"Jack!" he said loudly "Who is this?" Simon asked sounding incredibly angry.
Jack dropped the terracotta pot jumping "Simon!" he replied turning quickly "I'm sorry let me explain".
Simon looked at Conrad "Get rid of the kid then come to the study" he demanded walking away.
Conrad looked frightened "I got you into trouble" he said picking up his coat.
Jack laughed "Don't worry Conrad I am not in trouble, he just lacks any social skills" he said laughing.
Jack walked Conrad to the gate "I will pop by later and help you with your flower bed" he said.
"Thanks and I am sorry" Conrad said again.
Jack smiled "You have nothing to be sorry about, don't worry" he said saying good bye to him.

Conrad watched the gate close and Jack who stormed across the courtyard opening the front door and banging it shut loudly. He gulped noticing how angry Jack was and it frightened him a little, he saw a side to Jack that he had never seen before. Jack slammed the door shut walking across the entrance hall leaving mud marks on the marble floor in his wake.

Jack threw open the study door "What the fuck Simon you rude ignorant person, how dare you" he shouted.
Jack banged his fist on the desk "You high and mighty piece of shit frightening that young guy" he ranted on.
Simon stood looking out the window "Have you finished?" he asked turning around "bit young even for you".
"Your disgusting and I have never been so humiliated in my life" Jack stood there flushed in his face.
Simon smirked "Not even when I raped you in the greenhouse for being late one morning?" he asked.
Jack walked around and stood in front of Simon "Bastard" he said about to slap Simon.

Simon grabbed his hands and pushed him over the desk making light work of Jack's jeans letting them slip to the floor. Simon pulled his cock out and rubbed it against Jack's hole then pushed in full force, Jack moaned through the pain and pleasure his arms sending objects on the desk flying on to the floor 'little slut likes my toxic cock in his ass' Simon said thrusting hard in to Jack. His hips rapidly pumping his cock deep with purpose, he never even hit the five minute mark before he held Jack's shoulders down and grunted planting his viral seed deep inside the gardeners arse.

Simon kissed his shoulder "Don't bring anyone on the grounds you know I hate it" he said.
Jack pushed his ass back "No, I want you to allow Conrad" he replied standing up.
"Why?" Simon asked putting his cock away.
"I like teaching him" Jack replied "he is interested in horticulture and very bright" he informed Simon.
Simon chuckled "So am I but the kind where I plant my seed" he said slapping Jack's ass.
"Your just a dirty old poz man" Jack replied doing up his jeans and smiling at Simon.
Simon laughed shaking his head "I'm only 10 years older than you" he replied.
"So can I?" Jack asked again sitting on the desk "he has been coming in to the garden for 6 years".
"You cheeky bugger" Simon replied looking shocked "who else are you sneaking in to the gardens?".
Jack smiled "No one, he is a really nice kid lives at number 8" he replied "I have never seen anyone grow so interested like Conrad".
"Is that how all the houses now have nice hibiscus flower beds along the road" Simon asked.
Jack nodded and Simon returned to looking out the window "Okay but not in the house" he said.
"I would say thank you but gratitude is lost on you" Jack said picking up the items off the floor.
"You will pay for that later" Simon said still looking out the window "Bay tree needs attention".
Jack walked over and kissed him "Next subject for Conrad to learn about then" he replied and walked out.

Standing there looking out of the window Simon smiled watching the reflection of Jack leaving, at 41 he had changed a lot since making his money. From a skinny nerd to a muscular attractive guy well presented but a total devious pig in bed. He was not massively endowed but his seven inches of thick pozzing cock never missed it's target. Simon hosted the occasional sex party for many wealthy London and foreign men to spend a night in private with a guy at the mansion. It was almost like a secret society club, some would fly in from abroad and Simon would often fly to their sex parties. He had no idea how many guys he had converted deliberately or not so as he was never interested in them. They were an arse and it had to be bred. Both Jack and he were not stupid and knew they were highly toxic barebackers and stealthers. Most guys never had seconds or thirds unless they were hot or poz already. Jack was the only person Simon was close to on an intimate level, not partners by any means since they both loved their sexual independence. Sharing a secretive bond ever since Simon pozzed Jack unknowingly years ago, from then on they remained close as friends and fuck buddies. Jack knew Simon inside out and knew what made him tick, he therefore knew Simon could trust him with Conrad.

As Conrad grew up understanding more about the world he had some suspicions that underneath Jack was gay, several times he wondered if he was as well since he spent a lot of time with Jack. Quickly burying those thoughts deep in his mind the uncertainty forgotten about, after all Jack was no different from anyone else in his eyes. Shortly after his 16th birthday Conrad was now visiting every Saturday and sometimes Sunday even when Simon was home, he only saw him a few times but never really to speak to since he mostly talked to Jack about changes to the garden. One Saturday morning Conrad came running through the grounds towards the greenhouse holding a letter. Nearly tripping over in his to get inside the greenhouse and screamed excitedly to Jack that he had been accepted on the horticultural course at a local college. Jack was just as excited and swept Conrad up off his feet in a big hug kissing him on the cheek then quickly put him down remembering he was still very young. Jack sat listening to Conrad rattle on about the course and also the prospect of it leading to sitting some of the RHS official exams. A few weeks on and Jack let Conrad tend to the hedges surrounding the pool and sun terrace to the right of the manor. It was very rare he got to see this side of the garden since it was devoid of plants just hedges to protect the terrace. Conrad was snipping away quietly when he heard the strange sound, peering through the hedge out of curiosity he saw Simon laying down on his stomach on a sun lounger. He opened his eyes wide realising his ass was bouncing up and down making slapping noises. Conrad could just make out that a younger guy was underneath Simon making strange noises in between pleads to get bred. Conrad was stuck unable to look away and transfixed on Simon fucking the guy, it was arousing more than just curiosity making Conrad giggle a little too loudly.

Conrad jumped out of his skin when Jack tapped him on the shoulder "Come away" Jack said quietly.
"Sorry" Conrad immediately apologise "I won't say anything honest" he said looking embarrassed.
Jack chuckled "If you do you would no longer be allowed here" he said as a warning.
"Do you do that as well?" Conrad asked Jack completely out of the blue.
"Err.." Jack was stumped and knew that at 16 Conrad was at very impressionable age.
Conrad stared at Jack "I don't mind" he said "you know if you are gay it doesn't bother me".
Jack walked with Conrad "With Simon yes" he eventually replied after a pause then looked at Conrad.
"Right, so how that does that work with you both if he is bonking someone now?" Conrad asked.
Jack burst out laughing "Get older then I will happily explain" he said "but your too young now".
"But are you together?" Conrad asked catching up with Jack.
Jack smiled "Not really, we just have a very close bond and a sexual love for each other" he replied.
Conrad looked up at him "I really don't mind you being gay" he casually said easing the tension.
Jack smiled at him "Good" he replied "I really like our little friendship we have and teaching you" he said.
"Me to" Conrad said "you still got a shit load to teach me".
"God that school you go to has taught you some bad language" Jack replied then laughed.
Jack got his phone out and read the message "Oh, we have been summoned" he said.
Conrad looked scared "Surely he doesn't know I saw them?" he asked "is he going to ban me?" he panicked.
"Don't be silly Conrad" Jack said reassuringly "Simon maybe many things but he is reasonable".

They walked back to the greenhouse and put away the tools and gloves then walked up towards the manor, he was half excited having never been inside but also bricking himself with anxiety and nerves about why they had been summoned. Conrad was amazed by the kitchen where they both took their boots off then walked through and across the large entrance hall towards the lounge where Simon was waiting.

Simon nodded to them both walking him "I will cut to the chase what did you see?" he asked Conrad.
Conrad looked at Simon "You want the truth or what I should say?" Conrad asked nervously.
It certainly stumped Simon and he looked to Jack "What did he see?" he asked.
"You know what he saw, I sent him there to clip the hedges "Jack replied rolling his eyes.
Simon looked at Conrad "Whatever I saw goes not further than here" Conrad said looking at Simon.

It was the most surreal experience, Simon was very imposing with an air of absolute confidence standing there. Conrad did wonder if this front was an intimidation tactic to try and break him. But Conrad was becoming very confident in his own way and stood there staring back at Simon, it was like they were playing to see who would blink or crack first.

Simon chuckled and smiled "Drink both of you?" he asked walking and not waiting for an answer.
Jack called out Simon "He knows about you and me" causing Simon to turn looking rather differently this time.

Simon fetched them both a soda from the fridge and watched Jack put his arm around Conrad's shoulder looking at the two cactus growing in the kitchen. Simon had to admit he actually found it adorable that Jack had taken Conrad under his wings and in the process grew to be good friends. It was some months after and a bit of badgering from Jack that Simon turned a blind eyes to Conrad being in the grounds of Hibiscus Manor. Out of the blue one day Simon invited Conrad to dinner with Jack and himself, his parents a little sceptical at first knowing the rumours of Simon being gay but allowed it since Jack was also going to be there. Conrad dressed in shirt and trousers pressed the button and the wrought iron gates swung open, Jack was at the door to meet him and took him through to the lounge for a drink before dinner.

"Welcome Conrad" Simon said standing up "I'm glad you could join us".
"It was hit and miss until they knew Jack was going to be here" Conrad said sitting down.
Simon looked a little confused "Why Jack?" he asked curiously.
"Oh they don't know he is gay" Conrad said taking them both by pleasant surprise.
Jack handed Conrad a coke "You haven't told them I am gay?" he asked.
"No" Conrad replied "they would have stopped me being friends with you" he said "you know the age thing".
They both laughed "You certainly are extraordinary Conrad" Simon replied feeling more relaxed.

Dinner became an almost regular thing several times a year, Simon still kept very guarded around Conrad mostly due to his age. Conrad would talk about his current girlfriend laughing at the vomiting sounds Jack and Simon would make. It was seeing them together that Conrad saw how much affection Simon and Jack had for each other and a few times it even made him a little jealous, why? Conrad thought and simply put it down to Simon having something with Jack that he couldn't. Jack continued teaching him and even offered to help out with Conrad's tuition fees but he point blank refused telling him he liked his independence and making his own way in life. They loved hearing about Conrad and Charlie growing up but he would not reveal the only real way to tell them apart and they would have to find that out. Outside of those dinners Conrad hardly saw or engaged in any conversation with Simon, when he did Simons was always pleasant enough by still very dismissive of him.

Conrad was doing exceptionally well at college and applied for one of the most prestigious and expensive courses run by the RHS in Botany Science. The week of his 18th birthday Conrad was invited by Simon for dinner at the manor. He tried and got a taste very quickly for champagne. Conrad sat down to dinner only this time it was a very different meal, caviar, lobster and steak were all on the menu. The caviar he didn't like but the Lobster Etoufee starter intrigued him at first then taking a small mouthful Simon watched his eyes light up with the flavours dancing across his tongue. Toasting his 18th birthday it didn't take long for Simon broach the subject of how to tell him apart from his twin and Conrad knew it was going to come as some point having gone on for nearly a year now.

Conrad chuckled "I am Charlie by the way, Conrad is out with his girlfriend so I stood in for him".
Simon sat there quietly amused but really unsure "Dam" he said "I am trying to think of something to ask".
Jack chuckled "You are Conrad" he said rubbing his eye smiling.
"You know?" Conrad asked laughing "how long have you known?".
Jack smiled "I think when you turned 9 and Charlie came out to help with the flower bed" he replied.
Simon looked at them both "Tell me or Jack pays for it later?" he said winking at Jack.
"Disgusting you two" Conrad said laughing "I have brown eyes and Charlie has blue" he confessed.

In many ways Simon had regretted not getting to know Conrad earlier like Jack had, he loved how uncanny Jack and Conrad had become evolving their own mannerisms and happily gardening away together laughing and joking all the time. When Simon had a fuck over they would often get put off by the laughter coming from the flower beds. Now though with Conrad having turned 18 Simon would often walk to where they were telling them to be quiet and finally engaging in conversation with Conrad. It became evident that Simon had always played it cool and distant to protect himself and Conrad from any rumours. At 19 he had bloomed in to a stunning young guy, clever and incredibly knowledgeable about flora and fauna after completing three years at college. Over the years Jack had continued taking pictures of Conrad gardening often sending them to Jody who kept them in an album along with pictures she would take of Charlie at football. It was after dinner just before his 20th birthday the three of them sat on the sofa with Jack running through the pictures. Not only did it show Conrad going from a novice to capable gardener it was also a timeline of him growing up over the eight years. The younger Conrad showed a shy playfulness then older Conrad showed how more confident he was and many of the pictures captured him looking directly in to Jack's eyes. Indeed Conrad who sat there with them was a very different person who had grown in to his looks. Simon suggested that Jack and Conrad find the best picture from each year and he would get them printed to put up in his study. Conrad agreed on one condition that he could have a picture of all three of them together, unsuspectingly Simon agreed and within days the picture was hung in the study and a copy given to Conrad.

Three weeks after the picture was taken Jack fell to his first bout of serious illness, it took a couple of months to clear up. He knew it was his body reacting to his reluctance to take medication. He had lost a little weight and Simon had moved him in to the manor to look after him until he was fit and well again. Conrad knew he was sick and was told he had a viral infection that would take a while to clear from his body. He would come round in the evenings and take Jack outside for some fresh air and walk round the garden with him slowly. Simon watched from the study window unable to fathom Conrad out for a straight person, he was clearly quite attached to Jack, well they almost grown up together apart from the age difference. It was clear that Jack had an astonishing influence on Conrad and he treated Jack like an older brother. He spent a few days at the start of the summer holiday with Jack cramming in more knowledge and reading through books. Simon brought them a drink to the terrace, Conrad promised to have dinner with them tomorrow evening before he went to visit his aunt in London. Jack stood to walk with Conrad and they hugged at the gates of the manor, Conrad didn't know why he did it but it just felt right he leaned in and kissed Jack on the cheek then hugged him again 'see you tomorrow' he said and walked along the road. It took Jack by surprise at first and it just reaffirmed how much Conrad meant to him.

Simon had made his peace with his decision not to take meds, he knew the dangers but the thrill of having the power with a high viral load against neg guys lead him down a sometimes dark and very devious route. Jack was no different and even more prolific when it came to fucking guys and planting his seed. It was a side to him that Conrad knew nothing about that in the evenings Jack would cruise around notorious parks or hook up sites which always paid off. In private away from the manor Jack was never short of perverts who wanted converting. That first bout of serious illness that Jack fell to signalled a ticking time bomb to Simon and he knew Jack was not going to be around forever. It had never bothered either of them previously but Simon couldn't help thinking about how Conrad was going to react if he was still around and found out about Jack in particular. As it turned out Simon even missed Conrad's cheery disposition and laughter around the grounds during the two weeks he was in London.

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Another masterpiece setting the scene so well. Bring on the next chapter

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Part 3 - The Wrong Person


Conrad had been back from London a few days and it was one of these rare occasions when Charlie was home, the twins spent the day together walking and catching up on their lives. Charlie was heading for a naval career and his training was taking place in Gosport, now he was a few months in and settled he would often come home at weekends and holidays. The training he was undergoing resulted in changes to his body and he now sported a pronounced muscle definition that Conrad was getting really jealous of. Charlie would mock his twin brother until it ended in them play fighting in their brotherly way.

"How was London?" Charlie asked laying on the lawn outside the front of their house.
"Nice, stiflingly hot though" Conrad replied thinking of the Arab man and rolling on to his stomach.
"Going up for a few days tomorrow" Charlie replied looking at Conrad "why don't you come?".
"No" Conrad replied quickly "I have some studying to do and promised the Jack I would help him out".
Charlie chuckled "You and the bloody gardener" he said smiling "when you going to get me in the manor?".
Conrad looked up the road "I can't, the owner freaked out when he knew I had been in the grounds" he said.
"Yeah but you have dinners up there" Charlie replied "they must like you, has he tried it on with you?".
Conrad laughed "No he has certainly not" he replied with annoyance in his voice.
Charlie looked at him "Are you gay?" he asked straight out "It is just you don't seem interested in girls".
Conrad paused way too long and Charlie nodded "No, at least I don't think so" Conrad eventually replied.
Charlie sat up and changed the subject in consideration "Mum tells me you got another year at college?".
"Yeah" Conrad said "decided to do the full RHS certification" he sat up watching the manor gates open.
"Why didn't you take the money dad offered?" Charlie asked looking in the same direction to the manor.
Conrad shrugged his shoulders "I want to be independent Charlie" he replied.
"Did he pay?" Charlie said nodding towards the manor "I have never seen him in all these years".
Conrad laughed "No he didn't, anyway he is just a person" he replied "albeit very rich and private".

They both laughed and play fought each other rolling around on the grass trying to force each other to eat mud. Charlie had the upper hand and was now trying to force a bunch of grass he grabbed in to Conrad's mouth. They were so distracted they never heard the limousine come to a stop by them and the door opened. It was like Conrad felt a change in him, never before had he got an erection play fighting with his brother, it was the combination of Charlie's dominance over him and a stirring in his soul that made him feel really out of sorts to point of freaking out.

"Is this how you spend your time Conrad?" Simon asked making them both jump and Charlie rolled off his brother.
Simon laughed and walked over closer to them "Oh yes, Charlie blue eyes pleased to meet you" he said.
Charlie stood up and looked Simon over carefully taking his hand "Likewise finally" he replied.
"Dam" Simon said looking at both of them "You are identical" he said laughing.
Charlie walked over and looked inside the limousine "Beginning to think you didn't actually exist" he said.
Simon stood there watching him "Sorry" Conrad said indicating to Charlie "he is nosey".
Simon smiled "You got grass in your hair" he said "I have to go away for 2 days".
Conrad nodded "Do you want me to look after Jack?" he asked quietly and Simon nodded.
"Please, I trust you to stay at the manor if you want, bedroom next to Jack" Simon replied quietly.
Conrad nodded "Of course I will" he said touching Simon's arm.
"How fast does it go?" Charlie asked "smells lovely inside with all that leather".
"I will let you go for a ride in it one day" Simon replied getting back in "Nice to meet you Charlie".

With that he was gone down the road, brief but Charlie had finally seen and met the mysterious billionaire but still no invite up to the manor. Jody called out to them both to get changed informing them they were going out for dinner, Conrad now had to think quick to get out of it and said he was going over some things with Jack for the weekend and he needed to learn as much as possible. She looked disappointed and knew that when Conrad wanted to study there was no stopping him, Charlie didn't seem to mind and said he wanted an early night after dinner since he was heading up to London early to auntie Carol's. Eddie comforted his wife feeling a little lost now both of their boys were becoming more independent and men in their own right. She knew this time was going to come any day and Eddie reminded her that they hadn't moved out just and they just needed their own freedom now. Conrad hugged his brother and got Charlie to promise they would all go out for dinner when he returns. He walked up the road to the manor and happy to see Jack waiting at the door who looked at his ruck sack.

"Where are you off to?" Jack asked then coughed.
"Here" Conrad replied smiling "Simon asked me to stay overnight to look after you".
"God sake Conrad I am not a kid" Jack said doing his eye rolling "you don't need to stay".
"Tough" Conrad replied "If you complain any more I will sleep with you" he said jokingly.
Jack laughed "Don't tempt me Conrad" he replied putting his arm around Conrad's shoulder "seriously".
Conrad looked at him and grinned "You fancy me then?" he asked chuckling.
Jack kissed him on the cheek "What on earth gave you that idea" he said winking "friends first and foremost".
Conrad smiled and nodded "Of course I know, right what grub you got I am hungry?" he asked.
Jack laughed and took him to the kitchen "You can go for a swim if you want I will watch".
"Pervert" Conrad replied unable to hide his joy and some inexplicable reason why felt incredibly relaxed.

Jack was nearly back to himself but still tired and after dinner they had a slow walk around the manor grounds. Jack testing Conrad on each plant they passed until dusk had fallen and they headed back to the manor. Conrad picked up his ruck sack and walked up the magnificent staircase to the upper level, following Jack down a long corridor until they reached the far left side of the manor and Jack opened the doors to the bedroom.

"Holy moly" Conrad exclaimed looking at the room and size of the bed.
"Your room is next door Conrad" Jack explained "I will show you".
"No it's okay" Conrad replied but unable to actually come out with the words.
Jack looked at him "You're straight Conrad, sleeping together is not a good thing" he said.
Conrad shrugged his shoulders "The bed is big enough, just don't try anything" he said grinning.
Jack shook his head "Alright but keep your underwear on and get the RHS Soil Guide out".
"So you want to talk dirty with me" Conrad said laughing and jumping on the bed.

Jack undressed and slipped in to bed naked and opened the book sitting up, he was gay and well Conrad was undressing so he looked. Conrad caught sight of Jack watching him in the mirror on the wall and poked his tongue out making Jack laugh, he still watched until he climbed on to the other side of the bed hinting to the book Jack was holding. Conrad had seen Jack without a t-shirt of many times but sitting so close to him he could see the little patch of chest hair, sparse in quantity it suited Jack's body and trailed down in a thin line across his abdomen disappearing under the sheet. Every time he held the book up the muscle in his arms would tense forming perfect ovals under the tattoos, he was far from massively muscled but again the proportions sat just right. Conrad had to shake himself out of it several times unable to fathom out why he found Jack's body so tantalisingly perfect. Spending nearly an hour with Jack asking questions all about soil types and how they affect plant growth. Conrad doing his best and only needing to refer to the book three times to be sure Jack wasn't trying to catch him out. Conrad too the book from Jack and closed it leaning back against the headboard.

Jack looked at him "You didn't get offended when I watched you undress?" he asked.
Conrad glanced at him "No" he replied putting the book down "known you way too long to be bothered by it".
Jack smiled "I still find it strange how I watched you grow in to this" he said waving his hand at Conrad.
"In to what?" Conrad asked.
Jack laughed "This man sitting here beside me, you were only an annoying kid when we met".
"Was I that annoying then?" Conrad asked with a shocked look on his face.
"God yes" Jack replied smiling "but I loved having you around, you were so eager to learn".
Conrad nodded "Does Simon like me?" he asked out of the blue.
Jack laughed "He tolerates you and understands how close we have grown as friends" he replied.
"Sleep time and don't get any ideas" Conrad said making light of it.
Jack laughed "Same goes to you" he replied grinning at Conrad.

Conrad turned the light off and laid on his side facing away from Jack, he was tired but his head was questioning if Jack suspected anything. Maybe he was giving off some secret signal that he wanted to be gay, he sat up startled scared by his own thought turning to apologise to Jack and laid back down. Jack woke in the morning lying on his back he lifted his had and saw Conrad on his stomach, his arm and hand rested across Jack's body 'god I want to fuck you Conrad' he said under his breath. His morning wood was harder than ever and any other guy he would have been balls deep in them by now. Conrad rolled on to his back taking his arm with him allowing Jack to slip of out bed and get coffee. Conrad woke at the soft footsteps Jack made crossing the large bedroom dressed in his underwear. The door closed softly and Conrad sat up realising he had shifted over during his sleep and must have been sleeping very close to Jack. A big grin broadened on his face 'I slept with a man' he said laying back down quiet contentment. Jack returned with a coffee and laughed at the very happy looking Conrad then went to shower. The whole of Sunday they spent in the garden mostly naked apart from shorts, it gave Conrad plenty of opportunity to pay lot more attention to Jack. The heavy humidity and body sweating his every close to Conrad let him catch the natural manly scent of his body that was having the strangest effect on Conrad, it was like an intoxicating drug producing an allure of its own and how he was all man despite being gay.

Charlie arrived in London and got to auntie Carol's just after midday, on Monday he had to finalise some paperwork at the Naval College but today he spent time catching up with his auntie. Charlie and Conrad loved their auntie like a second mum and she was the only person who could handle both of them growing up which allowed their own mother to have a little break from two energetic boys running around the house. In the afternoon he met up with his cousin Max and they went for a drink along the King's Road. Max was 24 and married to a most charming girl Helen but she was not a streak on Serena who Charlie was dating but they got on very well. Charlie happily joked about Conrad and this Fiona girl he was seeing and at the time very keen on her until he just lost interest in her completely. Max nodded and told him that Conrad never spoke about her and seemed to be more focused on flowers. They were meeting Helen at auntie Carol's place for Sunday dinner, Max and Charlie left the bar and walked along the road.

"Christ that bar is busy for Sunday afternoon" Charlie remarked "reckon they must have a happy hour going on".
Max laughed "Come on Charlie look closely" he said.
"Oh man" Charlie replied "gay bar alert" he chuckled "shall we flirt walking past?" he asked.
"Fuck no" Max replied "several straight guys have got beaten up here" he said.
"Right so act normally or should we cross over?" Charlie asked.
"Don't be daft, anyway it is a notorious pick up bar" Max replied using air quotes to signify it.

Harry leaned forward and saw the familiar face walking towards the bar, he stepped out of the bar to get a better look but the guy didn't even seem to register him or even that he knew him. Harry thought he would never see the guy again having fallen hopelessly in love with the so called straight guy who happily took Arab cock for money. Harry's mate Steve sat watching him in his trance like state giggling at him until he saw the person walking towards the bar.

"Isn't that the guy you punched?" Steve asked nodding in Charlie's direction.
Harry nodded "Oi" he called out several times getting annoyed that the guy was ignoring him.
Max looked at Charlie "That guy is calling you I think" he said.
Charlie looked confused "Me?" he asked "I don't think so" he said taking a look at Harry.
Harry walked up and stood in front of Charlie "You stood me up!" he said "I should punch you again".
Charlie looked at him "Just try it and see what happens" he replied "what do you mean stood you up?".
"For a drink a two weeks ago" Harry replied "I sat here waiting all night for you".
Charlie laughed "I don't think so mate I wasn't even in London" he replied then opened his mouth "Conrad!".
Max looked at Charlie "Ties in when Conrad was here" he confirmed to him.
"I suppose you think it is funny standing people up" Harry said now looking quite upset.
Charlie looked at him "Sorry I never stood you up, I think you met my twin Conrad" he explained.
Harry stood there shaking his head "Very clever, a twin brother and does he like Arab cock as well?".
Charlie and Max looked at each other "What do you mean?" Charlie replied facing up to him clenching his fist.
Harry mocked him "Come on how much did you earn getting fucked in the back of his limousine?".
Max had to hold Charlie back "Leave it Charlie" Max said "he is probably winding you up".
"What is that suppose to mean?" Harry asked now looking at Max.
Max looked at Harry "We are not for any trouble so go back in to your little bar and be gay" he said not afraid of him.
Harry looked down his nose at them both "Fucking twin brother now I have heard everything" he said.
Charlie angrily fumbled getting his phone out "Here my twin and me if you don't believe me" he said.
Harry looked at the phone "God, I'm so sorry" he said quietly "Where is he?" he asked looking at Charlie.
"At home in Hampshire" Charlie replied "What you said about him..." he started to ask.
"Forget it" Harry said stepping back unable to think straight.
Charlie grabbed his arm forcing him to stay "No you don't, tell me what is this all about?" he demanded.
Harry looked nervously at Charlie "Seriously it was nothing just a game" he said.
Charlie let go of him "Some game" he said watching Harry sheepishly stepping away then stopping.
"Listen can you give him my number?" Harry asked almost pleading.
Charlie studied him carefully figuring there was more he was not saying "Tell me Why?" he asked.
Harry looked at him "Never mind" he said walking inside the bar.
Max looked at Charlie who was about to go in after him "Shit that was weird" he said holding Charlie back again.
Charlie looked at Max "Your telling me" he replied "the way he looked at me before he knew about Conrad".
Max watched Charlie shaking his head "If you ask me he likes Conrad and I don't mean just like" Max said.

Harry turned and saw the two guys going on their way, he now knew the guy was called Conrad. It seemed like the last few weeks had been totally crazy and now this his twin brother and he may have just outed Conrad by accident. They walked on quickly running late for dinner talking about this Harry and how weird it wall was. Charlie had never seen another man look at him in such a way, he couldn't describe it, one thing he did know it was no malicious or nasty look more of a longing. He knew there was more to this and would need to have it out with Conrad when he got back home. A lot of things were starting to making sense in Charlie's head, the way Fiona just fizzled out and now this. Was it true he was selling himself for sex? It was a disgusting notion that his twin had stooped that low. At that moment he wondered if he really knew his twin at all now and why all the secrecy. After dinner Max took Charlie outside for chat seeing how distracted he had been all through dinner.

"This afternoon has bothered you hasn't it?" Max said sitting down next to him in the garden.
Charlie nodded "Surely he didn't sell out for sex?" he asked Max.
"Oh" Max replied raising his eyebrow "I thought it would have been about him being gay".
Charlie sat there quiet for a moment "Gay thing doesn't bother me" he replied "selling himself for sex!".
"I know he talked about sorting out money for that expensive exam he wants to take" Max replied thinking.
"But whoring himself out?" Charlie said looking upset "why would he do such a thing".
Max patted his cousins leg "I know, but if this guy offered a lot of money wouldn't you?" he asked.
Charlie turned to Max with a shocked look on his face "If I was gay maybe for a one off" he replied.
Max shrugged his shoulders "Well maybe that is what Conrad did" he suggested.
Charlie leaned forward "Do you think it is true though or was this guy playing a game?".
Max sat back in his chair "Who can say Charlie, I think you need to speak to Conrad" he said.
Charlie looked at Max "It doesn't bother you?" he asked looking surprised at his remark "if he is gay?".
"No" Max said "whoever or whatever he is still Conrad" he replied giving Charlie a knowing look.
Charlie sat up "I bet it is hanging around at that manor house, that gardener" he said "fuck!".
"Calm down Charlie" Max put his hand on his shoulder "you don't know anything for sure and what do you mean?".
Charlie looked at him "He has hung around with the gardener since he was 8, bet he groomed him".
"Charlie" Max looked sternly at him "don't make conclusions like that, hasn't thig guy taught Conrad of the years?" he asked.
Charlie nodded unable to speak "Conrad has his head screwed on he wouldn't have been fooled" Max told him.
"Yeah your right" Charlie said in relief "What about this guy we met today?" he asked.
Max smiled "I think he is in love with Conrad" he said "he was really upset you know".
"Oh god Max, what do I do?" Charlie asked.
Max chuckled "Just done go at Conrad like a bull in a china shop" he replied "you could end up hurting each other".

Later that evening Max and Helen walked back to their flat and nearing the gay bar they saw Harry again sitting at a table on his own nursing a soft drink just looking at it. Helen said hello to a couple of the gay guys she knew from the area that were having a drink.

"Give me a moment I need to speak to that guy" Max said and Helen looked at him strangely "will explain later".
Max walked over to the table and sat down "What is your name?" he asked waiting for him to look up.
Harry stared at the glass "Harry" he replied solemnly.
"I bet today was a shock finding out Conrad had a twin brother" Max said trying to engage Harry.
Harry looked up "I didn't even know his name" he said and Max could clearly see the hurt in his eyes.
"Did you and Conrad do anything?" Max asked "only you seem to be very upset".
"No" Harry looked down at his drink again "I punched him for calling me queer".
Max chuckled looking at him "Conrad isn't usually like that he is very placid normally".
Harry turned his glass around "It was never meant to be I guess, so much for him being straight".
"I don't know for sure if Conrad is gay" Max said pausing "give me your number and I will send it to him".
Harry looked up "So it was no joke, they are really twins?" he asked.
"Yes" Max nodded "I don't know what went on when he left my place at night but he might be quietly ashamed".
Harry sipped his coke "I got butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him walking past" he admitted.
Max smiled "I can promise anything Harry, I will give him your number but the rest is up to him" he said.

Harry gave the stranger his mobile number then Max stood and walked over to his wife trying to explain as best he could without knowing all the details. He decided he would wait until next weekend to send the number to Conrad after he had spoken to Charlie and find out if he had broached the subject with Conrad. It took only a few minutes to get his paperwork delivered and signed at the Naval college any by mid morning Charlie was on his way home. In his head he was playing it over and over how the conversation should go with Conrad until the train pulled in to the station and he walked the 20 minutes to Hibiscus Drive. Charlie looked along the road to the manor fighting his urge to go up there and punch to the lights out of the gardener. His parents at work Conrad was sat outside head buried in his book and sketching different plant leaves that was part of the big exam he would be taking. He never realised that drawing was going to play such an important part of botany science studies. Charlie walked in to the house and stood in the kitchen watching Conrad who looked just like Conrad. He poured a couple of glasses of water and walked in to the garden.

Conrad looked up "Hey nice trip to London?" he asked sitting back in his chair.
Charlie placed the water down "Thanks" Conrad said "What did you do up there?" he asked.
Charlie sat down ignoring the question "You hate drawing" he said looking at the sketches.
"Yeah, getting better at it the more I draw them" Conrad replied "Jack has been a god send helping me".
"Jack, Jack, Jack" Charlie said causing Conrad to look at him and put his pencil down.
"Out with it" Conrad said "you always do this when something bothers you".
Charlie put his glass down "Does he touch you?" he asked "Jack, has he ever touched you?".
Conrad sat opened mouth for a minute "What sort of fucking question is that?" he asked looking angry.
"Tell me Conrad" Charlie asked raising his voice "did he stick his dick in you or get you to suck him off?.

Conrad saw red and blew up throwing the chair away and lunging across swiping his fist and just missing Charlie 'Come on then' Charlie screamed at him standing up and moving quickly around the table to get at Conrad. For the first time ever they exchanged punches in anger, Charlie landing one that cut Conrad just above his left eye and Conrad managed to land a couple on Charlies stomach and arm. Falling over each other in a heap trying to restrain each other and throwing punches wildly. Charlie's anger and adrenaline allowing him to easily overpower Conrad and putting him in a head lock where he rained down punch after punch until Conrad begged him to stop. Charlie let him go and pushed him down on the patio. Conrad's tears mixed with blood now dripping from his nose, Charlie broke down unable to believe what he had just done to his brother.

"Oh shit I'm so sorry Conrad" Charlie said sitting down hugging him "I'm so sorry" he repeated.
"What the fuck has come over you?" Conrad asked shrugging him off.
Charlie sat there head in his hands "I just want to know if Jack has ever made advances on you".
"Why?" Conrad asked confused even more now "he has never touched me" he said making it clear.
"I'm sorry" Charlie said "Only someone thought I was you in London" he said "and I don't know what to make of it".
Conrad quickly looked at Charlie "Who?" he asked in a scared voice.
"Some kid at that gay bar on Kings Road" Charlie told him "said he punched you then you stood him up".
Conrad nodded "Oh yeah, he seriously thought I would turn up!" he exclaimed.
"Are you?" Charlie asked watching him "just tell me if you are".
Conrad sat there wiping the blood from his nose "I don't know" he replied.
Charlie shook his head "What do you mean you don't know?" he asked helping to clean Conrad up.
"Is it bad?" Conrad asked and Charlie looked at him weirdly "the damage to my face?" he asked annoyingly.
Charlie shook his head "Cut above the eye, bloody nose" he replied "no secrets Conrad please".
Conrad looked at him "Seriously I don't know Charlie" he said honestly "I did do it for money".
"You had sex for money!" Charlie exclaimed "whore" he chuckled "was it with a man?" he asked.
Conrad nodded looking down "I did it several evenings with him I saw the money and just did it".
Charlie kissed his brother on the forehead "As long as that Jack has never touched you" he said again.
"What is this hang up you have with Jack?" Conrad asked "I told you he never laid a finger on me, never".
"I believe you" Charlie said "kind of jealous that you have such a good friendship with him".
Conrad smiled "He has taught me so much Charlie, really helped me prepare for exams, everything" he said.
"I know" Charlie replied "So how much did you make selling yourself" he asked smirking.
"Fuck off" Conrad replied laughing "quite a bit, some rich Arab guy paid me £9k".
"No fucking way!" Charlie replied looking surprised and shocked "you must be quite an ass to fuck then".
Conrad sat there looking at the bloody tissue "They call it gay for pay" he told Charlie.
"How come you don't know if you are or not, I mean did you enjoy it?" Charlie asked.
"Not really it was money" Conrad said "and this guy I sort of met well... yeah he is cute".
Charlie stood up and helped Conrad to his feet "Your so gay" he said to Conrad "I still love you".
"Of course you do" Conrad replied "or I will tell mum you beat me up".
"Oh no bro, you started it and went for me" Charlie replied chuckling putting his arm around his shoulder.
Conrad stopped walking "It is going to change us isn't it?" he said "If I am gay".
"Nah" Charlie replied "You know I will never let you forget you sold your arse though" he laughed.

Conrad cleaned himself up as best he could but unable to hide the bruise above his eyebrow. He stared at his reflection in the mirror wondering what had become of him, the realness of his attraction to men over women still weighed heavily on him but he couldn't help smiling. Dinner that evening was quite surreal for both boys with their mother pestering them wanting to know what happened. They both tried to explain it was a genuine blow up and Jody sat there looking at Eddie commenting that 20 years before they had a fight was really good going, she told them that if they were younger they would have been grounded without technology for a month. Wednesday morning Conrad walked to the manor and meet Jack to do some cuttings in the greenhouse on a hybrid hibiscus they were working on together. He noticed the bruise and cut above his eye and said nothing until later that morning. Aware that Conrad didn't seem to be there and was getting inpatient with his silence that was so unusual for him.

Jack handed Conrad a pot "You want to talk?" he asked watching Conrad take the pot.
"About what?" Conrad asked putting the pot down and looking at him.
Jack indicated to the bruise "That" he said "and you are clearly not yourself".
Conrad stared blankly at the pot on the table "How did you know you was gay?" he asked.
Jack laughed then stopped seeing the serious look on his face "I like fucking men and it just felt right".
Conrad looked at him "I think I might be" he said "stop looking at my bruise".
"I have known you a long time Conrad you certainly don't seem gay or inclined that way" Jack replied.
"I err.." Conrad stuttered "had sex for money with a man a few weeks back" he confessed.
"Oh" Jack said unsure what to make of this revelation "so who gave you the bruise?" he asked.
Conrad threw some soil in the pot "Charlie, we had a serious fight, first one ever".
"And let me guess... You told him about you having sex for money?" Jack speculated and Conrad nodded.
"Sort of that" Conrad said "he also asked if you had ever touched me".
Jack grinned "I hope you told him the truth" he said "I would never do that to you".
"Of course I did" Conrad replied like he needed to tell him that "doesn't mean I don't love you in my way".
Jack chuckled "Conrad loves me" he said dreamily then laughing "sorry I shouldn't mock you".
Conrad put the pot down again "Can I kiss you?" he blurted out to Jack.
"No" Jack replied straight away "I don't want to ruin what we have".
"Please" Conrad asked again going red "I just want to try it, I need to know if I am".

Jack looked at him long and hard and couldn't deny he would like nothing more than to kiss Conrad, he also knew that Conrad was probably going through all sorts of emotions trying to understand himself properly. Jack stood up and turned Conrad around on his seat to face him, gently cupping Conrad's face in his hands he looked deeply in to his eyes and moved his head closer. Knowing this would test his resolve but Conrad didn't move and allowed Jack's lips to brush against his own momentarily. There was no kiss, just a touch but it was enough to cause Conrad to close his eyes briefly and elicit a soothing moan. Jack looked at him waiting for Conrad to fight him off, there was nothing, he moved in again and applied more pressure and kissed his lips. Yet again Conrad just made that erotic moan and rubbed his lips together. He decided now or never and leant forward kissing Conrad properly, within seconds their lips parted and Jack slipped his tongue in kissing him passionately. He felt Conrad's hand touching his arm softly, moving his arm around Conrad's neck holding and locking him in to the kiss he felt an electricity that had never appeared with any other man he had kissed. It was like Conrad was willing him to do this, he was responding kissing Jack back, his arms moving around Jack's waist holding him. Fighting the urge to continue Jack pulled back releasing Conrad.

"Oh fuck" Jack said putting his hands on his head looking up through the glass to the sky.
Conrad was aroused and that was Jack's doing "Sorry" he simply said hiding his erection under the table.

Jack said nothing more and got back to helping Conrad with the cutting and grafting. Slight embarrassment between them remained for a several minutes, Conrad definitely felt something after kissing Jack, a type of feeling he never had with any of the girlfriends. To him it was clear and now he began to struggle with that feeling he had been fighting with unknowingly for several years.

Conrad finished the grafting of the plant and handed it to Jack "Thanks" he said smiling at him.
Jack smiled back "You're a good kisser Conrad" he said breaking the ice "gay... I am not so sure about".
Conrad looked at him "I got more turned on kissing you than any of my girlfriends" he confessed.
"Probably just a reaction to something new" Jack suggested wiping the potting table down.
Conrad nodded "Maybe" he replied "it won't make things weird between us will it?" he asked.
Jack smiled "Only if you make it weird" he replied standing up "come on lets go get a drink".

Simon was busy finalising the arrangements for this weekends party he was hosting, completely unaware of what was happening in the greenhouse at the bottom of the garden hidden out of view. He sent one last text out reminding each one to bring a bottom guy no older than 30 with them. That evening Moham had his chauffeur drive past the bar several times unable to locate the guy he wanted to take to the weekend away. At 10pm he spotted Harry walking out of the bar and instructed the chauffeur to pull over. Harry had been out with Steve to the movies and stopped by the bar for a soft drink before heading home. Walking past the limousine the window went down and Moham beckoned him over

"Moham. Feeling talkative tonight" Harry said knowing that Moham wouldn't reply.
Moham looked at him and opened the door "I want to talk to you" he said gesturing to the seat.
Harry looked shocked and climbed in with the door closing "What do you want to talk about?" he asked.
"The blond lad I had where is he?" Moham asked.
Harry was about to ask Moham what the information was worth but thought better of it "No idea" he replied.
Moahm sat there and puffed on his cigar "Are you sure?" he said without looking at Harry.
"Yes, I can't find him" he replied brushing the smoke away with his hand.
"Come to a party on Saturday and Sunday in the country" Moham offered to Harry "it will pay well".
Harry cocked his head to one side "Money is irrelevant Moham" he replied.
Moham raised an eyebrow "You get to spend the night with a man and get paid nicely. No weird shit".
"You promise?" Harry asked "I mean no drugs or anything weird like that?".
Moahm smiled "It is all very above board Harry, it just has to be very discreet" he said.
Harry thought for a moment "One condition" he said watching Moham turn to look at him.
Moham smiled "Name it but I don't promise anything" he replied.
"If I am travelling with you don't smoke those cigars in the car" Harry said quite forthright.
Moham laughed "Don't worry we won't be travelling for long and dress smartly" he replied.
Harry nodded "Okay" he said noticing they were driving across the Thames.

He turned to look at Moham who was putting his cigar down then smiling at Harry he indicate for him for drop his trousers. He knew protesting wouldn't help since he was already a captive audience in the limousine. Unusually for Moham he watched Harry whilst undoing his trousers and pulling them down. Moham sat back and Harry looked at the bulge within Moham's underwear, catching his eyes they indicated down hinting for Harry and work on his cock. Harry was a little perplexed and he had never been asked to do this by Moham. Moving his hand over to the bulge Harry could feel it already stirring from the dormant state, Moham rolled his head back shifting forward a little, his hand catching Harry behind neck forcing him down. Kissing the bulge through the fabric he slowly worked the underwear down revealing the thick hard cock that stood a hefty eight inches. He had to check again looking at Moham who had a grin on his face looking down at Harry, gently slipping his lips around the head tasting him for the first time. Taking more and more in to his mouth Harry was drooling copious amounts of saliva trying to coat the cock and make it easier to suck. Even with the little experience he had at blowing cock this was difficult to manage and making his jaw ache. He tried but could only make it two thirds of the way down before gagging and coughing, coming up for hair Moham quickly pulled Harry up pushing him over the back seat. Moham pulled his underwear down and grabbed the soft peachy buns of his arse in his hands. Harry groaned and braced himself now feeling the cock rubbing at his hole teasing it open with gentle nudges until it finally gave. Moham edged the head in looking down at the expanding ass engulfing his cock, the dark shade of his cock against the peachy whiteness of the ass was begging to be taken. Still Harry braced for the full penetration knowing how swiftly Moham took his paid victim. Instead he moaned and gasped feeling Moham pull the head out and push back in repeating this several times. He watched the hole expand then contract until it almost closed before pushing back in. The hole got slicker with the precum flooding out of his cock, each time he pushed the head back in he was now allowing more of his shaft to follow. Harry continued moaning and for once began to enjoy being fucked by Moham, he could feel more and more of the cock filling his arse. The scratchy feeling from the abundance of pubes started rubbing against his hole telling him Moham was fully inside. Moham's arms slipped around his waist and chest, the fucking started with more gentle tones than Harry had ever experienced. The momentum was still fast and the force was building up steadily. Moham tightened his hold around Harry and his head fell forward onto his back, his hips pushed up hard and Moham moaned enjoying the feeling the his balls tightening and releasing their load. Up along his hard long shaft jettisoning out and in to Harry's body. Harry could feel the first thick load of seed entering his body with some force, it didn't end there with Moham experiencing a big orgasm himself he continued shooting volleys of his thick seed like he was trying to get Harry pregnant with each release. Relief across his face when he felt Moham relax knowing the delivery was complete he winced slightly in pain with Moham dragging him from the position and rolling him to the one side eventually ending up sitting on Moahm's lap. He winced in even more pain with his arse settling down deep on Moham's cock, the arms around his waist held him there for about fifteen minutes until Moham pushed his hips up. Harry steadied himself like he was in control this time and slowly rode Moham's cock. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced, his soft moans of immense pleasure and feeling every inch of Moham inside him, enjoyment of being in control of the sex between them. He wanted to play with himself but held back knowing Moham didn't approve of it, Moham liked his pleasure not anyone elses. Hary could feel the change and slight swelling in his arse, Moham moaning in his deep growling sound that got louder. Crossing Westminster bridge Moham pulled Harry down hard, his body pushed up depositing his second load with precise accuracy just as they turned the corner by Big Ben that was striking 11pm. Harry had a secret laugh feeling the pulsing in Moham's cock almost in time with each bong from the bell but failing to reach 11 strikes before he was pulled back against Moham, resting his arse still impaled of the cock that showed no sign of softening.

Harry slipped off and fingered his ass gently but as suspected it was fairly dry, the two loads were planted deep in his arse. Importantly though he had experienced a very different sexual game with Moham. The limousine turned on the Kings road and harry finished dressing. Moham handed him £1k and opened the door when the limousine came to a stop. Harry arranged to meet Moham at midday on Saturday and stepping out the limousine he looked back and saw a Moham smiling for once after business was concluded. Harry tried to relive what had just happened with Moham, although he still got paid it was a very different experience. Quite looking forward to the weekend he walked home, he could do with getting out of London and anyway the party sounded like fun. Harry thought that Moham was bringing him along to spend the night with him that got him even more excited.

He couldn't forget about Moham bringing up Conrad, he was still a little disturbed and annoyed harbouring a lot of resentment and disappointed feelings that he just couldn't help. Conrad had indeed become a bit of an enigma, an infatuation and one he just didn't know what to do about.

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      I lay there in the dark. I could just see shapes in front of me. I was on a leather mattress, one of three next to each other. A guy I could see was lying next to me. Like me he had his ass open to the sky, to anyone. My ass was open to anyone as well. But it was open to Poz guys more than anyone else. I didn’t want to discriminate. But to me I needed Poz cum.
      Only 30 minutes before I was on my iPhone typing my position and area on my iPhone. The ad I placed in Barebackrt was very specific. “ Poz guys only to breed Neg guy not on Prep in dark room at Bathhouse. Please bareback Poz with the words not on Meds Poz” time and place. Here I was 30 mins later lying on my stomach  in the dark . My asshole was lubed. Every other minute I sniffed poppers. My cock was irrelevant.
      It is  an intense experience lying in the dark, sniffing poppers, watching shadows in front of you.
      The guy next to me was as still as a plank. Part of me wanted to check his pulse. When a guy came near him and start to fuck him, he hardly made a sound.
      You could feel men’s hands feel your ass and legs ,finger your hole. Random men . But I wanted something else . Something more . I waited. It seemed like forever and not long at all.
      A guy was feeling my leg in the dark. It was slow . He got to my ass and seemed to linger around my hole. Suddenly a voice came out of the darkness” Not on Meds , Poz” That was it . Nothing for a moment, as I breathed harder. Suddenly I felt wetness, Then I felt hardness. Then pain , then pleasure. Next to me the voice again.” You got more than you bargained for . Take that Poz cock.” He pushed it in hard. I had an intake of breath. We both stopped for a moment . Then a voice. “ “You sure you want this?. No turning back”  He almost impaled me and I answered almost in a scream. “ Give me your Poz DNA.” He breathed against my neck. “ Your a fucking slut” “ Yes” I responded. The guy fucking me laughed.  Then loudly he said to anyone in the room “ This slut wants to be fucked Poz, full of Poz cum. No self respect. He deserves everything he gets. Load him up with anything”. With his elbow he pushed me down. “I will be back”. He got off me. Emptiness.
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      He rammed into me hard.  I panted into the mattress. “I am close ,slut. You are going to be Charged Poz. Fuck you are going to have dirty seed in you. Take that Poz seed! “ 
      We both lay there. “You are going to have to go out of this Dark room eventually. People are milling around out the door to see who the Poz loving cum dump is. I smiled to myself. I had achieved wanted I was a Poz loving cum dump in a Bathhouse darkroom.
    • By Scottyrim
      I remember when I heard about The Six. I had just been barebacked by a dominating top. We had Poz talk throughout. The last words I spoke was “ Give me your Poz babies” as he bred into me. “The problem with me” he said  as he lay back down on the bed “ is I am firing blanks and it is clear you are ready for the real thing.” I laughed. “ You are the real thing. I love Poz guys even if you have meds. I have been fucked by many guys not on meds. I enjoy the feeling of Poz guys filling me up with dirty seed”. My top laughed “That is because you are a slut that craves Poz cum, but I have known you long enough to know you need more than just the Poz seed, you need the Gift.” He smiled “ I think you need The Six”. I laughed. It sounded absurd. “ it is no joke “ He said.
      That was 4 months ago. Now I was here in a large dark room in a bathhouse that had been booked for the night, under “ The Six” Well there were 6 of us in the room,but clearly we were not The Six. We were the bottom sluts. Some of us were freaking out. “ What the fuck am I doing here?” One guy was almost pleading to us. Another guy had a smile on his face , which probably matched my own. It was nirvana. Alright it was nirvana mixed with excitement and fear. But I was hot for this. Every fibre wanted this. The poppers that I breathed in heavily helped draw me into this new heaven.
      My dominant top , that was one of many on my way to Poz slutdom had explained it abit to me.” The Six “ are guys who are all Poz without meds. They are made up of either newly Poz guys or Poz guys that are dominant and need to infect continuously. They change , so one time it may be made up of the same guys for 2 pozzings but it might change along the way with a different guy appearing occasionally or several,” I was erect when he told me this “ How does it work ? “I could hardly contain my excitement.
      Basically it was a group of six guys who met every few months, sometimes only twice a year, sometimes 3 or 4 times a year. They were made up of guys not on meds who wanted to Gift willing guys. The guys who were going to be gifted needed to be invited by members and there could be no backing out if the invitation was accepted. The strike rate I was told was basically 100 %. Because of all of this you never entirely knew which one of the six made you pregnant.
      “ The moment they walk in, the name of the game is to make all the Negs Poz. You can get fucked by 1 or all 6. It is not up to you. It is up to them. There also needs to be 6 bottoms who need to be Poz. It is not enough to need it, you have to be almost fated to be Poz. It is why this sometimes takes months to occur, sometimes up to 6 months. You never truly know who infects you. God knows what happens if you try to back out” a wry smile came over him” let’s just say you don’t leave without the Gift” 
      “How do you know so much about it. Are you part of it?” I asked. “ I am on Meds, of course not “ he smiled at me “ “But before that “ I said. He just smiled “ It usually happens at a bathhouse. The room is booked , the bottoms arrive and then The Six. “I gulped, I could hardly breath. This could be all bullshit. But part of me knew it wasn’t. “ I am going to put your name forward.” He said.” You will get an email. It will be an email will have a subject line “ The Six” It will have a Respond/ Delete button. If you delete, you can never again be one of the sluts going to be pozzed by The Six. If you respond you agree to it all, no backing out at all. You will receive an email with time and place. No backout.” He smiled again. “This is you “
      Here I was 4 months later in a dark room in a bathhouse with 4 other slut bottoms and another near hysterical bottom. “ I am out of here” he said” Sorry this was all a mistake “ He didn’t move though. “ No one is forcing you to stay ,there is the door, you can open it “ said the guy with the smile on his face.  
      There was footsteps outside the door then it opened. Six guys came in , one after the other, all different. It was hard to make out the features because of the dark. A guy had “ The look” veins  and what I imagined with a largish belly and a long dick. I licked my lips. A couple of the guys looked like they were maybe bottoms in normal sex but here they all were in front of us full of Poz venom, infected with life force. It was a beautiful sight, only ruined by the nervous nelly wandering around.
      “ I have to go sorry. I made a big mistake “ said nervous nelly. There was no answer. One  of the six stepped up to nervous nelly put his hands on the bottoms  shoulders and pushed him down to the top’s dick. Nervous nelly was confused and just opened his mouth and let the dick come in. He started sucking hard on the dick. The top fed him poppers. 
      I always thought at this point there would be a little speech about a group of Poz guys infecting a group of Neg guys. No one moved to make a speech, but smiling bottom seeing nervous nelly sucking furiously on the popper fed cock took it upon himself to go up to the top I had been eyeing and grab his cock. With expert handling, while my jealousy started to rise, he guided the Poz Look guy expertly with his hands and within 10 seconds he was being ridden by Poz look guy hard. “ I want your Poz babies” smiling guy yelled.
      Meanwhile already nervous nelly was getting bred by Poz top. His smile said everything. Nervous Nelly was as happy as a pig in shit.
      I felt hands against me and I was pushed forward. I didn’t have time to think before I felt a sharp pain inside me that eased as I put poppers up to me. A voice next to my ear said.” Don’t worry mate. I saw you eyeing crix guy, my Viral Load is higher than his. You are bound to be toxic. By the time you have been ridden a couple of times you will be in the Club. Infection guaranteed. “I allowed my self to sniff heaven with poppers and looked around. 
      Everyone was fucking. There were 12 people in the room. Interspersed with the moans were words you heard. “ Charge me “  “ I want to be Poz” “fucking infect me !!” “ these are the last seconds you will be a neg boy” Breed me, breed me!!” I want to be pregnant with Poz” this last comment was made by nervous nelly as Poz Top pushed into him. “Fuck take that Poz infected load “ he gasped
      My maker whispered into my ear. “Fuck I am going to breed that scared little slut with my Poz load, after I have finished infecting you.I can feel              
       my PA scraping against your insides. You should be bleeding now and the infection should take . Fuck I am about to poison you.” I was shocked that I maybe bleeding. It scared me ,but I didn’t miss a beat. “Infect me. Make me yours. Make me Poz “ that was too much for him and he suddenly lurched into me.” Have my dirty seed slut” he whispered. He lay there for a moment, then slowly backed away, leaving me raw , bloody and full of Poz sperm. “ “You all leave here infected” he said as walked away.
      Before I had time to react, someone else entered me . “ Fuck blood and sperm “ you sure are going to pregnant with Poz by the time this is finished. I am a bottom”   he said “I have only topped twice and that is to Poz sluts like you. You are the Second guy.  The first one was that scared guy over there, but now I have built up some more Poz sperm , it is going to be you. Fuck I feel the need charge you. “I whimpered” 
      “Please make me toxic”. “Bitch the PA bitch before you created the cake, I am just putting the icing on top.  Take those babies slut.”
      It felt like hours I was there. It felt at least 4. There were moments where I needed to sit but felt torn and sore. The Six would Poz then rest, the come back for more. Crix guy bred me, but I felt like a whimpering mess. As he pushed his Poz cum in my ass I felt a tear in my eye.
      When it was all over I was sore and bloodied and two weeks later I came down with the tell tale flu. I received an email after I knew my results. The subject line was “ The Six” It had an accept and a decline on it. The accept said “ Be part of The Six for the next conversion. The decline was I was going on Meds.  I accepted and smiled. I could now give what I received.
    • By POZdetectable
      Sorry for my English, it's not my mother tounge so i could/would makes mistakes...
      this story is fiction... for now 😈😈 I plan to realise a part of it eventually... 3 people are willing to follow me. Time will tell...
      After chattin' with a friend of mine about my sexual deviance, he told me that i turned him on for several reasons. We started to explore his need and i got a big surprise... I was not alone with my twisted mind. He's twisted like me.
      Chapter 1
      My friend, i'll call him Edouard (Eddy), wanted to get pozzed for a long time but he never found someone serious enough to Gift him, until we talked...
      Wa talked about our fantasy for 2 days on WhatsApp... describing how we'd like to proceed for his pozzing... He took me on some nasty paths that makes me hard as steel. He wants to consider me as a Jewel Wasp and him as my prey... He REALLY wants me to Make him... to Pozz him. He makes me horny like a Hornet who needs to sting his prey... he makes me become a predator, THE kind of predator i adore...  EVIL.
      He said that he wasn't sure he wants to cross the line and he wants me to guide him at MY direction. He feels hypnotized by me, by my POZ dick, by my PA, by my twisted talk. Before working for his pozzing, we made a deal. If he accepts me as his Pozzer, that's gonna be like a sacrifice. He's gonna fuck up his health for MY pleasure and MY pride. There are some conditions he needs to satisfy for me to Reward him!
      A Wasp Tattoo... Emerald Green and Black (for the Jewel Wasp) it's MY Mark ! (the image at the end of this chapter) A negative blood test results. NO one to fuck him until he convert. Anonymous HIV test... until it comes back POZ and afterwards, regular blood tests to know how high the viral load will climb. when the convertion succeeds, he's gonna have to GIFT... and to get recharged. Stay off meds as long as he can (but i don't want my prey to pass away... ) Recharging me !
      He agreed all of these conditions. These conditions are mine to POZ someone. I'm the Boss in MY colony! I want to create new wasps and make it grow!!!

      He needs me to break his Pandora's Box... to make sure he's not gonna close it anymore. He's feeling hot as Hell... and he invites me to talk in person about this.

      I travelled to his place and we talked, naked but we did not fuck. I wanted to control his mind like the Jewel Wasp does with its prey... so we talk about how we'd like to get sick, how i'd poz him, how i'd lay my wasp eggs inside his body... how free he'll be to be himself... and he'll be MINE! We jerked off... and we promised to get closer to the moment at our next date...
      He warned me that he could slow me down... step on the brakes... but i answer that i could not brake and i would push him over the precipice... He did not disagree but I still need time to control his mind completly... The job is not finish... It could take awhile but my reproductive instinct will get the job done sooner or later.

      When i left his place he said that he wants me to bring him to the Other side... into darkness... He wanted to be fucked by me... only me... and become an Evil to burn other people from the inside when he's pozzed.

      I promised him to continue to work on his mind to manipulate him, bringing him where i want him... and to sting his body with my dick to make him MINE... to start to build MY colony!

      He's gonna be a co-predator for the next hunt... but before, i have to finish my work with him... He will be my First Victim, my First Conquest !

      I have 3 men now wating to be a part of my Colony... but Eddy will be the First and were gonna work together on the next ones.

    • By Scottyrim
      When I walked into the guy’s bedroom, after he let me in, there were at least 10 bottles of poppers on his bedside table. There was the smell of smoke in the room. I felt uneasy.
      He smiled at me. His bathrobe fell open . He was hairy with a small dick , but above that small dick was a massive Biohazard tattoo. “ You  like it?” My lips licked. “Don’t worry about the dick. It maybe small but I am a cruel Top. The last  2 guys that wanted this were Poz within 2 weeks. He laughed.
      At that moment , as I sat on his bed I felt like I was an 18 year old virgin staring up at the Devil. First instinct, run. Second instinct ,run. Third ... my dick was hard. 
      He lay down in the bed and looked wholly unconcerned I was there. I thought he must either be on drugs or debauched  , or both. “ Ian will be here in about 5 “ He concentrated on the Bel Ami video in front of him.  If this was a fantasy scene he would be watching Treasure Island Porn but we were instead watching impossibly gorgeous Straight Europeans fucking bare.
      I did not know who Ian was. I was faintly regretting what I was doing here. I had answered an ad. 2 Poz guys wanted to “play” with a Neg. I was here to be played with.
      There was a knock on the front door. Biohazard guy went and answered it . There were  whispers outside the door then they both came in. My eyes widened.
      “Ian” stood in front of me his mouth half open. The last time I saw him was after he left my bedroom 6 months before, having left a load up my ass. When he did this he said he was Neg. 
      “ You two know each other?.” Bio said .Ian looked at me genuinely shattered “ I ... had ... no idea” he stammered. “ This is Classic” said Biohazard guy jerking on his dick while looking at both of us with a smile on his face.  “ Ian is this the guy you fucked, you told me about just before you found out you were Poz? “ He laughed.  Ian looked at the floor unable to meet my eyes.
      “ Ian found out he was Poz one day after he fucked you raw. He was so ashamed because he thought he may have pozzed you and he was so sure he wouldn’t be Poz” Bio laughed again. “He hasn’t had sex since that time and I got him to do this tonight because I wanted to make him feel the power you feel infecting your Poz sperm into a Neg slut. He wouldn’t do it but I persuaded him and now he is here in front of the last slut he barefucked. Fucking karma that is what this is. You Poz then?”
      “ No I have been checked twice since then still Neg” I said looking at Ian.
      “This is fucking fate . Of all the fucking people you get to Poz is the guy you thought you had before you found out you were”. Bio laughed” I can’t “ said Ian, still unable to look at me.  “You fucking can . “ Bio said angrily. “ This guy here is nothing, he is just a slut, a slut who needs Poz cum. He wants it. He begs for it”. Bio looked at me. “ Well?” He said.
      I have to be honest, the whole thing was freaking me out. I wanted to leave. I kept thinking if I had escaped being pozzed with Ian why I didn’t leave and change the fate that Bio kept going on about. 
      But that is not what I said.
      “ I want  Poz cum and Poz dick. Infect me .. please. “
      Bio laughed. “ Strip” he said to me. “ You too “ he said to Ian in a gentler tone. Bio went to the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of poppers and went to Ian “ Sniff “ he commanded to Ian. Ian hesitated and then took large sniff up each nostril. He visibly relaxed .Bio came up to me and shoved the poppers under my nose and I took l huge sniffs. Bio lay on the bed. “ Now suck my poz cock”
      I started sucking hard on the  hairy dick and like anytime I was on poppers,  felt the desire to never let go of the cock. Bio handed the bottle to Ian and after a moment I felt his tongue at my ass. It felt delicious. I pushed my ass further into his face. For a moment I think we were both in heaven. It could have lasted for ever, it felt, but Bio shoved the poppers under my nose again.” Sit on my raw Poz dick”
      Without thinking I did it. I started riding Bio’s dick, his tattoo of the Biohazard below me ,I was smiling. “ Yes slut “ He said smiling, “you love that Poz dick. You love that I am going to make you pregnant.”He pushed up the poppers to my nose.  I drew in the life force and pushed myself down on his cock. I saw an arm from behind me and grab the bottle. Ian drew in a huge sniff.
      Ian’s arms suddenly came around me pushing me harder onto Bio’s dick. I felt a big dick behind my back and then I felt Ian move towards my ass. His hands started pushing my ass apart. Just as I started to breath harder, poppers were again under my nose, this was from Bio who grabbed another bottle from the bedside table. I breathed in deeply and suddenly gasped as I felt a bigger dick enter me at the same time as Bio with a smile across his face sniffed some more poppers.
      At first I didn’t want to move. I was in pain,  I was in heaven. The smell of poppers was everywhere. I felt it again in my nose and then as my head swam I saw the Biohazard Tattoo and I pushed myself onto the 2 cocks.
      “ You won’t know who the daddy is of your babies, slut” Bio said. Now Ian really started to push into me.  He murmured “ I am going to make you mine. I am going to charge you” he said. “ Please make me your Poz slut Ian... infect me Poz” I almost yelled. 
      Suddenly Bio pushed himself into me hard. “ Take those Poz babies slut. “ With that his eyes glazed over and lay completely still. Ian wasted no time” This time I am going to infect you right.  “He said “Take that Poz load ... Your mine”
      For the first time in my life I felt warmth go up my butt . “ I feel your Poz load.... Thank you.. thanks. “
      “Your mine now “ Said Ian “ Ring me when your pregnant. If your not pregnant ring me again to make you pregnant. See you when you are charged. We both smiled. The slut and his maker.

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