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Disclaimers: This is my first story on BZ. This story is based on an actual experience. Feel free to contribute your own ideas to help me flesh out the story - I'm not really a writer, but I felt this had to be told. Enjoy, piggies!


Part 1

The heat of a July afternoon in the Midwest can get really intense. But I barely noticed it as I drove toward the metropolis with an anxiety in my stomach. The car sped along the highway merrily as I grew ever closer to my destination… and my destiny.

Five weeks since, I decided to take a bold step. I’ve been a bugchaser for years, but I really didn’t act on those urges and try to get myself infected. They just happened as part of the ho life, and I dealt with them accordingly. I’ve had a few STDs - the usual maladies of chlamydia and gono and the like - but this time, I was chasing down a big one. Sorta. I got in touch with a friend who has been positive for many years, and undetectable. Rick is known for HIV activism in his community, including volunteering for the clinic and AIDS hospice. He ran for a leather title a few years back and his platform that won him the title was about love and acceptance of the afflicted not only in his community but worldwide. 

So it’s a curious thing that he agreed to do this for me. Because I can’t get bugchasing and converting out of my head, I hatched a hair-brained scheme to find out for myself what the other successful chasers were raving about. I asked Rick to pretend to poz me. 

“Dude, that is not okay!” was his opening response to my request. “This bug is no picnic to live with. I get it’s not a death sentence like it used to be, but this shit will fuck you up, and your hunger to get charged up will get you in trouble.”

I was prepared for this. “Rick, it’s just fantasy,” I answered. “All you have to do is fuck me like the bitch that I am, and work some poz talk into the scene. I’m not asking you to come off your meds so I can live this fantasy. It’s just that. Fantasy.”

Rick went silent for a while. I suddenly felt like I crossed a line. When he finally spoke again, he said calmly, “I’m gonna send you some links to websites, some information. You don’t seem to be educated on what this all involves, and if you’re serious about doing it, then you should be informed of the commitment this lifestyle requires. And believe you me, this WILL change your life in ways you can’t imagine, Steve.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look at it.”

“I’m serious, Steve,” he quickly said insistently. “What you’ve asked me to do is really disrespectful, and I … I really need to think about this. I admit I’m attracted to you, and after seeing your sweet hole that night at the bathhouse, I wanted to pound you into oblivion. But I don’t appreciate you asking me to violate my boundaries like that, even though I’m undetectable, and yes it’s just play, but I’m concerned you’re going to go and seek out the real thing.” 

True to his word, Rick emailed the information to me. I read it, and only got more turned on. This was something I *needed* to do. Personal fulfilment, Rick’s warnings be damned.

Four days after this uncomfortable phone conversation, Rick shot me a text message.

“Did you read it? Are you still set on a fake conversion scene?”

I hesitated. I didn’t want another lecture. I just wanted to fuck, and convert, and live my new life charging up other guys. “Hi Rick. Yes, I read it,” I texted back. “And yes, I still want to do it.” I didn’t ask him a direct question, and left it for him to fill in the blank. A few minutes passed before he answered.

“Okay. I’ll do it. But we are going to have a talk about this in person when you get here. If this is what you want, then I’m going to make sure you never chase again. Understood?”

I practically jumped out of my seat when I read this. I didn’t think he’d actually agree to it. I didn’t want to appear over-eager, so I gave a non-committal reply. “Yes, we need to talk about it as much as you think is necessary. When should I come visit?”

“Five weeks. How’s the 24th looking for you?”

I checked my calendar. I had no commitments that day. “That’s fine.”

“Come to the brownstone. 4pm sharp.” Our conversation ended there.

As I entered Rick’s neighbourhood, a growing mood of nervousness and anxiety began to manifest itself in my environment. I parked the car a few blocks from the brownstone, and just sat there for a minute. I need to get moving. It’s nearly 4 o’clock, and if I don’t show, I won’t enjoy having to ask him for this again. I looked in the rearview mirror at myself. Something behind my eyes told me Don’t do this. My dick, however, was standing fully erect while my mind raced. Remember, you’re totally safe. He’s undetectable, you’re going to be fine. And his monster dick will make you feel good. That was all the convincing I needed. I exited the car, paid for my spot, and began the trek to the brownstone.

Rick was waiting for me outside when I arrived. I could smell his fat cigar well before I actually saw him. He was seated on the patio, scrolling mindlessly through his phone while hauling hard on a cock-sized stogie. He wore a simple t-shirt over his slender, underdeveloped frame, and tight khaki shorts, and had his aviators over his eyes. While not the picture of masculinity, there was a certain sexiness about the whole look. I walked over to his table, and could see a near-empty water bottle. The wind blew gently giving us a short break from the humidity of the afternoon.

“I’m here,” I cheerfully announced. Rick looked up from his phone. “Good to see you made it, Steve.” He stubbed out the half-smoked cigar, and rose from his chair. The water bottle rolled off and I bent over to catch it, and missed. I suddenly felt his hand on my ass.

“Hey, we’re not doing this out here,” he said. “But thanks for the preview!”

“Let’s go inside,” I said, smirking. “I’ve gotta piss so bad I can taste it.”

“Dirty boy! But later!” he said with a laugh.

We entered the brownstone, and Rick sidestepped so I could rush to the bathroom and relieve myself. I unzipped, and my piss poured forth in a hot, thick stream of golden yellow. I couldn’t believe how much I was holding, but I also had to remember how much water I drank on the way here. The road to the city is a long one, and combined with July heat made for a very thirsty chaser. After washing my hands, I left the bathroom and found Rick on the couch, quite comfortable. He poured a drink for each of us, and patted the seat next to him gently.

The conversation was more of what we discussed on the phone, and was frequently a carbon-copy of that conversation. “This really isn’t my thing,” Rick admitted. “When I was first diagnosed, I had to think of all the guys I played with around that time. And because I didn’t know I was positive, I infected someone I really liked.” He seemed to be remembering it as if it were yesterday. “When he got sick, I felt so guilty. I locked myself in my room for days, and just couldn’t stop crying. Not for me, but for this guy. And I had the unhappy duty of telling him in person that I was the one who pozzed him. He socked me right in the nose for that, and I never saw him again. Too bad. Dave was a sweet guy.”

“You don’t know what happened to him?” I asked.

“Nope. He blocked me on social media, and although I looked for him at the clubs a couple times, he was just gone. It broke my heart. So I want you to know that your actions today will have consequences that will hurt others if you’re not careful.”

“I am quite prepared,” I said. “You did a good job educating me on the subject, and I am making the choice that is right for me.” I wasn’t about to let him change my mind because then we might not fuck.

Rick then took one of my hands, and squeezing it, he said, “Are you ready?” His tone was all seriousness, and he was letting me know that I was in control of what happened next.

Doubt crossed my mind for a second. I think it was at this point when I began to feel the most nervous about it. “Yes,” I answered as fearlessly as I could. He released my hand, and exhaled loudly through his nose. Rick then looked away, giving one of his thousand-yard stares that he was known for when something that questioned his morals crossed his path. 

“Okay,” he said with resignation. “If this is REALLY what you want, okay. I’ll help you. But remember - you asked for it, and if you can’t handle the fantasy, you have the power to stop it.” Something about the way he said that made me wonder what kind of script he was going to follow. And my hard dick made itself known again. Rick saw the rise in my shorts.

“I think I already know the answer,” he said with a smile, grabbing my growing cock. He stood up while holding on to my swelling member, and said, “Come on. Let’s do this.” I obediently followed Rick to his playroom, guided all the way by his pulling of my dick.

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Thanks guys. I'll have more later in the week. I didn't realize how long it would be, so I'm breaking it up into sections. That way you don't have to power through it all in one sitting.

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17 minutes ago, leatherpunk16 said:

Thanks guys. I'll have more later in the week. I didn't realize how long it would be, so I'm breaking it up into sections. That way you don't have to power through it all in one sitting.

but reading it all in one sitting makes for a great jerk off session with a very nice climax!

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