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Disclaimers: This is my first story on BZ. This story is based on an actual experience. Feel free to contribute your own ideas to help me flesh out the story - I'm not really a writer, but I felt this had to be told. Enjoy, piggies!


Part 1

The heat of a July afternoon in the Midwest can get really intense. But I barely noticed it as I drove toward the metropolis with an anxiety in my stomach. The car sped along the highway merrily as I grew ever closer to my destination… and my destiny.

Five weeks since, I decided to take a bold step. I’ve been a bugchaser for years, but I really didn’t act on those urges and try to get myself infected. They just happened as part of the ho life, and I dealt with them accordingly. I’ve had a few STDs - the usual maladies of chlamydia and gono and the like - but this time, I was chasing down a big one. Sorta. I got in touch with a friend who has been positive for many years, and undetectable. Rick is known for HIV activism in his community, including volunteering for the clinic and AIDS hospice. He ran for a leather title a few years back and his platform that won him the title was about love and acceptance of the afflicted not only in his community but worldwide. 

So it’s a curious thing that he agreed to do this for me. Because I can’t get bugchasing and converting out of my head, I hatched a hair-brained scheme to find out for myself what the other successful chasers were raving about. I asked Rick to pretend to poz me. 

“Dude, that is not okay!” was his opening response to my request. “This bug is no picnic to live with. I get it’s not a death sentence like it used to be, but this shit will fuck you up, and your hunger to get charged up will get you in trouble.”

I was prepared for this. “Rick, it’s just fantasy,” I answered. “All you have to do is fuck me like the bitch that I am, and work some poz talk into the scene. I’m not asking you to come off your meds so I can live this fantasy. It’s just that. Fantasy.”

Rick went silent for a while. I suddenly felt like I crossed a line. When he finally spoke again, he said calmly, “I’m gonna send you some links to websites, some information. You don’t seem to be educated on what this all involves, and if you’re serious about doing it, then you should be informed of the commitment this lifestyle requires. And believe you me, this WILL change your life in ways you can’t imagine, Steve.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look at it.”

“I’m serious, Steve,” he quickly said insistently. “What you’ve asked me to do is really disrespectful, and I … I really need to think about this. I admit I’m attracted to you, and after seeing your sweet hole that night at the bathhouse, I wanted to pound you into oblivion. But I don’t appreciate you asking me to violate my boundaries like that, even though I’m undetectable, and yes it’s just play, but I’m concerned you’re going to go and seek out the real thing.” 

True to his word, Rick emailed the information to me. I read it, and only got more turned on. This was something I *needed* to do. Personal fulfilment, Rick’s warnings be damned.

Four days after this uncomfortable phone conversation, Rick shot me a text message.

“Did you read it? Are you still set on a fake conversion scene?”

I hesitated. I didn’t want another lecture. I just wanted to fuck, and convert, and live my new life charging up other guys. “Hi Rick. Yes, I read it,” I texted back. “And yes, I still want to do it.” I didn’t ask him a direct question, and left it for him to fill in the blank. A few minutes passed before he answered.

“Okay. I’ll do it. But we are going to have a talk about this in person when you get here. If this is what you want, then I’m going to make sure you never chase again. Understood?”

I practically jumped out of my seat when I read this. I didn’t think he’d actually agree to it. I didn’t want to appear over-eager, so I gave a non-committal reply. “Yes, we need to talk about it as much as you think is necessary. When should I come visit?”

“Five weeks. How’s the 24th looking for you?”

I checked my calendar. I had no commitments that day. “That’s fine.”

“Come to the brownstone. 4pm sharp.” Our conversation ended there.

As I entered Rick’s neighbourhood, a growing mood of nervousness and anxiety began to manifest itself in my environment. I parked the car a few blocks from the brownstone, and just sat there for a minute. I need to get moving. It’s nearly 4 o’clock, and if I don’t show, I won’t enjoy having to ask him for this again. I looked in the rearview mirror at myself. Something behind my eyes told me Don’t do this. My dick, however, was standing fully erect while my mind raced. Remember, you’re totally safe. He’s undetectable, you’re going to be fine. And his monster dick will make you feel good. That was all the convincing I needed. I exited the car, paid for my spot, and began the trek to the brownstone.

Rick was waiting for me outside when I arrived. I could smell his fat cigar well before I actually saw him. He was seated on the patio, scrolling mindlessly through his phone while hauling hard on a cock-sized stogie. He wore a simple t-shirt over his slender, underdeveloped frame, and tight khaki shorts, and had his aviators over his eyes. While not the picture of masculinity, there was a certain sexiness about the whole look. I walked over to his table, and could see a near-empty water bottle. The wind blew gently giving us a short break from the humidity of the afternoon.

“I’m here,” I cheerfully announced. Rick looked up from his phone. “Good to see you made it, Steve.” He stubbed out the half-smoked cigar, and rose from his chair. The water bottle rolled off and I bent over to catch it, and missed. I suddenly felt his hand on my ass.

“Hey, we’re not doing this out here,” he said. “But thanks for the preview!”

“Let’s go inside,” I said, smirking. “I’ve gotta piss so bad I can taste it.”

“Dirty boy! But later!” he said with a laugh.

We entered the brownstone, and Rick sidestepped so I could rush to the bathroom and relieve myself. I unzipped, and my piss poured forth in a hot, thick stream of golden yellow. I couldn’t believe how much I was holding, but I also had to remember how much water I drank on the way here. The road to the city is a long one, and combined with July heat made for a very thirsty chaser. After washing my hands, I left the bathroom and found Rick on the couch, quite comfortable. He poured a drink for each of us, and patted the seat next to him gently.

The conversation was more of what we discussed on the phone, and was frequently a carbon-copy of that conversation. “This really isn’t my thing,” Rick admitted. “When I was first diagnosed, I had to think of all the guys I played with around that time. And because I didn’t know I was positive, I infected someone I really liked.” He seemed to be remembering it as if it were yesterday. “When he got sick, I felt so guilty. I locked myself in my room for days, and just couldn’t stop crying. Not for me, but for this guy. And I had the unhappy duty of telling him in person that I was the one who pozzed him. He socked me right in the nose for that, and I never saw him again. Too bad. Dave was a sweet guy.”

“You don’t know what happened to him?” I asked.

“Nope. He blocked me on social media, and although I looked for him at the clubs a couple times, he was just gone. It broke my heart. So I want you to know that your actions today will have consequences that will hurt others if you’re not careful.”

“I am quite prepared,” I said. “You did a good job educating me on the subject, and I am making the choice that is right for me.” I wasn’t about to let him change my mind because then we might not fuck.

Rick then took one of my hands, and squeezing it, he said, “Are you ready?” His tone was all seriousness, and he was letting me know that I was in control of what happened next.

Doubt crossed my mind for a second. I think it was at this point when I began to feel the most nervous about it. “Yes,” I answered as fearlessly as I could. He released my hand, and exhaled loudly through his nose. Rick then looked away, giving one of his thousand-yard stares that he was known for when something that questioned his morals crossed his path. 

“Okay,” he said with resignation. “If this is REALLY what you want, okay. I’ll help you. But remember - you asked for it, and if you can’t handle the fantasy, you have the power to stop it.” Something about the way he said that made me wonder what kind of script he was going to follow. And my hard dick made itself known again. Rick saw the rise in my shorts.

“I think I already know the answer,” he said with a smile, grabbing my growing cock. He stood up while holding on to my swelling member, and said, “Come on. Let’s do this.” I obediently followed Rick to his playroom, guided all the way by his pulling of my dick.

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Thanks guys. I'll have more later in the week. I didn't realize how long it would be, so I'm breaking it up into sections. That way you don't have to power through it all in one sitting.

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17 minutes ago, leatherpunk16 said:

Thanks guys. I'll have more later in the week. I didn't realize how long it would be, so I'm breaking it up into sections. That way you don't have to power through it all in one sitting.

but reading it all in one sitting makes for a great jerk off session with a very nice climax!

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      Though I was staring intently at this perfect specimen of manliness I was still running until suddenly I caught my foot on a root and tumbled ass over elbow over the small bush that separated the trail from the Adonis’s backyard and landed sprawled face down on his perfectly kept grass.
      “Holy shit,” I heard him call out, “you ok kid?”
      “Yeah, I’m fine… just tripped… sorry.” I wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could even and though I was already flushed from the heat running I felt my cheeks burning with embarrassment. I rolled over and started to stand up when the ankle that I had caught on the tree root gave way underneath me.
      “You don’t seem ok kid, come on… let’s get you inside and make sure that ankle’s not broken.”
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      He took me into the kitchen, sat me at the table and started to unlace my shoe to look at my ankle. I barely paid attention to anything that happened, till he said it was just a bad sprain and that I should just rest my leg for a while.
      “How far did you run kid?”
      “From the north side of campus,” I replied.
      “Shit that’s half way across town, tell you what. I’ll drive you back later so that you don’t have to run on that twisted ankle.”
      I graciously took him up on his offer, and sat in the kitchen icing my ankle and watching the man, who’s name I had learned was Eric finish up the yard work before he drove me back to campus. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I didn’t understand why, I thought that it was because he looked like the man I whished to become, but I was wrong.
      When Eric had finished the yard work a little over fourth five minutes later he came back into the kitchen bringing with him that glorious smell once more.
      “Ok, let me grab a shirt, and right a note to my husband telling him I’m out in case he comes home from work while we’re gone, and then we’ll be off.” He said off of this as though it were the most natural thing in the world, but my head was spinning: HUSBAND? Was this perfect specimen of man a homosexual, could that be? I didn’t have much time to think before Eric had returned with an white a-line t shirt one along with the same basketball shorts he had been wearing to work in the yard.
      I set my foot on the ground gingerly, and Eric leaned in to help pick me up, but once he had pulled me upright he just held me for a minute and stared into my eyes. His eyes were slate blue and stood out against his tanned skin and dark hair. After what seemed like an eternity he said, “So why did you trip kid?”
      “Ummm…. I…” I spluttered.
      “I thought so,” and he leaned in and kissed me. Several things all happened at once within my body: I panicked; I tried to push him away; and my cock sprang to life becoming instantly hard.
      I staggered away from him for a moment my brain screaming. And then it all stopped and all that I wanted to do was be in that man’s arms, I wanted to feel him against me. I dove back into his arms, grabbed his face and stuffed my tongue in his mouth. His hands wandered up and down my back, grazing but being careful not to go past the waist band of my short bright yellow running shorts, as we kissed and I clung to him as if I never wanted to let him go.
      Eric broke away, “I guessed that that’s why you tripped, but I wasn’t sure till you sat in here and practically drooled as you watched me work in the garden. Plus your cock hardened every time I touched you. Your brain my not be ready to admit it but your cock certainly isn’t” He said all this staring into my eyes, his hands still roaming over my back, but with that last part he reached forward and grabbed my throbbing cock through the thin nylon on my shorts.
      I gasped.
      He smiled, “You ever been with a man, kid?”
      “I’m straight.”
      “And I’m the Queen of England,” he said, kneeling in front of me, “don’t worry boy I’ll teach you hot to please a man.” With that he pulled my shorts down exposing my rock hard cock and before I could protest further he swallowed my whole seven and a half inch cock to be base.
      Within seconds he had me moaning and groaning and holding on the back of his head to keep my cock from slipping out of his mouth. I started to feel my balls tensing up and seeming to sense it too Eric pulled off of my cock and stood up again.
      “Now you try.”
      “I’m straight,”
      Eric pulled of his shirt revealing his massive hair covered chest in all its glory.
      “You want this I can tell. Now get on your knees and suck my cock.”
      I don’t know what made me do it but I sank to my knees, Eric pulled his cock from the waistband of his shorts, smacked me in the face a few times and then I opened my mouth wide and began blowing this beautiful man. As I emulated what he had just been doing to me his cock began to grow and engorge until I was convinced that it wouldn’t fit in my mouth any longer.
      “Good boy, you work that man cock, get it good and hard.”
      What the hell was I doing? I was gagging this man’s ever hardening cock down my throat and loving every second of it. This was better then anything I had ever down with a girl. The smell of Eric’s sweat burned in my nose and I could taste the sweet salty liquid on his cock and I swallowed. He placed his big strong hands on the back of my head and guided me to begin bobbing up and down on his shaft. His cock brushed against my tonsils and I heaved for a moment before swallowing hard and feeling his cock slid down my throat. Everything was perfect.
      My jaw stretched as wide as it could, I felt pubes around my nose and balls against my chin and opening my eyes I found that I had slid Eric’s entire massive cock down my throat and was now sucking it with ease. I looked up at Eric and saw that he had his phone in one hand and the other holding my head in place as he started to thrust in and out of my mouth. I panicked a little, but never thought to take his cock from my mouth. There was the click of the camera and I widened my eyes in shock.
      “Don’t worry boy, just a pic for my husband to show him what’s waiting for him at home.”
      My brain was screaming at me to spit his cock out, pull my pants up and run, but my cock was throbbing, my mouth was drooling and for the first time in my life I felt an itch grown inside of me that I did not yet understand.
      “You’re a hot little cock sucker aren’t you.”
      Without knowing why I nodded, and grabbed Eric’s well built thighs pulling his cock into my mouth completely once more.
      “I’m gonna have some fun with you tonight.”
      Eric let go of my head and grabbing me under the armpits pulled me to my feet and kissed me again. This time was rougher, he shoved his tongue into my mouth and held my face close to his with his rough hands. I melted into him, feeling his warm sweaty body pressed against mine, his massive cock trapped between up.
      “Turn around,” he whispered in my ear.
      Don’t do it, my brain told me, you’re not a fag. What the hell are you doing?
      I turned around obediently. Eric hugged me from behind, his hands resting on my pecs as he kissed my neck. I could feel his cock nestled in my ass crack, and I couldn’t help myself, I rocked back on it rubbing his cock with my tight furry ass.
      Eric began to kiss down my body, his tongue tracing my spine as he once more sank to his knees. His tongue came to my tailbone and I shuddered, it was as if a bolt of electricity had gone through my body. I involuntarily arched by back.
      “A natural bottom,” Eric muttered and with one hand between my shoulder blades and one on my hip he forcer me to bend over so that my chest was resting on the table. He spread my ass cheeks with his hands and I felt cool air on my hole. Then something warm and wet touched my hole.
      Two reactions shot through me, the one from my mind of RUN, the second from my ass: GOD NEVER LET THIS STOP. It was as if the way I thought about myself and my body and what I wanted was at war with what my body was experiencing. That itch I had started to feel earlier began to become a burn and find a home in my ass Eric’s tongue brushed against my tight hairy little virgin pucker.
      Eric pushed down on the small of my back forcing me to push my ass out more and I felt his tongue make it’s first attempt at entering my hole. The war raged on inside my body but I made no attempts to stop Eric, I just kept moaning loudly. I could feel my hole becoming slick with his spit and weather it was from the spit or the warmth or his breath or the repeated darting actions of his tongue I could feel my hole slowly starting to relax and bloom allowing more of Eric’s tongue to dip inside.
      My cock was hard as a rock and dripping precum but I felt no interest in jerking off my focus was on my internal conflict and on the waves of pleasure that emanated from my steadily loosening hole.
      “God you have a beautiful hole, tight, pink, and furry. I love it. Nice virgin hole.”
      Something rough pressed against my hole for a moment along with Eric’s tongue I looked over my shoulder trying to see what he was doing and I gasped when I realized that it was his finger. He briefly sucked on his finger and then pressed it again to my hole. Now slick with spit his finger didn’t just rebound off of my tight pucker but pressed inward a little bit, but my hole resisted. Eric returned to working my hole with his tongue but kept a steady pressure on my hole with his finger. My mind was becoming foggy and the argument between my brain and my body was becoming less and less. I started to think things like: if it feels so good how can it not be what I want.
      Eric increased the pressure of his finger on my hole, hocked a big glob of spit onto my hole and suddenly something gave way and his finger just slid inside of me. I gasped, it didn’t hurt, not at all, it was like a when you finally manage to scratch a really bad itch on your back that you couldn’t reach; and there ended my internal strife, a decision had been made, my body won and silenced my brain. I pushed back against his finger trying to swallow more of it up. Eric responded by slowly and deliberately sliding his finger in and out of my hole making me moan loudly. I felt sweat spring up on my back and it was hard to catch my breath. Eric chuckled softly to himself and withdrew his finger. I felt empty and alone for a moment and then I felt the finger return but it was thicker this time; two fingers.
      He repeated the same process until over the course of the next half hour he had worked all four fingers into my hole and was slowly twisting them in and out of my now loosened hole. Eric kissed my ass cheek and stood up with drawing his fingers from my hole. God I missed his fingers, the transformation that had taken place within me over the past forty minutes was complete. I no longer questioned what I was feeling and I knew that I wanted to keep his fingers inside my hole forever. That is until what happened next.
      Eric rapped an arm around me and pulled me up from my bent position, kissing my neck, his warm musky body pressed against my own. “You have such a sweet virgin hole boy,” he shifted his weight, “but I think you’re hole is ready for more,” with his free hand he bent his cock down from where it rested in my ass crack and aimed it at my now slick and loosened hole, “what do you say we bust that cherry?” I was grinding my ass back against his cock, relishing each time I felt his cock snag on my ass ring, but this was not enough for Eric. He let go of my chest and pushed me back down on the table so that my ass was once again spread out before him.
      My whole body seemed to have become electric and I sensed every tiny shift that Eric made as he shifted himself into position and began to ever so gently press his thick mushroom headed cock against my hole. His four fingers had opened my up a lot but my hole as still far to tight for Eric’s cock, he pushed harder, hocking up another big glob of spit right onto where his cock head met my hole. The itch I had felt earlier was getting worse, I felt as though there was a burning inside of my hole and only getting Eric’s monster cock inside of me could make it stop. I flexed my ass muscles and twitched my hole like I was taking a shit and felt for a brief moment my hole open up and a tiny bit of Eric’s mushroom head slip inside. I did it again this time pushing back against his cock and felt a little bit more slide inside.
      “Jesus, you can’t wait to pop that cherry can you boy? Alright then lets do this. When I push you flex your hole.”
      Eric grabbed me by the hips and started to push hard against my hole, he managed to force a little bit of the head inside without my help but then I flexed my hole and between his pressure and my open hole the head of his cock shot into my ass with a pop.
      It felt like a soda can had just been shoved up my ass, but I loved it, I wanted more. Eric stopped pushing for a moment, then spat on his cock and pushed hard again sinking about another inch of his cock inside me. He did this several more times till at long last I felt his thick black pubes against my ass and his balls resting against mine. Sweat covered my whole body and I was shaking a little. My hole was twitching around Eric’s cock trying to pull more of him inside of me.
      After what seemed like a glorious eternity he began to pull out until only the massive mushroom head remained in my hole, and then just as slowly he pushed back in again. A whimper escaped from my lips.
      “You like that thick cock deep inside you boy? You like feeling your cherry disappear as my cock invades your sweet wet boy cunt?”
      “Yes,” I said breathlessly. There was no denying what I wanted, no claims of being straight, no claims of wanting to be a top either, my cock was hard as a rock but I had no interest in it, all that mattered was Eric’s cock.
      “What do you want now boy?” Eric pulled out to the tip again, “Do you want me to fuck your boy cunt?” He plunged back in, harder then he had before, “You want me to pound your hole?”
      “Yes,” I moaned.
      “Yes what?” He withdrew again.
      “Yes I want you to fuck me.” And there it was, there was no taking it back, I had admitted what I wanted.
      “Good answer boy.”
      Holding me by the waist Eric started to make me grind forward and back on his cock and he pulled in and out picking up his pace rapidly until in a short while he was hammering away as though he were fucking a well broken in hole. I was moaning like a bitch in heat and I knew it. Everything else in my mind had gone blank and all that I could focus on as my hole and his cock. Faster and faster he went, now slamming his cock in hard so that the room filled with the sound of flesh smacking flesh.
      He grabbed my shoulders for better leverage and I started to buck back harder, meeting each thrust with equal force. By now I was practically screaming my vocabulary reduced to three phrases: Yes; Please; and Fuck me.
      “You wanna ride my cock boy?”
      “Fuck yes”
      Eric pulled his cock from my ass with a soft squelch and layer down on the floor his cock sticking straight up to the ceiling. I practically flung myself on his cock, positioning it at the opening of my no longer virgin hole and sitting down hard. I bounced up and down letting gravity pull me back onto Eric’s cock each time. Both of us were covered with sweat and it was as if the whole world smelled of sex.
      Eric’s breathing began to change and he started to buck his cock up into me as I rode. Quicker and quicker he pounded till after ten more minutes he growled, “I’m going to cum, I’m so fucking close. I’m gonna breed that sweet cunt and make you into a real bottom boy.”
      “Yes breed me,” I groaned, not really knowing what I was saying.
      “You want my seed boy?”
      “God yes!”
      “Ok, well get ready cause…. FUCK!” He never finished his sentence he just grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to bottom out on his cock while I felt his shaft pulse and throb deep in my guts and a new kinda warmth spread through my body. His cum filled my hole and started to leak out a little down his cock onto his balls. I was panting, but my lust was unslaked.
      I leaned in and kissed Eric as he had kissed me before he started eating out my hole, rough and hungry. I ran my hands up and down his hairy body feeling the mixture of the hair with the sweat. Eric pulled me close and kissed me too before just hugging me to his chest, his cock still buried deep in my stretched out hole.
      “Jesus when you sent me a picture of some cock sucker on your tool I expected to find a twink waiting at the door to suck my cock, not find you with your cock still inside of his cunt and your load leaking out.” I sat up, dropping down all the way on Eric’s cock in so doing and gasped, when I heard the new voice.
      “I took one look at this cherry hole and I had to breed it.” Eric said to the new comer.
      “Cherry hole you say. Well then I’ll need to taste it too.”
      “Kid this is my husband Matt. Hope that hole’s feeling good cause it’s in for a long night.”
    • By Lillypoo95
      Is there any tops that ever go down to sutherlin oregon who wants a hole to pound into submission?
    • By bihairy
      I am not sure if it is because we've had warmer than normal weather and it feels like spring, or if I'm just tired of Covid but...I have had a great fuck week.  On Monday I met a guy on Grdr and went to his place. He was younger and looking for daddy seed.  He left his door open and I came in. He was bent over a bean bag chair naked and ready. My cock sprang to life. I dropped my clothes and started to rub my cock against his ass and hole. He pushed back on me as he was in need of cock and cum. I needed to shoot  loads and was hard in a minute. I slid my cock deep inside his hole. I started to pump and fuck his hole. It felt so damn good.  Warm and wet.  My cock was dripping pre cum inside him because he asked if I had cum. I told him no, but was enjoying his hole and was going to drop my load deep inside. He squeezed his hole milking my cock.  I really couldn't hold back. My cock and balls spasm and I started to shoot my load inside. He pushed back on my cock and I pushed deeper inside. He squeezed me and got every drop.  We thanked each other and I got dressed and left.
      On Tuesday I was invite to fuck a "son" with a bear bud of mine. I had initially met the "son" and fucked him 1 on 1 several times. I arranged for the bear and boy to do an initial 3 way some months back. They really hit it off. Kissing sucking fucking. Even when I had to leave they kept going.  So now the son goes to see the bear and they do 1 on 1 and sometimes invite me also. (I think I should get a matchmaker fee?)  Any way, we both fucked and bred boy over and over and over. He had at least 4 loads in him. Bear is vers and wanted a load from me too. Of course I had to oblige. I fucked and shot a load deep in bear hole.  We agreed to do it again in a week or two.
      Wednesday I had been talking to guy (26yo hottie that loves daddy cock and seed.) and he wanted me to come over and drop a quick load. He said it was his birthday but he had a short amount of time because of work.  I walked in and hottie 26yo as naked and ass up.  His hole was already lubed and ready for me. I played with his ass and balls.  He had a beautiful body and cock too. I slid inside and fucked his hole good. He got on his back and had legs on my shoulders as I pounded him. He looked into my eyes while  we were fucking and started jerking off. "pound me hard daddy" he said. "load up your son. I need daddy seed"  I pounded his hole hard. My cock spasms began and I exploded deep inside him. His eyes rolled back as he felt my pulsing dick.  His cock also started to shoot a huge rope of cum all over his stomach.  It felt amazing to be inside his hole as my orgasm was fading and feel his as tighten down on my hard cock when he came.  I slowly pulled out missing his hole but he was short on time.  I got dressed and left and hope he reaches back out for a replay.
      Today, I went to a local xxx bookstore because I was horny Again!  My cock wouldn't go down. I kept thinking of sex.  The more I get the more I want/need.  I paid my money and watched a movie.  The glory hole was large and a youngish cub came in the the other booth.  He motioned for my cock. Immediately, my cock was in his mouth. An amazing, I mean truly amazing mouth and tongue licked and sucked my cock rock hard.  I leaned into the hole and let him work on me. It felt so amazing. After a bit I slowly pulled back and asked if he wanted fucked.  He said no, he would rather suck.  I said ok and back my cock went into that amazing mouth with his tongue swirling around my cock head. Up and down the shaft. I was in heaven. But to be honest I have trouble cumming the way and really wanted to fuck ass.  I pulled back and said thanks but I really wanted to fuck.  He said ok, lets fuck. He turned around and his ass was up against the hole. My cock was so rock hard.  I slid my cock up his crack.  I put my cock in his hole. He must have lubed it because I slid right inside. I fucked and pumped. I was loving the feeling. His mouth was amazing but his hole was even better.  I fucked and fucked. I couldn't hold back and shot a big load deep inside his hole. He moved back on my dick and pushed me deeper inside as I pushed into him.  I stayed inside and neither of us moved. I slowly started to fuck a bit more as my cock softened.  I thanked him and thanked me for the load. I got dressed and left.
      Tomorrow is Friday. I don't know if I'll get any ass or not but,  what a week!  BH

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