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*Authors' note 1: first story attempt failed, but  a failure is often an opportunity to do better. We have not planned how many chapters it has, but we'll keep on writing till we enjoy it. And of course if it will not offend or harm anyone.

*Authors note 2: PozWorld is reversed. "Ordinary" condition is poz, while neg status is not socially accepted at all.



Part 1: machines don't keep secrets!




"Hey my little Chaser! Don't make me waste another poz load!"
An artificial voice was reading a weird message aloud waking me suddenly up, alone in my bed. Where on Earth was my boyfriend? Damn, I absolutely had to get rid of this inexplicable jealousy. His phone was not on the charger so it was clear he carried it with him, that voice could only be a bad dream! Ian could just have gone to catch an earlier bus without disturbing me during sleep, that spoken message was surely coming from my fantasy. 
Hearing a machine speak may seem strange but when you regularly meet a blind person and become close enough, you don't even notice it any longer. On the other side though I was always concerned for his privacy so I didn't chat about sex with him, in case personal messages could be loudly spoken at inappropriate times. 
He has known I'm undetectable since we started to date but from that moment, HIV has no longer been a conversation subject. Barebacking was safe for us, no reason to worry about it. 
We had another trouble instead, our sex life had become monotonous. If I only had guts to face this situation! "We have to talk", and then? Let's open our couple, or let's go separate ways? I was scared at the idea of him thinking I looked for other sex encounters because I rejected his blindness. Nothing of this, I am just a man with his needs! He also expressed a desire to live together sooner or later, but I knew it couldn't last long in this way. We have to talk, this formula had to be spoken aloud, hopefully as soon as possible because cheating almost became an urge for me. 
I prepared myself a coffee to drink my concerns away, when I heard another beep and the artificial voice spoke again: "You're missing a great opportunity man, don't waste this gift and talk to him asap!" I smiled at myself and at a waist bag hanging from a chair in the kitchen, a silly machine hidden in there was revealing my boy's secret side.
"It may be a friend's bag", I told myself and took the courage to call him. Phew! The phone rang and that mysterious bag stayed silent! "It's truly not his stuff or my business", I thought waiting for an answer with the phone on my ear.
"Hey, Hunter", Ian's voice finally spoke. "I was thinking of you, and here you are!"
"I called because I found your waist bag", I told him. "You left it here in the kitchen! One day you may forget your head too."
"Oh, thanks honey, I thought I lost it in the bus! At least it's in a safe place."
"Safe hands and ears", I had a malicious grin on my face. "Don't use public transport tonight, after you finish your work day I'll come and pick you up. We have... We have to talk!" 
He sent me a kiss and hung up, while the annoying robot continued to speak so I grabbed Ian's bag, exploring it inside: a phone was there, together with his wallet and some wipes. 
Thankfully no pass code had been set on the phone so it opened only by pressing a button, I was too curious to verify how many kinks my boyfriend really had! 
I turned talking assistant off and it took a couple gestures for me to retrieve his conversation with a certain PozCop, which I read entirely; it was obvious they had been sexting for a long time and I decided to play along. Let's figure out where it goes, a chat won't harm anyone!  
BlindChaser: Hi, I finally talked to him.
PozCop: What? Are you serious?
BlindChaser: Yeah, in the beginning it was embarrassing but that conversion set us free.
BlindChaser: *CONVERSATION, I wanted to say conversation, sorry. Fucking autocomplete!
PozCop: LOL! Yeah, I got it. 
PozCop: You see, I was right! I know him like the back of my pocket, you have nothing to be scared about him. So, did he react as I expect?
What the fuck! Ian and the stranger were planning something behind my back and that nickname seemed familiar to me! How could the world be so small! 
"I am getting hard only to imagine myself pozzing my bf", I typed; but before sending, I remembered my role play and answered trying to talk in Ian's shoes.
BlindChaser: His first reaction was horrified and we had an argue but his body told another story. He was clearly turned on, even if he would never admit it! 
PozCop: Why does this guy always play a fucking good man role! Trust me, deep inside he's a pig like you.
BlindChaser: I agree. He made me suck him, keeping my head in place till he came deep into my throat.
PozCop: Oh, poor chaser! Another blank load! I think you need a fully charged one.
BlindChaser: Fuck yeah! I can't wait!
PozCop: I take this as a written consent. So, let's go for it! See you tomorrow in that place you know. 
Fuck, this was no fantasy: in a few hours my guy was going to get pozzed! I had to find out more details and make him change his mind, whatever it took.
With Ian's phone in my hand I accessed PozCop's contact determined to block him forever, when I felt an intense pain coming from my fingers and someone talking but this time it was not a machine! 
"You wanted me into your body, man!" the voice said. "Let your guy take the same journey, both your lives belong to me!" 
This voice seemed real but no one was around, for sure. Maybe I started to be paranoid, or it was because I willingly became positive but till now I never considered gifting as an option; I couldn't close my eyes to my boy's desires though, if he seriously wanted HIV I had to be certain I was his gifter. 
I remained with my thumb moving up and down on the touch screen, conflicted, till I took my final decision: I cleared only my latest messages from the whole chat, turned screen reader back on and placed the phone where I found it, ready to give it back to its owner; let's discover who that PozCop really was! 
I spent the whole day with my mind suggesting me to give him the bag and return to everyday life, but the mysterious voice soon overcame my rational thinking: "You were born to be a gifter, accept your destiny otherwise you'll lose all my benefits forever!" 
Oh damn! Who spoke to me and which benefits was they talking about? Last time I went for usual HIV check up, my doctor told me I was part of an experiment by taking meds he prescribed me, but I almost forgot it: treatment suppressed my viral load, I had no side effects, it meant all was correctly working. Or this mysterious voice I hear is caused by meds? Such an opportunity to give up with them, I thought at myself.
After his work day was over, Ian was waiting for me outside his office as expected and as I greeted him he kissed me: "thanks my love, you saved me!" 
He explored my whole body with his hands, and panicked: "my bag, Hunter! Where the fuck is it?"
"One is here and it's full", I told him guiding his hand on my semi-hard member. "The other is in my car!"
"I'm glad to you, thanks for keeping it safe."
"True, but your machines talk much more than a person does. And if you forget them turned on, they're not able to keep secrets."

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Part 2: Talking in your sleep



Ian sat next to me in the car and before starting it, I gave him his bag; thankfully his phone had stopped talking but I felt uncomfortable; it was time to face reality, in a way or another.
'I hear the secrets that you keep, when you're talking in your sleep'. My favourite radio station seemed to read my mind, I loved 80s music and currently playing song was saying those exact words. Weird things were happening to me lately, music interacting with my thoughts and in some circumstances I heard a voice suggesting or reminding me something! Ian said I should go to see a therapist for this, but I have always thought it's only stress and never considered that advice.
"These lyrics are appropriate", I joked towards him. "You're an expert in that subject!"
"I never talk while sleeping", he remarked. "If someone does that, it's you! Don't make me repeat what you say in bed."
Hit and sunk! "You are a pot calling the kettle black!" I exclaimed trying to hide my own embarrassment. "Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself! Just to mention a song; Eric Clapton, to be more specific." 
My effort to bring conversation back to songs had poorly failed and I could feel his unusual discomfort; music was his favourite subject to talk about, but clearly not in this case. 
"Hunter, turn music off! We have to talk, isn't it? Come on, don't leave me hanging, you asshole!"
"Well my guy, how to say it..."
"Tell me with your own words, what's the fucking matter? You found someone else? You're fed up of me? You're... No, Hunter, don't tell me you went off meds!"
"Are you kidding? Off meds, who do you think I am?"
My boyfriend did no longer talk and I hadn't alternatives except calling things with their own names: "I take care of your privacy and health, but other men from Internet don't give a damn about it. ...And about you." 
"You are thinking ill of me, there's no one else in my life! You're the only..."
"Most clean looking people are the dirtiest inside", I almost laughed. "Don't play your usual drama queen part because I know your secrets thanks to your speaking phone. HIV fetish included! That's the issue, as rude as I said it."
Finally I managed to express it, and now that both of us were aware, it was time to see how further things would go. I could see his face turning red and he kept silent till we entered his bedroom with no one of us able to take the first step; we just sat on the bed, with clothes on and his bag next to him.
"I hate your silence", he said after a while. "I never understand if you're angry or what."
"And I can't take yours any more! Listen, baby", I cleared my throat and touched his knee. "If you trust me as you say, why did you let a fucking machine talk to me in your place? I don't buy the story about your forgotten wallet. You have left that bag and unlocked phone at my house on purpose! Say it!"
I caught him red handed, it was obvious but I knew he'd never admit the truth. 
"Well, given that you deny the evidence, you're getting what you deserve. Show me you're worthy of my virus!"
"But you always say you would never do that..."
I took my clothes off and guided his hand to my still soft dick. "Tonight you're not allowed to cum, that'll teach you to poz talk with my gifter without letting me join in! Now strip and kneel down, little fucker, get me hard!"
He complished, and meanwhile I turned both his phones completely off; he was totally in my control now! I have never been dominant towards this guy but discovering his kinks somehow clicked a switch in me: time was up, our boring sex life had finally come to an end! 
"Suck me, Ian", I ordered. "Imagine it's my gifter's charged dick you're taking. Show me how hungry for HIV you are!"
He assaulted me with his lips, kissing and licking my dick and balls while I took control of his head; "little neg cunt, you long for my HIV don't you?" He sucked till My shaft grew in his mouth, so I teased him again. "Feel the taste, don't waste a drop of viral fluid!" 
Ian tried to push me out to say something and I just kept his head in place: "my gift must be deserved, don't talk! Go on, harder!"
Another couple of minutes letting him enjoy my precum and suddenly I pulled him off; I did not want him to swallow my seed, not yet at least.
"Have I done something wrong?" he asked. "Give me your load!"
"'Give me', 'I want', these words do no longer exist from now on. Stay were you belong and show respect to your future gifter. Now climb on your bed, on all fours! Understand?"
"Yes, sir! Lube is in the drawer as usual!" 
"I don't need it!" I spoke softly on purpose, not to be heard by him.
Face down, ass up, he knew I loved that position and he expected me to rim him, but this time I wanted things to be differentt: I just started to slide up and down on his ass crack, positioning my cockhead at his entrance. "You're just an empty box", I degraded him. "A worthless negative hole with no energy left."
"Fuck me now", he begged while I continued to tease his ass. "Gift me, Hunter!"
I slowly approached his hole again and he didn't move. "You're just made for dirty chat, Ian! You're too scared to go all the way!"
"Breed me, poz me up good", he implored once more. "Change my life forever!" His words hit me, as sharp arrows; it looked like he was freeing a long time caged animal from inside him. 
"Blah, blah, blah, that's all you can do!" I challenged him. "If you really intend to chase, push this unmedicated fuck tool into you!"

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Oh, thanks! There will be many surprises coming, as an anticipation we can say the gift must be deserved. All involved participants must agree, humans and not. We wouldn't spoil anything else.

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*Authors note: Part 3 is the end of the beginning, when characters decide to face this journey.

But they still don't know how many obstacles there will be to achieve poz status! For now, let them believe it's as simple as gifter off meds and have fun, till it takes.


Part 3 - a conscious decision

Ian's smile suddenly disappeared: "What?" he gasped; "are you really..."
"Shut up and push back", I commanded. "Show me you're a true chaser!"
He obeyed and in a few seconds I was pounding him hard; in that moment I realized how excited we both were, our usual sweet lovemaking had be replaced by wild, animal lust. His spit and my precum were the only lube we got and he did never complain for it. "I want to make you bleed", I said. "My HIV needs an open door to enter your system!"
"Yes sir, knock me up! Make me your own slut!"
"Fuck yeah! I'm wrecking your hole good!"
The dirtier our talk became, the harder I fucked him! I pulled almost all the way out and remained with just my cockhead inside; then, holding his hips, I pushed all the way in again. 
"Take it all, slut! Give me your neg status!"
"It's all yours, Gifter! cum in me please!"
Hearing him calling me like that sent me to overdrive and I spanked him hard. "I'm pozzing you up little bitch! Here it comes! Get all my HIV!"
That was not the first occasion I bred him, but this time the orgasm was truly intense; just the idea of giving him my virus excited me to another level, even knowing I was currently shooting blanks.
"I'm close, sir", he panted squeezing my dick with his ass walls but I held his balls tight: "not now, you've no permission to cum!" 
I collapsed on him, completely spent, but remained inside him some more time before my member softened and popped out from his wet and sore hole. I pushed my load deeper in his hole with my fingers, then made him suck them: we both noticed some blood in there and he licked my finger like it was a lollipop.
"Savor your neg blood, my chaser. This might be one of the last sterile fluids you ever produce."
"Thanks Gifter", he whispered lying down next to me. "This has been the best fuck we ever had!"
"Oh, really", I agreed fingering his hole and sucking some blood again. . "It was like popping your cherry for the second time! ...Honestly this one was much better!"
"Stay with me during the night", he added; "Tomorrow I have a day off work and we can play the same game!"
How could I say No? This was a new beginning for us! I perfectly remembered our first date: we met in person after months of chats and calls; he talked the entire evening of how many people were refusing him for his blindness and I felt dirty myself when I guided his hand on my hardening dick for the first time, not to count how I felt when I brought up the HIV matter. We both enjoyed our gentle love making but I spent the following night sleepless, feeling guilty and scared even knowing I could not infect anyone. But the worse thing was I completely fantasized of pozzing him up! So from that moment on, our sex was mainly silent and I always found myself as walking into a minefield when thinking about exploring our inner desires. I stared at him while he was still face down on the bed, apparently lost in thoughts. 
"Hey, what's up my boy? I didn't want to offend you before", I apologized  hugging him. "But poz talk turns me on like crazy."
He didn't move, his head flat on the pillow. "I would like you to...", were the only words he said.  
Here it was, the usual disappointing scene: me introducing a sex related topic, then his silence, and in the end conversation always focusing on somewhere else. No thanks, it couldn't be like that once again!
"Come on, tell me! What would you like me to do? Talk during sex?" I asked quietly. "Poz talk? It's not wrong if we both want it, role play harms no one! Don't be afraid, say it all!" 
"I know it's a mistake", he was trying to hide tears. "And there's no turning back from that path."
Drama queen, once again. I understood it was my turn to take the first step, as always! "Admit it, you want me to poz you."
"You got it", he finally said softly. "I'm aware it's a permanent condition whatever happens between us, but I want your HIV in me!"
Finally he came out! "Your pozzing must be a conscious decision", I told him. "And I have to be sure it's what you really want. I'd never forgive myself if you regret everything when it's too late."
"I'm educated, baby. I'm informed enough about PEP, PrEP or whatever but I don't want to stay neg much longer. So, is it true? Are you off meds?"
"No, not yet. I have them at home", I replied. "So if you want me to spend the night here, I'll skip tomorrow morning's dose. Not enough to wake our friend HIV up but if you wish we can plan it all starting from today."
"Fuck yeah! I am afraid for you, though; stopping your treatments may cause permanent damages to your immune system."
"It's a long journey", I reassured him. "And we are not alone. Both my gifter and my poz family would be happy and proud to guide us through the whole process!"


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*Authors note 1: this character claims their own space and we only had to please them!

*Authors note 2: the plural of the word "aid" has a good double meaning for the story...

*Authors note 3: no HIV virus has been mistreated or exploited for this purpose. 🦠




Part 4 - A new host

I was extracted from a famous poz singer's blood by Dr. Raymond Still, a researcher who was trying to transfer human emotions to viruses but what I experienced was just pain, submitted as I was to every sort of poison and trapped into a vial.

I felt degraded in all possible ways, that sadistic neg human took pleasure from humiliating "his own special HIV" as he called me, without giving me any prize or allowing me to enter his blood stream. 
That ultimate moment never arrived, making me really sick and tired of such a miserable existence so I decided I had to find a way to rise up against him somehow. 
One day Dr. Still held the vial tight with his right hand, while gripping another object with the other; I couldn't distinguish what he was holding but in that moment I felt the end was near, for the first time. "He no longer needs me and he will hit me with most powerful poison in the world", I thought; "now I must show him how clever I have become".

Looking back I haven't any idea where I found the ability to talk in that situation but living or dying was matter of seconds so I took my chance and said: "FUCK"!
"Good virus", Raymond smiled proudly; "You're smarter than I could ever expect! Your first spoken word is the only one you need for now because fuck is the main method to generate human and viral life, learn this!"
Wonderful, not only I managed to talk, but I also could understand what a human being was saying! Too late I realized he was not holding a sort of weapon, he played with his own penis instead. Such a fool I have been, I panicked for nothing. At least, I can assume my primal instinct made me say the proper word at the right time.

I wondered why a scientist was playing with his organ while working, but maybe he attempted to show me how to fuck! I was not a newbie towards human world though, I always spied their sexual behaviour and enjoyed entering their bodies through those activities but no one allowed me to completely join in and share their sensations. This situation had to change, sooner or later, I needed to know what sex was! Or even fuck a human myself!

Although I observed his hand moving up and down his member, nothing happened; the meaty pole stood fully erect with no fluids spraying from its tip.
"Look at yourself", I teased him. What I easily learnt from male humans was the degrading sensation they had when someone gave negative feedbacks about their penis size. "How far do you believe to go with such a tiny dick? You even can't produce seed using your hands! You're just a trashy negative creature,  powerless and worthless."
He didn't reply but closed his hands even further. One on the vial containing me and the other on his shaft. 
"Fucking HIV", he screamed. "Smart but naughty!" He lifted a foot and then hit the ground hard with his boot, producing a scary sound. 
"Remember", he continued showing an evil grin; "it takes a second for me to smash this fucking vial under my feet and then we'll see who is the tiny one between us. How much time do you think you'd survive in open air? Let's see, 30 seconds, one minute, two... Not enough to harm me any way."
He was right then: his negativity prevented me from weakening his inner defences, if he was poz I could drop his cells to 200 or lower instantly and the great scientist was screwed at that point! Realizing I had nothing to earn or lose, I played my last card. 
"Make your move doctor", I encouraged him. "What are you waiting for? Let's get it over with this drama!"
I expected him to drop the vial and crush it with his heavy shoe but nothing happened. "Show me your powers", I continued teasing him. "Prove me what a real alpha male can do to a worthless virus like me!"
His hand moved faster and faster on his member till some drops of fluid started to come finally out.
"Only that small load?" I challenged him again. "You're in this world just to be fucked from behind, aren't you? If I were a human I could..."
"Fuck, fuck, fuck", he panted tightening his fist once again on the vial and I insisted degrading him. "Such a useless fag you are, let me in! I want to access your blood stream so I can turn you into what you're meant to be! A cum dump for viral loads!"
His breathe became stronger and finally he grunted; ropes of sticky cum soaked the laboratory's table and his dick finally softened, leaving a puddle of fluid which hit the vial too. 
"HIV! Good virus, I am really proud of you now", he exclaimed dropping the vial on the desk and cleaning his hands. You finally deserve a big prize". Raymond smiled taking a syringe out of a drawer. "Every creature has a first spoken word. Human babies say 'mama', you viruses say 'fuck'! It's just natural! And you learnt how to make a human cum, what a good training I gave you! Nice shot!"
I wanted to tell him he enjoyed feeling me humiliating him, but I couldn't run that risk. He had just decided to reward me and now I had to prevent him from changing his mind at the last minute! Neg people are so unpredictable and uncontrollable, I had no advantage in trusting him that much. 
My sensations were correct, in the end: he left the unopened syringe on his desk and ran out of the laboratory, leaving me still trapped in that damned vial, alone.
What the fuck, I thought; he's really determined to kill me in a way or another.
But after an hour he finally entered the lab again, together with a new male human.
"This is Adrian, your first carrier", I heard him saying while he opened the syringe; "Adri for friends, and he is a bug chaser; you'll soon enough learn who they are. My experiment's second step can finally begin!"
I just remembered the vial being emptied into the syringe and then me passing from a needle to a vein, but for the following three weeks I couldn't understand any word or sound. Maybe I slept I don't know but when I came back to consciousness I realized to be living in the new human's blood stream. What a wonderful reward I got!
From that moment I felt in heaven, Adri and me could understand each other's language and soon enough he authorized me to call him dad although I had no longer direct contacts with dr. Ray Still, the mad scientist. Not that I missed him so much, indeed! 
My current carrier taught me many lessons, especially the importance of mutual consent for every action involving me and humans, and as a final exam he let me enter my first willing chaser's body; it was so overwhelming! 
New environment, new habits, new lifestyle for all of us and above all every time Gifter Adri succeeded in spreading me to a new creature, it meant new emotions for me to discover! Now I was hosted by three of them, and everyone gave me different skills: music taste, ability to keep secrets but the most important came from last conversion. 
After the event, I was completely aware of what empathy for other creatures meant! Even if the latest chaser was different from other two, she was a female human and biggest surprise came when I noticed she carried a second creature in her, together with me! 
"Touching this one is strictly forbidden", Adri warned. "This new human will grow up neg, then they'll decide to convert or not at appropriate time. You hear me?"
"Yes, Gifter Adri. I understand. But..."
"Yes but? But what? Saying yes is enough for me! Damn to you, HIV, you make me feel I wasted my time giving you the best education I could!"
I knew it was time for next conversion, Adri said he did not want to gift his fourth chaser and his plans were to give his first one the opportunity to become a gifter himself, allowing me to acquire more powers from a second generation strain but something told me this journey was completely wrong. Maybe it was the thrill coming from a new experience, or the idea of my further evolution, I only knew I was freaking out as fuck!
"Consent, dad. You ask me to respect others but don't care about what I want! I'll never accept the new chaser you assigned me. Never! He'll stay neg forever or will go to catch another strain somewhere else. I simply can't grow inside him! I said NO!"
"Pay attention!" Adri was becoming angry, I felt it. "You're going to lose a great opportunity if you insist whining like that. I believed you were the smartest virus in the world and now you're embarrassing me. Make me proud of you, crybaby! Or tell me your reasons at least."
"We have to talk", I tried to confront him. "The situation is more difficult than you currently judge it."
What to do, telling him the truth about his first born chaser or crossing the other road? The damage was already done, it was too late even to think about repairing anything and I was not the one who could solve any issues. 
"That guy scares me a lot with all his non-human talking equipments", I finally explained. "How could I properly interact with him if everything speaks in his house, ears, and pockets? I'm not used to that stuff!" 
"He's just a blind person using his own aids", Adri was doing his best to reassure me. "Nothing to be worried about!"
"Here's the problem, My Carrier! He's neg and owns aids! This confuses me even more! How can it be possible?"
"Oh, HIV, yeah, forgive me. I did not warn you about case sensitive meanings of words. Lowercase aids is a thing, uppercase is another. Well, Ian has the lowercase version and that's no trouble or conflict for you; aids are machines helping him in everyday life and you can be helpful too, you'll discover itt by yourself accepting this journey. Time for excuses is over! Trust me!"
"Understood. I trust you, but I don't trust..."
He did not let me protest more and took a bottle of pills in his hand.
"Then you haven't heard me! I give you two options, foolish virus. Enter BlindChaser's blood stream through his boyfriend's seed, or I'll bring you down to undetectable. Is it clear now?"
"Why don't you gift him directly!" I asked. "So you can be certain to give him this pure smart strain."

I was conflicted. Since I learned how to keep human beings' secrets, there's an unspoken promise between me and the chaser I live with: I am aware of whatever they think, say and do, but won't reveal anything except for explicit requests involving our mutual life or death.
In this case though, the secret was too big and I found myself between two fires. Basically going to undetectable meant losing all my spreading powers and also giving up my hard-earned communication skills; but on the other side, if I talked I could break an alliance with the first willing chaser who hosted me. 
"Now you freaked out, my virus, isn't it?" He grinned, soundly shaking the bottle. "Strain's life or death depends only on you!"
He extracted a pill and slowly brought it close to his lips, that was definitely not a trick! I could not accept such an offense. I experienced the same feeling of my past when Mad Scientist Raymond wanted to kill me with his boot. "Fuck, Adri, fuck! Don't swallow that poison please!"
"I won't, but the condition is you tell me your true reasons. We have to talk, and then? What's the subject?"
"OK, OK. I'm betraying your chaser Hunter's trust, but you forced me to. Ian could not be an issue, while his boyfriend..."
This time, Adri was really pissed off at me and the pill was closer and closer to his lips. 
"Hunter? Are you accusing my first born of something? Who gave you the right to do that?"
"You're the policeman", I challenged him. "Investigating on the guy's real life is your duty, I have told you all I could say. Go ahead and discover what's left!"
"Well, well, if that's the case I trust you, I'll keep a close eye on both of them. Take it easy!"

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Part 5 SPOILER . . . . . 

As HIV has planted the seed of doubt in him, PozCop has to discover who his first born chaser, Hunter, really is. 

Looking back he realizes that Hunter's fuck flu came too early after their encounter, everything must be done to avoid the creation of hybrids from original HIV smart strain, this would cause a biological disaster...

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5th chapter is taking a little longer as at the moment we are far from each others. 

me - the poz half - has the duty of writing HIV's and the poz characters' point of view, while the neg half has neg ones.

When we get together again, after doing something better between us... we are going to edit the story and upload next chapter


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*Authors note 1: 

Chapter 5 is a bit longer but we preferred to finish introducing poz and virus characters; from now on, the journey will effectively start!

*Authors note 2: we recognize this kind of stories may not be appreciated by a high percentage of bz readers but as we prefer more emotional tales than roughly sexual ones, we try to give our contribute in this way. 




Part 5 – Chaser or cheater? 


When my HIV warns me about something, they’re 100% right. I have avoided many dangerous situations thanks to my virus but in that moment I really didn’t know how to  feel about such a revelation.
Hunter, my beloved, my first pozzed chaser. A good boy to be proud of and who deserved to take a big step forward in his viral life: I wanted him to be a gifter, hoping he could achieve and overcome my 100% transmission rate. I was sure he had so much potential, and HIV knew it too! So what was wrong? 
No way to sleep that night despite my evening hard fucking with Ryan, my second chaser. Every time I tried to rest, HIV almost enjoyed waking me up: 
“Hunter is a scam, not your first success. Remember the dates! When did his fuck flu hit?” 
It seemed that my virus really enjoyed making a fool of me. “Come on, consider every single clue. Policeman, should I teach you how to investigate? Let’s go, FBI!”
That chaser was my pride, my glory, the guy I treated as a biological son: with just one poz load in his hole, it took only a week for Hunter’s conversion fever to show, high and potent as it was. And now HIV tells me it’s a cheat? 
I was a profiler who arrested the most challenging and terrifying serial killers; understanding people’s behaviour even from their expressions or voice, I should have noticed if Hunter lied or had been converted by another gifter! 
Actually my load is powerful, my virus is a smart one, so I did not worry when Hunter’s fuck flu came in advance because if my HIV has the ability to talk, they could even convert a human faster than an ordinary infection! Moreover my dear Hunter was a genuine, innocent boy, evil could not have corrupted him anyhow. 
Next to me in bed, Ryan gave me a tender hug: “Let me take care of you”, he quietly said starting to lick from my shoulder up to my neck; “recharge me, Gifter, you always teach me that a good fuck blasts all worries away. Now it’s time!”
“You’ve become such a good boy, Ryan”, I replied hugging him; “but I don’t feel like recharging anyone, our HIV will not authorize me.”
“Of course I won’t let you move further”, my virus answered but I was the only one to hear them. “You should hurry up if it’s not already too late! Call him!”
I looked at the clock: three in the morning! Contacting Hunter at that time, would not be a good idea at all. Staying in the same position for another thirty minutes, with Ryan who tried in vain to ask for my attentions again made me nervous even more, till I finally got up from the bed and grabbed my phone; Hunter was the first number I had into my contact list and I decided to run the risk. There it was! I heard the familiar tone of an available line, he left his cellular turned on!
“Gifter…”, his sleepy voice answered, yawning. “What’s… Up?”
“I need you my chaser”, I firmly answered. “Come here, quickly!”
“Tomorrow”, he whispered. “I’m at Ian’s place…”
“I don’t give a damned shit about where you are. Come, now!”, I almost screamed in impatience. “You must satisfy your gifter’s needs otherwise you know what happens!” 
I grinned to my other chaser who was still laying in bed then touched his dick locked in a chastity cage, and his collared neck. “Or you want to end up like your younger viral brother?”
“Why are you treating me like this! What have I done!”
“Don’t force me to punish you. Come, Hunter. Come here immediately. Walk here.”
“Walk? But it’s a long way…”
I didn’t let him finish talking and abruptly ended the call; I knew the issue, it took five kilometers from Ian’s place to his, and another three to reach my house but also that there were a couple of public toilets with lots of anonymous man sex happening especially during night time, along the street. I had to bring my bug chaser to face temptations and prove he was faithful to my rule: no contacts with people with unknown HIV status or pozzed by strains different than mine! Unless I decided otherwise, for my conversions sex was free just with certified undetectable poz, or negative on daily PrEP regimen.
I went back to bed next to Ryan who was almost asleep and gave him a gentle spank: “chaser Ryan, get on all fours”, I said. “Stay there face down ass up, ready for your brother.”
“I want you, my gifter! Not him!”
I extracted a leash from my drawer and attached it to the collar; “do you want me to tie you to the front door once again? You know I’m not kidding!” I touched his caged dick one more time; yes, I’m very strict towards naughty chasers. 
“You told me I was going to be unlocked after you succeeded with third conversion, isn’t it?”
“It was an assumption”, I told him; “the third has been a memorable event but unfortunately things have dramatically changed because of latest murderer I arrested, so don’t fool yourself: you’ll remain locked until I change my mind. And that could be never.”
He complied and exposed his ass out of the bed; I had to admit: that experienced, open hole was always inviting but I had to keep in control respecting my role. “Lick me at least”, he implored pushing back towards me. And my only answer to him was sitting at my desk, concentrating on the wall clock. “Hey silly chaser, don’t even finger yourself”, I ordered; “otherwise I’ll give you the shortest leash I have.”
He breathed deep clearly struggling against his lust, while I stayed still, looking at my calendar: Hunter. 24th November load deposit, 1st December fuck flu. Exactly a week later.  
We planned his pozzing as a Christmas gift and maybe my HIV did their best to satisfy our need, but something began to look suspicious inside my mind: my first born didn’t seem surprised when he started feeling symptoms too early, and worst of all he laughed every time I spoke to HIV. “You’re talking alone”, he always said, making more fun of me when I told him he should be able to interact with the virus too. 
“Fucking cheating slut”, I exclaimed hitting the desk hard with my fist. “If he’s standing me up, I’ll give him a heavier punishment than yours, Ryan!”
“I’m thirsty”, my younger chaser pleaded, “at least bring me some water, please, Gifter!”
That’s a good boy: everyone has needs, but in order to satisfy them it’s necessary to be polite! I brought him some water which he drank greedily, then I kissed his ass cheeks. “I know you’re impatient honey, but I want you to be an example for your corrupted brother!”
“I know you own me, Gifter”, he smiled. “You rescued me and now I’m blood of your blood!”
“Don’t be such a bootlicker”, I told him walking towards the door; “you should know you’ll never get anything when sweet-talking like that.”
Finally someone knocked and I opened the door: Hunter stood in front of me, sweaty and out of breath. “Sorry”, he said, “I walked as fast as I could!”
His hug was tight as usual but when I felt his scent on me, a sudden memory came out from my mind: his sweaty naked body, in bed next to me, the night he started converting. He was horny as fuck despite his fever, but when I unloaded inside him he called me by another name: Gifter Arty. 
“You are wrong, I said your name, Adri!” he excused himself, weak as he was. “I am in pain even talking, let me try to rest now.”
I shook my head to send that flashback away from my mind and took him to my bedroom where Ryan was still on all fours, on the mattress.
“You’re so distant, gifter”, Hunter complained; “I’ve walked the whole night to reach you and now you don’t even kiss me.”
“It’s not appropriate”, I answered walking close to Ryan’s ass. “Now strip and sit here, next to your brother.”
“I’m afraid he’s going to lock you”, Ryan told Hunter, but I pulled his leash firmly: I hadn’t authorized him to talk at all! 
My first born was sitting on the bed, looking around. “I really don’t understand what you want from me, am I going to recharge him?”
I shook my head again and started fingering Ryan’s ass: one, then two, then three fingers, four… twisting them around; I met no resistance so I continued with that movement some more time, holding the leash with my free hand. “Fuck yeah”, Ryan moaned; “you’re driving me crazy! Fist me sir! Go all the way!”
“Chaser Ryan! No! You’re not in the position to ask something”, I yelled at him; “shut the fuck up, otherwise…” I pulled the leash abruptly, so that the leather collar could press on his neck. “Do you understand, Hunter? This collar is the result of cheating on me.”
I withdrew my fingers from Ryan’s hole and looked at them: some remaining lube and ass juices, but everything was clear so I positioned them on Hunter’s lips. 
“Lick me clean, number one”, I ordered him. “Taste number two’s poz DNA. Feel how good this boy is. This is how I want my chasers to be! Clean, clear, and sweet. And pozzed, of course.”
He eagerly sucked and licked all my fingers clean without saying a word, then sat on my bed again but I felt from his eyes something was wrong with him; “We have to talk”, I expected that sentence from Hunter but he never pronounced it aloud.
“Someone’s conscience is dirty”, I teased him, “let’s verify if it’s the same for their hole!”
The two chasers were now lying down, one next to the other, and I pushed a finger inside Hunter’s ass; this time a little resistance occurred, so I went slower. But it took just some seconds for me to withdraw fast, and get a wipe from my nightstand.
“More than dirty”, I said completely disgusted. “This guy has been fucked by strangers and worse than that, he did not clean his insides at all.”
“But everything was unexpected”, he tried to excuse. “It was Ian who topped me! Gifter, please, don’t…”
“Your boyfriend never tops, you always complain about this. Don’t try to make a fool of me, or you know…” Once again I pulled Ryan’s leash and held his chastity cage; “you see what happens to unfaithful chasers? If I ask you to have sex with others, do it; otherwise you must all abstain!” 
“I beg you, please, Gifter, I did not mean to cheat on you. There is someone who’s blackmailing me and I have to give them my body to pay their silence…”
“But he won’t pay mine anyway”, I heard my virus talking again. “This guy needs to be completely washed from his feet to his brain.”
I had a malicious grin but looking at my two viral sons, reality suddenly hit me: I had punished the wrong one!
“Chasers! I don’t give a damn of your silly explanations”, I said grabbing Ryan and Hunter’s arms; “now both of you go straight to the shower and come out only when you’re completely clean. In and outside. Ryan, I recommend. Teach him good! Understood?”
“Yes, Gifter”, Ryan answered, while my first born shook his head again: “But Ian, my boy!” Hunter protested. “I left him alone at his place, he may get scared when he does not find me in bed!”
“You’re not even able to keep your lust and personal cleaning under control”, I laughed at him; “how do you expect to look after a bug chaser on your own?” 
I was still holding his arm tight and he tried in vain to break free, while Ryan walked towards the bathroom; “Follow your brother and learn from him”, I suggested Hunter. “Take a long shower then go home!”
“But what about Ian…” He tried to talk again. “He needs an explanation from me!”
“I’ll take care of your former boyfriend, don’t worry, dirty blank-shooter. Give me his house’s keys and go clean yourself, Undetectable. Then after you’re done, return to your meds; you’re no longer needed here!”

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