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  2. Thanks for the rep, fella!! xx

  3. love your bod. 

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  5. I've enjoyed anal sex and the pleasure of a hot load shoot inside me, but long to experience a load inside my mouth! I've given head many times, but the guys always pull out. Hope to experience the taste of cum sometime soon...
  6. I'm a 21 year old male who's looking for an adult movie theater in NYC, and I'd like to Service as many men possible
  7. Apparently Jesse Santana was the cumdump for a massive gangbang on BBRT a couple years ago (someone else posted the aftermath of it). Does anyone know where we could find it? I would pay money!
  8. It works for me.
  9. Hi, if you're in the western new york area, come fuck me anytime.  twink cumdump here for any and all breeders.    585 770 7478, near rochester.

    1. Read1



      When I get my new Canadian passport, could I come down there to fuck you?

      Read1 (daddy dick)

    2. BareBen


      yes, we host here.  where are you in canada? 

    3. Read1


      Toronto here, who else is there with you?


  10. I've been a bunch of times and it can be hit or miss but generally I have a great time with plenty of tops to satisfy me. It totally depends on time of year, is that weekend a holiday or not etc etc. The Team Pig parties in Silverlake are ALWAYS incredibly fun and I leave with a sore and dripping butt!!! Never tried the Nasty Ink Pig events. Don't even know what they are but will check them out now that I know of them. There's also Den LA parties held at Sanctuary like Cumunion is and they tend to be similar and fun as well. However sometimes more attractive people go to Den LA that tend to come together and stick together, but you know, you just break down those walls little by little hehe
  11. Interesting it's always been fine from my phone are you using a PC or phone?
  12. i tried the link. got an error message and a pop-up ad.
  13. Thanks everyone for following.  I love to fuck ass and breed men.  My favorite thing!

    1. Ocelot2000
    2. N2HairyM


      Yes, please breed me too!!

    3. mjkuhl


      I love being bred by hairy men.

  14. Definitely want to experience that....
  15. I would not say it is making me mad but it would piss me off if a bot or sub would not drink my golden male juice. Talking about piss porn videos, worth is when not fucking bare but that is something I would say for absolutely all fantasies. Probably the reason I do not really share those unless they are really hot
  16. good day for barebacking piss. See(d) my blogger & cum pissing. Opening both your mouth & ass for us to piss & cum is another option:)

  17. Man, let me come to you and get my ass filled with your juice.

  18. I like your SN.  At least half the guys I fuck around with regularly are attached.  They almost all say it's an "open relationship", but pretty much always discreet, and most of the time I find out the other half doesn't know it's "open", just good old fashioned cheating.  I don't think many males are built for monogamy - I wouldn't want it! :)

  19. with a furnace repairman like that I would be making my furnace need service all the time.
  20. Thanks everyone for the advice
  21. Eunuchs who chose to turn that way are a fascinating mental state for modern times IMO. And I see it as something starting on as mental, just like anything else sexual - if your brain is not tickled by it, you are just not interested - by way of a regular subjective contemplation. And then from one's mental acceptance it transpires into physical as a body mod on oneself. Where most times in human tribes a body mod is attempted on as a subjective opinion of enhancement of appearance, less so of physical function - tats, piercings, skin graphs or hair removal, a bone in your nose, et al. I am not talking about it as an imposed medical need, induced chemical injury or designated criminal punishment in modern societies or recent times. Yet, obviously, ball removal in itself is very visual (when you get down to it naked), and, possibly, visually pleasing to some, and obviously very impactful functionally to an adult male. To a degree that takes one to an entirely new level of servitude and dedication to pleasing the bodies and senses of others - consider historical references - the same castrati, catamites, and paederasty in antiquity - a relationship between an adult and yet-undeveloped adolescent males. And it was happening all over the place in ancient human societies, not only in Rome or Greece. Brings a lot of classical undertones infused to a regular slut looking to provide and enhance his anal arts to satisfy a top and polish it up to become a reputable cum dumpster. With no major similar need for himself. Like I said, fascinating.
  22. This is actually my favorite scenario. I have been lucky to meet a secure couple to use me as their bottom and I see them often. Not only are they secure in their relationship but they have been together a long time and I am very comfortable meeting them together or each one separately. They treat me very well and have actually asked if I would consider being included in their relationship but I am not looking to commit to them like that. They always breed me or cum in my mouth and I happily take their loads.
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