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    aDICKted to porn and JO. Rather fond of tight holes and long fat cocks as well! OK, tongues, toys and toes too.
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    Made a couple films with Joe Gage in the early 80s
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  1. studlyjo

    New Owner

    Fucking A! LOVE finding these many - chapter stories and binge reading them while I edge my cock for hours. And this one is a particularly hot saga. Thank you! I think someplace in the comments you said you didn't think you were a very good writer. Are you kidding? This is particularly good writing and well constructed. It's kept me on the edge of my seat. Literally, ass hanging off begging for a bigger toy while I've managed to keep my cock hard all night! What a wonderfully nasty mind you have ~
  2. studlyjo

    A Brother in Trouble

    Chi4loads, PLEASE don't get caught in the quicksand of controversy, rules and high-handed suggestions. I for one (dare I say most of us?) want your mind free of considerations to let all your nasty, perverted, hotter-than-the-hinges-of-Hell imagination out in words for us to get off on. Again and again. You've got too much talent to go off in a huff like some others have. We all lose when that happens. On the other hand, with the 'Brother' saga alone, you've caused miles of cocks to spew countless loads and gallons of cum. THANK YOU! Think of all that slippery love cumming your way! Please keep it up! Well, maybe I mean, me UP!
  3. studlyjo

    Locker Room Pozzing

    Just recently found one of your stories and am binge-reading all of them in order. You have one filthy fucking imagination and I love it! Thanks for sharing your perversions so graphically. At first I found it disconcerting that Greg started off as Grant and that you sometimes write he or him when you mean I, but I've come to think of these little 'errors' as telling markers that you get as excited writing these nasty mind-dumps as I get reading them! THANK YOU for harnessing your perversion to your talent for writing. Now, FUCK me again! Er...i mean MORE. PLEASE, NOW ~
  4. studlyjo

    Chaser - My Path

    Kudos! This is a most excellent story. Just found it and have binge-read the whole saga to this point. Found the movie on a Euro porn site and loved it. Very like NYC in the 70's and 80's when I lived there in a huge loft in the meat market. This is a great workup and very well crafted and written. Can't wait to read what you develop for Zach's feelings, emotions and thoughts while he's getting gang banged in the movie. Thank you for what you've created and for continuing.
  5. I always wanted to see Brad Patton fuck raw. That pool side scene from Trunks II where he deep fucks that club of his in Matt Cole would have been sooo hot with Matt's cummy hole getting churned to cum better. As much a Lane Fuller loved that monster, I’d have liked to see him get partied up and loaded by Brad too. And since Brad started to flip late in his brief career, let’s add him to the list to see him surprise-flipped and loaded-up too. And, yes, Marcus Irons. He sometimes got so single-minded into being plowed, he sometimes seemed to be in the clouds. That one scene with ? somebody Monty, just fucking on a bed, his face gives it away, that he lives to get dicked long and hard! But I’d most like to see Treasure Island make a film of a long gangbang scene, based on one (or several) of the incredible head trips some guys create in their stories in the Chem Sex Fiction forum. In my fantasy the likes of Darius Ferdynand, Levi Michaels and Carter Dane get stealth drugged, their holes opened with toys, played with and booty-bumped until they become babbling cumsluts, begging for cock and cum and more as their partied-up holes get tag fucked by Chad Hunt’s, Lito Cruz’s and JD Slater’s monster cocks. And then their wrecked holes are willingly turned over to dozens of other typical TIM hot stud cocks to get used and abused on various slings and fuck benches.
  6. My first time GETTING fucked was in '71 after I moved to NYC. I had a BF and we hooked up with a fuck buddy of his, a blonde hunk, the perfect icon of my ideal man. He was tall and ripped, had a dusting of ginger hair on his chest and a no-fuss short haircut, his light hair sun-bleached and shinning. He wore desert boots, a t-shirt rolled-up at the sleeves and tight 501s with a bulge that made my knees weak. Now I'm well hung at 8.5" x 5.5" That's still pretty OK even now that we can see every monster cock around the world on display and in action in the cam rooms! But this guy was even bigger than me! He was a machine built for hard fucking. Nowadays we have Miss Tina, then we had Black Beauties, diet pills - pretty much the same stuff. I used to get them in bottles of 1000. The night we took this guy back to where we were staying in Brooklyn, the BF and I had each taken a couple and were flying. I watched, getting turned-on, as the hunk fucked my BF . I fucked my BF, we DPd my BF. We all kissed and made out and kept going at it. It was fucking hot! But, like sometimes with T, I just couldn't get off. I kept getting hornier, my hole getting more and more hungry until it became the center of my Universe. Finally, the only thing that could satisfy me was that monster cock, I HAD to have it in me. My BF was in shock, "Are you sure?" "God damn right! I'm getting that thing in me." The BF got under me and we 69d while the hunk lined up and pressed his beautiful veiny cock against my quivering rosebud. And the pearly gates swung open! He slid in, all the way home in one long delicious moment - and paused. Then he slowly began, fucking me in sweet bliss for a long time that could not have been long enough. He began gradually building-up steam as he really got into to telling me how I felt, how he loved taking my tight cherry hole. Finally he was pile driving my ass into pulp and me into Nirvana. As he flooded my guts deep with my first creamy load I screamed and, bottomed out, injected what felt like a gallon of jiz straight into my BF's throat. And he into mine. It's true what they say, that you'll never forget your first time. That blonde Adonis and his bludgeon will always be there with every cock I take, his DNA in me forever.
  7. Hmmm...

    How many "Jaybird"s can there be in Hawaii?! We might be related!  Was your father (or grand-) in the Navy? Did your sister marry a rock musician? And did she passed recently. As did her mother who lived in Wailua (sp?)? If so, I might be your cousin with a very similar birth name. Otherwise, tks for the follow :)

    1. jaybird


      no - dad was a marine :-)

      my sister did not marry a rock musician - and she's still alive

      i'm the only one in the family who has ever lived in hawaii .. 

      sorry .. ;-)



    2. studlyjo


      Aww, shucks!  There goes another great fantasy.

      My cousin, two weeks younger, was called Jaybird. His mother was from Hawaii, where she met my uncle, a Navy guy at Pearl. He died in the early 70's and Mother and kids went back to Hawaii. Jaybird's oldest sister married a rock star who died early leaving her very wealthy. She and her brood stayed in LA where the boys got into the music biz and the girl did the acting thing. Their mother became a huge donor to the Democratic party and spent many weekends in the Lincoln Bedroom of the Clinton White House.

      Their mother and mine were both raven-haired beauties and, as i later was told, they were rivals. So I never knew much abut that side of the family. And now I'm the Patriarch! I've never found anyone else in the family gay, imagine the fantasies of finding my cousin (or his son) were also nasty breeder sluts. Even better, imagine finding out after breeding each other, back and forth all nigtt, fucking our parTied up manholes  :)~

      Oinky Oink!



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