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    aDICKted to porn and JO. Rather fond of tight holes and long fat cocks as well! OK, tongues, toys and toes too.
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    Made a couple films with Joe Gage in the early 80s
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  1. studlyjo

    Boy Next Door Finds Craigslist

    Kudos! Much as I would have loved more of your nasty perversions, the surprise ending was, in a way, even hotter. Glad you can keep your sobriety even as you tantalize us with the path that brought you to today.
  2. studlyjo

    Ya, He's Gay, He Just Don't Know It Yet

    Thanx for this fine story. It's been hot as fuck. I've looked forward to each chapter and am really sorry it's found its end. You've got a great nasty imagination and a real gift for writing. So I look forward to "Bottoms Wanted".
  3. studlyjo

    New Owner

    Fucking A! LOVE finding these many - chapter stories and binge reading them while I edge my cock for hours. And this one is a particularly hot saga. Thank you! I think someplace in the comments you said you didn't think you were a very good writer. Are you kidding? This is particularly good writing and well constructed. It's kept me on the edge of my seat. Literally, ass hanging off begging for a bigger toy while I've managed to keep my cock hard all night! What a wonderfully nasty mind you have ~
  4. studlyjo

    A Brother in Trouble

    Chi4loads, PLEASE don't get caught in the quicksand of controversy, rules and high-handed suggestions. I for one (dare I say most of us?) want your mind free of considerations to let all your nasty, perverted, hotter-than-the-hinges-of-Hell imagination out in words for us to get off on. Again and again. You've got too much talent to go off in a huff like some others have. We all lose when that happens. On the other hand, with the 'Brother' saga alone, you've caused miles of cocks to spew countless loads and gallons of cum. THANK YOU! Think of all that slippery love cumming your way! Please keep it up! Well, maybe I mean, me UP!
  5. studlyjo

    Dreaming of Adventure / Seeking the Clouds

    Oh fuck, THANK YOU for bringing these guys back! It's like four old friends, lost for awhile, just showed up at my door with more of what I like better than anything else in the world. Nasty hot friends who can, without apology, be loving, caring and heart-dearingly romantic too. I'm REALLY looking forward to soon seeing Seth tweaked beyond his rational boundaries and flying happily into the stratosphere as he embraces being a hot hole for one hot man after another to donate their strain.
  6. studlyjo

    Double Conversion

    Slavetoy this story is really great. Your imagination is truly twisted! You've bright us to the brink and, with the surprise twists of plot you've thrown at us so far, I can't begin to think where you're talking Rob in the next installment. But I'm certain it will be extreme and a great twist. Thank for this.
  7. studlyjo

    Locker Room Pozzing

    Just recently found one of your stories and am binge-reading all of them in order. You have one filthy fucking imagination and I love it! Thanks for sharing your perversions so graphically. At first I found it disconcerting that Greg started off as Grant and that you sometimes write he or him when you mean I, but I've come to think of these little 'errors' as telling markers that you get as excited writing these nasty mind-dumps as I get reading them! THANK YOU for harnessing your perversion to your talent for writing. Now, FUCK me again! Er...i mean MORE. PLEASE, NOW ~
  8. studlyjo


    Yes. More please! It's a hot story with lots of interesting nasty twists.
  9. studlyjo

    Fucking on sleeping pills

    What was there? Hot story
  10. studlyjo

    Double Conversion

    This story is unbelievably good. Hot as Hades!
  11. studlyjo

    On The Job Training

    THANK YOU for finally continuing this story. It really gets my juices going :)~
  12. studlyjo

    Last Known Address

    Thank you shoreboy. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! This novella is a triumph as a work of writing and as an experience in reading. It's complete with all the plot complications, characterization, emotional entanglements and descriptive narrative needed to make it quite real in the mind's eye. Epic in it's reach, compelling us in anticipation to read on. Or wait with bated breath (and cock!) or the next installment. The ending was both unexpected and emotionally satisfying. You really do have a gift. Thank you doubly for completing the story and not leaving us hanging dick-in-hand as is so often the case! I too urge you to self-publish on Amazon and don't forget about Amazon's Audible branch where books are read aloud by quite good actors. (It's a Godsend on my seasonal drives between South Florida and Canada.) There's a growing adult section also with some good readers, many the authors themselves, but virtually all the writing is stilted and amateurish, expecially compared to yours. (Although, not sure I could drive listening to yours!) Even Dan Savage is there with a sorta radio show!
  13. studlyjo

    Last Known Address

    WOW! For a man like Manetti, an alpha male even when he bottoms, this is the hardest punishment. It's really the ultimate rape. Great writing, EVIL mind! What the fuck is next?!
  14. studlyjo

    Fucking on sleeping pills

    Want to hear how turned on you got watching yourself getting raw fucked and what it made you do!
  15. studlyjo

    Virgin Cherry

    Oh yes, please go on, taking this boy to the dark side as he's whored out to their friends.

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