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    Portland OR
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    Cum. In my hole. Poz is better.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    nudist, atheist, cum fetishist, bugchaser
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    Piggish uninhibited men. Guys who just need a hole to unload in no questions asked. Love taking poz seed up my neg hole.

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  1. I’d like to put my dirty cum in your hole 

  2. You're response to Shy was hilarious. lol just thought I'd friend you for that. Woof sexy man. 

  3. i went once. took 3 loads in the sling while two women watched then i put my load in one of them
  4. I'll be in town Mon Aug 10th. Planning on taking a few loads but when i need to blow one good to know a hole like you is available
  5. will have a free day on Mon Aug 10th when I am visiting NYC. Looking to take some poz loads NLRBear on bbrt
  6. looking to take poz cum?
  7. Headed to Lazy Bear this summer in Guerneville. Anyone else? I'll be looking to get poz loads up my neg ass there
  8. its not your job to manage his risk
  9. i took two loads the other day at Taboo on broadway then left mine in someone. Maybe you?
  10. Paris theater last night. One of the sleaziest places in Portland. Went into the "gay" area, took off all my clothes and just bent over the railing. Some older guy came over and started fingering my hole while he jerked off. I coiuld tell by his breathing he was about to cum so I told him to shove it in me. he did. i waited there bent over the railing leaking for about an hour and got one more load
  11. just back home from NYC Took 7 poz loads there this week. Four of them in a row at Paddles at the Jacks of Color Party. One HUGE cock that wrecked my hole then left me leaking. The other three were random hookups
  12. Here this week til friday. Going to hit Paddles tonight around 10PM for the Jacks of Color party and hopefully take a few poz loads
  13. i went down that path about a year ago. no regrets on this decision. Taking cum from men in need is my calling
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