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  1. Your last hetro load...

    Met up with a girl from OKCupid today. 51 years old, 5'1" 34-26-34 D cups, asian with long black hair and she frankly looked closer to 30 than 51! Only time I have ever seen a girl look better in real life than in her pics on a dating site. Turns out she's a Doctor (Plastic surgeon), and no, it's not surgery. Just that asian thing. We went for lunch, and really hit it off, so then went for coffee. She had plans for the evening so I went to the gym, but just as I finished my workout, she texted to say her plans fell through, and was I interested in dinner. So I said sure, went home, showered, took some cialis, did the whole shower and shave thing, and picked up a couple of bottles of wine. Both of us are taking the week off, as it happens, so she welcomed me in and we chatted as she made some pretty delicious viet namese chicken cutlets. Then we chilled in the living room with the wine where she immediately started acting slutty. We were not through our first glass before she was in my lap, with my hand up her skirt and her mouth on my cock. She rolled a rubber on me, but I made sure to think of dead babies, and softened up. She tried a few more times, then gave up and took me bareback. We fucked pretty much from 9pm to 130 am straight, and I came in each hole. She was so into the anal she was squirting as she rode my cock in her ass. Afterwards, she told me her husband just left her for an office assistant, and she needs a guy to keep her happy while she settles her divorce, and asked if I was into something ongoing. Asians are not usually my thing, but I am going to make an exception for this one. Still can't believe she is 51! Right now my fingers, face and cock all smell like her cunt, and I just got home and am going straight to sleep
  2. So, I have this cute and filthy fuck buddy, a sexy little mid 20s girl with dreads and a dirty mind. She decided she wanted to do a little min orgy with her, me, and a couple of bi guys. We rented a hotel room, put up a craigslist ad saying we wanted bi guys interested in partying with an attractive couple. Invited a few over. Two guys showed up, obviously buddies, nice looking and well built, in their 30s. They brought Tina as well, so we got a little spun and started fooling around. Eventually, both me and my girl were being topped really hard by each guy, side by side. We're both cumsluts, but the boys had insisted on condoms, which was a disappointment. Both guys nutted nice and deep inside us, hers in her cunt, mine deep in my hole. They dressed and left, and she and I kept fooling around. Imagine our surprise when we found both guys had slipped the condoms off and fucked them into our holes, obviously deliberately. I found hers when I ate her cunt and tasted cum, and started scooping it out with my fingers, and then we used a douche, and what should wash out of me but another rubber. Anyone else found a rubber inside them after a supposedly safe sex only guy left?
  3. Swinging and bareback

    Most of them insist on BB in front of other swingers. I find the ones who want to meet privately are often looking for both bare and bi. My GF used to insist on condoms sober, but once she got fucked up, she often asked for bare... I could tell stories...
  4. a little update... ...she booty called me at 5am new years day. in a hotel room. She didn't know i was at the bathhouse when she called... she sucked half a dozen assholes off my cock that day. including her own. And her asshole was sloppy from being fucked before I got there the pic is of her and one of the few i have. the cock is mine.
  5. Piss up the ass

    I have frequently done it to girls, but never to a man. I'm mostly a bottom with men, and very much a dominant top with women. The last time, I was partying with a young craigslist girl we did some lines of e, and then I stealth fucked another 100mg of MDMA into her asshole on the end of my cock. Once she was rushing on that, I took off the condom and emptied my bladder into her and then held her in my arms with my cock still in her, and fingered her clit and cunt to repeated orgasms. The way she clamped down on my cock each time got me hard again, and I dumped a load of cum in there too. My chemmed up piss got her even higher, so high she started shivering which was like magic on my cock. Once her rush was over, we spent the next few hours doing the piggiest things, including going on craigslist and having a random black guy come over and fuck her. all the while with my piss in her. It's good to be daddy to a dirty little girl
  6. Gonna plumb me?😘

  7. Real Or Pretend Cum Dump?

    Last time I was in Van, I took my turn on that bench. I took a dozen guys, and didn't turn anyone down. That bench is for cumdumpsters. If you want to be picky, go elsewhere in the baths.
  8. I had been married for ten years, to an extremely dirty girl. We were swingers, and she loved threesomes and orgies. She was one of those rare girls who not only did anal, bt she loved it and came from it as well. She had few limits, really just two: condoms always, and no guy on guy stuff... We would set up parties every few weeks, and invite people over to fool around. She would usually take some ecstasy, and by 10pm, she would usually be tonsils deep on a guy, with at least one or two more pounding the rest of her. She was famous for her mouth, too, because she adored making guys cum, and hated when they came in the condoms. So the party was going well, there were only 8 people there this time. Two single black guys, who we didn't know, but were each a guest of one of the two couples. Typical BBC fantasy material, and they had been spending their time spit roasting each of the women on their thick long cocks. Neither one of them had cum yet, when it was my wife's turn. The other two couples were bailing, so it was just the four of us... My wife stood up and said she was going to take a quick shower (she was a cum spattered mess), and so I sat and chatted with the two remaining guys. They asked what her limits were, and I told them she was good for all three holes, but condoms for her ass and cunt. At that, the older of the two black guys rolled his eyes and said 'naw man, I want to cum, and I can't cum with a rubber...' I said sorry, but that was the rule. Among other things because she was not on birth control. He tried to persuade me to make her take it bare, and then after a few minutes, he bailed too. My wife was going to be pretty disappointed at missing her airtight seal. My wife gave me a call, and I excused myself, in the bathroom she told me her ecstasy was wearing off, and that she needed a bump. I told her it was already handled. I gave her a capsule I had filled earlier, and told her I wanted to watch Tom (the black guy) fuck it into her asshole on the end of his dick. What I didn't mention was that what was in the cap was actually a mixture of ecstasy and ketamine, calculated to turn her even sluttier than usual while making her (and there is no better way to put this) kind of retarded and zombie like. She grinned wickedly, because booty bumps are her favourite way to get drugged, and nobody but me had ever done this to her before... I left her in the bathroom, and went back t the bedroom where tom was laying back and stroking his huge cock. i joined him and began stroking my own. I'm big, but his was two inches longer and thicker as well. 9" and as thick as my wife's wrist. This was going to be fun... Suddenly tom whispers... 'you like the D, drays?' 'yeah, but my wife doesn't know'. He smiled 'see what happens later then?' That was when my wife came in, dripping from her shower, and sat down between us. She handed Tom the capsule, and said 'drays will tell you what to do with that', and started sucking my cock. She was on all fours her big round milf ass in the air. I know Tom could see her slightly gaped asshole, and her slick cunt lips all hairless and smooth. I groaned a bit at my wife's slut mouth, and said 'It's a booty bump of exstasy, Tom, just slip it inside her asshole, and then push it in further with your cock. It will melt inside her ass and get her high again....' Tom laughed 'you dirty little whore!' and he slipped the capsule into her pink hole. He worked his fingers into her deeper, then took up a lube bottle and a condom. Unrolling the super sized rubber onto himself, he lubed up and positioned himself. 'Beg for it, girl, tell me what you want' I sat up to watch, his huge cock resting against her hole. I knew she had been assfucked by one f the others already, but that modest 6" cock was nothing like this. She looked over her shoulder 'please use your cock to slide those drugs deep inside me.... they're the only way I will be able to take what I know you want to do to me' she moaned a little as he slid a little ways 'please Tom, I hardly ever get black cock, please work that cock into me and make me scream your name' her hips wriggled as she pushed back onto him, moaning about what a nasty whore she was, and how dirty she would be for us. I spread her cheeks apart and said ' yeah Tom, start slow stroking her...rub that shit into her asshole and feel her get fucked up...' It had been five minutes since it first slid in, so it was starting to take effect. She moaned softly as his cock began slow slides in and out. Burying her face in the pillow, she began moving back in time with his thrusts. I watched his look of surprise as she began taking him balls deep 'see Tom? I told you she's a good little whore' I lifted her head up and slid my cock into her mouth, I began to fuck her face, 'Thats a good whore, do you like having two big cocks in each end? She mumbled around my cock 'oh fuck yes, Love it... this E is better than the last stuff!' 'It's new little whore, especially formulated for sluts like you!' 'MMMMm it's so good.... I feel like I could take anything' 'you will, little whore...you will' The full rush was hitting her now, I watched the intelligence in her eyes drain away, replaced by lust and hunger. I began fucking her throat, making her gag a little making her asshole clench down on Tom each time. Tom was also stroking harder, holding at full depth to feel her gags, then pulling out to slap her ass with it, before plunging in again. 'Man this whore can take it, dude, you a lucky man!' I grinned 'yeah, she's a keeper. she could take you sober as well, but then we couldn't do this'. The next time he pulled out, i reached over and wrapped my hand around his cock, stroking it.... 'Zoe?' I asked 'tell him what you want!' 'wann 'im imma cunt!' she slurred around my cock. I smacked his cock against my wife ass. 'why?' 'cuz imma dirty slut!' 'why else' 'cuz it's so big and its full of cum and i want it in me!' Toms eyes went wide, and his cock swelled in my hand He looked at me, and I whispered 'role-play it, it turns the little cumslut on, don't worry she loves the idea of strangers cum in her' 'Beg Tom for his cum, little whore' 'Please Tom, please put your cum in my slutty cunt, please, I want you to breed me, fill me up until I drip, make me your dirty fucking cumslut!' Up to this moment, all of this had been the plan between my wife and I, but I was too horny, too high, and too weak to resist temptation... I went off=plan... Carefully, I unroll the condom from his cock. I look at him. I produce another capsule, pop it in her hole. 'This one is just K, enough to put her out for an hour or so. Push it in, Tom' Grinning, Tom slips that huge club back into her, and starts long stroking my wife. She is going crazy as I talk to her, telling her she's taking raw cock, telling her how long and thick it is. As the K takes hold, and she starts to slip away and pass out, Tom shudders and thrusts deep, filling her asshole with seed. I am quite certain that was the moment my wife was infected with HIV. Tom pulled out of my wife, a dribble of cum followed, and rolled over. I positioned myself, and thrust my cock into her asshole. I fucked her slowly, feeling the novel slickness of another guys cum, something that despite a decade of debauchery, I had never felt. Tom sat up, then stood beside me. I turned my face towards him, his half hard cock was right there... I began to lick and suck it as I fucked my unconscious wife. Cleaning her asshole from it, I could even taste the faint tangs of ketamine and ecstasy on it. I felt as though my cock was stirring his cum inside her, and the thought made me want more... 'Tom, you want her pussy?' 'Hell yeah' He climbed on, and I turned her face sideways, and slipped my ass-covered cock into her mouth. She was barely conscious, but reflexively sucked at me like a baby on a nipple. Was hard as a rock as I watched him enter her cunt, her very fertile cunt... 'She really isn't on the pill, man' 'Good, a little risk makes it fun! Maybe I am going to knock the little bitch up!' I reached ut and played with his hard nipples, the down t slide my fingers into her cum-slick asshole. I could feel his cock plowing her cunt. He groaned and pulled out pulling my mouth onto his cock as he spurted another load, this time into my mouth. I gulped it down eagerly, and lay back as he collected his clothes, dressed, and left. My wife stirred as the K started to wear off, and I began to kiss and fondle her, it was going to be my turn to cum next. K fades fast, and soon enough her bruised cunt was warming up for me, and her mouth was busy suckling my nipples as I thrust into her slick pussy. I told her how she had begged for cum in her ass and cunt, she moaned and told me how good it was to finally get a load inside her after all that teasing. She got sick a month later, when the tests came back I knew exactly what had happened. I told her someone must have been careless with condoms, but I never confessed. I stayed with her, but two years later we divorced. She never pozzed me, I was pozzed later on at the steamworks baths in Vancouver, after someone booty bumped me and I spent an hour in a sling. How karma does win in the end.
  9. I was 13. There was a cruising park in my town (Calgary alberta) down by our zoo. I would ride my bike there during the summer and get my cocked sucked in the bushes mostly by guys in their 30s and 40s. One time two guys were sucking me, and couple more were watching, and one of them started playing with my asshole. before I knew what was happening, he was behind me, and sliding it in while the other guy kept sucking. it hurt, but he held on and came very quickly in my ass. the other guy never stopped sucking and i came right after... the other guys came over and got me hard again. One of them had vaseline, and fucked me again, and with lube I liked it. i remember his cock got covered in shit, he wiped it off and tried to get me to suck, but i refused. he went back in my ass and came. That was my first loads, and my first time doing anything bottom.
  10. Swinging and bareback

    most couple insist on condoms, until their partner leaves the room. I've lost count of how many safe sex only swinger girls that begged for bareback the instant hubby was gone.
  11. What age of woman do you prefer?

    Jailbait when I can get it. You would be amazed how many teenaged girls really do want to love their daddy.
  12. I tried to count off, and stopped counting in the hundreds, an that was 10 years ago. I was a slutty young man, and a slutty swinger as well. Almost none of them were prostitutes, I've only used prostitutes in Thailand, where I stuck to hand jobs, and a couple of teenaged streetwalkers I picked up last year off a stroll in my hometown. I would say half of them were stealth or super high and didn't know it was BB
  13. My ex wife had a fetish for black guys. First time was about fifteen years ago, found a guy on the internet. Big guy, built like a football player, 8" cock as thick as a pop can. My wife was nervous, and drank too much, but it didn't stop us. We took her to bed, and used her for a couple of hours. He had a hard time keeping it up with a condom, so I quietly told him to take it off. We both railed a line of MDMA, and got to work on her. She didn't notice he was barebacking at first, when she did, she asked me if it was okay, I told her she wasn't going to back out now and to get back on her knees. At first she was sloppy drunk, and mostly just lay there while we fucked her holes. she was very out of it, and didn't even notice when, during 69, he would pull out of her pussy for a bit and fuck my mouth, nor when I did the same to him. When we got tired of her passivity, I booty bumped her with some of th MDMA, which woke her right up. After that it was 90 minutes of rough tag team, spit roast, and her first DP. He came twice, once in her pussy, and once in her mouth, got dressed and left. We continued fucking all night, snorting molly and getting nasty. I talked dirty to her about the black baby growing in her belly (she was on the pill) and she came like a whore each time I talked about him filling her belly. Once she was too sore to fuck, she started sucking. A long slow blowjob that took half an hour and ended with a huge load in her mouth which I made her show me, then dribble down her tits and front, where I scooped it up and shovelled it into her cunt. A few hours break while we cuddled and watched porn, and i gave her a long slow assfucking which ended in her fifth load soaking into her guts. He came back a few times, then moved away, and we found another guy to take his place. We continued to have these parties until we divorced two years ago, when I became poz.
  14. Your last hetro load...

    Of course she knows, she is also positive.
  15. Your last hetro load...

    next date was even better. i pissed inside her until sh couldn't hold any more, then pulled out and plugged her. what was left, she drank from cock. Then she straddled my face and emptied herself down my throat. Both of us were flying high, so the piss sent us over the moon. we became total pigs, daring each other to do the most extreme things. after she held the piss for half an hour she dared me to make her cum hard enough to shoot the plug out. But that didn't work, so instead i throat fucked her until she gagged so hard it fell out and she squirted what was left into the tub. each time we pissed all that afternoon, we were each other's toilet. and in between it was constant piggy fucking alternating with warm soapy showers. i may propose

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