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  1. In sex I think I might be sub. Guys have turned me off by being too polite and decent - or too chatty. No-one has ever turned me off by being rude, selfish, bossy or having no common language between us. While friendly chat can be a problem, bossy one-sided rants are not - especially if they are it's about their superiority (personally or by type), a bit conspiracy theory-ish, or a bit bonkers in some way. I like being filmed, tied up told what to do. I hate the "what are you into" question. I'd much rather they just knew what they were into and got on with it. I'm far more likely to be into it if they do. All up to a point, obviously. There can be a bit of a fine line between sex dominance and real mental health worries which aren't. Obviously there are lots of exceptions too - everyone's sexy in they're own way. I'm don't completely writing off the polite, the rational or the considerate. Like the last comment, I have no desire to top. I see it as like going to the dentist. The fact that I can do it and even sometimes do, doesn't make that there is any real desire.
  2. Completely agree. And that stupid bit at the beginning when they chat. Stilted and so unsexy. Amateur porn is sexy because its real.
  3. Occasionally. One of my FB's is hot but fairly can be a little inflexible in his views. You've been fucked, you've got a load inside. I wish. You've got a load inside. I can feel it. No. I really don't. I was working. I'm sure you've got a load inside. I'm really sure I don't. You've got a load inside. Ok then, I've got a load.
  4. Others will give you better directions than this - I've only been about 3 times but always know when you are in the right place. Once I went I thought just on a recce. It was 7am on a Sunday morning - I was jetlagged, up early and only went there because I was too early for my swim. It was summer time, light and everyone will have gone by now. Turns out they hadn't. Obviously other times are better - like at night. It's approximately here: [think before following links] https://goo.gl/maps/eDgaFDDD9N6zFzw47 Like I say, others will know better, but in the meantime, hope this is a start. Am determined to go there next time I'm back. Hopefully in July....
  5. Me - British but live in Hong Kong (actually mix of Scottish, English, Irish, Belgian, Australian, New Zealand - and I recently discovered Jamaican - a little to my surprise - but allowing me to tick "mixed race" on occasions I wish there was a "mind your own business" box (it's stretching it a bit at about 1/300th but they asked what I was, not how strong the mix). My post-Brexit application to become Belgian, alas failed. Those who fucked me bb include guys from:, Australia, Africa somewhere I should know coz he fucked me twice recently, Brazil, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Netherlands, NZ, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA. Probably a few others that I've forgotten or never knew. I'm not to fussy about where a guy's from (or in fact, too much else)....tempted to ban Belgians in retaliation though.
  6. I don't mean to sound cynical, but what do the police in such situations imagine think they are protecting the public against? The risk of accidentally finding themselves in a cruising ground looking as if they might want a fuck?
  7. I'd go further and say threesomes don't generally work. Of course, either can work and be hot , it's just the dynamic seems against it. Someone's likely to end up feeling a spare part and it will certainly be one of the couple. While jealousy isn't something I get (thankfully), I know my bf does. What saves it is that he gets turned on by seeing me get fucked - (he is the first person to have fucked me bb, but still doesn't believe it - he says I was too slutty for that to be true). Even so, I'd never do a three. Nor would i ever do it at our flat. His reaction if he wants to call things to a close is not to say anything but to start playing Barbra Streisand at high volume. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. It also means I'm in deep trouble. As part of a larger group at someone else's it's no problem. Even then we would probably not admit to being a couple. We'd pretend not to be, only to forget and address one another as "my love" - a little overfamiliar, even in a group. The most recent time I played with a couple, I ended up being top. Or I say played with a couple. The actual top was mainly on the phone to his work. Not a nightmare but also not great - doing what doesn't come naturally with a stressed bf looking on. Two, four or twenty is fine. Just not three.
  8. The National Lottery Numbers were as follows... btw you're gay so get on with it.
  9. In most places the rule is "consenting adults". That's what they are even if they are younger adults than you. I think I'm right in saying that in the US consent a bunch of elderly judges can overrule that consent and give you their version instead depending on "power differential" (whatever that is). (Meritor Savings Bank v Vinson). Others will know better than me.... Morally, I'm with the places that say consenting adults. Rich, poor, old, young, fat, thin, tall, short, clever, stupid..they know what they are doing. If they want to fuck you raw, they want to fuck you raw. That said, I never actually try to convince anyone. I just make it clear they can fuck me bare if they want to. Which, it seems, usually they do. Reassuring them afterwards if they have post-cum guilt is different. They will feel good about it again when they are horny again. Showing a bit of kindness in the interval if they need it doesn't hurt.
  10. I would love to know who the Latino chub was in the vid you find if you google "ThisVid intimate verbal". It's a bit tougher than identifying the face if you get my drift. Warning - the vid is on topics forbidden here - so obviously don't check it if you're worried about stepping outside of this site's comfort zone. It's something of a long shot - and hope asking isn't against the rules. Would be very hot to know if anyone can recognise from what one can see. Moderator's Note: CONTENT WARNING - the referenced vid is on a topic that is obscene (in the legal sense). Don't check it if that is outside *YOUR* comfort zone!
  11. Maybe it's time for that latex body suit...
  12. I've now had two FB's show up with razor in hand. I like to keep it smooth - but seems I'm quite crap at it. Slightly crazy guy going at it with a bic razor was not one to repeat. Thai tranny with a more upmarket razor was not worrying at all. Even so laser sounds tempting.
  13. Just a very random guess/ outside possibility - has she worked out that you definitely are gay? It can be a big attraction. I'm told being ordained into the Catholic Church suddenly makes guys v popular with women. In both cases (if one sees them as two) it's got something to do with wanting the unobtainable and the fact that it's unthreatening - things won't go that far. There was a monk who actually just died recently but in his lifetime managed to be a very unlikely womaniser. Women would assume he was gay and so try to "tempt" him, he wasn't and said thank you very much. Like the others, I'd stay well clear. Just pointing out it might be not be desperate as much as what she's into - your appeal may be greater (consciously or not) for being gay.. My wife, for example, is genuinely surprised when she hears the news that yet another one of her ex boyfriends has come out as gay. I would be genuinely amazed if any of them turned out to be straight.
  14. Some of these I've mentioned before, but - the guy who cums inside me then lectures me on how I mustn't do bb sex - the guy who continually messages me in my 45 minute taxi ride to meet him, then switches his phone off the minute I arrive - the guy who thought me, my bf and our friend had cut his hands off (but somehow latched onto me as the least evil of the hand-cutting bastards) - the guy who turns out to be quite seriously physically handicapped (actually had some sympathy - could see how it might be difficult for him otherwise)... and are we calling it the "sunk cost" fallacy? (ie sucking him off as I was there even though I woudn't have met - putting it another way, he had correctly assessed my sluttiness and so his plan worked ) - the guy who said he' d been banned from the hotel for making a complaint; I was sympathetic until he explained his complaint was that there were people in the ceiling spying on him; - the guy who sits there not doing anything transfixed by porn but who refuses to leave even when I pull the plug on the porn (thankfully in a hotel - left myself and made him the hotel staff's problem) - the guy who only wanted to interrogate me about what other white bttm guys I knew (I tried to point out I really knew top guys; I didn't point out that I wouldn't him loose on any even if I did) - the guy who didn't mention that I'd be doing the walk of shame in front of his mother when I left the room (thankfully not as bad as it could be, her English being about as good as my Cantonese) - the guy who liked to give a running commentary on what he was doing and so made it clear his tastes were more straight really (not a problem) were of a Jeffrey Epstein variety (rather more of a problem) and wanted me to pretend that that is who I was (I big problem); I was crap when cast as Ophelia at my all boys school; my acting hasn't improved (in which role - obviously - I wasn't also being fucked when attempting that role). - the guy who messages me all day before our meet (for which I'd booked a hotel) then cums in 30 seconds; - the guy who only wants to bite me - which ends up as bizarre negotiation "ok, one more bite then I get to suck for a bit" (like the previous comment says, I somehow thought it a good idea to meet him again - no surprises, he hadn't changed) - the foursome which turned into two singing and playing Elton John songs on a piano missing one note (admittedly quite well - you hardly noticed the missing note) while me and the remaining guy tried to continue fucking in the next door room (even quite skilful "Candle In The Wind" wasn't really quite in the right mood). (made up for a little by the fact they thought I was a hooker coz I agreed to come over immediately and with so few questions - the compliment all the better for being unintended ) (London that one, anyone trying it in HK would get complaints about the noise). Good thread though. It cheers me up - sometimes it feels like the fruitcakes are all here in HK.
  15. At risk of being dull, my serious answer would be reminders of what slutty things I should be doing - otherwise things like work can sometimes make me forget. Never had much of a problem being a zoo exhibit, mind you. I agree that a blindfold helps - it makes you more in touch with your feelings and less distracted by anything that's going on. It probably encourages a few of the more shy tops too (they do exist..). I speak from memory...not too much chance of it here in hk right now...
  16. The more they do so, the more there is for the rest of us. Whether it's race or anything else, guys with comically prescriptive criteria should be encouraged, I say.
  17. I agree. It is certainly how I always treat people. There's only one problem. I get very turned on by people who do not respect me. Let me give an example. Apologies, it's one I've mentioned before but it illustrates the point well. Once upon a time I only did safe - by which I mean almost paranoid safe - sex. Thickest condoms, continually checking they were on etc etc. Then this guy says "can I put it in bare, no fucking just put it in" I thought ok - no harm in that. I knew he would start to try and fuck - and when he did I would insist he put the condom on. Only I was wrong. Amazingly - I still don't know how - he did exactly what he said. His cock was completely still with no attempt to fuck at all. Only after - literally - about 5 minutes completely still I feel him cum in me. Ï've cum" is what he said. Now from any consent perspective, it's probably just about consensual but it's still pretty shitty behaviour. It's the complete opposite of decorum and respect. And I reacted accordingly - told my bf - who was downstairs with the guys bf - we were leaving, And generally acted as if I was pissed off. But I wasn't. It was a complete act. I was massively turned on. For the whole taxi ride back I couldn't think of anything except his cum inside me. And of course a little later I got in touch and suggested another meet. (an aside, but divine retribution may have come into play then - because that time I had an epileptic fit which scared the hell out of him). In a way I wish it was otherwise. And that I got turned on by people who were super-respectful and checked I was ok at every point. But sexual desire doesn't work like that. I'm not sure I agree with the broad definitions of rape either. Sex is a series of interconnected actions. Quite how guys know I consented may be a mystery, but it quickly becomes apparent that I do. Unlike rape where the opposite is clear immediately. So like I say, they are completely different. But it seems a little more nuanced to me. Let's not get into the coherence debate. As I see it, if I can consent in advance to surgery when I'm unconscious, I can consent to sex. Any court that says otherwise, is not applying the meaning of consent. It's a judge ignoring my decision and substituting his instead (or hers - but almost certainly his) -something they have been doing for centuries. (from Oscar Wilde to R v Brown in UK). To be fair it's just not their thing. Like the one who thought the appeal of bareback was about saving money - not spending on condoms. Or at least if they do have greater understanding. they're sure as hell not going to admit it...
  18. ok Im going to voice an unpopular opinion. I think the two situations may be closer than some think. I know I am very - I mean very - turned on when guys just go ahead ignoring whether I consent or not. Technically, it probably is a crime. The diifference between that and rape isn't lack of consent - it's whether there would have been consent if it had been sought. In my case, yes, obviously. In a rape, obviously not. There may also be a different motive - rape done to hurt the victim; while in my case as it turns me on, it was most likely done for that reason too. So I agree it is completely different. It is just outwardly it does look very similar. Neither seeking consent, nor it's being a crime is the difference. Gloryholes I agree are completely different. Consent is obvious there - not easy to imagine how they could make it more obvious. Also, without doing any sort of research on it, I can't help feel that more guys than women are into being fucked anon. If there is any equivalent of Hampstead Heath frequented by women, I'm not aware of it. Though in fairness I haven't been looking either.
  19. gwmxyz

    My Shame

    ok niko31, I'm guessing not your thing. And I'm with you on the the shame thing (I feel almost the exact opposite with a cock inside me). But I find effeminate a turn on. Obviously I know they aren't actually women. Apart from anything else they're into sex... and there's hardly a page on here that doesn't appropriate....and I promise you other guys luv it.
  20. Almost everything. Does the black guy have to be top? Can't they ever break the big cock/ugly face ratio? Do the white guys have to be orange? Does the whole thing have to be so predictable and unreal? Oh and that bit at the beginning when they talk - not as bad as the acting maybe but still pretty pointless... I'd rather watch something real any day...
  21. I don't mind people with no pics themselves. But the ones who ask "More pics?" Nothing says "timewaster" like "more pics".
  22. Roof of a block of flats in Hong Kong. Didn't end as planned though - I didn't realise I wasn't meant to shut the fire exit. My friend's horniness when he realised we were stuck had to call a friend to come and rescue us. I did the BDSM test thing recently. It told me I was 100% exhibitionist. It came as a surprise - I'd never really thought of it like that. For someone more perceptive, I suspect the clues were there...
  23. Yes, I'm definitely a faggot. Unlike others though, I don't see myself as "queer". Add up the women and all the gay boys and you've got a clear majority. It's the ones who say they don't like being fucked who seem the weirdos to me.
  24. The same thought had occurred to me - I was just thinking more along the lines of full latex bodysuit from Aliexpress.
  25. To me he could be Kermit the Frog and I would still find it hot. The mere fact he can do it is a turn on. It's only happened a couple of times. It's obviously unethical - I just crave more. It's a long shot, but if anyone knows me and is being held back by ethical constraints, please, just go for it....
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