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  1. Yeah my clinic does 1 late clinic a week that I can get to without having to take time off work. You have to phone a week in advance for the appts for it and you have to phone as soon as the phonelines open otherwise you miss out! Find this being a more and more common occurrence with GUM clinics (and GP appts too) but once at the clinic, can't fault the staff at all!
  2. St Giles Hotel near Tottenham Court Rd is good - used it a couple times myself now, no keycards for access/lifts. Just don't book the most basic room (the "Classic") Very small and fixed shower heads in the shower. Go for "City" (typically £20 more than the Classic) or "Executive" for bigger rooms & douche attachment friendly showers (bath in Exec Suites).
  3. London's CL personals ads are still in full working order!
  4. Looking to book a hotel for a sleazy overnight session. What are the best hotels for easy access for Grindr (etc) visitors all night and rooms where there are douche attachment friendly showers. So many hotels I've looked into either have fixed shower heads or it seems pot luck that some are attachment friendly and some are fixed.
  5. Do love a bit of SOP! And been to a couple of the other nights there too. SOP definitely my favourite!! Attitudes are left outside and very friendly venue.
  6. Could try the Mercure hotels near Wittenbergplatz. Around half the price or better than half the price of Axel that I found for my next stay there. Plus close to many of the local fuck bars including Toms, The Bull and Scheune. Lab.Oratory is only a train ride away and a great experience. Haven't done Berlin's fickstutenmarkt yet but fully intend to one day.. Have done Amsterdam's one in a red hood before which was great fun!
  7. And just taken my last drug of the treatment!!!! 4 months has gone so fast... hospital next week to check bloods then see where we go from here!!! 12 weeks later if I'm still showing as negative then will be considered cured!!
  8. Mine was at either HardOn or CumUnion in London. Went to them both within a month of each other then got the HepC result at my next screen. As others point out.. not necessarily contracted through fisting or drugs - orgies seem to be becoming a more commonplace route of transmission. As usccocksucker says its easy to actually treat nowadays but damn expensive. Some complications still around regarding HIV/HepC coinfection due to the toll the drugs take on your body. Took a few years before NHS in UK would authorise my treatment.
  9. From personal experience... I had zero symptoms. Mine was picked up at a routine sexual health checkup. Many years (10+, maybe even more) down the line then that's when symptoms will start as it starts to cause damage to your liver. Fortunately mine was picked up very early on and an over halfway through my treatment now.
  10. Latest blood results recently came through, and a slight difference in wording so not sure how significant this is, but previously they were stated as undetectable and this last one was worded as Negative. Seeing the nurse next week so will ask for confirmation then, but all good news! And with the Ribavirin, the side effects I previously mentioned have all gone and I have been put back on it but at a reduced dosage of 200mg twice daily.
  11. Dirty Dicks, Eagle, Church, Cuckoo's Nest, Drakes.
  12. Read1 I have HepC genotype 1a. There are at least 4 genotypes with various subtypes (a,b,c etc I don't actually know how many subtypes there are of each). The treatments are constantly evolving and various different ones are available.. As i'm being treated via the NHS the decision is largely based on cost vs effectiveness. As for vaccines... there is NO vaccine currently available for HepC. There ARE vaccines for HepA and HepB and if you haven't already I would strongly advise you (and everyone else) to get those vaccines.
  13. So coming up towards the halfway point of my 4 months of treatment and been getting a few side effects in the last week including nausea, insomnia and lightheadedness. Guessing this would be because of an accumulation of the drug in my system (ie, previous dose not completely out of the system by the next dose so slowly builds up over time). I was due to see my nurse in 2 weeks but now been brought forward to next week to have more bloods taken and advised in the meantime to come off the Ribavirin. This shouldn't affect my chances of a cure by much as was already undetectable, and the added ri
  14. Blood results today showed that the HepC was not detected so having only been on meds for 2 weeks at the time of the bloods being taken, went from nearly 1M viral load to nothing is very quick and good news. My Ribavirin has been reduced to 2xAM and 2xPM (previously on 2xAM and 3xPM) with more bloods taken today at just shy of 4 weeks treatment. Next appointment will be in a month with the plan to further reduce the Ribavirin dosage assuming the HepC is still undetected.
  15. Only about 10% of people are able to clear the virus without meds. After about 6months it's considered that you will not clear it on your own and it becomes classed as a chronic HepC infection until you can get meds to clear it... of which, is up to 95% success rate.
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