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    Bottom looking for meets, no fixed preferences although would say def on sub side - just love cock

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  1. High VL Poz guy

    Do you go to the Cumunion parties at the Boiler House in Sheffield?
  2. Give your input on the new chat

    I still get the browser id issue every time I try to get into chat, however if you close the chat window, then click chat button to open it again I've found that I then get in to the chat no problem. If you're having the same problem, try that and hopefully it will work for you
  3. Give your input on the new chat

    and as soon as I posted that, I retried and now it worked....
  4. Give your input on the new chat

    I'm still getting the browser ID problem - here is the debug url https://www.breeding.zone/chat?msg=Browser+ID+could+not+be+determined.+Your+login+cannot+be+verified.&debug=Debug%3A+BID%3A++LH.+ezU4cGBTsbwMdswZJZeU1XYeSW9n0QpDnragXT52bFI%3D+ If it helps, it's Chrome v 62.0.3202.94 (also had this in v61 10 mins ago, I just updated to see if it made a difference)
  5. Men’s pleasure park near Heathrow

    Anyone go last night - was it any good?
  6. Hi ready4filling  such a cool ass:-) 

    Iam a Danish poz doc



    1. ready4filling
    2. notknown


      You are so hot I would come to you for as many "injections" as you see fit.

  7. Where for BB in Amsterdam Now?

    Am in Amsterdam for a few days, but looks like the sauna is closed until June Where else is good for BB (apart from my hotel room - sadly not central as out by Bijlmer Arena, but visitors welcome 😛 )
  8. Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Locker Room was too far from the tube station in the rain, so I stuck to SweatBox and that was good for me - bare cock inside me within 5 mins and bare seemed to be default option for most when in one of the slings
  9. Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Should be in London late afternoon/early evening tomorrow (Wednesday) - probably SweatBox - so hopefully have an update later
  10. Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    I may have backed my ass up to some of the glory holes in Chariots a few times If anyone is willing to travel just outside London, the ME1 Sauna in Rochester seems to be quite a nice clean place with good facilities as saunas go Went there for the first time last week and took a few loads when I was in the sling upstairs
  11. Love that hot ass bent over. It makes me want to french kiss your hole till you relax enough to get my tongue deep inside. Then I would totally destroy that hot fuckhole. Damn sexy ass man.

  12. Sauna sling fucks

    Sweatbox sauna just off Oxford Street has a couple of slings (& Lockerroom as mentioned above) I don't think any of the Chariots saunas or Pleasuredome have a sling
  13. 14th & 15th January

    Mmm yes - will be in London myself this weekend, should be online in BBRTS & Squirt BBRT / Squirt: ready4filling

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