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  1. Had the same problem......... and agree with some of the others Prep and the baths worked for me. The baths give you so many anonymous options as well as some sense of personal security
  2. oh fuck ya worth every bit of the pain
  3. Tough question to answer...... If your gonna tell me beforehand them I want you to fuck me rough and keep telling me till you blow balls deep......... but then again there is nothing like the rush when a guy tells you just as he starts cumming........ all that pent up excitement exploding in you brain as he is exploding up your ass....... glorious.
  4. Hairy Asses- Sexy or Not?

    love a hairy ass. in fact the hairier the better. love to watch the hair move when fucked. love the way it stays wet and cummy after a good fuck. Love to lick it clean.
  5. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    fuck i would take his load any day
  6. Sexually incompatible relationships

    Yes this is an interesting discussion. As for me, my husband and I have been together for 32 years now also. We are both tops when it comes to fucking and always have been. It took us a while but we have been able to make the open relationship thing work. Guess it helps that we are both raving pigs too........... I will admit that it took some time for each of us to move beyond the jealousy thing to develop our own appetites and kinks. But we knew we loved each other, so it just made sense to figure the fuck thing out. So we have a third join us if the mood strikes and we sometimes go whoring together. Most of the time though when we want to fuck we are on our own. Interestingly our only rule is that we have to tell each other when we play others. Come to think of it we have some hot story times that are as sexually charged as if we were fucking each other. Come to think of it I think it has made me a bit more piggy than I might have been............. no one wants to come home with a vanilla story. Oh and whoever said you can't make a partner into what you want was right. None of us change that much and trying to be top or a bottom when you are not just doesn't work. Ya gotta be able to go with the flow and adapt yourself.
  7. Do you clean cock?

    Fuck yes! That mix of juices is even better than what comes out of your own spunked up ass. I get rock hard every time i get to clean someone else cum and ass juice off a dick. But then again I have been known to get off sucking the juice out of a cumdumps ass too.
  8. Peeing while getting fucked

    As a top....... oh believe me it is hot as fuck when the guy i'm banging pees all over himself or me............. Wet, warm, silky.......... got hard just thinking about it. Ask your top if he is into it. The worst he can say no. And then its time for a new top.
  9. Felching

    Love felching out anon loads from some pig's ass the its all been said before, but the taste, smell, the marvelous feel of my tongue in a loose sloppy hole........ gets me rock hard. Then dump my load in as a replacement
  10. Bottom in Western Burbs by KOP

    close by here
  11. Dungeon Area In Club Philly

    Hey Cumhole I will let you know tomorrow. Am going tonight I know there is at least a sling or two. We'll have to see how active it gets
  12. Woof! Nice Ass! here and on BBRT

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