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  3. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

    1. got2getit


      No problem. Always happy to follow a guy that has shown a interest in me and my profile. All the best John x

  4. Go for it, man! You will be poz adddicted after your first poz load and want more and more. I am addicted myself.
  5. Getting fucked by "undesirables"

    I accept any guy and any cock, who wants to fuck me. But it has to be bare all the time.
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  7. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

    1. barebackrnb


      No problem...Thanks for your follow, too!

  8. Getting Fucked by Someone Who Was Not My Type

    I see it similar. As a natural born cumslut I am not picky, if a guy is my type or not. I am born to take cock and cum from any guy. A lot of not my type guys used my holes during the years. Who cares? I do, for what I was born. I spread my legs for any guy. No matter, if handsome, ugly, crippled, old, fat.
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      Thank you, you too!

  11. Bottom should accept poz loads?

    As a good bottom slut I am not picky. I take any load from any guy.
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    1. etha


      you're very welcome!

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      Glad to hear that.

  13. What do u wear as daily underwear

    Jocks all the time and my chastity cage.
  14. thanks for following.

  15. Being called a whore

    You can call me anything like that. It makes me always more horny and craving for cock and cum. And by the way, it is true. I am a whore! A proud one.

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