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    Perverted sicko and proud of it. I have HPV and Molluscum Contagiosum. Seeking couples and like minded ladies who are into risky bareback sex. I don't mind if you have STD's, as a matter of fact, I LOVE that you are infected!
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  1. Glad to have you on board. Enjoy your stay. It is very nice to meet like minded individuals who are into bareback, risky sex and zero taboos. Greetings from Serbia from a proud HPV carrier.
  2. Awesome story, my dear. You have my positive reaction and upvote. Unleash your imagination!
  3. Once again, I am thrilled that lots of people love my stories. I see that my topics were seen by so many people and it gladdens my heart and makes me write more and more. I ended the story on purpose. I wanted to give a reader the chance to imagine for him\herself what exactly went on in the bedroom. Maybe the reader didn't like some parts of the story or perhaps, fetishes that I included and wanted to tailor her \ his own resolution. I love looking at the porn, but sometimes, what really gets me going is written erotica, precisely where people can really let their imagination flow into electronic words. And as I mentioned before, I wanted to contribute something to this site... Even if it's just a story. Hmmmm... How about a teaser, then? - Next story will involve: Stealthing and blood-slamming (among the usual fetishes of mine). You can expect the story within the next week. It will be even longer than previous three and I will need some time to write it and it's going to be ball draining \ cunt drenching story for really sick and depraved people. So that's what you can look forward to. Sincerely yours, Peoplefox.
  4. This is a bugchasing story with a lot of raceplay, unsafe sex and nasty debauchery. If you are not into sick, depraved stories. Don't read, just close the window and keep on living. If you are into sick and twisted stories, keep on reading. Enjoy!!! Classes at the college were dragging along, utterly slowly and without mercy. It was a hectic day, preparation for the exams were ongoing. I was in the classroom, listening to the teacher droning on whilst checking my cellphone. I was receiving texts from both Enix and Nadia. They were either telling me how they loved the feel of my tongue deep into their cunt or ass, or the way how I kissed them after. I received a couple of hot pics of their drooling cunts. There was a slight, yellowish discharge from Nadia's pussy. She showed the pic where she took the fingers into her cunt, jabbed it a bit and put it into her tongue, sucking it off. Paying no attention to the class, I just responded how much I loved her nasty cunt and was looking forward to fuck her again. It went on for a while until I received a message from an unfamiliar number. It said: What'cha lookin at pumpkin? Who is this? How did you get this number? Enix gave me ur numbah an she told me im ur gurl and im behind u I remembered now who she is. It's my faux girlfriend with heavy raceplay tendencies. Her stupid "lingo" talk was giving me headache. I decided to put a stop to it. I turned behind and saw her, sitting three rows back from me. She looked beautiful, for a mulatto girl. Nice lips, 34 DD size boobs, black top, curly black hair, pretty face and hazel eyes. I thought she looked stunning but was going to feed into her raceplay. *I know niggers are illiterate but if you are in college, I'd expect you to write better than this. I can't decipher your writing. Either write properly or don't write to me at all!" I looked behind, at her and stared icily into her eyes. She looked down at her paper. Seeing the flash of my cellphone notification, I opened the message and saw: Sorry, David. You are right. I should know better. Is this good enough? I enjoyed her message and submissiveness immensely. I was liking this far too much. I smiled and wrote my response. That's it, you negro twat. You should strive to be as best as you can be in the presence of your betters. You are right, Sir. I will try! I hear you are my girlfriend now. I shall have to inspect you. Are you going to be an uppity niggress or an obedient one? - Doesn't matter, if you step out of the line, I will discipline you. I will be whatever you want me to be, Sir! Good nigglet piggy! Talk to you later. I smiled and put away the cellphone, suddenly, I was looking forward to the end of the classes and to the new debauchery with my girlfriend with whom I can do anything I want. With my classes done, I texted to Daniella, telling her to wait for me outside. I spoke with my best friend and apologized to him that I won't be able to come to his new party he'd planned on doing and that I would be attending his next one for sure. When I was heading out, I texted Enix, telling her that I would be heading to Daniella's home and she should come and bring someone if she wants to. My cellphone buzzed and I saw the text notification, I opened it and read that she will head there and bring the couple with Gonorrhea. Apparently, they've come back from Jamaica. I found Daniella exactly where I told her to wait for me. I hugged her from behind and said: "Hello, my girl!" People who knew me were shocked that she was my girlfriend. I wanted them to know that she's mine. "Let's go to your place!" - I put my hand next to hers and grabbed it. She led me toward our destination, leaving the other speechless. "I am so happy, David. I've been looking forward to this moment ever since I saw you the first time." We stopped and I looked at her. I caressed her cheek and planted a nice, wet kiss upon her soft lips. It was like kissing the morning dew. I was overjoyed. "I know. I am happy too. Now, I got a girlfriend who can cater to my every sick fetish and who's got a few fetishes of her own. I want to do bad things with you, sweetie." "Yes, baby. This nigger is up for all kinds of sick shit. I would love to have you rape me here, but I wouldn't want us to be arrested for public indecency. Let's go to my house. It's 20 min walk from here. My mom is at work and will be back home tonight. She's looking forward to meeting you." "Good thinking... Seems that you aren't a dumbo, little nigger whore. Let's go to your place." We arrived to her place. It was in a nice neighborhood. Lofty house, four rooms, three bathrooms, well furnished... Elegant house all in all. It made me wonder what job her mom had in order to afford this house. She offered me something to drink but I refused, saying that her body would be sustenance enough. I told her to stand still while I undressed her. Her body was my present, wrapped up with a nice bow. She shivered when I began kissing behind her earlobe and telling how nice she smelled. I licked the nape of her neck. She tasted divine. I removed her top and her bra. Her boobs sprang free. They were nice and tight melons, her body was very light brown with areolas of very dark color, resembling a dark chocolate. I was holding her bra in my hands, they were black. I moved right in front of her and put her bra in my nose, inhaling her boob sweat. I wanted her to see how much I desired her. She started to move her hand and tried to remove her pants when I raised my voice and stopped her. "What the fuck do you think you are doing, nigger twat??! - I told you to stand still and I expect you to obey me!" "Terrible sorry, my Master! I will be good!" A sharp sound of slap resonated across the room. I slapped her face and she moaned but stood still. "I don't remember giving you permission to speak. Good niggers are seen, not heard!" I continued sniffing her bra as if nothing happened. There was just a sound of my nose, inhaling wildly her fragrance and her breathing quickening. I discarded her bra, and begun removing her pants. I saw her white panties and chuckled at her choice. Her socks were white too. There was a wet spot on her panties, the smell of her arousal was incendiary. I brought my face closer to her pubis and inhaled deeply, searing her scent into my brain. I looked up and saw her looking at me with her glassy eyes full of lust, she was licking her lips and showing me her nice, pearly white teeth. "Wearing white panties and socks is a serious offense. That means you disrespect white race. White color on inferior black skin is an affront. This will be rectified, you filthy nigger! - From now on, your underwear and socks are to be any color except white. You are forbidden to wear bras." Her pussy begun releasing its juice. She was shaking a bit and I was astounded to see that my words brought her to an orgasm. I smiled at that moment. I removed the panties. There was a large, wet spot on them. I brought it up to her to see and put it onto my nose, to inhale her cunt. I put my thumb into her mouth and told her to suck it. She was sucking my thumb while I was inhaling her panties. I put her panties into my jacket, keeping them as a trophy. When I undressed myself, I pulled her toward the couch and told her to show me her feet. She went to remove her socks but I stopped her and told her that I wished to remove the socks myself. She's not to do anything but to lie there and look pretty. I will do all the thinking for her. I grabbed her feet and looked at the soles of her socks. They were a bit black. I put my face onto her soles and sniffed them. The smell was a bit acrid but so good. She went nuts when I sniffed her socks, she was panting and moaning. I told her she was free to pinch and squeeze her tits and nipples. She obeyed my commands. Removing the socks from her feet, I flung them next to my bag. I shoved my foot next to her face and ordered her to suck and lick my foot. She slowly began kissing and licking the soles of my feet and toes. I put hers into my mouth and sucked her with a gusto. I loved the salty taste of her foot on my tongue. Removing the foot from my mouth, I said: "I simply love the contrast, baby. Look at us. Ivory and ebony, together... Your black foot tastes so good in my mouth, baby. Eat the grime from between my toes, slut." She moaned in approval. I was slobbering up her foot, spit was everywhere and I was loving it. Living out my fantasy of licking her foot was so exhilarating. I lost any ounce of sadness I had when my ex-girlfriend denied me her feet, blaming her for being a dumb, narrow-minded twat. I wished I could devour her foot, my mouth was bulging obscenely. Hers was the same When I grew tired of eating out her feet, I withdrew them from my mouth and told her I wished to lay claim on her ass. I grabbed the pillow and put it under her stomach and another one I gave to her to hold onto. I told her that she's gonna love the way I will eat out her ass before fucking her. That will be my way of thanking her for being my negro girlfriend. I groped her ass, testing the firmness of her buttocks. Spreading her cheeks, I saw a pinkish asshole, winking at me. I put a tongue and gave it a couple of licks and put a kiss onto it. She squirmed and moaned while I was worshiping her ass. I was licking it for about ten or fifteen minutes. Deciding enough was enough, I stroked my cock and pushed the head into her ass. Her poop chute was tight, undoubtedly, she wasn't an anal virgin but still, tight ass is a tight ass. I nestled my cock into her ass and began fucking her slow but deep. Pushing in and out, in and out, in and out... Every time I did that, I spouted obscenities at her. "Walking shit", "Nigger broodmare!", "Negro toilet cleaner", "Dumb porch monkey", "Her black daddy's dirty thought", "Two dollar black whore", "STD negro bugwhore"... She was moaning and screaming in delight, shaking her ass into me and sucking her fingers. Seing her back, I noticed a lot of tiny pimples, but there was a bigger one. I was timing to burst her huge zit with my finger when I was reaching orgasm. She felt my fingers slowly squeezing her huge pimple and whimpered. I laughed and kept on plowing her ass faster, forcing myself to reach orgasm quicker. The very moment I felt cum about to leave my cock, I pinched the pimple and watched it burst apart, sending the puss outward. She felt the jolt of my cum inside her ass and the frightful pain in her back. I know how much those fuckers hurt and knew that she was in quite a bit of pain. She cried out and orgasmed in the mixture of both pain and pleasure. Blood and puss were on my fingers, I put them into my mouth and sucked off the mess. Seeing the rest on her back, I put my tongue to work and lapped up the remaining blood and puss on her back. She moaned at my ministrations. I heard the door opening and Enyx's voice informing us of her presence. I saw her and two, good looking couple, staring at me, smiling and waving their hands at me. I waved back and asked them how they were. I saw Enyx signing to them, I figured out that they were deaf, I guess she explained to them what I just said. They smiled at me and sent kisses. I watched them disrobing, they were about 30 or 35. Quite young. She was a redhead with a lot of freckles on her face and body. Her tits were tiny but her nipples were perky. Lithe and tight body. She had a landing strip on her cunt. Her man was taller than me, a bit muscular and tanned. His cock and balls were shaved. The cock was 7" and had a nice girth to it. What caught my attention was his piss hole. There was whitish discharge, dripping from his cock in slow and steady drips. I licked my tongue and smiled. "Sweetie, this is Joan and Jeffrey. They are deaf-mutes. I think I'll have to teach you sign language. But I am sure that there are things that don't require signing, don't you?" There was a camera in her hand, she was still dressed in leather pants and white, strapless shirt. She intend to record my dalliance with them. I stood up, dismounting from Daniella's ass. I went toward Joan to kiss her hello. Her tongue had a weird taste in my mouth but I loved it all the same. She grabbed my body and brought it closer to her. She squeezed my ass and I felt Jeffry exploring the back of my head and stroking my hair while I was kissing Joan. He tapped on my shoulder and I looked at him. He pointed at his lips and I understood that he wanted me to kiss him. It would be the first time I kissed a man. Joan slapped my butt and pushed me toward him. His lips were taut and inviting. I mashed my lips into his and slowly put my tongue into his mouth. His breath felt hot. His hands roamed all over my body and I responded in kind. His partner was kissing the back of my neck and playing with my ass while I was kissing Jeffrey. I was feeling up his dripping cock, smearing the discharge all over his cock. It was slimy and viscous discharge. Joan took my discharge coated fingers and popped them into her mouth. The feeling of wet tongue sliding over my fingers was incredulous. She tapped on my back and I looked away to her, she was pointing to bed and mouthing: "Come". I followed her, she grabbed me by shoulders and led me to the couch and pushed me. She took the pillow and planted it underneath my ass. My cock was so hard and I was looking forward to being bred with Gonorrhea. I patted Jane's leg and pointed to her pussy, then to my mouth. I made a sucking cock motion. She understood I wanted her in 69 position while I was being fucked by him. Joan positioned her cunt right above my face, I removed my glasses and everything was blurry. It didn't matter, my tongue knew where everything was. She sank her cunt onto my tongue. I pushed my tongue into her tunnel and there was big glop waiting for me inside, I scooped it in with my tongue and tasted it. It was acrid and bitter. I was tasting her gonorrhea on my tongue and was panting like a dog in a heat. I swallowed it up and put the tongue inside seeking out more of delicious treats. While I was servicing Joan's gonorrhea riddled cunt, on the other end, Joan was giving me a wild blowjob. I felt her fingers touch the underside of my cock, twist my skin and stretch it as far as she could. I figured she never saw an uncut cock in her life and decided to play with it for a while. She was gently nibbling and biting the flesh. I was bucking my hips and moaning. She put her fingers into my ass and withdrew it. I felt a wet tongue across my ass. It was Jeffrey, wetting my ass before fucking me. He was spreading my cheeks as if I were a piece of meat. Slowly, he worked in the head of his cock into my hole and put it there. His cock was oozing his discharge into my opened anus. I was in delirium. Here was I, drinking up his girl's sweet discharge and my ass was drinking in his discharge. I was beyond myself with joy. She released some unintelligible scream of desire and squirted the her discharge across my face. I was in frenzy and began licking across everything I could feel with my tongue. That's when Jeffrey began fucking me in earnest. The fucking I had was deep and fast. It was as if a jackhammer fucked me. I felt my asshole burning inside out and I was groaning and trying to scream out to slow down only to be silenced with Jane's ass on my mouth. I screamed into her ass and she was mashing her ass into my face. I tried to shove her of and she grabbed my hands and held them. I managed to squeeze her hands and she squeezed back. He simply didn't stop, he went berserk on my ass. Entire room was filled with sounds of flesh hitting flesh and my muffled screams. Suddenly, he stopped and came into my ass. He bred my male cunt with his Gonorrhea filled cum. Jane came off and began licking my face and kissing. I was oblivious to the fact that I came because I saw her scooping cum from my stomach and bringing her fingers to my mouth to clean them up. Enix was smiling and finished recording. Daniella was frigging her cunt and her head lolled back. She was experiencing orgasm after orgasm She signed something to them and they responded back. Enix said that we should move into Celia's bed and it was Daniella's turn to be bred with Gonorrhea. I stood up, my ass was on fire and slime was flowing from my ass, dropping onto the floor. We went into the bedroom and had fun... Third installment of the story is done. I am sorry you had to wait a while. I had some unforeseen troubles but it's all sorted now. Hope you had fun.
  5. I am really glad you liked my story so much. I am currently writing another chapter. So far, it's going a little bit slow because I am building it up. It will be even more raunchier than the previous one.
  6. Here is another installment about the adventure of Enix and David. I hope you will like this story too! The non-stop fucking drained David. He didn't know exactly when he fell asleep next to his new lover and mistress, Enix. Everything in his body was hurting. Bite marks and scratches marked his body, Enix claimed and marked her territory as a deterrence to anyone who wants to steal David from her. He slept naked, being the little spoon to her. She was gently stroking his leg while he slept. She was breathing his scent in. The shit has long dried into the sheets. They were both sleeping in her excrement and piss. The room smelled but they had their rest despite the smell. She fell into dreamless slumber next to him. David woke up before her. He looked at her for a moment. Sleeping peacefully. Her breathing was slow and hear breasts were moving with every inhale and exhale. He wanted to fondle her breasts but decided against it. He wished to do something special for her. He went out to find a kitchen and make something for her. Kitchen was easy to find, the fridge was fully stocked with various food. There was one shelf of blood, piss and packed shit. I rummaged for a bit and saw names I didn't recognize. The blood vials had inscriptions HEP C, 4 strains of HIV, Herpes... I put it back where I found it. He retrieved eggs and found a day old bread. He decided to make french toast and coffee. He put milk to boil and oil to get hot. The sink was half-full of dirty dishes. He took care of those dishes whilst waiting for the oil to get hot. It took him a couple of minutes to wash and dry the dishes. He sorted and stacked them to their appropriate places. The oil was getting ready and the milk was done, He let the milk cool and started beating the eggs. He soaked the bread, put it into the pan and begun frying the toast. When he was done, he poured the coffee into the cup, took the serving tray and off he went to bring breakfast to his lover. He entered the room and found her stretching in the bed. She was ruffling her hair and looked so happy at the prospect of being served breakfast in the bed. "I smelled something nice from the kitchen. What have you made for me?" "French toast, milk and coffee. Hope you will like them." *"I most certainly will. Come here, baby. Kiss Mommy." I set the tray down and kissed her. We kissed for a bit and then she stopped and said we have to eat. "We will eat now and after, I shall tell you what we are going to do today. I have lots of people for you to meet." "I am sorry but I have to go home. My parents will be worried. I didn't phone them last night. I totally forgot to do that. Forgive me?" *"Yes, I will forgive you for not thinking that I am clever and haven't already taken care of your "predicament" with parents." "What? - What did you do?" "Took your cellphone and sent them an SMS that you are at your girlfriends house and that you won't be back home on time. I had her mother phone your mother. I did mention that I would find you a girlfriend, to keep up the pretense. I can't very well be meeting your parents, they won't approve of our relationship." *"Her name is Daniella. 18 year old black girl. She goes to your college and she had a crush on you. She's a fellow bugchaser. Right now, she's got a mild case of yeast infection. Bot her mother and she are heavily into raceplay. They like being called niggers and such. It's very fun. I defended her mother, Celia, when she stabbed her husband in defense. He wanted to rape their daughter when she was 9. She used to be hooker and the daughter isn't even his. Her mom has herpes but she hasn't passed it onto her daughter. She got that after her daughter was born."* "I don't recall her. Can't even remember if I have ever met her." "What's there to recall? All niggers look the same, however, their cunts do not." "That's so hot. I love raceplay too. Thank you for finding her. Do I have your permission to fuck her?" "You are welcome. Not only do you have a permission, I expect you to fuck her. Her and her mommy. I give your permission to fuck ladies and girls who have all sorts of hot diseases. There is a bisex couple who are on a trip through Jamaica but will come back in a week. They would love to meet you." " Would you like to be sandwiched? - To get fucked by a guy while you fuck his wife? They both have gonorrhea." "Yes. I would love that. Like I said, I've never had a cock up my ass but would gladly experience the new stuff". "Done deal. Well, since you are free today, you don't have to go to your classes today." "I invited Nadia to come here. She's the 62 year old with full blown AIDS. You remember me mentioning her? - Well, she was anxious to come and I told her she could. I think you will like her. You know how Donatella Versace looks like now? - Well, Nadia is almost a spitting image of Donatella. Aids has ravaged her body but her lust has lost none of its potency. She is one horny slattern." "I can't wait to fuck her. Oh, god... I wanna fuck her silly. I want to smell her cunt and ass, to lick her feet, armpits. I want to have her spit in my mouth. To eat her cunt and asshole for a long time before putting my cock into her death trap." "You are so good for me. I love your nasty ideas, and feel free to do that with her, she is up for anything. She's often constipated and I'm sure you can put your cock to a good use up her ass. Give her a piss enema and I can plug her ass, let the piss soak up her dried shit." "I will record you fucking her on camera. I have clients who are into sick films. Sure, she won't kill you outright with her deathly holes, but she will show her papers, viral loads and they will know you just fucked Death and lived to tell the tale." "We are so fucked up. I am glad I took the plunge and sent you my photo and went to the club. I wouldn't have met you otherwise. Thank you for teaching my about bugchasing. I won't get tested. I will just keep on fucking. Perhaps I'll get tested in about 2 or 3 years." "However, I have a question. What about my college and my job?" "You will go to the college and keep on attending the classes. I need your good grades. And once you bring your Daniella around your house, you can move out into hers. I will buy some condo and both of you can live there. I, of course, shall be a regular guest there. Needless to say, you won't be telling your parents anything about you fucking diseased cunts. Keep it on the DL." "Understood. Didn't even plan to." "Excellent. Now, come with me to the bathroom. I have to remove the hairs from your cock, balls and ass. I want your back and front hairless." "That's good. Now you look way better. And it's easier to just remove the hair with hair removal foam" "Now, this bare butt of yours is giving me nasty ideas. Grip the shower handles and present your ass to me. I will spank you now." I did what she asked without any hesitation. *"You are a fucked up kid. You want to fuck STD ridden slatterns" SLAP - SLAP Each of my buttocks were slapped and I jerked due to the force of her slap and moaned. "Look at you now, what exactly are you moaning at? The slapping or the thought of fucking diseased cunt?" SLAP *"I guess you are moaning at both things." SLAP - SLAP - SLAP - SLAP I don't know how many slaps have I got on my ass but I was quivering and crying now. It isn't pleasure I feel now but a stinging pain. Still, I endured the pain for her. It's about her pleasure now. I felt her raking nails across my red ass. I let out a yelp when I felt her teeth into my plump ass. I felt her teeth on my other cheek I felt her finger enter my anus while dry. I inhaled and kept my mouth shut. Her assault was relentless and without mercy. She said that it's okay if I wanted to scream. Nobody would hear me. And my screams would be music to her ears. I began screaming whilst she was fingerfucking my ass. I felt her nails scraping in every direction. She stopped and told me to turn around. She pointed her finger at me, it was caked in fresh, red blood. I went to lick it but she took it away and smeared it across her lips. My blood was her lipstick. Now her lips had color of blood. "Thank you for your suffering, sweetie. And the lipstick provided from your ass. You are a doll!" My tears were running freely. She reached to my face, removed the glasses and licked my tears, carefully, not to let her lips touch my face and ruin the lipstick. She took her tongue in, swished around and commented how my tears tasted delicious. "You are welcome." - I said. "I want you to pee in my mouth now. I am thirsty." I stood up and went toward her. I put my cock inside her mouth. Relaxed and just let go inside her mouth. She was gulping it down like a madwoman. I grabbed her head and skullfucked her whilst pissing. She didn't do anything, she just took the abuse and kept watching me. I felt I was going to come and removed the cock. She held my cock inside her mouth and I spurted inside. She didn't swallow it. She rose up, pried open my mouth, held my head up and spitted my cum back into my mouth and told me to be a good boy and drink up my cum. I obeyed her. We dried off and ventured into the living room. Her cellphone was ringing and she answered. While she was speaking, I sat on her leather couch and watched her, walking in circles while talking to someone on the other end. I recognized the name, Nadia. Eni whispered to me that Nadia is coming in 15 min. I gave thumbs up. I helped Enix to mount the cameras in living room, bathroom and her bedroom. She obviously knew where I was planning to fuck her. She said that I am to give my attention to Nadia. To just forget that she was here. Today is Nadia's day. There was a ring on the door. Enix went to unlock the door. I heard a sultry voice, wet kisses and laughter. Then, the most amazing creature I've ever seen walked in the living room. Enix was right. Nadia indeed looked like a prettier version of Donatella Versace. Her hair has gone silver. Eyes sunken into the sockets, thin face, black lipstick. Leather coat, pants and leather shoes. For a moment there, we stood and watched each other There was a motion behind me and I heard cameras were on. Nadia pounced on me and started kissing me roughly. I responded in kind, grabbing her skinny behind through leather pants and groping her. I sneaked the hand into her pants and grabbed her ass. It was hanging from her bones. I moaned when I was kissing her. Her mouth tasted of cigarettes. It was like making out with an ashtray... She stopped to catch her breath. After a while, she said: It's very nice to meet you, David. Undress me, would you kindly? I removed everything from her except the shoes. I told her to sit down on the couch and to just enjoy whatever I do to her. I removed the shoe, picked her foot and started kissing and licking the soles and toes. I enjoyed the salty taste of her and another fragrance that was inside her flesh. I saw on the internet that people with AIDS wasting disease have different smells with them. She smelled so good. I removed the other shoe, brought her other foot and started smelling both of them. She was wiggling her toes and inserting them into my nostrils. I opened the mouth and took her pointy thumb inside. I sucked and licked it as if it were a minuscule cock. I started slobbering up her feet, they were wet and slimy from my spit. She was panting and frigging her clit and pinching her nipples. I told her that I wanted to fuck her cunt now. She didn't say anything except to smile and spread her legs as hard as she could. I put my cock in and started fucking her slowly. My hands were roaming her body. I could feel every bone, every rib. She was just skin and bones. Once upon a time, her boobs were full of fat, now they are sagging and small. She put her hands on my face and started fondling me, putting her bony fingers in my mouth to suck them. Played with my lips and stroking my cheek. I was reaching my breaking point. I hugged her, pushed my body into hers and fucked her cunt hard and deep until I felt my cum bursting into her deathly cunt. I was depositing my fertile cum into a barren and poisonous wasteland. I was sweaty and she was cool as a cucumber. I guess her sweat glands were shot to hell. I started kissing and she responded by grabbing my ass and slapping it. She kept squeezing every part of my anatomy. Breaking the slimy kiss, I stood up and looked at her, she was such a tiny, fragile thing, her disease has taken the best of her and I just fucked her without any regard whatsoever for my own health... And I wanted more. I picked her up, she wasn't heavy at all. I was wondering how didn't the wind manage to blow her away. I said: "I am taking you to the bedroom. I aim to make your ass mine!" I put her gently onto the bed, took the pillow and told to lie on stomach and get the pillow underneath her. I saw cameras around me, they will record everything, no matter where I am. Enix gave me a box. I opened it and saw Cruel Condom inside it. A mesh wiring, resembling my cock with a pointed, sharp stud where the tip is. I was feeling so wicked. I am about to hurt this old, AIDS cunt, draw blood and take it inside my cock. I put the condom on and said: "This is going to hurt, Nadia, but you won't mind it, will you? - I put the Cruel Condom on. I will make your ass bleed, so grip the sheets and try not to scream too much. I am going in dry." Her anus was very prolapsed due to the abuse she's suffered over ages. I put the tip onto her prolapsed anus and began teasing it. She was buckling her ass, trying to take it in. I just slapped her ass and laughed. In one swift move, I impaled her ass. She screamed so hard and the bed shook. I looked and there was blood on my cock. I pulled the cock out, waited a bit and pushed it one more time. She was shaking. I removed the cock, took the condom and put it back into the box. Now, it was time to fuck her bloodied anus. "Thank you, Nadia, for your AIDS. I loved fucking your cunt, but I will love fucking your bloody ass more." There was a cacophony of sounds in the room. Our moaning and groaning, sounds of the flesh, slapping into one another, sound of my cock sloshing her wet, bloodied anus. A coppery taste was in the air. Her prolapse was wounded good and the wound isn't closing because I am still not done fucking her. I gripped her shoulders and screamed obscenities at her. "Take it, you filthy whore!!! - I am fucking your sick asshole. You are infecting me, right now, aren't you? - And you like it, bitch." "Yes, I am fucking Death up the ass. Take my cum, you fucking Russian slag!!!" I came so hard that my balls hurt. I kept my cock inside for a couple of minutes. Removing the blood stained cock, I put my face into her ass and sucked the mixture of my cum and her blood. Nadia looked at me and opened her mouth to receive the offering. I spat the mixture into her mouth and she drank it. We started kissing and haven't stopped for a while. She cleaned my face from her blood and sucked my cock as clean as it possibly could be. She made me lie on the bed and she impaled herself on my cock and rode me until she couldn't take it anymore. I took her gently into my arms and we took a quick nap. Another chapter is done. Hope you liked it. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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