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  1. Hillary Clinton and Liz Warren had BDE. I miss them. 😉
  2. As an experienced bottom I have surprised myself by the size of cocks I can take with only spit. Just like I want all natural bare cock inside me, I prefer it with all natural lube also. For an extra added bonus, use the spit that gets pulled out after deep throating a cock. It's the best lube ever.
  3. Yes, way more of an active bottom here. Had an old regular with a huge hard cock. He would totally just do what I told him while I rode his cock in every position I could think of til he shot his load inside me. It was really fun, until I moved across the country. Not that I don't love a power top too, but calling the shots is really amazing.
  4. Coming to Denver, February 6 to 9. Not very familiar with the city. Vers/bottom fun pig here hoping to find some wild scenes. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. 🙂
  5. I probably prefer seeing the hot top guys, but I also love being a cum dump. Have had some awesome breeding sessions while blindfolded.
  6. Like someone else said...SO MANY TIMES. For being too hairy and for not being hairy enough. For not being a twink, and for not being a chub. For being too old and for being too young. The list goes on. None of us are a match for everyone. Don't waste your energy and your value worrying about the mismatches. Move on to the next one. We are all someone's type. You are sexy to lots of sexy men.
  7. Swallow some (more than a bit), but let some wash over my torso. Fucking love the smell of piss as it dries on my body. Makes me so hard. His scent stays with me all day. Also love a guy to give me a load of piss in my hole after he cums inside me.
  8. Have been regularly hooking up with a neighbor. He has a great thick cock and shoots big loads in my ass. Our new thing is fucking outside in the dark. Started when he fucked me on his front porch around 1am one Sunday morning. A guy was walking down the street, not sure if he was aware of us or not. Last night around 1am he came over to my place. I had one load in me already. We started fucking on my back patio, him pounding my ass so hard while standing up. But before long we are out in my driveway, me on my back and him fucking me from on top. Shot his big load in me right out in plain sight. Such a turn on of possibly being seen. Next time, I'm going to arrange for us to be caught by one of my other sexy top buds.
  9. sounds more like an std than anything caused by the pa. go to the doctor.
  10. Really hot story, have such a boner. The thought of those DC parties brings out the cumdump in me.
  11. I think I first realized I liked being watched back in the 90's getting sucked off or jacking with a few guys in the back rooms of bars. Now as a bareback bottom it's even better. Have hosted a couple of gang bangs of 4 to 5 guys. Seems they all love to watch also. My favorite time was on the fuck bench at Hawks in PDX. Did not look to see who as fucking or who was watching, but about 5 of them fucked me, and I'm not sure how many were watching. Wish I could find more exhibitionist tops to put on a show with me.
  12. Love getting fucked so much, and in every single position but it is definitely all about the cum. Primal fucking that ends with the load dumped in my ass right on top of all the others. There is nothing better.
  13. Busy weekend, just took load #5. An older daddy, then a younger otter Friday night. A sketchy stoner, and a young super handsome college guy yesterday, then just had a very intense sucking and fucking session with a long time fuck bud my age. He has an amazing hard cock that really drives me wild. Now laying here in the after glow fingering my warm cummy hole and thinking I'd love to find #6!
  14. Hey guys, this thread is "Where did you get or give your last load?" for hot recent stories. Maybe start a new thread about best places/ways to find loads?

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