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  1. Don't fret it.. It's the way of hookup sites anymore.. Most are looking for just that one perfect guy and sit online for 24 hours a day 7 days a week waiting for just that one to come along. There are a handful online that are just out to fuck. I have also gone for months without a hookup from online and even my usual fuck buddies say they are always busy. There are times I go down to club Houston and get nada.. Just depends on how the moon and stars are aligned..
  2. Was kinda fun but the turnout was nothing to write a book about..
  3. 2 more days and counting down.....
  4. You can mark me down early. I will be there collecting all the poz seed thats around.
  5. I'll be there at 6 pm.. Ready and willing
  6. 1 week/7 days left and counting down
  7. The countdown is at 11 days now..
  8. I'll be there with the need for poz seed
  9. 15 more days... The countdown begins...
  10. I am hoping.. Been a long journey to earn and score my biohazard tattoo. Can only hope for the best and get pozzed that night. Not having any luck with locals no matter when I go to club Houston. Everyone is on meds and some when you talk about it run like you set them on fire.
  11. I am planning on getting into the Brotherhood that night.. Not having much luck so far...
  12. Have had some luck with double list but same as cl many talk the talk but when it comes to the meet they wont
  13. I will be there hunting poz seed

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