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    Mild to wild, into muscle bulls, bodybuilders, bears and daddies, the bigger the better. Rape my dick with your hole.

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  1. 1. Do you enjoy making a man cum with your hand and mouth or him jerking himself off and feeding you his load? Top here, but has to be Mouth.. Waste otherwise 2. Do you like cum that shoots out hard, or cum that oozes out that you can lick up? Shoots out hard 3.How do you like to swallow his cum and why? With his cock deep in your throat? With his head resting on your tongue? With your mouth open and your tongue out? Jerking him off? With his head resting on tongue , there's a lot you can learn from the taste of a man's cum 😜 4. Do you like thick semen or more watery? Thick What is thethe sweet spot between too thick or too watery? good ketchup , better serves as lube when you slide into the guy you just blew. 5. Do you like semen sweet and pleasant with little taste, or salty with a very spermy flavor that has a long aftertaste? Sweet Why? Love salty.. might be a sign of my impending cynicism 6. What's the perfect size load that you like to swallow? Enough to get an nice taste? Or enough to get a big gulp? Or something that overwhelms your mouth that you have to work to swallow? Overwhelms 7. For those that have sucked off more than 1 guy at the same time, how is the experience different from eating multiple loads opposed to being with 1 guy? 1 guy, two guys is a bit too much splitting of attention 8. Describe the perfect cock that you'd like to suck and the perfect type of cum you'd want to swallow None.. if a bottom has a cock that happens to get hard, will try contort myself to suck him off as I fuck him...no complaints so far
  2. Lived in the middle east a while back and the terms seem to be the same .
  3. That's interesting. Differences in worldviews but I always saw myself as a passive top... more because I never initiated encounters., always got the aggressive bottom as a partner and ad I look intimidating ( genetic resting Bitch face... I get it from mum not dad) most guys avoid me , I love a good earl grey and drink jasmine tea by the bucket. Love and write poetry , I'm responsive to my bottom and tend to fuck only as hard as he can handle however whenever I get that one bull once in a red moon, and chems are involved... there's a disconnect and though Dr Jekyll is doing the kissing ,Mr Hyde is doing all the pelvic thrusting. Being a teacher , Would have thought Oral top only would have been more accurate but I guess it doesn't roll off the tongue as easily 😅
  4. Wish I had this growing up. Being brought up in a homophobic country did mean having a very isolated experience especially for a twunk top that prefers more bearish/muscular/older men for BB sex. Could also blame it on my ancestral " aura" . Always heard about the schools where homosexuality was rampant and freshmen got fucked by seniors but since I have resting mitch face, most people avoid me. and these stories remained legend
  5. My apologies for catcalling.. your boy is hot but Daaayyyuumm daddy!!!... what's a guy got to do to eat your ass ?!?😅😈
  6. My ultimate fantasy is the muscular daddy/bear/bodybuilder type of bottom. Being the skinny twunk variety that doesn't grow hair means not too many guys from my prefered typeset go for me as most people think I'm a bit of an Ice prince ( one man's nerves are another man's image of aloofness I guess 😅 plus most muscular guys in my country wouldn't be bottoms.. gay sex still illegal. Hairless due to genetics)but nothing beats munching down on a big slab of hairy beef before sliding in for the pounding of a lifetime.
  7. Mix, Muscle bottoms and bodybuilders for the smooth and bears, daddies, bulls for furry
  8. Private music teacher/ vocalist. Hoping to chase my dream of music Therapy as soon as Corona lifts. Hit a dead end when depression hit as plan after plan crashed due to Covid but reading about the diverse careers on here has me rearing to keep chasing after whatever fascinates me.
  9. PNP Gamer from Kenya, mostly into Strategy/simulation games though slightly bend toward racing games like nfs with a strategy twist to them .
  10. Hot story that saw me cum many a time, just saw this on tumblr and thought it fitting. Lean more towards Bears and bodybuilders as a top the gruffer the better but Dayuumm!!! Boy's got talent Wouldn't mind riding that
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