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    Besides the obvious,I thoroughly enjoy just spending time with friends, working on my golf game and swing, more golf, golf, golf, reading, movies etc. Basically I'm a go with the flow kind.
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    More of a bottom but because I shoot massive loads ... I'll acquiesce another guy's request for a few loads dumped in his ass.
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    None that I can recall. Supposedly an unauthorized sex tape was filmed when I was extremely drunk during a college dorm party with some athletes.
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    Kissing is a MUST. I can go from the worst mood ever to horny as fuck in a second lol.

    Body contact and cuddling.

    Mutual oral AND rimming. Yes, in a bottom ... we're allowed to get horny af by eating a hot clean hole!

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  1. Anon Loads

    Easier for me to count the number of sex partners I do know: 5, three of whom are exes. One a brother of an ex (care to guess why one relationship ended? Was getting fucked by bf's brother almost daily 😂). 5 out of around at least 5,000 😂 yeah I'm a slut. Well not anymore ... taking a break for a while.
  2. Not much to really write about. I was in a very bad mood after a tire blew out on me ... and feeling horny .... So I posted ads on BBRT, Craigslist, and A4A. I was only looking for anon dick. Only exception, no white men. I require oral first, that's how I ensure. I prepped, left my back doors unlocked, and got in position in my living room: Face down, ass up. I got fucked by only four black men, and each one was pretty hung and thick. They definitely took advantage of my request for a quick pump and dump; the longest fuck lasted all of about three minutes. Now I want more than the 7 loads I have swimming in me; two of the tops busted VERY quickly, literally seconds in 😂. Ugh ... the more loads in the more I want.
  3. Not all men are loose from having sex. I am naturally a bit loose ever since my first time. Which, by the way, was with a white dude hung 8.5 thick. He was able to pretty easily slide all in balls deep in about 10 seconds or less.
  4. I've been too busy and tired to do anything for months, until this past Monday and Tuesday. I didn't feel like going in to work ... had to clear my mind. Me being me I hopped into Grindr first thing in the morning. Long story short I sucked and swallowed 6 hung black men on Monday. My favorite was the sixth black dude. He was crashing at a cousin's place a mile south of me, and he messaged me his address and dick pic in first message. Bold he didn't even ask first 😂 I guess my slutty reputation for black dick precedes me. I get to this place, and before he closed his door he drops his jeans to expose a gorgeous, THICK 8 inch cut dick. I immediately got on my knees and inhaled it balls deep in my throat. 😮 he tastes so good. We took turns taking hits off his j ... damn doing so really gets me horny and loose. Not soon after my throat loosened up just enough for him to grab both sides on my face, push me against his living room window ... abs savagely fuck my face. I was moaning loudly, grabbing his fine small perky bubble ass and fingering him. He got even harder and thicker as I did that, and started to really drip precum. My throat was starting to get sore so I pushed against his hips. 😂 nah he wasn't having it. He grabbed my hands and placed them behind my head and punished me by getting more rough. Pulling all the way out leaving just the tip at my lips then slamming hard all 8 thick inches. I don't know how long this all lasted, I know at least 10 minutes ... he finally started to gasp and moan ... he pulled out leaving the first few inches in my mouth, and I tightly gripped my lips around his dick as he convulsed, his dick thickening and flooding my mouth. He let go of my head but I continued sucking his dick, letting him enjoy the warmth of his load around his dick. That set him off AGAIN and he busted a second load in my mouth. I swallowed of course, thanked him, and left.
  5. Ever turn down a big black dick?

    I turned down my first black dick, a month ago. I can take big ... but holy shit not one as fat / wide / thick as the one i turned down. His length was average, about 8.5 - 9 inches. DC / PG has a larger proportion of massively hung black men than anywhere else I've lived. (Annandale for hung Asian men). He wound up bottoming for me, and rimming my ass. Says he loves that more than fucking.
  6. best place to live being POZ?

    I don't understand why anyone thinks Tampa - Clearwater- Pinellas - St Petersburg is great for ... anything other than a few good beaches? I used to live in Florida ... Orlando and Tampa areas, and there's no true sense of community or friends down there. It's incredibly cheap to live there, and the access to health care is abysmal. What you get, especially in Florida: 1. Druggies 2. Whores looking for sugar daddies 3. Old farts 4. Dimwitted idiots 5. Insanely self absorbed, arrogant, judgmental douches
  7. Happened earlier tonight. Got hit up on Grindr by a sexy blatino guy, 20 years old, looking to get off. We exchanged pics, and he really wanted my ass. He lives in the projects a few streets away. I was nervous as hell as not many people go there, but I was horny and needed a pounding before working out. The lights were off in his room, except for light coming in from a street light. He sat on the edge of his bed naked ... even with dim light, damn, what a sight: toned, six pack ... and that dick. Fuck. He ordered me to get on my hands and knees, and crawl over to him. He stood up and smacked my face with his huge dick. Teasing me, pulling away as I tried to get it in my mouth. After a minute or so, he grabbed my head with both hands, ordered me to open my mouth ... and slammed into my mouth. I was choking but he didn't care. He fucked my face for a few minutes before pulling me by the hair and throwing me on to his bed. Next thing I feel his tongue in my ass. Not the best rim job, but I wasn't complaining. This went on for maybe five minutes before he got up on the bed, spat on my hole, and pressed his dick against my hole. From the looks of it from earlier, he has a solid 8 monster thick inches of blatino dick. Uncut. He was not gentle at all ... roughly rammed the head in, then the rest of his dick in one slow motion. Good thing my ass has always been able to handle and take big dick. I felt him grab my cheeks with his hands, then he really started fucking me. Pulling nearly all the way out, then slamming back in. He fucked me rough for only a few minutes before I felt him thicken and spasm, and flood my hole. I thought he was done, tried to get up ... but he grabbed my hips and said, "We're done when I say I'm done" ... and resumed good assault on my ass. He fucked and filled me two more times! I love multiple loads from a top. After the third load, he snapped at me to get out. Haha yes. He's here for the summer, and told me I'll be his cum dump slut. Ooh yes.
  8. Last night ... I got hit up by an older black guy on Grindr. Just a mile away, which is good cuz I wasn't in the mood to travel far. I get to his place and we get to it pretty quickly. We both got naked and hopped on his couch, making out. A few minutes later, he's still sitting on the couch, with my ass pressed to his face with me on my hands and knees. Damn, he's really good at eating ass! I usually don't feel that much from getting rimmed, but he's a definite pro. Licking, sucking, probing my hole with his fat, long tongue. Licking and sucking my balls, then back to my ass. He did this for a good 45 minutes, then pushed me on to my stomach, then laid on top of me. Grinding that dick on my ass while sucking my neck. He wrapped his arms under my shoulders, pulling me into him while sliding his dick in me. I was so horned up and loosened from his rim job that he slid all the way in in a quick motion. His dick was average, about 6 inches, but I'm no size queen. It felt great! All about the motion for me ... and damn he is good. He pounced my hole good for only about 5 minutes before he slammed in and flooded my hole. I hadn't cum yet, so I face fucked him. Held his head against the couch, and fucked his face. I lasted maybe a minute before I unloaded in his mouth. I said thanks, and left, with a big load in my ass.
  9. Also DC Eagle by virtue of its location in Anacostia. It's just south of the Benning Rd / Minnesota Ave intersection. Across the street from the post office.
  10. For cruising black guys, Malcolm X - Meridian Hill Park off 15th / 16th and W St NW. LOTS of black guys of all ages, plus Howard students. I've lost count on how many black guys I've hooked up with right in the park.
  11. Missing Truvada Dose!

    Resistance is a real threat if you happen to contract HIV and fail to add the third medication of the antiretroviral cocktail. At least that's what a friend said a doctor told him, and why patients must be tested every 3 months to renew their script.
  12. Another black guy last night. I received a Grindr message late last night from a 'straight' guy. No pics, said he's on the dl and has a girl. His stats were nice, but I was hesitant until he said he's looking to try bottoming. I was raging horny last night, and a hookup I had planned earlier flaked. So I headed to his place in PG ... worst case scenario we turn off the lights with him in doggie. Well, I'm glad I went. Short, petite yet toned build with a sweet bubble ass! We went straight to his room. I told him to strip, and I did too. He has a nice, thick 6 inch dick I enjoyed sucking. Lots of precum. I fingered his ass, and man another tight af one. I laid down on his bed and had him suck my dick while I rimmed him. Tasted so good. I was getting tired, it was 1 AM, so I threw his upper body off the bed, lifted his ass and had him on his knees, and I just drilled him. No lube, just my spit. I love it when my bitches squirm and wince. Means I'm doing something right lol. I gripped his hips as tight as I could, pulling him back as he was struggling to get away. After the first few thrusts, he calmed down and started moaning. His ass finally started to loosen a bit ... so I fucked harder and rougher. I was really only there to bust a quick nut. I had him get on the bed and on his back; pinned his legs to his chest, and fucked him hard. I had him stare into my eyes as I owned him lol. I lasted longer than I had planned. We fucked for a good 20 minutes before I plunged in deep and unloaded just as he was telling me not to cum in him. Haha slut, no, that's not how it works! I pulled out, wiped off my dick using his shirt, and walked out. At least he yelled, "Thanks!" as I walked out lol. Barely stayed awake on my drive back to home lol.
  13. This happened today at the gym hehe. A sexy black guy and I eyed each other as we walked past each other in the locker room entrance. I saw lust in his eyes, I saw his nice ass. I caught him looking at me again as I was turning the corner out of the locker room. I was horny and thought, why not find out if he wants to play? I walked back in and found him at the urinals. We caught each other looking over at each other, and I noticed he lowered his basketball shorts even more after my first peek over ... exposing that luscious, petite yet bubbly ass. I was definitely getting horny, and he saw it. He then walked away but toward the showers. He walked into a change station, pretty big one, but I didn't hear him lock the door. Checked to ensure no one was watching, and I quickly walked in and locked the door behind me. I barely turned around when he pulled down my shorts (no underwear when I workout) and started sucking my dick. Damn he's a pro lol. I had to bite my lips to avoid moaning loudly. I grabbed his head with both hands, held his head steady, and started fucking his face. He has no gag reflex, which was hot. I stopped after a minute. I led him to the bench in the change station and pulled down his shorts. Ooh I dove face first in that ass. Loved it ... sweaty and salty, yet clean. Just how I like my sluts. I stopped rimming him after a few minutes and just slid in his ass. Nice and tight, but I wanted to break him. About halfway in I simply forced the rest of my dick in to the hilt. He whimpered a bit, which made me even more horny. I bent over just enough to grab his shoulders, arched his ass up a bit, and simply drilled his ass. At this point I couldn't care less that people could hear the sound of my balls smacking his ass. I just wanted to bust a nut, so I only lasted a few minutes. I squeezed his throat, spit on his back, and slammed home. I flooded his ass good lol. Cum was dripping out of his ass. Hot. I pulled out and ordered him to clean up. He sucked me a bit, cleaned me off while jerking his dick. I told him I wanted his load ... just as he was about to bust he pushed me down on my knees and shoved his dick in my mouth. I think he was trying to choke me, his load was so big. I swallowed it, pulled up my shorts, and left to complete my workout. Great cardio session!
  14. Okay so I'm still a horny bastard. I'm a guy with needs lol. Still talking with the 20 year old guy. This happened last night. I've been chatting with another black guy on Grindr for a month, and we decided to trade numbers and meet in person downtown. We hit it off and went back to his place (learned only 1 mile away from me). We watched some TV before he made the first move. He used something to playfully hit my leg. I then gently punched his crotch. I made things right by whipping out his dick and sucking it. He's definitely a grower ... shit soft it's tiny but hard, a thick 9 inches. He enjoyed grabbing the back of my head and forcing it down. One of his roommates and a friend were in the kitchen next to us lol. Rather suddenly he grabbed a hand and pulled me to his room. We started making out, fondling each other. I teased him a bit, sucked his nipples. I was thrown face down on the bed, and then felt his tongue in my ass. Damn, a LONG tongue hehe. I was moaning and without warning he placed the tip of his dick at my hole. He was gentle, which is good cuz he's so thick. Once all the way in, he waited a minute before really giving me a pounding. Smacked my ass cheeks hard, squeezed them, pinched my nipples. The bed was rocking, my head was hitting the wall, I was moaning loudly over the music playing. He lasted longer than most, but I wasn't complaining. He lasted almost an hour. He did the impossible: He fucked the cum out of me! OMG I love it when this happens, most intense orgasms. I blasted a huge load on his bed while screaming his name lol. That set him off, and he plunged deep, choked me, bit my neck ... and absolutely flooded my hole. He's so think I felt each spasm. We cuddled a bit after, and agreed to meet again. I'm tagging that ass!
  15. This happened on Friday night. A sexy black guy hit me up on Grindr, and we messaged each other for a week before moving to actual text messaging for a few days after. We hinted at what we are both into sexually, but never asked for sex. We mainly talked about other interests, and decided to meet. I'm a bit naive at times, and I'm still wondering if he planned on a hookup. He shows up to my place at 10pm. We walked around, chatted, then went to my place. We watched TV and I slowly moved closer to him on the couch ... commented on his legs ..rubbed them, and then we started to cuddle. I honestly felt a connection, and I saw it in his eyes too. He made the move to start making out, and we kissed for a good five minutes. I rubbed his ass, and found a jockstrap. Hot. We both stripped, and I started sucking his dick. Not huge, but a good 6 inches of delicious black dick. He oozed tons of precum. We switched place and he sucked my dick. He's 20, and obviously new to all this as he was awkward and not that great at sucking. I moved us to my bedroom as I sensed roommates were going to come home (they did, exactly 2 minutes later lol). We resumed cuddling naked, and I then resumed sucking his dick. OMG his precum was so good. We switched again, but this time I fingered his ass. Damn. The tightest, by far, I've ever had. I couldn't even put any part if my pinky up there! I said to flip on stomach so I can rim, and he honestly was confused. lol ..I flipped him over and dove face first into that ass. So damn good! I rimmed him for a few minutes while stroking and lubing my dick. By text he said he's a top ... no no, he's a bottom. Way too passive. Without warning I put weight on his back, lift his ass up, and slowly sink into his tight hole. Damn it took me forever just to get my head in lol. Once it popped in, I slowly sank in in one motion. He was really moaning loudly, screaming my name and I hadn't even started. Once in, I decided to be rough. I pounded him, but didn't last long. Maybe a few minutes ... I didn't even ask if he wanted it raw, he was going to take it. I slammed in and flooded his hole. Damn, massive as I hadn't cum in a week. I flipped him over and drained his dick, swallowing most of his load but sharing some as I made out with him. We fell asleep, him in my arms. We awoke 5 hours later and he left. I am honestly developing feelings even though I shouldn't. We're still talking, although nothing sexual ... yet. He's ruining my urges for hookups!

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