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    More of a bottom but because I shoot massive loads ... I'll acquiesce another guy's request for a few loads dumped in his ass.
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    None that I can recall. Supposedly an unauthorized sex tape was filmed when I was extremely drunk during a college dorm party with some athletes.
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    Kissing is a MUST. I can go from the worst mood ever to horny as fuck in a second lol.

    Body contact and cuddling.

    Mutual oral AND rimming. Yes, in a bottom ... we're allowed to get horny af by eating a hot clean hole!

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  1. So ... it's been months since I had ANY sex in any form. My fave black fuck buddy moved and I started working out. We stopped texting each other when he moved ... so when he texted "hey" just an hour ago I knew he had to be in the District. Sure enough he needed to bust a big load. He can't host, so I wound up hosting even though a roommate is here. I met him out front of the house, and we just get at it right away. He kept his cloths on except for his pants. Oh what a sight ... a soft 6 inches of BBC. I inhale his dick to the pubes, getting him hard. I'm in a bottom mood, and am feeling desperate for a fucking. I get on the couch, face down ass up, positioned so he can stand. He immediately starts to rim me, making me moan in a cushion. A few minutes later he stops and I feel his thick dick slam into my hole. Mmm yes ... slammed in with just spit for lube, not caring that I wanted to remain quiet lol. He tore apart my ass, roughly fucking me ... slamming hard ... pulling out until the tip was in my ass, then slamming back hard until his balls were slapping my ass. Since I hadn't been fucked in months, my ass was super tight and feeling sore. He sensed this ... and somehow fucked me even more rough, and wrapped an arm around my neck and choked me. A few minutes later and I felt him tense, bite my neck, and thrust deep ... and then his dick pulsing. I felt him unload ... and damn it was huge, bigger than any of his other loads. I needed to bust, so I threw him onto the floor and fucked his face. I'm certain by this point my roommate heard us fucking lol. I don't care ... only about busting my load. I only lasted a few minutes ... I pull back, keep my head just past his lips and flood his mouth. Then ram in while finishing my load. Oh yeah we're gonna hookup again before he leaves in four days. Gotta breed him as a send off to Cali.
  2. Absolutely. I'll admit I wasn't at first (I've posted about it before), but got drawn into it unexpectedly. Every time I say I'm just watching a friend get fucked ... I wind up being tag teamed after lol. Club Orlando is my fave bathhouse.
  3. I've been super busy these last few months, but my favorite black fuck buddy hit me up and said he needed to bust a fat nut. I finally get to his place, an hour late lol. Stuck in traffic from all the fans leaving a Nats game. We chat for a bit, talk about his vacation ... and I ended that by swallowing his dick to the balls and sucking his thick bbc. After a few minutes he pulls out of my mouth and asks me to rim him. Man I love his ass. Tastes so good. I eat out his tight ass for a good 30 minutes ... it's loosened up a bit and I wanted to bust my load on his hole then eat it (I know, odd fetish). So I'm fingering him while jacking my dick, and I was close so I placed the tip of my dick at his hole. Well ... next thing I know I'm balls deep in his ass, and his ass felt so velvety and warm I, without thinking, started to fuck him. He was on his stomach when this started, so I became aggressive. I grabbed his hips and lifted his ass up a bit. I was unrelenting, pounding his ass raw, hard and at all possible angles. I felt a big load building up ... only about 10 minutes into fucking I grab his dreads with one hand and choke him with my other, slam as hard as I could in to his ass and OMG flooded his hole with the biggest, thickest load I've ever busted! Haha my load was leaking a bit out of his ass. I resumed fucking him until I was spent (shot a second load only a minute later). I pulled out and ate his ass out again, moaning as I tasted my load and his ass juices. This coming Tuesday I hope to finally link up with a sexy mixed guy, with an even tighter ass and no gag reflex ... hehe.
  4. Nothing exciting. I wasn't in the mood for anything, but a deal is a deal. Made a deal with a black guy that we'd take care of each other's needs. My fb in Arlington needed a release big time, says it's been a while since he's gotten off and he absolutely needs to bust. I went to his place and sucked his dick, balls, and ass for about 15 minutes before he nearly choked me from the biggest load I've ever gotten shot in my mouth. Of course I continued to suck his gorgeous bbc for a minute before swallowing to ensure I milked him of all his cum. That was it. Off to the Dumpster of Columbia I went.
  5. Last night I flooded the hole of a sexy, black, hood rat in Trinidad. He is DC hood, which surprisingly turns me on. He hit me up on Grindr as I was lounging at a Starbucks in Dupont. Anyway ... I met him on a street corner then we walked to his place. He wanted a good blowjob, ass eaten, then ass fucked. How could I say no to that? Once inside his room I push him down on his bed, whip out that gorgeous bbc and start sucking. Tasted great, sweaty. While sucking him I slid him on his back with his ass on the edge of the bed and started fingering him. Super tight ... love it! I flipped him on his stomach and dove into his sweet, tight bubble ass. Damn he tasted real good ... got me instantly hard as a rock and dripping. I ate that booty for a few minutes before I just had to feel his tight hole grip my dick! Without warning I climbed up on the bed, laid on his back, and as hard and roughly as I could I slammed my dick in his hole raw. I got about halfway in. He was squirming a bit and asking me to slow down and take my time ... haha no. I pushed his face in to the bed, told him to "shut the fuck up and take it. You know you love this!" ... and forced the rest of my dick in. I didn't stop at all ... he was acting like a bitch so I'm fucking him accordingly. I took my left arm and wrapped it around his neck and started choking him a bit while I was being rough and fucking him like a worthless whore. By now he was moaning and thrusting back as I thrusted in ... and squeezing that hole. Damn the whole fuck only lasted about 10 minutes before I really squeezed my arm around his neck, told him "Fuck bitch imma about to flood this hole" ... bit his shoulder and flooded him. Haha huge load. I pulled out, had him suck me clean ... then I ate his ass and ate a bit of my load. He says he's verse so I gotta test that out. He's got a huge 9 inch thick dick!
  6. Capitol Pride ... love the first 2 weeks of June! This happened Thursday night. Went on my usual night 3+ mile walk with a friend, and decided to take 16th St and pass through Meridian Hill / Malcolm X Park. On my way down the steps headed to W St I noticed I was being cruised by this hot, muscular black guy ... and I could tell he's a visitor. I looked at him a few times and ensured he saw me looking at his big bulge. I needed to taste that dick! My friend and I sat down on a bench that's a bit recessed in to trees, and a minute later he walks up to me. He grabbed my head and buried it into his crotch (still in his basketball shorts). Good God he was soft and his dick felt huge! I couldn't wait, so I whipped out good gorgeous uncut bbc and started sucking it. Shit I could barely squeeze it in to my mouth! I had my poppers and shit ... took a few hits ... and I was in business. My throat really opened up and I inhaled what had to be a monster thick 8 inches dick. Loved the sweaty, salty taste from his foreskin. Once my nose was buried in his pubes ... he grabbed my head with both hands, held it in place and started roughly fucking my face. I was moaning and squeezing his ass ... playing with his balls. I started to feel his balls contract after about 5 minutes when he suddenly pulled out. I'm lightweight, so he easily picked me up and bent me over the bench. I knew what was coming and I absolutely love being stretched wide open by thick dick ... I can't take small or average anymore (as in my ass won't loosen up at all ... I'm not loose). Nothing romantic ... he spat on my hole and his dick then slowly slid in my hole raw. Took a few minutes but I finally felt his balls rest on my ass ... then he just started hammering my ass. Haha the sound of balls slapping ass emanated throughout the park. I was biting my lips, containing my moans. He was totally owning and roughly fucking my ass, and I loved it. After about 15 minutes of fucking, his grip on my hips was even tighter ... one long dick stroke and slam in my hole later, and his dick thickened and he flooded my hole. He's so thick I felt each and every spasm ... and I felt his hot load coating my insides. He kept on fucking and flooded my hole a second time, although in only about 2 minutes this time. I was walking with a friend and yes, I was a good friend and let him fuck me. Black guy too ... skinny, but damn a big dick. His girlfriend is damn lucky! Nothing special ... just slammed in once visitor pulled out, and I sucked visitor clean while getting fucked by friend. He lasted barely a minute before flooding my hole. I friend clean, then we continued our walk with 3 loads swimming in my ass.
  7. My favorite regular black guy moved to across the river in Arlington, making hookups much easier! I've had the most horrendous week at work, so I told him I'm in desperate need to take some stress out on his dick, and need his cum. I finally get there (damn residential roads so confusing in his part) ... we chat for a few minutes .. and I throw him on top his bed, pull down his shorts ... and proceeded to inhale his awesome, soft, bbc. I sucked his dick with extra energy, also his balls and ass. He was moaning quite a bit ... so as he usually does he makes this bottom so horny that ... I flip him on his stomach and ram home. I was precumming so much that that plus my spit from eating his ass made it easy. He's so fucking tight, damn. I pound his ass so hard and rough to take out that stress. He's moaning, thrusting his ass back at me and also squeezing onto my dick as I fuck him. After about five minutes I start choking him a bit while using my right hand to smack and squeeze his ass. I didn't last more than another few minutes before I really choke him, slam into his ass, and flood his ass with a month load. I flipped him over onto his back, and sucked out a load. We chatted a bit more for an hour about the area, how it's drastically changed and is gentrifying before I headed back home.
  8. Eh nothing too exciting I was shopping at my favorite grocery store when a sexy black army guy comments that he likes my shoes. I guess he caught me checking him out a few times, as he walked back and forth down the aisle acting like he was searching for something, yet keeping an eye on me. I looked at him while saying, "Ugh I need to take a piss!" Headed to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror for a minute. He actually showed up lol. I grabbed his crotch and then led him to the family / handicapped stall ... perfectly setup with a real long wall, with a door that has barely any opening at the bottom ... no cracks to peek in to. Once in I'm hungry for bbc. I unzip his pants, pull them down a bit, and just inhale his soft 6 inch cut dick. After a minute he's hard, a good 8 thick inches and leaking so much precum it felt like a load! I wanted to just suck and swallow, but he licked his fingers and slipped three into my ass. I was wearing mesh basketball shorts with no underwear so haha pretty easy. He finger fucked me while I deep throated him, lasting a minute or so. He then swung me around, pressing my face onto the cold tile floor, arched my back, pushed my shorts down ... and slammed balls deep in my ass! OMG I thought I was gonna die cuz he's so thick ... he tightly put a big hand to my face over my mouth, saying, "Bitch better be quiet! Bet you need my load." While smashing my ass, relentlessly fucking me, not caring that I was in some pain. After a few minutes my ass adjusted and all I felt was pure pleasure. I started working my hole on his bbc, making him moan a little. He continued keeping a hand over my mouth, then used his other hand to jerk me off and play with my nips. That set me off the edge, I came HARD about 5 minutes into fucking. He then made me eat my cum off his hand, then placed a hand back on my mouth. My ass gets super tight after I cum, so he was grunting and panting ... a few minutes later he bites my left ear, says, "Yeah, take my 2 week load", bites my neck ... and unleashes a massive, thick load. He pulls out and quickly thrusts down my throat to clean off. He slaps my face with his dick, and says, "Man were they right. Grocery shopping will never be the same!" zips up, and leaves. Making a note, Tuesdays are the day to shop here!
  9. So I was club hopping last night and was about to pass out in my car (rather sleep it off even there than get a DUI, not that DC cops do anything remotely close to work) when I get a message from a hung black guy I had seen at Starbucks earlier in the night. He's staying at the DoubleTree, which happened to be off a street from the same roundabout I was parked at. Haha I was over in under 5 minutes walking. I get up to his floor only to find him buck naked in the hallway in front of his door. I was nervous, but then again it was 4:30am. He ordered me to my knees and to start getting him hard. I eagerly got on my knees and inhaled his gorgeous bbc down my throat. He kept getting harder and harder ... he has about an 8.5 inch thick dick. He precum a lot ... loved it. After a few minutes he orders me on all fours on the bed. I do as told, and he starts eating my ass out like his life depended on it. I know what's coming next ... a raw fucking. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later he gets up and I feel his monster thick dick head at my hole ... he rimmed me so well I was wide open ... he slid all the way in without issue. Once his balls hit my ass he basically started raping me lol. I just love it when a top uses and abuses my ass ... selfishly fucking to get off. He did just that ... 30 minutes of pure animalistic raw fucking ... I was truly in pain, tried to get away but his grip was so strong on my hips I couldn't move. He finally flooded my hole while pulling back on my hair and calling me a good cum slut. After he was done, he kept fucking for a few minutes to really dig that load in my hole. He pulled out, used my shirt to wipe off, and kicked me out. Mmm hell yes!
  10. Yes, which is why I alternate between sucking and rimming ... and of course fucking. Eating a hot ass always makes me horny af, which makes my head game even better and more intense
  11. It's hot af, feels great ... the most important aspect regarding preparation in my opinion is mental. It's only hot and enjoyable as a bottom if you truly fully submit to being used. You gotta be turned on just at the thought of being a cum hole, being dominated by whomever decides to fuck you. It doesn't hurt really ... you'll start feeling sore, it might take a few gangbangs to build up tolerance.
  12. Last hookup didn't go according to plan, and I'm still a bit pissed. A black guy hit me up on Grindr ... I eventually agreed to go to his place in PG (yeah, never again ... except for that other black guy in College Park). I get there and while he's fit, has dreads and tats ... his dick is not what we discussed. I hate uncut dick (exceptions for Jamaican and Haitian / Dominican guys), plus it was smaller than he depicted. I'm no size queen, but dishonesty turns me off. I was there to blow and swallow, then get fucked ... but I was pissed so I blew him but ... I then threw him on his bedroom floor doggie, pulled down his basketball shorts even more, spat on his hole, and just rammed my dick in. Only precum and spit for lube. I grabbed his hips with both hands, gripping tightly. I wanted it to hurt I was so mad ... so I roughly fucked him and ignored his whimpers, and prevented him from running away lol. I'll admit he has a hot bubble butt, loved looking at my dick fucking it raw. I ensured I didn't cum too soon, so every few minutes I'd stop fucking and jerked his dick while checking my phone lol ... then resume hammering that ass. After 20 minutes he was pleading, "Slow down ... pull out".I ignored the first and just got more rough ... to the second I told him, "Shut up, slut. I'll pull out when I'm done." I lasted another 10 minutes before I absolutely flooded his hole. Haha very intense and my cum was dripping out after I pulled out. I ordered him to suck my dick clean, which he did. Still irritated by him ... I might go back but only to use his ass as I see fit.
  13. Went over to a reliable and dependable regular ... I was in desperate need to taste and eat a huge load. So much so that I drove the 30 miles southwest of the District to get it lol. Well, doesn't hurt that once at least that far out, the strange DC douche bag attitude seems to disappear. No surprise that it's a black guy I sucked off. The moment we make it to his room I push him on the bed, remove his robe (excellent bottom ... always showered lol) ... and inhale his dick down my throat. I was sucking his gorgeous bbc like my life depended on it when, after a few minutes, he asks if I could do him a favor ... jack him off while fucking him. He's only one of a handful of guys that I truly enjoy fucking ... I didn't answer, I grabbed his legs and pushed then to his chest, spat on my dick, and slowly slid into his too tight hole raw. Once halfway in I lose patience, so I simply slammed the rest in ... I don't wait, so he had to deal with it until he loosened up a bit. I kept my promise and jerked him as I fucked his luscious ass. I lasted about 15 minutes before his ass started tightening ... he was getting close. I flooded his hole with my big load, pulled out, put two fingers up his ass, and resumed sucking. He didn't even last 30 seconds before he grabbed my head and forcefully thrust all of his dick down my throat ... then busted his huge load. Definitely worth the trip, even in evening rush traffic.
  14. Got a message from a black guy, not a looker but at least hwp and, more importantly, monster hung. Talking a real 11" thick piece of bbc! I picked him up at a bus stop not far from the gym, and we decided on doing it in a bathroom at a McDonald's, one where the employees don't even pay attention lol. Once there ... I go in to the bathroom first cuz I'd eventually draw attention as the only non-black person there. He waited a few minutes before following. He roughly grabbed my left arm and pulled me in to the private stall. He pushed me to my knees and rubbed my face in his crotch ... then ordered me to make him feel good. So I did. My throat was tight yet very relaxed with no gag reflex. I swallowed his entire 11 inches of pure heavenly dick in one slow, steady gulp. Once I felt his pubes tickling my throat, I started fucking it with my face, going all the way out then bam back in ... using my throat muscles to massage and squeeze his head and dick. He was moaning loudly. He grabbed my head, slammed it against the wall, and just started raping my throat ... OMG it felt so good him roughly fucking my face. I simply grabbed on to his ass and enjoyed the ride. After about a little more than 10 minutes he whimpers, puts just the head in my mouth ... and busts a nice thick load, spraying the back of my throat with cum. He then slammed in balls deep making me choke, moaned again, and busted a second load! I'd have let him fuck me raw but he's not in to ass,just oral. I walked out first, bolted for my car, and he followed a minute later. My throat still feels wide open lol.
  15. This morning, I did a blow and go on my way to eating breakfast at a place new to me. Somehow I always start receiving messages on Grindr pretty much right when I walk in to Planet Fitness (random thought, I can't believe how much the area has improved! actually safe to walk at night). As usual, a hot, hung, and horny black guy that said he absolutely must bust a load ... told him I'm just starting a workout at the gym, I'll be available in 2 hours. I didn't hear back so I assumed he was not interested ... but exactly 2 hours later he messages his address and 'please'. He lives a few miles away in Capitol Hill, and it was only a blow and go. We didn't even get to his apartment ... he whipped out his dick in the stairwell and I happily got on my knees to suck it. I did all the work, slurping on that thick, seemed like 7.5 inches of cut bbc. He only lasted about 2 minutes before he gripped the back of my head, buried his dick deep in my throat, and busted a huge load. I quickly got up and left.

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