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    Besides the obvious,I thoroughly enjoy just spending time with friends, working on my golf game and swing, more golf, golf, golf, reading, movies etc. Basically I'm a go with the flow kind.
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    More of a bottom but because I shoot massive loads ... I'll acquiesce another guy's request for a few loads dumped in his ass.
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    None that I can recall. Supposedly an unauthorized sex tape was filmed when I was extremely drunk during a college dorm party with some athletes.
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    Kissing is a MUST. I can go from the worst mood ever to horny as fuck in a second lol.

    Body contact and cuddling.

    Mutual oral AND rimming. Yes, in a bottom ... we're allowed to get horny af by eating a hot clean hole!

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  1. Nothing special. I was working out at the gym when I got a message on Grindr. Hung latino guy, on the dl. He asked if I suck dick, and of course I do. He sent a pic, and damn what a sight: thick, uncut, 8 inch dick. I went to his place, he said this has to be quick as his girl is home. We met in the laundry room. He leaned against a washer, and whipped out his thick dick. I eagerly got on my knees and inhaled it ... sucking it until it got hard. I paused, and he simply grabbed both sides of my head and fucked my face. I was choking, but he didn't care. "Good faggot. Want my load?" He made me look up into his eyes as he owned my throat. Haha like I could answer, or had a choice. Only a few minutes later he grunts, slams all the way in, and unloads. He pulled out, wiped his dick on my shirt, and left. Damn that was hot.
  2. Haha since moving to DC I've had zero guys lecture me about going raw, or even asking for a condom when we meet in person even if profile says 'safe only'. In fact ... I've never had a guy even bring up raw / safe, or HIV status. It's just if I'm physically clean, or STD free. Remember some of the profiles are of health workers and religious zealots, out on a crusade; on BBRT, I see at least two health outreach ones, commonly when Cumunion is in town at Crew. Uncommon, but it happens.
  3. You need PCR HIV test if you want to know when you converted. Those are accurate a mere 1-2 days after exposure, and test for actual virus. Insurance usually covers it if your doctor informs them you're in a high risk group.
  4. Just finished a minute ago. Any surprise he is a black guy? This small framed, medium height black guy (5'6") hit me up on a4a about a week ago, asking me to fuck him. I didn't hear much from him after the first day, so I thought he was a flake. This morning, I get a message, "You free right now?" Hell yes, for tight black ass I am always free! I told him yes and my address, and hopped in the shower. The God's were on my side today, as I have the house all to myself today. We didn't talk status or stds; for the record I'm negative for common STDs. He texted me, "Here" ... and I open the door to a fine black guy; a bit on the hood side but that ass. I told him we're fucking in the living room. He then stripped naked, and I did too. We made out for a few minutes, with me fingering his ass and he stroking my dick. Then I threw him on the couch, face down, and dove into that ass with my face. Damn, so tasty and TIGHT af; did this for like 3 minutes. I then had him very in his knees and ordered him to suck my dick like a good bitch. Damn he definitely knows how to suck ... almost made me cum! After a few minutes of this, I had him get on his back, hold his legs to his chest ... and mercilessly slammed my entire dick in his ass. No lube, not even spit. I got so hard and horny hearing him whimper, wince, and moan. He was taking it like a good, obedient cum slut should. I alternated between fucking that fine ass, and rimming for a good hour. I had him begging for my load but I decided to make him wait even longer. Told him he'd need to bust a load in my mouth first. Haha the struggle he had to stay hard and bust from oral was hot. I did this so he'd be even tighter. Once he did that, I used some of his cum to lube my dick, and I resumed my assault. I had him doggie, and wrapped an arm around his neck and choked him. Bit him, and smacked his ass with my other hand. I lasted another 5 minutes or so, being as rough and dominant as I could. Let me add, he is into race play so I chose my time to say something until I was about to bust. Told him, "Look at this. A good (word) gonna take my load. What do (word) want? What do they need?" He said, "Your load. We need cum, sir" and damn it, that set me off the edge. I plunged in his ass, flooded his hole, and then made him suck me clean. Dunno why I'm starting to get into domination. Or topping.
  5. Naturally? Edge. Get real close a few times ... hold back. Whenever I do this, the guy either chokes from the massive load if taken orally, or his ass can't hold it all if I'm breeding.They are always pleasantly surprised at my load size!
  6. To actually feel the cum explode in your ass, you need a dick no bigger than 7 inches, more like 6 inches. The anal cavity itself is only about 5 inches in length. After that, it's your stomach.
  7. Damn the hood is chock full of DL dick and ass. I'm in heaven! Just finished sucking off a hung latino that lives right next door to me. Yes! I opened Grindr to see an unopened message. In it were body and dick pics, and "I'm horny and need to bust. location?". He can't host and I really shouldn't since I have two roommates. I told him as much, but he replied with pics of him shooting his load. Damn ... I'm a slut, and that worked. Told him to come over, but quietly. I had him sit on the couch. My two roommates were upstairs and could've come down but luckily they didn't. What a dick. About 9 inches once hard, thick, and foreskin to play with. He quickly grabbed my head and guided it to his dick. I started by sucking on his head and foreskin. What a treat! After a minute or so I start deepthroating him, then licking his balls. I then go back to his dick, while stroking his balls. I kept sucking his gorgeous dick for about 5 minutes until he grabbed my head, forced my face into his crotch ... and unloaded a massive load. He thanked me, and said, "You'd better get used to servicing me." Oh yes. I love sucking and swallowing.
  8. Okay, I mis-remembered. Your comment made me dig up my test results. Looking at my second testing results, my genotype test has, "Genotype: [Blank Space]". So the antibodies triggered a false positive but no genotype. Then the PCR qualitative test is "Not detected", meaning no virus. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Got two loads this morning, one from a hung blatino neighbor and one from a black guy visiting from Miami. First up was the neighbor. 19, 5'10", slim. Oh, and a FAT 8 inch, uncut dick. I asked if he showered, he said no ... told him not to clean up except his ass. He comes to my place (his girlfriend is home lol). Damn sexy guy in basketball shorts and no shirt as its warming up. Once inside I immediately get to my knees and whip out his dick. Mmm love the taste of salt and sweat caused overnight. I suck him clean, then really go to town. I alternated sucking him, and rimming his sweet ass. Not for long though. He drags me by the hair to the couch in living room, sits down, and grabs my head. He starts to violently force my head up and down his dick, calling me a "good faggot desperate for my (his) dick." That turned me on so I start fingering my ass. He was getting close, and saw me finger my ass. Next thing I know I'm ass up on the couch. He thrusts at least the head of his dick in my ass and floods me. Best part? He collected his load from my ass and made me eat it off his hand! This all took not even 5 minutes. Oh and the blinds were open, and people were walking by on the sidewalk lol. Second guy was the Miami guy. About 5'5", athletic build and also hung. Not as thick but a good 7 inches. He led me to an alley behind the building he is staying at. I was on my knees, head pressed against a dumpster lol. He unceremoniously whipped out his dick and thrust it in my mouth. I was grabbing his ass, pulling him into my throat. God, his big balls were slapping my chin. I was definitely moaning and jacking off. I blew my load all over his legs lol ... he finally thrust his dick all the way in and busted. I kept sucking to ensure I got all his load.
  10. I feel it, but I do something I bet is different than most. One it's clear a guy is about to bust, I pull out his dick until just the head and an inch or so beyond that are in my mouth. Then I tighten my lips as much as I can, and suck on the head. OMG the feeling of a dick thickening and pulsing ... and the hot feeling of cum in my mouth is hot!
  11. I was total bottom before, and am now 90% top ... and keep on losing the urge to bottom. It's fucking hot knowing that I could be "the one" ... in fact, topping itself does nothing for me; never has from a physical standpoint. It's all mental for me ... if I'm not turned on enough at just the thought of knocking him up, I'm not going to feel any physical pleasure from fucking a guy.
  12. He could be right about the guy being the one who infected him. Depending on what the doctor ordered, it's indeed possible to have an HIV+ result just a few days after exposure. PCR test.
  13. Thought the body kills Hep C on its own? My doctors were going to start Harvoni treatment, but when they retested me 6 months after my diagnosis, there was no trace of the virus or antibodies. Retested just three months ago, and still negative for antibody and virus tests.
  14. Gilead pays more than $200 a month in benefits. A friend of mine is on prep, and he said they covered the $1,600 discounted cost until his $2,500 deductible has been met. He also said that his pharmacy applied a coupon, without even needing anything from him. Lucky bastard now doesn't pay anything out of pocket for any medical care for the rest of the year.
  15. Absolutely not. LGBT protections should be a state's rights issue. Choose which issues are important to you, and relocate if needed. We are the United STATES of America ...

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