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    Berlin, Germany, Europe, World
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    I'm a natural born fuckhole and cumdump and this is my profession
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I'm a real insatiable European cumdump who love/need to get fucked and take loads only up my ass, pref. from a variety of different men..

    Love GangBangs and I'm very experienced into it (I'm willing to travel for sessions) and anon scenes.

    Walk in, pump n' dump and leave without many words.

    Total Turn-offs: CONDOMS !!! Blood, Scat, No-show, Fakes, Guys who don't bareback or think they are going to pull out without planting their seed in my ass. As a REAL fuckhole and cumdump is it for me STRICTLY PROHIBITED to refuse any raw dick(s) who want to fuck and breed me! I PROMISE!!!
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    done a few
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    Total breeding Tops who fucking and breeding without any fear

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  1. you are the type of cum boi i wanna be and need to embrace. wish i had a good cumhole to take me under their wing

    1. alwaysready


      you need a master to teach you how to reach a state of exstacy. naturally or otherwise.

    2. new2bare


      Breederjock, I feel in the same way!!

  2. ExtremeCumHole

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    One day I will get your DNA deep into my guts...IT'S A MUST!!!
  3. ExtremeCumHole

    Pig Breeding With Ugly/unattractive Men

    Oh thanks but I'm just one of thousands of cumdumps :-D
  4. @ExtremeCumHole is Fickstutenmarkt really that good? ive always wanted to go, but ive never had more than a 4 way. i just love feeling my tight college jock ass forced to submit and take what it's given. random dudes dropping their dna in my boi hole with no mercy may hurt a little but i know it's what im for. would you recommend for someone who's kinda a novice for groups?

    1. AZRawPig


      I would have a special group to gradually break you into being a cumdump. Then afterwards based on your breeding need's increase the number's until your hunger gets normalized for longer pleasure's with me. 

    2. breederjock


      that's the hottest thing ive ever heard. not on prep

  5. ExtremeCumHole

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    Yeah for sure I wear always a red hood!!! Not all guys unload and some guys cum more then once, I'm get always very good flooded
  6. ExtremeCumHole visit in January 2018 NYC for a week in a cheap hotel, you will fuck me bare and bbreed my hole?!
  7. ExtremeCumHole

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    I have to say this is my absolutely favorite party and I also won the title of "Prime-Mare"!!! Yes it's true you also have to accept condoms and for that reason I have to say, yes this is the ONLY reason!! But if I get fucked by over 50 different guys and 2 or 3 wear a condom, then is it ok usually they don't have so much and long fun with me But guys, this is a really hardcore sexparty, there is NO LOVE and no respect for wannabies!! If you are not able to take more then 10 guys, stay home!!!
  8. For me is any load I get deep into my guts a very special and holy gift and I NEVER would wash them out or shit them in a toilet or somewhere! I always hold them deep in my ass, if a other fucker some who can enjoy my cum-sloppy hole and have a great lube, or it stay the whole night in me and in the morning my ass completely absorbed it!! I really love if guys piss in my ass BUT if I have already a load inside, then is it not possible, the cum is much more important for me!!!
  9. ExtremeCumHole

    Pig Breeding With Ugly/unattractive Men

    As a REAL natural born fuckhole AND cumdump don't exist "ugly/unattachtive" men!!! For me ALL horny men with a hard-on and full balls who want to unload deep inside my ass are the most attracticve men that time!!! A REAL cumdump never have to refuse ANY dick and enjoy and respect them ALL!!!!
  10. ExtremeCumHole

    Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    I'm "official" poz since I'm 19 yo and all of my friends, family and so on know I'm a full bareback bottom and get fucked only bareback also with complete strangers and get the cum always deep into my ass. I don't tell it anybody but if they ask I tell always the truth, I hate to lie about that!!!
  11. ExtremeCumHole

    Biohazard Party Berlin- Good Friday

    I will be there also :-D
  12. here are the film to the market http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/FickstutenMarkt-Berlin-27662051
  13. ExtremeCumHole


    I will be on HustlaBall on Stage as bareback cumdump and its a perfect place to be what you are..... Last year was my fist time stage and I loved to show my hole to thousands of guys and anybody see what I am.... I will be also for sure at the biohazard men.....
  14. ExtremeCumHole

    Apollo Splash Vs Boiler Sauna

    I prefer always the apollo Sauna, its the best for sleazy bareback sex....The Boiler looks nice but not that much action, is ok for relaxing and socializing...
  15. 17 years BiohazardMen parties, and Europe's largest and most copied Party of its kind! In May at the Pentecost weekend is finally our first BiohazardMen SAUNA Party EXCLUSIVE for HIV-positive men ! When: FRIDAY, Mai 13th, 2016 (Pentecost) Where: Berlin-SCHOENEBERG (Berlins largest Gay-Sauna) Guests: min. 150 to max. 350 pax !!! Who can get in: HIV positive men only they registered on the guest list in advance, or bought a Online-Ticket/Cabin!!! We rent for that Party Berlin's largest gay sauna, that is distributed over 2 floors something for any needs: a full licensed bar with snacks, hot and cold dishes, modified lighting concept, foam room, whirlpool, dry sauna with "erotic" infusions, darkrooms, playgrounds, Slings, cruising labyrinth, massages (for a extra fee), douching facility, and much more, ... But that's not all: Many of the cabins are also open to all for free use !!!! Of course you can also rent a private cabin, we changed our Online Ticket-System, so you can book already your favorite fixed cabin in advance. If cabins still should be free, you can then also directly book them in the evening at the entrance of the party. We explain here how to order the normal ticket for the sauna-parties online, or book a fixed cabin online, For all fetish lovers: it is not necessary to be completely naked, it's also possible to come in your favorite fetish outfit. However, due to hygiene reasons please NO STREET SHOES! We also have the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on our website and also several questions about the Sauna party's, just take a look over. We look forward to seeing you... Website of the Biohazardmen Parties

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