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  1. I seem to get Chlamydia at least once a month, get cured with antibiotics, bottom again, and get it again. Is there a risk that eventually my body will stop fighting it? Anybody has similar experience of recurrent Chlamydia?
  2. shyvers

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Please keep it coming, your story is amazing.
  3. shyvers

    Scum party

    Anybody has gone to the scum party advertised on BBRT in NYC tonight? Do you know what it is like?
  4. shyvers

    Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    I love all races, but I somehow get particularly turned on when bred by black or asian cock. Opposite sides of the rainbow but both very hot.
  5. shyvers

    Pins and needles side effect?

    Not necessarily true. The virus can stay on the nerves for a long time until suppressed by the antiviral medicin. It was months in my case. And the pain was only on legs and feet because in was a genital herpes.
  6. shyvers

    whats your fetish?

    Ball sweat smell and smagma smell
  7. shyvers

    Do You Have Any Gay Relatives?

    At least 8 cousins on my mothers side I know off. It must be genetic.
  8. shyvers

    Pins and needles side effect?

    Maybe you got herpes and that is the reason for nerve pain? Get checked.
  9. Saturday at midnight at Fl Lauderdale Club. First walk around to get to know the place. After a few minutes I managed to fuck raw and got fucked raw at the glory holes. Had never done it but it turned me on not to see who I was having sex with, and set me on a good mood. Then this really cute young short black guy with a small mustache smiled at me and tells me to follow him to his room. Starts sucking me and puts a condom on me when I get hard. As I’m entering the condom breaks. I play dumb and keep going. After a while he asks for a break and I take off condom. He sucks me off again and then just sits on my cock with no condom. I fuck him for about 20 minutes and as I’m getting closer I ask do you want me to cum inside, and he says no please and starts milking my cock till I cum. After that I go to my room where my bf was waiting and I fuck him too (thanks Viagra) until he cums. Then he jerks me off and we go home. Great night. Can’t complain.
  10. Thanks for the rep

  11. shyvers

    PREP Cumdumps, how many loads still negative?

    Last month I went to orgies and/or sex clubs in Berlin every day during an entire week, got fucked bare by many anonymous tops, and my tests just came back negative. Interestingly, not even other STDs. As PrEPBottomDaddy said, thanks to PrEP I became the cumdump I was meant to be, and I really enjoy it.
  12. shyvers

    And the third case is here

    And the frequency is shortening. It feels that the PReP BB spring is coming to an end. Winter is coming and we may need to get back to wearing our hoodies.
  13. Speaking of Crew Club, I went there the next day, on Sunday. There was such a hot guy at Crew Club taking as much bare cock as he could! I saw him get fucked by at least 8 different people at the sling (my bf and me being two of them). He was in his late twenties, 6 feet tall, hung, blond and with an adorable smile. Also saw a group of 5 black hung men sucking each other at the steam room while everyone watched. Finally two twinks arrived not much older than 20 also taking raw cock in private. Obviously, I took lots of cock and fucked plenty as well that night. It's one of the best gay sauna experiences I remember.
  14. shyvers

    Some comments about PrEP

    If now Truvada is taken by so many more people, why is the price that Gilead charges for it the same as before? The actual production cost is negligible (less than 10% of the price); the high cost of the pill is the result of depreciating all the R&D involved in discovering it and testing it and all the marketing and sales costs. If the expected demand now is much larger than it was before, such cost can be depreciated among more users. So the reason that insurance companies are losing money is because the price of the medicine has not dropped to reflect the higher demand. Gilead investors according to the company's SEC filings have had already a cumulative return on investment of more than 600% over five years. I don't feel guilty for getting out of the insurance company more in copays than my premium, but I think that the government and insurance companies have to start some day reining in on the cost of medications.

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