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  1. Thanks for the rep

  2. PREP Cumdumps, how many loads still negative?

    Last month I went to orgies and/or sex clubs in Berlin every day during an entire week, got fucked bare by many anonymous tops, and my tests just came back negative. Interestingly, not even other STDs. As PrEPBottomDaddy said, thanks to PrEP I became the cumdump I was meant to be, and I really enjoy it.
  3. And the third case is here

    And the frequency is shortening. It feels that the PReP BB spring is coming to an end. Winter is coming and we may need to get back to wearing our hoodies.
  4. Speaking of Crew Club, I went there the next day, on Sunday. There was such a hot guy at Crew Club taking as much bare cock as he could! I saw him get fucked by at least 8 different people at the sling (my bf and me being two of them). He was in his late twenties, 6 feet tall, hung, blond and with an adorable smile. Also saw a group of 5 black hung men sucking each other at the steam room while everyone watched. Finally two twinks arrived not much older than 20 also taking raw cock in private. Obviously, I took lots of cock and fucked plenty as well that night. It's one of the best gay sauna experiences I remember.
  5. Some comments about PrEP

    If now Truvada is taken by so many more people, why is the price that Gilead charges for it the same as before? The actual production cost is negligible (less than 10% of the price); the high cost of the pill is the result of depreciating all the R&D involved in discovering it and testing it and all the marketing and sales costs. If the expected demand now is much larger than it was before, such cost can be depreciated among more users. So the reason that insurance companies are losing money is because the price of the medicine has not dropped to reflect the higher demand. Gilead investors according to the company's SEC filings have had already a cumulative return on investment of more than 600% over five years. I don't feel guilty for getting out of the insurance company more in copays than my premium, but I think that the government and insurance companies have to start some day reining in on the cost of medications.
  6. If someone tested for STDs two weeks ago but went to a sauna (or simply got fucked unprotected with just one person with such STDs) 10 days ago, the results of the test are totally useless. Within those ten days he could have got a plethora of new STDs and be highly contagious. So serosorting is just as useful as taking a daily placebo.
  7. Being A Cum Dump And Sti's

    Doesn't using antibiotics as PReP for STDs create body resistance to them when you actually get one?
  8. HišŸ˜Š AgainĀ 

  9. Prep Is No Panacea

    Cut. I guess I am not meant to top... It's really annoying to have to get all those antibiotics, they really mess my stomach up.
  10. Prep Is No Panacea

    Three times just with regular grindr hookups, last time in a bathhouse with multiple partners, so I had that coming... 3 times gono in my dick and 1 time asymptomatic chlamydia up my ass.
  11. Prep Is No Panacea

    Since on PREP got STDs already 4 times, so I agree with the study somehow. Not cool that many people do not test themselves regularly for STDs and keep spreading them!
  12. Got bred by a really hot bear at a FLL sauna this weekend. My BF was looking, and so were plenty of other people. My BF then bred this hot smooth Latino for the pleasure of the same audience. Amazing experience.
  13. Fucked in the French riviera by a hairy and aggressive Arab. I think he owned the hotel where this happened as every knew him and he had pics of his wives and children on the room table. I met him on grinder and he said he was a versatile bottom. I said I was happy to top him. He sneaked me into the hotel. As I got into his room, he locked the door and grabbed me and said he would fuck me as he loved my ass. I could have pinned him down as he was my height, but I let him believe he was controlling me. I pretended for the first ten minutes that I did not like what he was doing to me and that he was raping me, and that he had to wear a condom. I begged and implored and fake-resisted. That really turned him on. However,I was really loving it, and after a while he realised that, as I could not hide my smile. He fucked me for at least 45 more minutes, in all positions, sometimes kissing me, and sometimes getting back to the dirty talk. And when he came, oh my god! I don't remember ever having so much cum enter my ass. Definitely one of the best fucks I had in my life!
  14. Unrestricted ownership of assault weapons and generalised homophobia were the two causes of this tragedy. Both of these would be easy to solve if the majority of society decided to. But the NRA and the Churches don't want this to change. Very sad!
  15. A recent study shows the number of people who have had same sex relationships to be at least twice (8.7%), and assuming not all gays act on their impulse then the total number of gays is easily north of the 10% of the old Kinsey study. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2016/06/01/study-same-sex-experiences-are-on-the-rise-and-americans-are-increasingly-chill-about-it/

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