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    Bottoming, cocksucking, dildos, butt plugs, rimming, ws (haven’t been lucky to try yet), barebacking (I haven’t been ready so far, but hopefully soon)
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    After my brief marriage ended I began therapy and taking a much deeper look at my general depression and that led me to seriously discuss and accept my sexuality. I have developed a bit of an obsession with risky sex and though I have played safe in my few experiences so far I dream of barebacking and fantasize about becoming POZ. It may remain just a fantasy, but I love hearing other experiences and learning about the POZ community.

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  1. Modernleper

    Bottoms touching their dicks

    I have only bottomed a few times now, but I never get fully erect and I never touch myself. It’s not at all about my dick when I get fucked, it’s entirety about my top’s cock and my ass. If I cum, that’s a bonus. If not, I’m still fully satisfied.
  2. Modernleper

    Should I + PREP

    Thank you all for you comments on this post. I’ve yet to go bare and fantasize about chasing, but right now both are just that, fantasy. I’ve been thinking hard about starting prep and it’s great to hear your opinions on this site.
  3. Modernleper


    Anyone have any opinions on Flex? I have been there twice now simply as a voyeur and have yet to get in on any action, but I fucking love just being in that environment. Horny men just looking for what they need. I plan on going much more often.
  4. Modernleper

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    You’re right, of course, I do have options. As of right now I’ve only played safe, and continuing to do so is an option, limiting my partners is also an option, ditto PrEP. I’m currently seeing a therapist and we’ve discussed, and continue to discuss, all of my options, my fantasies, and the extreme guilt and fear I have about all of this. I’m not sure I’ll ever will make the decision to chase, or even to bareback, but it has certainly been fetishized inside me and has been an obsession for me.
  5. Modernleper

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    I think this is what most closely explains me. I have only recently accepted the fact that I am gay, and to me one of the many big hurdles of that was my fear that being gay, and more specifically a bottom, meant that I would get HIV. I feared that as I started having sex with men I would want to bareback. I’d seen a lot of porn and was always drawn to barebacking. I knew I would want to feel men cumming inside me and would eventually make “bad decisions” and would end up POZ. That fear grew into a fetish and an obsession. It has not faded since I’ve been accepting more about myself and has only grown larger and hotter to me. I still have yet to allow a man to bareback me, but I get closer with each fuck I get and once I do I feel that it will only be a matter of time before I start to seek out a POZ top to breed me.
  6. I love broken condom videos. Almost all the ones I’ve seen seem like they are staged that way and the bottom knows it’s part of the bit. But occasionally I’ll find one that seems like a legit stealthing and I cum so hard.
  7. I would love to know about more of these too.
  8. Modernleper

    Piss enema or golden shower

    I haven’t had either yet, but I want to try it all. I’d love a hot stream down my throat, up my ass or right into my fucking face.
  9. Modernleper

    Do you ever get bored suckling dick?

    While I haven’t sucked that many cocks yet, I absolutely love it and have never once even approached anything close to boredom. Clearly that may change with more experience, but for now I absolutely love it.

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