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    Vienna, Austria
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    Becoming a full-blown AIDS slut;
    Med Resistance
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    - Barebacking since the age of 18

    - Took first known poz load at age 21 (found out during the fuck) and been craving poz seed ever since

    - Bugchaser and finally tested POZ in April 2017 - no regrets!

    - Not on Meds (VL: 250k)
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    ☣☣ TOXIC breeders ☣☣
    - HVL
    - Med Resistant loads
    - Full Blown AIDS loads

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  1. You are such a HOT fuck! I totally get you, I am the same: a big horny nasty AIDS whore that spreads the bug. Love it!

  2. If you want to swap some bugs, let me know


  3. you are hot my insperation for going poz


  4. your profile gave my cock a serious push up :P

  5. WOW, awesome story @pozpuppy! Can't wait for more!
  6. My cunt is nn desperate need of some full-blown AIDS loads!!

    1. POZaddict


      Full blown aids loads are the best you get!

  7. My sluthole needs a recharge! Any toxic/AIDS breeders in/near Vienna, Austria? HMU

  8. I was a chaser myself, so for me PrEP was not something I considered at all. That said, I don't have any issues with guys being on PrEP. Every individual is different and nobody should have to justify their choices when it comes to one's sex life and health. It's all about living out one's fantasies and making informed decisions. So if someone likes to bareback but wants to avoid contracting HIV, sure go on PrEP; if you like to fuck bare and are unsure about how you'd feel if you turned poz, sure go on PrEP (for the time being). Even though PrEP was not for me (for obvious reasons), I also feel that it has its benefits for the barebacking community as a whole. Thanks to PrEP a lot more people are finally giving in to their urges and fuck raw... and who am I to turn down a stud's load?!
  9. Well sounds like it could have been the fuck flu. I had my fuck flu shortly after returning from a trip to the US. Depending on when exactly I got infected that trip, some 10-14 days after getting infected. My fuck flu was a rather short course one too. Started feeling a bit feverish one evening, so just took some paracetamol not thinking anything. Had the night sweats that same night and woke up with my sheets being soaked. Took another paracetamol in the morning so I could go to work and in the shower realised I had some kind of rash on several places all over my body - that's really when it hit me. That same day my muscles started to get really really sore and I started feeling extremely fatigued and had a really high fever. I also had a hard time eating, because I could barely swallow. All that continued for about 5 days and then I was back to normal. Went for an HIV test a couple of days after what I thought was a fuck flu and as expected tested poz.
  10. Converted in March 2017 during a trip to the US. I'm guessing it happened that one night I took 11 poz loads (pic of me squirting out what was left of the loads the next morning below) ....but then who knows, it could have happened any night that trip. Sure was a fun trip Came down with the fuck flu early April and knew I had to be poz. Test in April confirmed my suspicions. Detectable and not on meds.

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