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  1. dude8140

    Molested as a kid

    My stepdad thought I was needing to start taking dick when I was 8, teaching me to suck his and then other friends of his (in Alaska) who were straight, family fishermen. I got really good at that and then on my 10th birthday, was fucked and my stepdad made sure that continued for a long time. My mom was gone, she left my stepdad and asked me to stay with him, given we were such good friends. They divorced and my stepdad ended up with the judgement thanks to my mom not contesting my staying with stepdad. I wanted that to happen that way. Stepdad and I were enjoying a daily sexual life that was very exciting to me as a kid, no pants or underwear allowed in the house, I sleep naked on my stomach, I suck dick in truck at all times when we're driving somewhere, I make myself available to stepdad's friends at all times...and a few other things, all of which were ok by me.. I enjoyed doing all of it with my stepdad. I don't think a big part of my life is because that happened when I was young, the only thing that carried across was probably being submissive more than not and automatically doing what another guy wants rather than my thoughts on the subject.. other than that, my libido and all is just fine for having gone thru that when I was young..
  2. dude8140

    Sucking Married Guys

    that's very hot, both those instances..I too got to know a married guy who waited til family was asleep and would meet him at detached garage and we'd go there... he'd wear just a jockstrap and wifebeatrer t-shirt under a robe, wanted sucked a lot, had me kneel beside open truck door, he'd sit inside and have me suck him there.. then we'd try his old jeep up on blocks, he'd sit on the hood and I'd lean into him to suck him off.. was very hot, knowing his family was right up there, while he's with me, his dick in my throat. Several times, we walked to a small neighborhood park up from his house and go in the woods and he wanted me to suck him all the time there.. occasionally other guys there.. he'd have me suck them before we could move on.. Was hot.
  3. dude8140

    The First Time I was Shared Among Tops

    Awesome story and one that, although more men were involved in this story, a very compelling and similar story happened to me one year.. I moved from Alaska too CA, wen to school, outside Sacramento and fell in with people who liked getting high and having outrageous sex outdoors, mainly night but, being CA, during the day was a specialty too. I had met a few guys who we would party (pnp) on weekends and have a great time, friends-wise and sexually. They introduced me to some of their friends and eventually, I got the whole connection thing.. drugs and friendship-wise. When I was introduced to new people, I would always get oh, you're Pete's friend from school. hey, follow me, want to talk to young we'd have a quick conversation about them hearing I liked to duck dick and get fucked.. that partyig made it so I was somehow insatiable.. I wouldn't have worded it that way, but noted for later questions. And within the hour I'd be in someone car heading into the central valley, told to take my shorts and underwear off and to get he drivers dick in the my mouth for the rest of the drive.. which was fun, we got buzzed earlier and I was onl cloud 9.. these guys were great people.. We'd go to a rest stop first, shorts back on, I was to look for anybody wanted their dick sucked, my friends would help me.. of course there were men wanted their dicks sucked.. we'd end up in the handciapped cube, door open, for them wo watcfh the festivites. and I'd duck dic there. somethime getting fucked.. and sometimes, they'd talk us into coming out to the main door and me standing there watchiung out for people, while being fucked.. if anybody came, w'd disappear back to the cube.. Then we'd leave, I'd suck dick for a few friedns that joined us in the car and would be on the floor, between their legs, sucking dick.. They slow down for truckers to see me sucking dick, get a horn blast and we'd laugh and take off We'd go to a leek there, forgotten the name, not a lot o f peopole but some.. wand we'd drive to the other side from them and get out and get naked by the water in the sun and I'd go around a nd suck dcck there, too, usually someone out of the group sort of making sure I went around, taking me one to another to offer my cocksucking skills.. At times, we'd have company, the straight guys walking over to see wha the were doing and on realizing it, wanted beer and a piece of that faggots' mouth, maybe his ass.. but definitely a blowjob.. 'd be brought around and a round of sucking dick and sums swallowing would follow, usually into dark. .and we'd leave heading back.. same rest area, dark now so more busy, the guys somehow finding guys who wanted their dicks sucked.. Given it was dark, they have me sucking in the main area by the urinals, in they open, me with no pants/shorts on and them loosely watching/ listening for approaching peoeple.. some of who m had to know what was going on..they'd walk in unexpectedly, I'd jump up and head to the large cube/stall.. tghey'd all different difections.. I told them, fix that we're cops , we'd be in trouble.. .They didn'tcare. . ON way home, we'd stop at a adult book store and I'd be in a viewing room and they'd bring like 10-12 guys around, me naked in there, on my knees, waiting to be indroduced to the latest peron I was to suck their dick for.. they'd have me at the gloryholess, in the hallways, no clothes, just shoes.. in the dark. They even engineered having me come out to the main arcade part of the video store, nothing on, again, shoes only.. and walk me to the managers office.. who was so glad to see a naked bearded buy buzzed and ready to suck dick.. he was the one, only one of the trips we made, he took me into the main part of the store, had me kneeldown and get his dick out and suck i8t and anybody else who dared come up to us.. and there were always takers.. I mean, it wasn't church.. it was a porn shop.. so having a guy in person sucking dick didn't cause too much of a problem.. but thoroughly enjoyed doing it ad would advise, if you have friends suddenly because e you have a talent.. sucking dick, say.. your new friends my only be enjoying themselves watching you do all these qustionalbe and yes, hot when you're high and enjoying your self, sex... be careful and have fun, too.. cause it's a blast. (picture shown is not me or anybody , just an obvious for here story followup shot of socksucking.. )
  4. dude8140

    I want to and I don't want to.

    I hear ya on what you're saying man.. I left pnp behind in CA and used some since, but not like I did long time ago. I enjoyed every minute of it, did some very crazy and turn-on things while buzzed, that I can still jack off to to this day remembering it all.. occasionally now, when I'm with someone I'm enjoying a lot and they offer it, I'll join them. But won't go back to the more steady use I had before, even though it was more fun than I care to admit, sometimes..
  5. dude8140

    Breeding A CUMDUMP

    hot time, sounds like it.. had similar, was traveling and saw ad in CL for bottom who wanted to be bred all nite.. I couldn't pass that up. I replied, he said he was heading over.. he arrived, turned out he was a great looking, scruffy bearded guy with great body, hairy butt and was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a wife beater.. and tennis shoes.. we went to bar in the hotel I was at.. bought him few stiff drinks, he said he was hot to get into whatever I had in mind.. I took him to my room after making him strip off in the pool area and carry a towel.. he liked that.. put his clothes in the car, made him wait with towel til I came back in.. said lets go champ.. he got up to the room, I said damn, I forgot to buy any lube or condoms (I didn't) so we needed to go to the store.. he put the towel around him, we went to the car (it was late at night) wen to store.. he walked in with the towel.. we bought what we needed and left. a few stares, so what.. back up to room and told him to find some porn on tv and to get on his stomach, spread his legs.. he did and it looked hot.. great body.. made him go get ice.. no towel. said a guy was following him back to our door.. hah.. we laughed, guy knocked.. let him in, said he was wondering what we were about. told him we were looking for porn and that I'd spend the fucking his guy..reason I wanted him naked.. guy asked to join in.. was good looking, had a big dick, turns out.. the porn was on, we greased up our guest and I took a turn fucking him bent over the chair in front of the tv.. other guy fucked him awhile.. guy said he was enjoying it.. we got him a little high. and then had him open the door 1/2 way and fucked him facing away from door, his but open to whoever walked by... we were taking turns when a teenager walked in, asked if it was ok to watch.. we said yeah.. he had his dick out and fucked our star guest a bunch of times..he walked our guy out into the hallway at one point and bent him over and fucked him.. then back inside.. we closed the door. the teen kid had a huge dick, made the guy suck dick anytime he wasn't fucking him.. was hot to fuck him while he sucked that teen boys big 8 1/2 inch thick dick.. we fucked our guest a number of times..even in they elevator, made him walk out to elevator, with nothing on, we followed and fucked him on way down and back up. we walked him out back of hotel, was a car parked with people getitng high inside.. they walked over, wanted to know why dude was naked.. we told him he likes being fucked. turns out we opened pandora's box of fucks for our friend.. they invited him over to the car.. he want over, they had some get high stuff. he did and they invited him in the car.. had that boy sucking dick for quite awhile.. then they invited us to go and drive him to rest area and park.. he was high, said lets go.. we took him behind the rest area into the woods and had him suck anybody who came back there and was fucked a lot.. at one point he went into mens room to clean up and a guy in there had him bent over the sinks fucking this naked man with the perfect butt one him.. we went in, rescused him.. helped him clean up and took him back to the woods awhile where some truckers definitely enjoyed this naked dude with the hot butt wanted to be fucked.. we finally drove back to the hotel, the guys in the car came up and we spent rest of day hanging out there, fucking our friend when the mood hit or a dick got hard.. he stayed the entire time, said he was having fun.. we tore that guys ass up.. was fun watching him being used.. the little car gang of guys toook a lot of time holding his legs up and spreading them, then putting a dick in his mouth and one in his ass and fucking him slowly and everybody taking turns.. the guy liked it a lot. I enjoyed it.. came a number of times, in his mouth and butt. no condoms were ever used.. we barebacked that dude for hours.. even the truckers at the rest area who fucked him did it bareback... all around was hot.. told him I'd be looking him up again when back there..

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