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    Tucson, Arizona ?
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    Anon Scenes, Group Sex, Gang Bangs, Public Breedings, HMU if your in AZ, NM, CA, UT, or CO, snd want's to breed an easy bottom slut with an insatiably ravenous fuck hole 4 U 2 use. Constantly craving cock, ALWAYS in need of insemination. Can't get / find enough cock to satiate my greedy cunt. LOVE BEING A TOTAL SLUT, I don't hide it. I'm actually quite proud of it. Spreading my legs for HOT, HUNG, HORNY, COCK and getting filled full of MAN SEED! and P&P for BEING A REAL WHORE!!???? BEING CORN HOLED ? &? 4 ⬆️S
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    Living up to my true calling as a cock hungry cum slut. Tanking any and all anonymous loads I can get. Horny BB Jock Slut with an insatiable hole. ?? ?❌ NO CONDOMS EVER Is how I get fucked!!!
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    NONE YET but VERY interested in being filmed and posting AMATEUR BB videos on XTUBE. ALSO interested in filming AMATEUR BB ANONYMOUS videos to post on XTUBE. Want guys to see what a SKANK SLUT I am ?
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    A top I can give ownership of my hole to. Who will mark it as his property as he breeds it to claim ownership. A top who understands my insatiable hunger for cock and need to get bred constantly,?

    Always online hunting for anyone to breed me. Love posting ads on CL for NSA ANONYMOUS breedings.Door unlocked walk in find me in a jock on all 4's ass up head down hole lubed ready to feel a total stranger use my hole.

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  1. My partner and I have had an popen relationship since we started dating. We have plans to get married ( can’t wait to get bred by my husband) that’s gonna be hot. Anyway, since our engagement I don’t seem to be as interested in playing with others as I used to be. He’s been encouraging me to find guys to breed me so he can enjoy sloppy seconds. I think it would be a bigger turn on for me and have presented the idea of him OWNING my hole and he would have absolute control over it and who he shares it with. I’m at a loss on just how I should present him with my hole and something sp
  2. NSA Bottom in Tucson looking for any and all loads Text me 602 820 5900
  3. Just adapt the vocabulary to words like CONSORT, It’s a “Companion” This is a game with words they aren’t going to win They’re are ways around this, This is America free speech is in our constitution and I don’t think even congress has the power to take away something that’s a constitutional right? So stupid Americans and their hang ups ovef nidity, profanity and the F@** BIBLE. Most dangerous book EVER written because of how it’s taken into context. Almost every female character in the Bible was a prostitute, hooker or a whore, Christ that’s where we get the term jesabelle the
  4. Guess EVERYONE will have to figure out / learn how to get laid on here using our BBRTS info we’ve posted. Sure wish somebody wanting to get laid would contact me soon. I’m totally ready to give up my ass to any & all hot cocks needing an insatiably hungry fuck hole to milk every drop of hot manseed from your cock and nuts flooding my guts full of that sweet milky nector of the gods I can never get enough of. HMU if your looking to fuck. I’m always DTF, ANON NSA
  5. When I was in my late 20’s / early 30’s I’d spend my summers posting adds on CL for an ANON CUM DUMP taking loads. I’d tell them I was in my back yard lying ass up on a chaise longe. The side gate would be unlocked and they could enter the backyard from the street. I was living in Central Phoenix at the time and never any shortage of dick. I’d do this a few hours in the morning , Take a break, Start again in the afternoon and finish up late evening. One day I must have had 12-15 guys answer that add. That was probably 15-20 years ago or so and definitely couldn’t do that now. I’m thinking
  6. Fuckin' Oink~! Hole you have 21 followers today. Pervs like you make visiting BZ Hot~! Please keep sharing your pix and adventures too... Thanks for following me and reps too. xoxo

  7. Trogarzo is the first drug in a new class of antiretroviral medications that can provide significant benefit to patients who have run out of HIV treatment options, Trogarzo will be administered in the form of a shot once every 14 days by a trained medical professional. It can also be used in combination with other antiretroviral medications without losing its effectiveness. Not sure if this is where I’m supposed to post this but thought I should share
  8. Hi 

    kristyboi (9).jpeg

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    2. ronnie4u


      MMMMMMMM !  Perfection , Delicious , Beautiful - be All over you instantly !  :)

    3. bbcunthole


      that clit needs to b limp . u are a very lucky boy to have been taking such abuse n pleasuring so many men with you sissy girly pussy. your an inspiration n i hope you are lucky enough to get pozzed soon n your new daddy wastes you away pleasing lots more needy men

  9. Sex between men is primal almost animalistic. It’s RAW, primal, sweaty and gutteral and spontaneous, Who want’s to interrupt a perfectly good rhythm of intense sexual energy by having to pause and put a fucking rubber on. If that’s not bad enough once you finally start to get back in the google and attempt the task at hand, Yoyr mood is killed again Condoms are binding there is NO AMOUNT of LUBE that can make the sensation of rubber pinching your sphincter with every thrust, if your a top I’m sure having your member asphyxiated and choked can’t be a great combo to help your stamina. Bare
  10. Had an amazing FB who was always DTF anything with a pulse and always more than willing to give me his swimmers. I was actually introduced to him by a trick I’d met online. I saw him online again a few months later and asked if he’d breed me again. He showed up and wasn’t alone. He’d brought my soon to be regular FB with him. They both took turns tag teaming and spit roasting me for awhile, Then the guy who’d soon become my FB motioned the guy who was just a trick to come and DP me with him. OK if you haven’t guessed my now I really am a total slut so my hole was
  11. I like to present my ass to a top framed nicely in a jock while I’m on all 4’s hoke well lived head down ass up giving him a perfect view of what he’s come for. Once he places his hand on my ass cheek and starts to make his way in he can take off the jock to better make his way into my insatiable cock craving cunt until he’s emptied his nutsak into my hungry fuckhole loading it up with his huge load of seed.
  12. Thanks for reacting to my photos!




      I’m SO ENVIOUS 

      The’re SO FUCKING HOT??

      WANT 2 B a NASTY WHORE like U


  13. BBRTS screen name BBOSEASSESCHLAMPE Definition = Wicked ASS SLUT Home of BBRTS Tucson, AZ
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