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    Hot bare sex, giving and receiving oral, cum, role play,
    light BDSM sub/dom play, daddies, daddy bears, jocks. Just starting to get into leather. Occasionally breeding hot fit twinkies.
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    Pretty clean cut younger looking 30yo guy who likes to be active/healthy.
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    I thought about it when I was younger, but didnt have the balls. I have made a few amateur vids
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    Tops/dom tops and daddies that want to breed me.

    Smooth young twinks that want to be bred or fed.

    Limits: scat, blood, severe pain,womens clothing,
    chem stimulants (T)

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  1. If Im topping, I prefer smooth, I get waxed front and back, no irritation, no bumps, no stuble. I do leave a natural looking neat patch above my cock though.
  2. I have felt it with a handful of guys, sometimes I just feel the heat of their load, and a handful of times I have actually felt their seed splashing up against my insides.
  3. Im 5' 10" and weigh 155lbs, 95% bottom. Prefer guys who are 6ft+ and 200-250lbs. Love being used by big burly daddies. Being a bit shorter than me isn't a deal breaker, but Id much rather prefer my top to be the size of a redwood.
  4. I prefer 6.5-8in cut mushroom headed guys, that ridge rubs my special spot if doing missionary/ spread eagle, I almost always cum hands free.
  5. I would consider myself as a slut/pig, the only "party" I do is occasionally smoke weed and drink wine. I never have and never will associate with Tina or her friends. Im a "straight edge" cumdump bottom boy.
  6. Blah, Blah, blah, blah. Nice attempt at sounding smart, too bad it didn't work. So as opposed to bowing down to some mythical dead guy nailed to two pieces of wood? and backed by a book of fairy tales? please, ha! You dont make your own fate? so you be lazy and somehow automatically become successful? or you choose to put forth effort and hard work to become successful, which is more likely? Were the dinosaur bones a complete hoax? or does radio carbon dating actually work? Yeah, that darn science! mongering up a bunch of fubar ! Cant determine anything ! Pfft your arguments are weak and have no backing. Have a nice day
  7. But the Temple of S A T A N has nothing to do with perverted crap, evil or worshipping the devil? It is actually morally sound, and logical, pretty close with Paganism beliefs. huh
  8. Exactly! I love getting bred by dom tops but I would never let a random, or even a regular Fuck buddy breed me if Truvada didnt exist. Besides being a bareback slut, I care alot about my body, I eat healthy and exercise regularly, the last thing I would want is to be infected with an incurable disease . Your body=your temple You are no less of a good sub bottom boy if you take PrEP or not, in my eyes you are a better sub bottom and guys who are fit, healthy and take good care of themselves is a big turn on for me.
  9. My top side rarely comes out but when it does, it only seeks younger, petite, twinkies
  10. Okay, this is wonky, something is up with this site, I clearly typed " the Temple of S A T A N. and it still showed up as Sarah Palin. What gives ?
  11. For some reason it wont let me edit this crap, Supposed to be The Temple of Sarah Palin , Not Sarah Palin.
  12. God damn autocorrect! Mods please edit that to Temple of Sarah Palin Ugh.
  13. So, Im a fairly straight arrow/clean cut type of guy, but Im not religious at all, dont believe in god nor do I believe in the devil or supernatural stuff etc etc. I was chatting with a guy on Grindr and somehow religion was brought up, I said I was atheist and he said he was as well but added that he is a member of The Temple of Sarah Palin. At first I was like " uhm yea bye bye" but he said he doesn't worship the devil nor does he believe in the devil. Intrigued I asked him to elaborate. Everything he said I completely agreed with. Believe in science over everything Eye for an eye rule Your body and what is done to it is completely up to you. You have the right to say and do what you want, even if it offends people You determine your own fate. I did more digging on it and found that if I was ever forced to choose a religion/sect. It would probably be The Temple of Sarah Palin. lol

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