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    Tampa FL
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    Hot bare sex, giving and receiving oral, cum, role play,
    light BDSM sub/dom play, daddies, daddy bears, jocks. Just starting to get into leather. Occasionally breeding hot fit twinkies.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Pretty clean cut 30yo guy who likes to be active.
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    I thought about it when I was younger, but didnt have the balls.
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    Tops/dom tops and daddies that want to breed me.

    Smooth young twinks that want to be bred or fed.

    Limits: scat, blood, severe pain,womens clothing,
    chem stimulants (T)

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  1. orionboy1

    Ever been filmed?

    Yes, a couple I play with likes to make vids.
  2. orionboy1

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    If they mention parTy, boom blocked !
  3. orionboy1

    Pos Guys do you tell the guy you are fucking

    Right there with you, with this day in age of PrEP. I don't understand why guys seekout to become poz, before PrEP was available I can understand the "just get it over with so I dont have to fear it anymore" I view seeking out HIV or purposely self destructively going unmedicated like I view a sucidal alcoholic drinking themselves to death, very very sad, and something upstairs is very wrong. I view people who are poz and not on meds so they can specifically poz other people, esp people who are obvious to their status/the lie. that is incredibly malicious and IMO guys who do that are complete scumbags, borderline serial killer mentality. When I read about people on here wanting to contract a Trudava resistant strain so they can specifically poz us guys who are on PrEP, Im literally sick to my stomach. What in the actual fuck? Why ? Incredibly selfish and homicidal like behaviour.
  4. orionboy1

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    Brock Pierce in the first kid, I was 11 and was infatuated with him
  5. orionboy1

    MOST PUBLIC location?

    When I lost my virginity to a girl at 14, under a park pavilion. Gay public encounter- mall bathroom with a guy who hit me up on Grindr when I was shopping. Just traded oral.
  6. orionboy1

    Weird Sexual Encounters

    Grass lol, Crazy how marijuana slang has developed over the years. These days us kids call it : nugget, trees, weed, glar, herb, doja, bud etc etc. Never heard someone refer to it as grass. lol
  7. orionboy1

    What is my place as a bottom?

    Yep, mostly sub bottom checking in, The way I see it, with hookups/ongoing FBs Im their fuck toy. I view it the same way on the rare occasion I top other twinks.
  8. orionboy1

    POLL: CONDOMS: Does ANYONE ever use them?

    Im vers/bottom I used them most the time/not all the time until I got on PrEP, If the top guy is really hot and insists on them Ill give in. If Im topping, which is rare, its a make or break deal. If Im topping, that boy is getting bred.
  9. orionboy1

    The hottest compliment you've ever received?

    "you should look into modeling or maybe doing porn"
  10. orionboy1


    Boy Butter
  11. orionboy1

    Cruising the Gym Locker room

    This would be acceptable, strike up a conversation, ask for my number etc etc. Thats fine by me. Whats not is: following me into the shower, using the head right next to me even though a bunch others are open and staring at me while you nonchalantly stroke your dick. Had a fella do this a few weeks ago, it was creepy. I wear jockstraps, usually timoteo, pump or c2xst so its pretty obvious Im gay, but that doesnt mean its okay for you to creep on me.
  12. orionboy1

    Cleaning out ya bottom

    I take pure for men and eat super healthy so Im always pretty clean, but I do one buld douche just to be safe followed by a quick shower. Takes 5min
  13. orionboy1

    Cruising the Gym Locker room

    I find it annoying when guys try to cruise me at the gym or in the locker room, Im not a huge fan of public sex that could possibly lead to legal implications. Also when I go to the gym Im not in the "I wanna get fucked" mindset, I just want to get a good workout in and go.
  14. orionboy1


    There is a lot of "fake crap" out there, just because it says jungle juice etc, etc. Looks the same, same label it may not be the real deal. I found a legit site that sells real deal PWC stuff. My favourites are Blue Boy, Hells fire and Amsterdam.
  15. orionboy1

    Buying frozen cum

    I have a ping pong ball sized cumsicle Id be willing to sell. Considering needing dry ice and 2 day shipping at minimum it wont be cheap.

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