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    Tampa FL
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    Hot bare sex, giving and receiving oral, cum, role play,
    light BDSM sub/dom play, daddies, daddy bears, jocks. Just starting to get into leather. Occasionally breeding hot fit twinkies.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Pretty clean cut younger looking 30yo guy who likes to be active/healthy.
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    I thought about it when I was younger, but didnt have the balls. I have made a few amateur vids
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    Tops/dom tops and daddies that want to breed me.

    Smooth young twinks that want to be bred or fed.

    Limits: scat, blood, severe pain,womens clothing,
    chem stimulants (T)

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  1. orionboy1

    What does "Faggot" mean?

    Yeah, at least when I went there KU had a offical team. We were recognized by The National Collegiate Paintball Association or NCPA. It was a blast. KU is in Lawrence KS, it is an incredibly liberal city, and yeah this was only ten years ago so being gay wasn't a big deal. Ill occasionally dust off my old markers and go to a PB place/field time to time. I absolutely slay people to the point of them getting upset and yelling at me to stop taking it so seriously! its supposed to be fun! lol
  2. With PrEP these days, its starting to grow further apart (good!) Proud Truvada Whore!
  3. orionboy1

    Frozen loads

    I still have a pingpong sized ball of my own frozen loads in my freezer that I have yet to use, I want to thaw and inject it in my cunt before Ive arranged a gangbang. Just haven't got around to setting up said gangbang, Ill probably rent a hotel room to do it, post it on A4A, Grindr profile and BBRT. Just need to get a better camera and set a day aside to finally do it. 😈
  4. orionboy1


    Im not sure if it will work anymore but I have a coupon code that I got on my last order, 10% off Code is 2018, maybe try 2019 if it doesnt work.
  5. orionboy1

    What does "Faggot" mean?

    I have never really liked the word/label, yes I willingly submit and give my body to masculine usually older dom top breeders. I go tanning in the winter to keep my speedo tanline, I get a Brazilian wax to keep my boypussy silky smooth for my breeders pleasure and IlI jog and lift nearly every morning and eat right to stay in decent shape. I use a skin care regimen to ensure I stay looking young. Im probably the definition of "faggot" to most men. However, I dont see myself as a faggot, Im just gay. I actually am fairly straight acting and have a lot of "masculine" interests/qualities. I love the outdoors, Im a scuba diver, I played paintball for my university's team, I rockclimb, I drive a car that has a bit over 450hp, I have killed nearly a dozen deer in my lifetime, I like fishing/camping/roughing it. Im no princess outside the bedroom, I dont worship any female music artists like 90% of other gay guys my age. I dont wear make up and I dont think I have watched one episode of Rupauls dragrace. Masculine in the streets, submissive in the sheets ; ) Im not a faggot princess.
  6. orionboy1

    Deep Penetration

    Missionary probably allows for the deepest penetration, however I prefer ass up face down/doggy or me laying on my tummy while he is on top of me with his forearm across my neck slightly choking me.
  7. orionboy1


    Lots of fake stuff out there, buypwd.com is the one I have had the best luck with. Blue boy, Hells fire and Jungle Juice are my go-tos from them. Great "video head cleaners"
  8. orionboy1


  9. orionboy1

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    That might be a bit too obvious/loud lol. I am ordering a Treasure Island Media T shirt though : )
  10. orionboy1

    Friday Night Vaseline Daddy

    Yeah as a bottom, Im not a big fan of it, but I have never topped or jacked off with it so might be different for the top I guess. I love getting bred by him though, he is a lot more passionate than other guys I regularly play with, so he can use whatever he wants. Also, yes a post sex snack is the best! I call them the cum-munchies. : p
  11. orionboy1

    Bottoms who don't get hard

    When Im topping (Very rare, twinks exclusively) I dont care if he is hard, however I do love sucking them off after we fuck if they didnt cum, twink cum is delicious, gets me horned up to go another round. Myself, unless Im using poppers I stay hard. However, Im using poppers 90% of the time Im getting used by a top, so Im usually soft.
  12. orionboy1

    What do u wear as daily underwear

    I usually daily wear briefs, Ill almost always wear jockstraps when hooking up though. I do occasionally wear them to the gym too (lots of stares : p ) Favorite brands are Aussie bum, c2ixst, Papi, Emporio Armani, niku and of course Andrew Christian.
  13. orionboy1

    Friday Night Vaseline Daddy

    I decided to stay in tonight because tomorrow is Gasparilla festival here in Tampa, I texted one of my fuck buddies that I haven't seen in quite a while to see if he wanted to come over but he was going out with friends. My cunt was aching to get filled so I texted another FB I have nicknamed "vaseline daddy" because he is 47 (16 years older than me) and he loves using vaseline as lube which Im not a big fan of but he is always up to come over when I text him and he loves daddy/boy role play. He was out having a few beers but said he would be by around 11. I start my routine of making sure Im ready, play with some toys then hop in the shower. Im watching some porn when I notice my phone light up with his text that he is here, I quickly put on a jockstrap, unlock my apartment door and text him back that the door is unlocked. I hear him walk in/ make his way towards my room as Im getting poppers out of my nightstand. He walks in my room and tells me to "come give daddy some sugar baby" We embrace for a long kiss as he starts grabbing my jockstrapped ass. I can almost taste the beer on his breath. He takes off his shirt and I run my hands across his furry chest as he starts unbuckling his belt and slides his jeans down, his already hard cock was sticking through the slit in his boxers, I kneel down and start slurping on his hairy daddy dick, after a while he lifts me up by my arms and says "daddy needs to eat some hole, get on the bed boy" I do as Im told of course I lay down and he starts tongue fucking my hole, with his hands spreading my cheeks, I love getting my cunt eaten my cock is rock hard digging into my mattress, after nearly ten minutes of him eating my ass he stops and I hear the familiar sound of him opening his little plastic tub of vaseline, I grab the poppers and take a deep hit as he shoves a big glob of it into my hole and starts coating his cock with it. I feel the smooth head of his cock start pressing through my entrance, he dives all the way in and pauses for a few seconds while he kisses my shoulders and the back of my neck, he starts off slow taking long strokes, it hurts/burns a little as vaseline always does : (, he leans back up and pulls on my hips till Im in the ass up face down position, he fucks me for a few minutes like this alernating between fast and slow, then he pulls out completely and says "flip over boy" "Yes Daddy" I obediently respond, as I am repositioning I see that I have a long string of precum hanging on my now soft cock (damn poppers) I get on my back near the edge of the bed and take another deep whiff of poppers, he hooks his forearms under the back of my knees and pushes his daddy cock back deep in my cunt and locks his lips to mine as he starts really fucking me hard, Im moaning and whimpering into his mouth as he gives it to me rough, he starts sucking on my neck and licking my ears, which drives me wild as he continues to plow into me. "Want my load boy?" "Yes Daddy, give me that hot cum" "Im going to flood that boypussy, here it comes boy!" "Oh fuck yeah daddy!" He slows his jackhammering back to long slow strokes, he starts moaning as he unloads inside me, he slows to a stop deep inside and I feel the last few pulses coming from his cock as his seed coats my insides. Breathing heavy he leans down and we kiss for a while as his cock is still buried deep in my hole. "Fuck" he pants as he pulls away and out of me, I clentch my hole and carefully roll over as to not get any vaseline or cum on my sheets. He grabs the towel off of my nightstand and starts wiping off his softening cock. "I needed that" he said "So did I, my hole has been craving dick all week, thank you for coming over, are you sure you are okay to drive home? you are more than welcome to stay over here and cuddle with me for the night" ( I generally dont have fuck buddies over to stay the night but we have played together at least 10 times, so I kinda trust him, plus I was a bit worried about him driving as he reaked of beer) "Thanks but Im fine, I only had a couple" After getting dressed He comes over to me kisses me again. "Shoot me text whenever, I love taking care of this ass" he says as he smacks one of my cheeks and leaves. I jacked myself off, and immediately took a shower afterwards to get all the vaseline out of my crack, but kept clenched up to make sure his load stays deep inside me. Made myself a post sex sandwich and started writing this. Happy hunting everyone!
  14. orionboy1

    PREP Cumdumps, how many loads still negative?

    Been on PrEP about 3.5 years, completely lost count of how many loads I have taken up I generally play with repeat buddies, so not all random loads from different men. Count has to be well over 100 though. Ironically, the only STD that I have had was gonorrhea infection in my throat, I do suck a lot of random cock, but meds cleared it up. However, it was pretty miserable.

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