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  1. I suck cock and I call it cock sucking.
  2. Tease the back of your throat with your toothbrush when you brush your teeth. Gradually going deeper to desensitize that area. Also practice makes perfect.
  3. It happens to me when there's more than one top at a time. They rotate from mouth to ass and back to mouth.
  4. I would love more tops in my area to stop by my place more often. Even just a couple of times a week.
  5. Most of my friends that I bareback. I had to explain to some of them what bareback is.
  6. I love sucking uncut cocks. Playing with the foreskin with my tongue is pleasurable. Uncut cocks is my fetish and passion.
  7. I often ask my tops to share my contact info with other tops. Some tops did however most don't. I think they're still in the closet.
  8. It's the same here in Pembroke. Nobody wants condoms.
  9. My favorite cock to suck is a thick 7" uncut beauty belonging to my friend Ivan. Ivan likes me to take my time with it. Taking it deep in my throat and holding. When he gets tired of it, I roll over and he slides it into my ass bare back.
  10. I love sucking cock. When I slip a soft cock I'm fascinated how slippery it becomes with my saliva. As the penis gets hard in my mouth I get excited. Sometimes I cum as well. When the top's penis is fully errect I love the feel of energy coming from it.
  11. When I was nine years old an older friend made it a game. He made it fun for both of us.
  12. When I first started getting fucked I insisted the top use a condom. Until one top left a condom in my ass. After that I stopped requesting tops use a condom. I prefer being fucked bare back. What's the point of using a condom?
  13. I've been split roasted a few times. I love it. My friend Ivan invited other tops to join in from time to time, including his twin brother. I dream of being a party and be the cum dump.
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