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What is your current HIV Status?  

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  1. 1. What is your current HIV Status?

    • Negative
    • Neg + Prep
    • Unsure - Most likely negative
    • Unsure - Most likely positive
    • Don't know / Don't care / Don't want to know
    • Positive - Medication not required at this time
    • Positive - On medication
    • Positive - High viral load & not on medication
    • Positive - Not yet on meds
    • Other (List in the comments)

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On 30/07/2017 at 3:21 AM, BareBen said:

Poz, since 2014, but stopped meds in December 2016. My viral load on meds was undetectable, not sure now...

You'll be detectable for sure mate. Massive shame u started them. We have the right to change and refuse treatment. I refused to start the meds and told them I want to take them, I wasn't ready and was crap at remembering to take tablets. Then I told her I hated comdoms, never used one before, and was happy with my new HIV poz status because all my regular partners were poz already and I wanted to join too. 

She looked as if she was gonna kill me, but said sorry but it's my HIV, my sex life, my choices.  I've not seen her since lol 

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Converted in March 2017 during a trip to the US. I'm guessing it happened that one night I took 11 poz loads (pic of me squirting out what was left of the loads the next morning below) ....but then who knows, it could have happened any night that trip. Sure was a fun trip :D

Came down with the fuck flu early April and knew I had to be poz.  Test in April confirmed my suspicions. Detectable and not on meds.


Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 20.49.38.png

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dr said your not surprised? 

i was borderline aids diagnosis 

and toxic ☣️

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10 hours ago, bbttm84 said:

Converted in March 2017 during a trip to the US. I'm guessing it happened that one night I took 11 poz loads (pic of me squirting out what was left of the loads the next morning below) ....but then who knows, it could have happened any night that trip. Sure was a fun trip :D

Came down with the fuck flu early April and knew I had to be poz.  Test in April confirmed my suspicions. Detectable and not on meds.


Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 20.49.38.png

Neg here, but I would agree that is one hot way that you became poz. Even hotter is the pic. 

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I tested POZ in late February of this year.   For most of my life I had been a real condom NAZI, but a stealther changed my view.   After I had that "risk event", being with POZ guys was all I could think about.  Started as an active (VERY ACTIVE) chaser some months later and converted within 5 weeks of that start.  No meds in the 5 months since my new status was confirmed.   

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Poz on meds hepc poz starting hepc treatment. Then off meds. It's better potent!large.IMG_0085.JPG.2dcb7a391981a9d407ef7958a2abeca7.JPGlarge.IMG_4606.JPG.326708aaf91d58afadea23ff7960771b.JPGlarge.IMG_4774.JPG.0949230c1cce39881295826771b9bce8.JPG

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3 hours ago, Youngnpiggy said:

Detectable and proud

cant wait till I have that status

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Neg and on PrEP. Tested in August. Going tomorrow to get retested and to renew my truvada prescription. 

Love taking poz loads, especially toxic ones. #TruvadaWhore

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I never had a really high viral load - topped out at 92,000 - but my CD4 cell count dropped to 35 in March this year. I've been on meds since and have my viral load checked every 3 months,msome went from 92,000 to 77, and 2 weeks ago 54. I'm so close to undetectable but not there yet.

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    • By aeroboi69
      After studying for four hours, Terry gazed out the window at the warm, Queensland sunshine and decided to quit for the day.  Summer was finally here and it brought a smile to his face, meaning for him, beer parties, beaches, barbecues, cruises along the coast, checking out all the shirtless guys, and plenty of parties.  Yes, summer was his favorite time of the year and he wasn't about to waste a day of it, especially since he lived so near the beach at the Goldcoast and also near a gym where some of the hottest bodybuilders on the coast trained.
      Putting away his lecture notes and computer, Terry tidied-up the apartment, grabbed his gym gear, telling himself he'd be back about 10 or 11 the next morning to finish writing his paper.  He was looking forward at finally getting past his university years and getting some decent work.  It was going to be a hot day.  He anticipated the gym would likely be filled with studs.  Terry always played it cool there, because it wasn't actually a gay gym.  Sure, some of the gay guys trained there, but Terry went for the equipment and the serious atmosphere; he didn't want to develop a bad reputation. For a boy who enjoyed copping a good load of cock and cum it was important to remain discreet.
      He was on the pec-deck machine when he noticed the blond Adonis.  The man, who was at least fifteen years Terry's senior, had big arms and sexy legs, which he was working on the leg extension machine.  Terry had seen him before, even in the shower once, but he didn't want the blond hunk to notice that he was being cruised.  But what a face and body - deep tan, beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, and a huge piece of meat.  Terry reckoned the hunk's stick would grow to at least ten inches - if sucked properly.  Terry also occasionally speculated about the pleasure of sliding his long cock into the Adonis' (presumably) tight, athletic asshole and fucking it long and hard, although Terry was equally enticed by the prospect of being bred by the man.

      At 21 Terry was around six feet in height and a proportional weight, brown hair and an athletic build, bordering on muscular owing to the hours he put in at the gym.  His seven inch cock was respectable and he could usually give as good as he got, but as much as Terry loved copping a bareback load, he was very careful to sleep only with neg guys, taking the view there was no point taking a risk even if a potential playmate said he was on meds.

      Terry waited a few minutes after the stud left for the locker room, then he casually followed.  He was standing at his locker peeling off his sweaty gym shorts when Terry stepped up to his locker, an arms-length from that of the Adonis.  While Terry could imagine sniffing and licking the gym shorts clean, he nevertheless made an appropriately neutral remark to the Adonis in saying "You're growing.  Guess those hard workouts are paying off."
      "Yeah, thanks.  I guess so.  I'm up to 202 pounds, and my arms are 18 inches.  Within six months they'll hit 19," the blond responded, flexing his biceps.
      "You'll make it, just stick it out,its impressive to see you working out and training hard" Terry said.

      "I'm Jeff," the Adonis said, sticking out his hand.

      "I'm Terry.  I might want to train with you someday if it's okay.  Maybe I could pick up a few pointers from a pro like you," Terry smiled, and, as if spontaneously suggested "Say, listen, I just picked up some great post workout protein.  Why don't you stop over and we could chat and you can try some?  I live near the beach, about a mile from here.  Maybe we could go for a quick swim."

      "Sounds good," Jeff answered. "I'm off today, but I gotta pick up my partner around 1:00 PM.  He can wait though."  He pulled off his jock strap, giving Terry a look at that thick piece of meat.  Shit, soft it was six or seven inches.  And nice and thick.  What a powerhouse body it was attached to!  Terry was more than ready, even if he wasn't sure Jeff was actually up for fucking him.

      'I'll find a way', Terry thought.  'Either I'll get a hard cock down my throat, or just a mate with whom to work out, so there's no harm'.  As Jeff leaned over into his locker, Terry caught a glimpse of a tattoo across Jeff's lower back.  The tattoo vaguely resembled a biohazard symbol but Jeff turned before Terry could get
      a decent look.  An hour later Jeff's legs, in sexy short pants, were sprawled across the coffee table.

      While they chatted and enjoyed their post workout protein Terry became hornier and hornier.  He could smell the fresh sweat coming off Jeff after his workout and longed to lick it off him. "You got some big muscles, you're probably a good poser.  Why don't I watch you hit some poses?" Terry suggested.

      "I would, but I didn't bring any posing tights," Jeff responded, adding as an after thought "You think I'm pretty well built, huh?"

      "I sure do," Terry answered. "You don't need posing tights, just take off your shorts and let's see you flex." 
      Jeff complied without a word, stripping naked, and commencing to flex his arms, chest, torso and legs. The more Terry appreciated it, the harder Jeff got.  "What a great body! Yeah, those are some big muscles," Terry said, reaching out and squeezing Jeff's arm.  Terry was into body worship with bodybuilders, and Jeff dug having his body admired.  As he turned around Terry saw something that made his stomach drop.  He worst suspicions were confirmed.  A giant biohazard tattoo emblazoned across Jeff's lower back and right ass
      cheek.  But, Terry quickly decided, given a chance he would still be more than willing to suck and perve Jeff, although Terry promised himself there was no way Jeff would pop his cock into Terry's ass.

      Then they started horsing around. "I'm pretty strong, too. I bet I could take you in a wrestling match," Terry suggested.  Instantly Jeff was on him, tackling him to the ground and wrapping his legs around Terry's waist.  They wrestled for a few minutes, with Terry getting off on the feel of Jeff's smooth muscles pinning him down.  By this point Jeff had sprouted a full-on erection, which swayed in the air as he pinned Terry down.  The sweat between the two bodies made a sure grip difficult, so inevitably the two were sliding about.  The aroma of their sweat was utterly intoxicating.  Terry couldn't believe he was wrestling and sweaty with this gorgeous guy, asking himself 'Why does he have to be so dangerous?'

      Just then Jeff twisted Terry's arm in a hammerlock, commanding "Open your mouth.  Suck my cock."
      Caught by surprise, Terry still managed to reply "You ain't that tough, you can't make me."
      Jeff wrapped his legs around Terry's throat and choked him. "C'mon, open your mouth, you know you want it, cocksucker.  You know you dig being a slave to a bodybuilder.  Open your mouth so I can shove my big poz dick in it and choke you.  I know you saw my tatt."
      Terry felt like he was really going to choke from the pressure of Jeff's muscular legs on his throat, so far from unwillingly, he followed Jeff's command, whereupon Jeff rammed his throbbing cock between Terry's lips. "You bite it once and you'll be sorry."  Terry obeyed, sucking it and licking it, pleasing~his powerful master.  "I've seen you checking out my body at the gym before," Jeff said, shoving his giant meat down his victim's throat.  "You thought I never noticed.  Shit, I can tell when a dude digs my body.  You want to eat my cock and balls, you'd probably even suck on my dirty asshole.  Well, now's your chance, slave, I'm really gonna shove it to you."
      Jeff climbed on top of Terry and began fucking his mouth, shoving his hard dick over the tongue and far into the throat.  The giant piece of meat was stretching his throat creating a a horrible, but admittedly familiar pain.  Terry loved it rough but was he willing to take everything that Jeff wanted to give him?  Jeff grabbed Terry's arm and turned him over, pulling both arms behind his back and forcing Terry over his stomach.  Terry tried to struggle free, but the bodybuilder's powerful arms and legs kept him down.

      "When's the last time a bodybuilder like me fucked you good and hard, huh, boy?  You like taking a man's big poz load?" Jeff asked him, twisting his arm harder. 
      "Hey, man," Terry yelled.  "I'm not into all this; I don't want take your poz cum.  I only fuck neg guys."

      "Well, problem is I'm horny and I need somewhere to blow my load.  I think your tight little ass looks damn good, neg or not."  Jeff pinned Terry to the bed and slowly shoved his cock into his tight asshole.  Terry yelled as the thick meat entered him.

      "Ohhh, no, please, not so hard, not so fast, please.  You'll tear me."  Slowly Jeff shoved more of his cock into Terry's butt.  The combination of sweat and spit was the only lube Terry got until his hole tore a bit, after which Terry's blood supplemented the lubrication available to the giant cock.  Jeff's pace increased, and before long his entire nine inch cock was balls-deep in Terry's hole.  Terry thought he was going to faint from the pain, but Jeff continued pumping.

      "Ohh, yeah, feels good, yeah, your ass is nice and tight.  You dig this big poz cock up your asshole, don't you?  You know you like it.  Tell me you like it.  I want to hear it," Jeff said as he fucked away.  He wanted to hear Terry beg for his load, but begging wasn't critical.  His balls wouldn't be denied for a formality.  Terry's tight ass deserved to be seeded.

      A minute or so later Jeff withdrew into himself, closed his eyes as he licked his lips; he anticipated the surge of power.  He was about to come, and ever the gentleman he delicately let Terry know saying "I'm gonna shoot this toxic load up you.  Ohhhh, take it, yeah.  Take my fucking babies!," as his balls ejected his poz load deep into Terry's ass, spurt after spurt after spurt of viscous cum coating the inside of Terry's hole.
      After laying on Terry's back for a few minutes, at which time each man struggled to catch his breath, Jeff withdrew his cock from Terry's ass, rose, and stepped into the bathroom for a cursory shower.  Terry, meanwhile, was uncertain what to do or how to act, rose, pulled on his short pants and t-shirt, and stepped into the next room.  A few minutes later Jeff, now dressed, presentable, and carrying his gym bag, stepped into the front room where he found Terry was sitting in his living room smoking a cigarette, still aching from the rape/fuck.

      "See you around, kid," Jeff said, winking. "I won't say anything to the guys at the gym if you won't."  With that he left, slamming the door closed. 
      Terry, meanwhile, although unsure of the best course of action, was aware of at least one unresolved matter, namely, he hadn't gotten off.  Sliding his shorts down, he began jacking his rigid cock, the memory of Jeff's powerful body, and Jeff's thick cock as mental stimulation.  Terry had had rape fantasies before, but they had never come true.  But this was for real--a real rape from a real man.  Nothing fake about this, he thought, as he lay back on the couch and jerked off.  Suddenly four or five gobs of white cum shot from his cock onto his legs and hand, and onto the couch.

      "I want to get raped again," he thought as the cum oozed from his dick.  But he was poz?  Was that what made it so hot?  He hopped in the shower, wiped the cum from his legs, showered and dressed.  Fuck it, he thought, time for another trick.  He kept the hot cum deep inside his bruised torn ass.  Hopefully it would act as a salve for the next big cock to pound him.  He pulled on his yellow tank top, a pair of jeans, and his tennis shoes, and headed out the door.

      Quickly hopping in his car, he decided to cruise along ocean road for a while.  It was a warm summer evening.  Fifteen minutes later, he noticed a hitchhiker who, from a distance, looked damned good.  Terry slowed down and pulled over.  "Shit," he thought, "what a hunk."  The hitchhiker leaned in the car.
      "Where ya headed?" Terry asked.
      "Just goin' to Burleigh Heads," he answered with a smile.
      "Hop in, man.  You got a great tan.  You must have gotten a head start on it," Terry said as they drove along the coast.

      "Yeah, I spent some time in Florida.  Anyway, all this sunshine makes me horny."
      Terry looked at him and smiled.  The hitchhiker reached over and groped Terry's crotch. "Let's go back to my pad," Terry suggested.

      In ten minutes they were at Terry's, pulling off their clothes and hopping into bed.  His name was Scott, he was 25, and he was spending the summer hitching around Australia before returning to work in the fall.  Scott knew how to kiss.  They licked each other's teeth, tongue and mouth.  Then Terry went down on him, licking his cock and sucking his balls.  Scott's tight ass looked good.  It was clean and salty; Terry sucked it out good.  Scott moaned in pleasure, then turned around, grabbed Terry by the hips and sucked his cock.  Terry closed his eyes and rubbed Scott's head and shoulders, enjoying the expert service he was getting.  Scott began sucking frantically, and it drove Terry to ecstasy.

      He shot off in Scott's mouth, sending gobs of thick cum down his throat. "Eat out my ass, that felt good," Scott ordered.  Terry was ready for more.  He licked Scott's ass, sucked and kissed it until Scott told him to replace his tongue with his cock.  No arguments.  Terry reached over the headboard for the KY, and greased his cock and Scott's asshole.  He slid his dick in and they immediately developed a perfect fuck rhythm.

      They continued fucking and kissing until they were both ready to come.  Terry relaxed when his sperm shot out of his cock and into Scott's asshole. "Ohhh, yeah, I'm coming; it feels great, ohhhh, yeah, it's shootin' out," Terry moaned.  Terry had now come twice, and it was time to get his partner off.  Scott sat on Terry's face with his cock sticking out and Terry sucked it for a while.  "Oh, I'm so hot, I've got to shoot."  Scott clenched his fists as his cream shot into Terry's mouth.  Gobs and gobs of warm, thick juice filled Terry's mouth.  He tasted it in his mouth, then slowly and sensuously swallowed the thick load, enjoying every drop of it.

      They got dressed and headed out.  Scott wanted to be dropped off at a friend's place in Santa Monica; Terry was tired and sexually fulfilled.  He was going home.  He dropped Scott off, gave him a good-bye kiss, then headed back to his apartment.

      On the way, he passed the gym and glanced over.  He saw a stud with bulging arms in a tank top, a nice smile on his good-looking face; he was sticking out his thumb for a ride.  Terry could hardly believe it.  He had seen the guy in the gym before and wanted to meet him, but had never had the chance.  Like a reflex action, Terry made a U-turn, pulled over and stopped.

      'How could I possibly be horny after all this?' Terry asked himself.  Still, he opened the window and the stud peeked in and announced "I'm headed down the street."
      That was enough for Terry.  "Sounds good to me," he replied, thinking to himself as the man stepped into the car realized he had seen him at the gym, although he knew nothing beyond that detail, so he commented "You look familiar, I've seen you working out at the gym."
      "Yeah, you have.  I've seen you too, in fact I saw you today.  You left at the same time my partner did," he explained. "He's well known here, his name is Jeff." 
      'It never stops', Terry thought as he drove off into the night with his new fuck buddy.
    • By Detchiller
      I’m looking for a friend I met about the year 2000. I was living in Oakland and would go trick out with this hot black guy in San Francisco. He worked for a pharmaceutical company, I think. I remember he lived a little south of the City in a townhouse/condo that overlooked the city. He was Black, good looking, good body, great top, nice dick, drove a motorcycle plus his regular car. He liked picking up Mexican trade because they let him fuck raw, no questions asked. I wasn’t into raw and told him I’d go raw if he promised to pay my medical for the rest of my life. He had strongly hinted that status was a concern. We vibed mentally but I wasn’t ready for a relationship. Best dates were seeing Requiem for a Dream (worst date movie), fucking on my stomach looking out the balcony to the city, and last date where I was blindfolded and tied up and he told me he entered me raw when I knew it was a toy. He’d be in his 50s, maybe even early 60s if he’s still alive. I met him probably through an aol account, his screen name was pretty straightforward like black4u or something like that. If any details sound familiar, would love to hear from him again, and definitely open to going raw. Clues, anybody?
    • By TotalAnonCumDump
      Cum dump bug chasing experienced bottom here... chasing all STIs and STDs offered to me and will take all loads! 
       Love Anon, hooded, bent over ready but will of course take anything that comes my way! 
       Would love to go to a gifting party and be given and converted!
       Twisted sleazy chemmed slam slut! Own me and control me! 
       Or owned by a gifter / group / top Whos intention is to get me as toxic as he can!
       Based in West London!
    • By needspozzing
      Nearly total top here who finally has accepted that he needs to convert.
      Looking for unmedicated AIDS seed to turn me into the toxic top I need to be.
      bbrt: bigbeardedcub
      Wickr/kik: biocub1

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