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Anon Loads? Yes Or No?

Anon loads. What will you take?  

986 members have voted

  1. 1. Will you take a completely anon load? Didn't see their face. You don't or won't ever know who they are.

  2. 2. Anon but you saw their face. Don't know anything about them.

  3. 3. You took the load anon but followed up and found out who they are.

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I luv anonymous loads. 

Last load was from a young cub in the woods. Sucked him for a bit and knew he was my kind of man when his finger found my hole. Average size cock which hurt really good sliding in raw with spit for lube. Soon was up to speed and pounding me good. Loved when his breathing sped and sure enough he pushed in hard unloading deep. 

Only then did I turn to see his sweet face, we exchanged big smiles and he was gone. 


Love the risk of not knowing what he might have deposited as well as sperm!!!

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I've had a lot of experiences with all 3, but I'm definitely more into completely anonymous! I typically wear some sort of blindfold to make sure it stays anon. I love hearing a stranger walk in ready to dump his load in me

I've always been this slutty too, I started taking anon loads from Grindr and Craigslist sometime during myJunior year of HS. Getting bred anonymously just felt natural to me

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I live by: no load refuses and no pull outs.

Also: don’t tell me you love me. Tell me you like it

when it comes to anon, I’m ok not knowing a damn thing about them. We met for an exchange of fluids not grandmas biscuit recipe. 

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i get fucked mostly by completely anonymous guys. don't know any of their names and dont see most of their faces. I know absolutely nothing about more than 95% of the men who fuck me. men don't tell me their names, give me their number or even talk to me outside of dirty fuck talk. they just use me and pass me around

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I had an answer for this way back when the thread began, but since then, a lot has changed. I began opening up back in the beginning of 2016 taking anon and strangers with no questions asked at the ABS and bath that I regularly go to. I really figured that it would only be a very short time until I was bred and pozzed, but so far it hasn't happened. I'm sure that at least a few of the cocks that have fucked me since back then were poz or at least poz UD.

Anon from total faceless strangers is the greatest turn on for myself, not knowing and not caring as long as they deliver and deposit those loads. On the other side of the card and not having been pozzed so far, I've come to the desire that I'd like to know somewhat who it is that will finally poz me. That doesn't mean that I want to know all about him, name, location he resides, etc, but that he is poz, his toxic strain, etc, and that he is really trying to breed and poz me. For myself, that would be the ultimate turn on.

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Yeah definitely anonymous! When travelling for work I just enjoy being in my hotel room, blindfolded, ass up and door open. Staying often close to some party areas so in the middle of the night some drunk guys come by to unload inside me. The grindr profiles without pics are often the best for this. sometimes it hides some trolls, sometimes some young horny guys that just haven't come out yet. I take them all. 


when I am in that mode, cock size, age, body shape and status doesn t matter. the only thing that matters is taking seed inside my hole and get flooded with their babies. 

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Just got one in two days ago from a Breeder's gloryhole. Was my first gloryhole experience and I can't stop thinking about it! He is a local, so hopefully will repeat regularly.
So, I don't ever wanna see him. That would ruin the entire experience. If I find him hot, we would start regular breeding as gloryhole would become redundant, if I don't find him hot I would just stop seeing him. So in both scenarios the anon experience would be done.

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Ass up, face down, anon pump and dump is my favorite.

Sometimes breeder wants me to wear blindfold.

I suck tje cock lick balls.

Get into position.

Take load. 

Vlean off after with mouth.

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One of the hottest anon fucks I got was from a faceless guy on A4A.  He came over door unlocked, I'm in my bed on all fours with blindfold on.  I hear him undress, then start fucking me.  A bigger fatter dick than what he said he had so I was surprised.  We were enjoying it, he's a little verbal, then he shoots deep.  I'm still facing away blindfolded, we're talking a little.  Then I asked if I could see his face.  When I turned around it was a guy who worked with my ex!  I knew he was gay, never thought much of it, hardly ever saw him around.  We were both surprised.  Only time I asked to see  someone.

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    • By Passaround
      Hey guys, I am finally getting ready to be a sloppy fuckslut and one of my long time dreams is to get anonymously fucked and bred by an all-night line of guys in a sleazy motel. I live in SF, so there are a few to choose from, but where would you guys suggest? Maybe somewhere in San Jose even? Love big burly white guys and cum

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