Getting fucked vs getting bred

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On 2017-3-14 at 5:00 AM, NLbear said:

Depends on the situation. In a group or dark room situation I don't really mind. There are others who will dump a load and maybe they are just warming up and save it for later. And it opens me up for others who are not really into a tight hole.

In groups or darkrooms, after the first few loads it can be difficult to tell a guy really shot in you unless he is a big cummer.  But one-on-one or 3's in private being seeded is the goal.  Looking into a guys eyes as he fucks you is fine.  Looking into his eyes as he surrenders his seed to you and he is totally helpless to hold back is what I do it for.  And if he is toxic with a decent-high VL, all the better.


If a guy can't cum, I switch our positions and ride him till he has no choice but to surrender.  As for guys who pull out. . . FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY???  Cum anywhere other than in arse is a waste and the little guys aren't getting to live out their full (and hopefully destructive) potential.


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