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Just got fucked BB by a stranger I met, when he said he was getting close.  I was on my hands and knees and moved a little to lean back to get him deeper when he came but I think he thought I was going to pull off.  He grabbed my hips plowed deeper holding on tight so I couldn't move and was determined to breed me--just what I wanted!  He made sure it all was inside my hole.  I said that was hot, and he looked pleased he "forced" me to take his raw load.  Hope he returns and "forces" be to get bred again!

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Once a Top's  bare cockhead slips into my hole, he owns me.    No more negotiations.   He can fuck, breed and seed me for as long as he desires.    

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If your bottom is concerned about infection, by the time your top is ready to cum it's already too late!  He's already filled your fuck-chute with enough yummy pre-cum for you to catch whatever he may have.  But then again, perhaps those whores have other fun plans for that load.  As far as I'm concerned though, if I'm taking raw cock, all that lovely cum is going somewhere inside me only thing that may differ is the route!

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Well my aim is to have you cum in me. If you try and pull out ill force you back in lol I want my Daddy to shake in pleasure as I ride.

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    • By Hairybttmcub43
      Was horny as fuck Saturday AM, this trucker hit me up on GROWLr said he was coming through kcmo and wanted to fuck. Was into hairy bear (that’s me). We chatted. I sent him ass Picts and then agreeed I would meet him and fuck in his sleeper truck. Got cleaned up and went to meet. My heart was racing. I had never done anything like this. Parked in front of his truck and climbed in the passenger side.  He was sexy as fuck. Nice 9.5 thick cock. I stripped, sucked him for a bit while he fingered my hole and then I got on all fours and he proceeded to use my hole for his pleasure.  Thank god I had poppers.  He fucked me for a good 20 min and then I could hear his breathing pick up and I knew I was I’m for a huge load. He grabbed my hips and had one last thrust and bred my ass good.  
    • By bihairy
      I had a business trip last week and reached out to a couple fuck buds in the hope that I could get laid in my hotel  room after working out of town.  I heard from my buddy number 1 and he said he needed dad seed.  He agreed to meet me in my hotel the day of my arrival. He is a hot 25 year old married bi guy and he just loves to suck dads dick and have it slide inside his hole. He is all bottom and prefers to take seed without me touching his cock. 
      When he arrived at my hotel he was so horny.  I answered my door naked and had him come in as I shut and locked the door.  He said "dad I missed your cock so much and I need it in me."
      He quickly undressed and was down on his knees sucking my dick.  I loved having his mouth bobbing up and down on me getting my cock wet and hard.  After a bit of sucking I felt myself getting close and stopped him.  I wanted to fuck his ass and breed his hole.  That's what we both needed.  We got on the bed and he lay down on his stomach with his hot hairy hole ready for me.  He had cleaned out before coming over and I wanted to rim his hole.  I dove inside that hot hole with my tongue darting inside and around.  He was moaning and groaning like crazy.  That so turns me on. He is a responsive bottom son.  I slicked up my cock and slid my dick inside his warm wet ass.  It felt so good.  I pounded his hole. I was lost in the pleasure of his hole squeezing around my cock.  All too soon I shot a big load deep inside him.  He was squirming around and moaning.  I must have hit the right spot because he had his own orgasm around my dick.  I pulled out and rested a bit both of us sweaty from the sex. 
      After a bit of a break, he started kissing me deep.  That got my cock hard again and he rolled on his side.  I put my arms around him and probed my cock around his hole.  It was all wet and dripping. I was able to slide back inside and started fucking again.  Eventually, I got on top and fucked him hard.  Pounding out another load deep inside his ass. 
      We had fucked for awhile and he had to go.  He got dressed and left.  I was relaxed and went to bed.
      The next night the guy from bbrts reached out.  He said he had a short window of time and needed fucked.  He was 1/2 hour away from me and his GF was due back in a couple hours.  Can he come over for a load?  YES.  He showed up and was ready for fun.  No nonsense.  He undressed and started sucking me hard.  He presented his beefy bubble butt to me and backed into my cock.
      He was pre lubed and ready to go.  I fucked and pounded his hole. It felt great..he was moaning and groaning like a cum slut pig.  "Give me that daddy load"  he said over and over.  Well, I did. Nice and deep inside his ass.  He was jacking off while I fucked him and he shot so fucking hard it pushed my cock out of his ass.  He dressed and thanked me for the load and left.  "Lets do it again soon" he said as he was heading out the door.
      So i was still horned up and checked Grdr to see if I could host some more ass.  I got a message from a guy not too far away from me.  He sent me several pics and I sent mine.
      The conversation went like this:
      He: " you fuck raw?"
      Me: "only way to fuck."
      He: "cum inside no pull out"
      Me: "always"
      He "come over here is my address"
      I was there in 20 min.  He met me at the door naked.  Took me upstairs in his bedroom. We started kissing and tongue fucking each other.  WOW what a kisser. My dick was rock hard. He pulled off my shirt and took of my pants.  He had poppers and porn all ready.  He got my cock wet with his mouth and tongue.  It was amazing.  I loved it.  But I wanted ass.  I turned him around and rim that hole good.  I aimed my cock at his ass and pushed in.  I love that feeling.  He was so responsive. Moaning and groaning pushing back on my cock.  I shoved it deep inside.  Fucking in and out trying to make it last as long as possible.  Such a fantastic hole. We got into a good rhythm and the slapping sound of our bodies turning us on even more.  I shot a huge load deep inside his hole. I pushed deep in and he pushed back. It was a hungry hole!!  I pushed him down on the bed and was on top of his back riding his hole.  I was in heat and so was he. i kept pumping and fucking him till another load shot out of my balls.  He took every drop squeezing my cock as I came.  (I'm hard just writing about it.)  We talked for awhile as we recovered and I ended up fucking him another time for a total of 3 loads.  I asked him if I could come back for more the next evening before I left.  He said I have an open invitation to his ass.
      We met the next evening and fucked for several hours. I think I loaded him 4 or 5 times that night.  We have exchanged numbers and have kept in touch. I am in  town monthly and we will fuck as much as we can when ever I am there.  I go back next week and plan to seed his hole more.  Today I heard from another fuck bud in that same area and he wanted to know when I'm back in town.  Looks like another successful business trip for me!
    • By Bristolperv
      Girlfriend and sister going away for a week in July and left me on babysitting duty. Need some company for filthy fun. My wickr is bristonapi 
    • By RawLeather
      Cum dump/Pig hole for use.  Give me your Cock, Give me your seed, Give me your fist.  NONE REFUSED.  I want to to feel you cum drip down my leg.  Face down, ass up and ready to serve you!!  CONGRESS HOTEL.  Parties listed on BBRT under PIGFFUCKHOLE.  Cum feed me
    • By I84SexSlave4All
      Complete submissive cumdump cub for you to use as you see fit. I  cannot refuse you no matter what. 1 541-709-1443. 
      I can take any cock rough or sensual, Groups, DP, WS,  gangbang, restraints , massage,  bdsm, ff, toys, rough trade, no permanent damage.  Do whatever you want other wise. I dislike scat, but I  can take it. 
      MOC I will serve completely.
      I -84 by rhe Love's Truck Stop. Love Truckers and sleepers. Hitch hikers welcome. Outdoor sex is great. 

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