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Really Bad Decisions

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I've been looking at this site for years but never had anything worth posting. This is actually true. And I don't know how I feel about it yet haha. It's recent. No need to console me--I'm fine. I don't feel the need to go to the police or anything. I deserved this. Anyway, hope you enjoy...

(Part 1)

I'm a young guy. 19 years old. 5'11" 175lbs. Body hair is neatly trimmed... A little above my dick, but not the unkempt bush that most guys have. And hair under my arms and on my legs, but that's about it. Keep everything else hairless. Up top, I've got brown hair, tight fade, long on top, very clean looking... Grew up with a strict military father and no mom around. I'm kind of twinky, but masculine. I'm an athlete...a baseball player. I've played since I was a kid and play in college now. I'm good too. I've had some minor leagues talk to me, but I really want to get my degree. Which means baseball probably won't go anywhere for me. By the time I am out of college, I'll be too old to get started. But I enjoy it, and it keeps me in damn good shape. And I mean *damn* good. Killer abs and a tight body. Nice butt too. I'm also smart--I go to a good school and get good grades. I'm double majoring in English lit and economics. A weird combo, I know. I'm flirty and fun, but don't really date girls. But I still think most people would assume I'm straight. I'm definitely not out. My father would fucking kill me.

I honestly live a pretty ideal life. Family money, a killer body, charm, intelligence... only one problem... I've been watching rough raw gay porn for years. And I'm destined to be a bottom slut.

I got on Grindr recently... made me nervous to put a pic out there, but I went for it. If I was going to do it, I might as well go for it, right? A cute shirtless mirror pic with me licking my lips. And I took a bunch of others I'd share with people if they asked--my dick, my tight hole, and plenty of my muscled abs pics... I finally started chatting people up. Went on and on like that for months. I'd chat for a while. Exchange some pics. Jerk off. Go to sleep. Do it all over again the next day. Honestly, I never found anyone on there I wanted to meet. They all just wanted some quick fun. And while I definitely wasn't looking for a relationship, I was still a virgin with guys. And I wanted someone who would give me a first time worth remembering. Oh, and I'm picky af.

My ideal guy is 30's, maybe 40. No older. But really good looking. Gym fit. A little hairy, but trimmed nicely. Someone who takes care of himself. Big cock. And dominant. A top for sure. I was nervous as hell to lose my virginity, and I needed someone who would take it from me. Not like rape me or anything. But someone who would be forceful and not let me back out. I also wanted someone who would use a condom. As turned on as I was by raw sex, I wasn't ready to do it. I wasn't on prep or anything. And even if I was, I would still require a condom.

One day, I opened the app and saw him. Michael. His profile said he was 36. Hot as all fuck. Fit with amazing abs and strong arms that looked like they could pick me up and throw me around with ease. 6'3". Hazel eyes that looked brooding and angry and condescending all at once. They made me melt. A little hairy, but trimmed nicely. A happy trail that made me want to get on my knees and lick. His profile description said, "Looking for someone to take it. I don't give af about you. Now give me your hole." He said he was dominant. Obviously haha. And always a top. His status was blank--that should have been my first clue. He never mentioned condoms either.

He had messaged me. "Hi boy," was all it said.

For two days I didn't message him back. But I jerked off to his pics a few times. Then one day when I was furiously jerking, he messaged me again.

(to be continued)

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(Part 2)

"Send me a pic, bitch," was all it said. I was too horny to say no. I sent three.

He asked me what I was doing, and I told him, "Jerking off." He replied, "What are you thinking about?" I paused. I couldn't be honest. I was in one of those moods where I just let my mind wander to the dark places I'd rather it not go. I told him I was thinking about someone fucking me. Not untrue, technically. But not the whole truth either. I was really thinking about being tied down and gangraped.

He pointed out how close we were. Only 10 miles away. We were both in Dallas, just different parts of the city. He asked if I was interested in meeting. But right before he did, I came. I told him not today and closed the app.

We talked on and off for a month. He would get me really worked up by telling me about the things he'd done to boys like me. And then he'd make me tell him my fantasies. The things I told him got wilder and wilder. Every one outdid the last. Pretty soon I was telling him how I wanted to go to a bath house and have someone strip me naked, zip tie my wrists behind my back, write "rapeslut" across my chest in sharpie and walk me around. I even told him I wanted to be gangraped. And I told him how turned on I was by raw dick. I don't know what I was doing. I regret it now. But I told him everything. I also sent him pics--tons and tons of pics. I guess I didn't think much about it. Or I didn't know what I was doing. But every time he asked me for a pic, I sent him two. I was just horny. I was taking pics just for him--constantly. I sent him pics from the bathroom at school, from my dad's house, from my dorm room, from work. I sent him pics with my cum smeared across my face, pics with my legs spread, even pics with my finger in my hole. And nearly every one of them had my face in them. I just didn't know any better. He knew so much about me, and I knew almost nothing about him. How could I be so fucking stupid?

I did always end the conversation by saying something like, "I mean, it's a hot fantasy, but I would never do it." Or, "Fun to think about, but that's all it is." But he knew it was more than that. And he wouldn't give up trying. He knew I was a virgin, and he was determined to be my first. But I wasn't ready yet.

In those same weeks I was talking to him, I had also talked up a handful of other guys--none of whom were quite as hot as him--and decided to meet, and then flaked out. One by one. Over and over again. I felt bad. I really did. But I just couldn't do it in the end. I was scared of how much it would hurt, or scared of a condom breaking and me getting sick, or scared of someone I knew finding out... just scared. I'd made it into something bigger than it was in my head. I was afraid I'd never go through with it.

One day when I was jerking off and talking to Michael, I made the mistake of telling him all that. "I'm afraid I'll never go through with it," I said. Fuck, I'd live to regret those words.

"So you've been a fucking tease huh?"

I said no, and I tried to explain from my perspective. But he knew I had been.

"I'll fix that," he said. And he logged off. I got chills. But I convinced myself he didn't mean it as cryptic as it sounded.

Then I came all over my chest, licked it up, and closed the app.

(to be continued)

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It does occur to me also that Michael might be on here (I doubt that's his real name, but have no idea, so that's all I have to go on)... he is clearly into bb fucking after all... Michael, if you read this, I'd love for you to chime in with your perspective when I'm done writing. And I'd love to hear from you again. There's a twist that even you don't know coming in the last part of the story...

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(Part 3)

I didn't hear from him for almost two weeks. I saw him online, and I figured he saw me. But I just assumed he knew I was going to flake and had given up on me.

But when he finally did message me, everything was different. This was his message: "I found you, Bitch."

I replied back, "I've been here the whole time!" And he immediately said, "No, I mean I fucking found you."

My stomach sunk. What did he mean? What the fuck? I closed the app and didn't jerk off that night. The next morning, I woke to an email. I hadn't given him my email address.

"Bitch, or should I say Eric... don't you dare fucking run away from me. I've spent the last two weeks driving around while you were on Grindr and looking at our distance. I figured out which university you go to. I even pinpointed which dorm you live in. I know where your daddy lives--or should I just call him Richard? I know what kind of car you drive. And I know where you work. I looked close in those pics you sent me, and found some clues. And I did my research. I know your name. I know your birthday. I know you grew up without a mom. I know what you like, what you dislike. I know your fears and weaknesses. I know what you order from Starbucks. I know what classes you're taking. I know what you fucking ate for breakfast. I own you, bitch. But don't worry, I'm not just going to rape you without giviing you a fighting chance. There wouldn't be any fun in that. Over the last few weeks, you told me about six different guys that you flaked out on. So in the coming week, we're going to make six bets. Then, Saturday night, you'll pay up. If you win all six, you're off the hook. No strings attached. You don't even have to meet me. I'll delete everything I have on you and let you walk away. But if you lose... well, you won't want to lose... Here's the first bet. It's for tonight, so get ready. And we'll make it an easy one too. You have a baseball game tonight. If you can manage to hit a homerun, you win. But if you choke, well then, you get to choke on my dick Saturday. For as long as I want. As deep as I want. All the way down your slut throat. With your wrists tied behind your back. And for every time I feel a tooth, you get my belt across your worthless face. Good luck tonight. I'll be in the stands watching."

I grabbed the trash can next to my desk as fast as I could and threw up. What had I gotten myself into?

(to be continued)

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I was so fucking nervous that night. I almost didn't show up to the game. I usually do well at bat, but have only hit a few homeruns in my life. I looked around the stands. It was just college baseball so there weren't that many people there, but there were enough to make it hard to find him. First at bat I struck out. Nerves. Second, I gave myself a pep talk and hit a fast grounder that made it to the centerfielder. On base, but that didn't help me. Only had one more at bat in the game, and hit a fly ball to right field that I hoped had a chance, but it was caught.

After the game, all I wanted to do was check for messages. I wondered if he'd really been there. But my coach stopped me on my way into the locker room. "You ok, Eric? You seemed out of it today," he said. I brushed it off and apologized and got out of there as fast as I could. I skipped the shower and the locker room and got back to my dorm room and opened Grindr.

"You're cuter in person," was the only message I had.

I replied back, "I tried. I'm sorry. But please don't do this to me."

"Don't worry about that," he said, almost immediately. He was silent for a little bit, and I felt some relief. Maybe he wasn't really going to force me after all. It was the first bit of compassion I'd seen from him in a while. Then, he replied, "I have an idea. You owe me your throat now. Come meet me tonight. I'll give you 10 minutes to suck me off. If you make it in time, we can call this done. I won't make you do any more. But if you lose, you still have to suck me off, swallow my load, then let my friends fuck your throat Saturday night. Oh, and you'll have five more wagers to go... What do you say?"

It seemed like the best option I had. "When and where?" I replied. He sent me an address of a shitty motel and said he was already in room 36. I had 15 minutes to be there. And then he logged off.

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Looking forward to finding out how he ends up with an ass full of cum.. Hoping for him to get forced to give up his body and let the real man make the decisions, then share him out like he needs to be.. at a sleazy old bathhouse full of needy old trolls he wouldn't give the time of day.

Great story, keep it up!

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(Part 5)

My dick was immediately hard under my jock strap. I was still in my baseball uniform, but didn't have time to change. The motel was probably 10 minutes away, so I jumped in the car and drove. When I got there, I tried to hide my boner as I walked to the room. The door was cracked. I knocked, but no answer. I pushed it open and saw that it was pitch black inside. Even the windows were covered. I went in and let the door close behind me, my heard beating away in my chest. Then I heard his voice. Sexy as all fuck. "Get undressed, except your jock strap. Then get on your knees with your legs spread a bit. Tweak your nipples with one hand, and rub your hole with the other." I did as I was told. Then waited. The lights came on and I saw him for the first time. Hotter than his pictures. Chiseled, but not too buff. Tall. And those eyes... I was so turned on that I almost didn't realize he was taking pictures of me. Or maybe a video. I couldn't tell. "I've fucking got you now, bitch," he said.

Then without much warning, and in one fluid motion, he stepped up to me, unbuttoned his pants, dropped one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen (not even hard yet) and said, "Timer already started. Get to it."

I stammered for a second, confused, and he just looked at his watch disapprovingly. As quickly as I could, I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck like my life depended on it. I went as deep as I could, but kept gagging. After three minutes, my jaw was already sore. He was fucking huge. He didn't moan or make a sound. Just looked down at me with those disappointed eyes as I worked and worked to get him off. I played with my nipples and hole while I worked, getting myself properly fucking horned up. At around eight minutes, he finally let out a groan. And then he began to groan more. I was going to make it! I had him so fucking worked up. He started bucking into my throat as I sucked him. And I could feel his balls pulsing. His hand was on the back of my head. Nine minutes had gone by. He was fucking close! I could feel it. He stopped moaning to get a few words out, "I'll give you another two minutes to make me cum. But if you can't, no condoms for you. Deal?" That was a fucking easy one. I nodded my head up and down. I had him.

Immediately, his hand moved from the back of my head. He stood up straight and stopped moaning and bucking and pulsing. It was like all passion and emotion just turned off in an instant. He looked down at me like I was a fucking idiot. I realized the whole thing was for show. And he smiled.

We hit my deadline before much longer, and I begin to tear up. What had I just done? I was scared. He took over and began to fuck my throat, no matter how much I gagged and protested. When he had cum down my throat, he threw me off of him and onto the ground. He spit on me and stepped back to take some more pictures. I lay there naked for a little while. Then he told me to get dressed and kicked me out. As the door was closing I asked him, "Wait, are you at least clean?" A twisted smile spread across his face as the door closed in mine.

(to be continued...)

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      In My Neighbour's Backyard
      By Hozzel
      A loud noise from the neighbour's backyard first attracted my attention. A solid thumping noise, as if someone punched metal over and over. A strange, weird noise accented each thump, like repeated grunts, with a staccato rhythm, "Uh...uh...uh..."
      Curious, I snuck between the leafy shrubs up to the corrugated iron fence and peered between the branches into their big back yard. Next to a big shed, the yard was littered with old cars, parts of old cars, wheels and tyres.
      "Oh, fuck!" I heard. 
      The vision startled me. I hopped back, shocked and aroused at the same time. I quickly peeked over the fence again.
      18-year-old Roger, the younger brother, spread face-down over the bonnet of one of an old car. His fists beat the dirty white bonnet while his bare bum and legs quivered from the hammering he received from his older completely naked brother, Flynn.
      Mouth open, I realized my breathing had deepened and I had become instantly solid.
      Flynn fucked fast and hard into his brother. I could hear his hips as they quick slapped against Roger's bare arse. I saw Flynn's fingers curl and then heard Roger yelp when he thumped the bonnet again. Between his spread legs I could just make out Roger's tight balls and stiff cock. It flopped up and down with every pelvic punch from eager Flynn. As I stared I realized Roger was pushing back in time to Flynn's heavy thrusts. They were fucking each other.
      Roger yelled, "Harder, harder!" and Flynn went into overdrive.
      Clearly no one was being forced here. The boys wanted to do this.
      "Hey! Not without me!"
      Their dad ran around the corner of the shed, dropped his board shorts and kicked them away. My mouth hung further open as I marvelled at his big hardening cock. The grey fuzz surrounding the thickening base was not enough to hide its size. Is he going to…?
      "What have I told you boys about doing it in the open!"
      Guilt and shame suddenly washed through me. I was spying on my neighbours having incestuous male sex. I was peeking, [banned word], a naughty voyeur. And they were men! I wasn't into men, although I had secretly enjoyed trans and gay porn and got off from it. I knew my straight-laced wife would throw a tizzy if she caught me with the porn or doing this. Luckily she was out shopping. I could not help myself and simply had to spy again.
      Peter, their bear-shaped bearded dad with a dragon tattoo on his left upper arm, stepped up behind Flynn, roughly grabbed the boy's narrow hips and thrust that great big hard thing into his son's skinny arse. He didn't take his time and ease it in, he pushed hard and grunted loud, causing Flynn to shout.
      "Fuck, Dad!"
      "There's a real bareback cock in ya now," the older man said firmly. He slammed against his older son and the late teenage son pushed against his younger brother. "I know you love it up the arse just as much as Rog."
      Flynn cried out as his father began to fuck like mad and let out a continuous loud moan. It escalated into a non-stop holler which quavered from his pounding. The hairy older man held his son's hips and just hammered relentlessly.
      Flynn shook from the body hits and Roger kept pounding the bonnet and yelping, "Shit, that's good!"
      That was it. Decency be damned! Intrigued, I unzipped, pulled my hard dick out and began to wank the foreskin back and forth.
      I watched them go at it for the next five minutes. Peter, clearly a strong fucker, never missed a beat. He never slowed or paused except to change his footing. He fucked his boy hard, with an ongoing animal growl, until, suddenly, I saw his shaking rear clench. I heard a loud grunt and watched the boys' father jam hard and deep.
      "Feel that? Fuckin' loading you, boy," Peter said loudly.
      Roger yelled something like, "You fuckin' got me goin'! Gaaa…" I glimpsed his cock jerking and guessed he was coming, too.
      Their dad slapped and grunted a few more times then pulled out. His singlet topped chest heaved from deep breaths. Fluid dripped from his son's arse. He turned toward me and motioned, "Come on over and join in!"
      I could not believe it. I was caught! Embarrassed, I scrambled back.
      I heard, "Come on, hop over, Ben. It's okay, isn't it boys?"
      Peter's bearded face appeared on the other side of the fence. "I knew you were [banned word] on us. My boys like to be fucked and they don't mind bein' watched. They do it to each other all the time. They're supposed to keep it inside but on a day like this, what can I say? Perfect weather for havin' a root outdoors." He turned and called, "Hey, boys! Would you like to have a go with Ben?"
      I heard thumping on the car and, "Yeah!" Then the rhythmic squeaking of the car resumed as Flynn fucked into his young brother again.
      "Hang on," I said, tucked myself away, and came back with a step-stool. Peter helped me over the fence.
      "Strip off," Peter instructed. He reached down and unbuckled my belt. "Can't fuck properly with all this gear." He quickly removed all my clothes. "You're hard as a rock," he observed, fondling my erection. It felt weird having another man paw at me, but in my aroused state, I actually liked it. Wearing flipflops only, I walked barearse naked, with their father's fingers rubbing my knob, up to the rooting lads.
      I had visited their home only once before and now something made sense. All the inside doors had been removed. No secrets. Easy access. I had heard yelling and even screaming before and now I knew the cause.
      Peter pointed, "Don't be shy, mate. My boys really like to suck and fuck. There's a nicely slick arse right there for you. Go ahead, stick it in. Or would you rather be the bottom?" He shoved me toward his sons.
      "Both," I stammered. I knew what he meant.
      Flynn pulled out of his brother, stepped to the side. I stood behind the young boy and looked down at his rear, right where his older brother's cock had just been.
      "Go ahead," ordered their father. "He'll love it."
      "Yeah," Roger chirped. "Stick it in me bum."
      I shook my head, stepped up and pressed the swollen head of my cock between the boy's cheeks. What the fuck was I about to do? When I hesitated, Flynn shoved me in the back and I suddenly pushed all the way into Roger. My shocked dick went in easily. One push and I penetrated deep. It felt unbelievably snug and positively marvelous. I felt Roger's internal muscles clench and clench on me as he started to move. My wife had never, ever, allowed anal sex. For that matter, sex between us had become almost non-existent for years. But now, here it was, I was doing anal for the first time, and doing it with a teenage boy, my neighbour's youngest son. Gay sex. I was not freaked out, and it felt wonderful!
      I would never be the same again.
      "Go ahead," Flynn said to me. "He likes it rough."
      I placed my palms on Roger's hips and, started to shove in and out. Roger grunted with each of my thrusts. "Uh…uh…uh… Fuckin' come on," he snapped. "Give it to me!"
      Right. I grabbed his bony hips and began to pound into him. The intense sensations mounted quickly. It wouldn't take long. I slowed, trying to draw out the feelings and my quickening climax. "Too good," I muttered.
      "Here," I heard Peter say, "see if you like this." He stepped up behind me and took my hips in thick-fingered hands. I stopped and felt his big cock push between my arsecheeks. Stunned, I held still and let him have his way.
      Flynn said, "Dad likes to fuck us when we're fucking each other."
      This was another wonderful fantasy: to be taken over and over by another man or a strong trans. I had dreamed what it would feel like when a real penis fucked into my guts instead of a broom handle. Now here it was and the reality felt far hotter.
      Peter slowly pushed into me. It felt like a huge slug invaded my body. I stood rock still, leaned over Roger, felt all the astonishing sensations, and panted while his father slowly slid his enormous prick up my rectum. This was great!
      When I felt his hips against my rear, he paused and said, "You're fuckin' tight. How does that feel?"
      "Good," I breathed. "Huge. Full."
      "Hurt any?"
      "Barely," I admitted. In fact, there was almost no pain, just the feeling of being stretched and stuffed full. I had no idea I could take that much.
      "Like it?"
      "Love it," I said truthfully, bent over his son.
      "Good. You must be a natural. Here goes, slut."
      He pulled almost out then pushed himself back into me. I let out an explosive breath. I could feel his entire cock slide in and out as he began to fuck, a fabulous carnal feeling. Soon he was fucking me quickly. This caused me to do the same to Roger. My own penis swelled further as it slipped inside the boy's arse. Peter shovelled and something inside my rear began to tingle. It felt as if an orgasm was quickly rising.
      In an attempt to hold off I huffed "Oof! How often do you do this?"
      "All the time," Flynn said.
      "Do you like it, Rog?" I asked. I slid my palms over the youth's bare back while Peter fucked me with short, jabbing strokes.
      "Fuck, yeah."
      "Do you ever get to do it? Get to top?"
      "Yeah. But I like being a cumdump best."
      "You do it with anyone else?"
      "Sure. When me mates or Flynn's mates come over. Or Dad's buddies."
      Their father suddenly slammed into me, knocking my breath out through my nose. "Yeah, he's a right cumdump, Roger is. Flynn, too. I'm getting' there. How're you doin'?"
      "Fuckin' hell, I think you're screwing my prostate," I said. "I'm coming without squirting." My body twisted in pure pleasure as a fluidless orgasm flashed through me. I had never felt anything like it before and it was unbelievable!
      Despite coming, my erection remained hard inside Roger's arse, and I felt as if I could do it again immediately.
      But I felt Peter ram himself against my buttocks, felt his enormous cock swell even further, and felt him begin to pulse inside me. Felt the strong volleys of thick warm fluid as he shot into me, over and over. It triggered my own stronger orgasm. I could no longer hold back. I yelled very loud and shot over and over into the teenage boy.
      "What'd ya scream like that that for?"
      "Better that way," I panted. "Like karate. Yelling and screaming makes it feel stronger. Greater punch."
      "Have to remember that at the next gangbang."
      The weight on my back suddenly lifted. My anus felt empty, my rear cool and exposed. Peter smacked my bum.
      "That your first time, mate?"
      "Cool. Ready for more?"
      I started to stand up. My legs felt weak. I shook briefly, but I stammered, "Okay."
      "Anyone else want another round with our new slut? He's been broken in."
      Roger levered himself off the car and faced me. He was hard again. Long and thin and straight up. "I want to fuck you."
      "Go ahead," I heard Peter instruct. "Ben, here, is our new fucktoy."
      Roger stood before me, grabbed my arms roughly, and pulled my body against his. For a skinny boy, he was quite strong. Face close, I felt his hot breath then lips on mine then tongue as he tried to lick my own tongue.
      What the hell, I let him, and returned the passionate kiss. My hands descended to his round rump and I felt his hard cock rub against mine.
      He then wrestled me to the dirt. On my back, eager Roger spread my thighs with his hips and knees and proceeded to fill me nicely. Grinning, he pushed up over me and began to fuck me in earnest with long steady strokes and panting breaths. Flynn fell onto his brother. Roger paused while Flynn inserted. And then their father, his fat renewed, stepped between our legs and pushed into his older son. My legs stretched wide, I revelled in the amazing but awkward four-way fuck.
      "He's ours, now. Let's go, boys! Breed him! Knock him up!"
      "You gonna poz him, Dad?"
      "Why not!"
      Three more loads in my butt later, Flynn and Roger took turns sucking and licking me hard again. I felt ready to fuck once more. Instead of being worn out, I was super-charged, energized for the next hit of fantastic, shameless sex in my neighbour's sunny backyard. My rear tingled with only slight soreness. The boys, however, pissed off, literally leaving me with their insatiable father. Peter placed his hands on the old car, arms straight, spread his hairy legs and offered himself to me.
      "I'll teach ya how to bottom, ya old cunt."
      He did.
      He came hands free, too, this time screaming like a banshee.
      Me, too.
      After, as he escorted me back to my home, he said, "My buddies'll be over Saturday night. You can be the slut at the centre of our next gangbang. In fact, come over any time. We have a 'not allowed to say no' policy."
      I nodded and admitted, "Sounds great. Love to." I had loved it. The feeling of their cocks filling my arse still tingled nicely. I had crossed a new line in my life, one I was not about to reject.
      "Applies to you, too, of course. Whatever any of us wants, you have to obey."
      Late that afternoon, my frumpy wife commented that I seemed in a particularly happy mood and asked what I had done during the day.
      "Hopped over the fence and visited the neighbours," I said. "Turns out we have a hobby in common, so I might be spending more time over there. I'm going over to watch the footy Saturday night." Visions of men taking me raw danced in my new-found wicked imagination.
      "That's nice, dear," she said. "Always good to have a hobby."
      July 2021 by Hozzel. This is a work of fiction. It is not based on a real event. Or is it? If you liked this scene, if it turned you on, especially if it caused a throbbing response, I would love to hear from you! Always up for email fun, too. Ping me at athenamorgansbox at gmail dot com.
    • By FuckHardSF
      Cumdump Slut Visiting LA Friday - Tuesday, & I Need Your Raw Cock & Cum Fucked Hard Into My Hole (Aug. 20 - Aug. 24) 
      * Hosting and taking loads in a PRIVATE DUNGEON/PLAYROOM Friday to Sunday morning (Aug 20 - Aug 22);
      * Hosting and TAKING LOADS in a HOTEL room near Santa Monica & Vine Sunday night - Tuesday morning (Aug 22 - Aug 24);
      * I'll be at SLAMMER Sunday night after 9pm perched (tied into...?) a sling looking for the sleaziest, TRASHIEST, big dick'd fuckers in the club to drill their loads into my hungry sloppy well used hole until the last cock is drained (Aug 22);
      I'm a kinky, sleazy pig bottom whore looking for: AGGRESSIVE, verbal TOPS over 40 to use and BREED my hole deep and hard; Men who get off on owning & using my hole and then lending it out to others to use as well; Dom tops who get off on DEGRADATION, uninhibited GROUP play, fantasy EXPLORATION, and sleazy fun that leaves a smile on everyone's face. Tops who prefer sex on the WILD side, pushing limits (yours/mine), and ROUGH/HARD sweaty breeding.
      If you are:  UNCUT & over 8”;  an OLD fucker with a BIG SWINGING dick and a DIRTY mind, REDNECK/white-TRASH street trade, Truckers with RIPE pits and a NASTY streak, GINGERS, &  POZ/TOXIC dad's definitely hit me up! Additional info in my profile. 
      My Limits: No FF, Scat, Young, Women, Blood, Animals, or Violence...OH, and No Bottoms, please. 

    • Guest Virginassessex
      By Guest Virginassessex
      Heya I'm a relatively inexperienced bottom guy,  I've sucked a few guys but I feel like I'm ready to try taking cock,  my freind told me to try here so give me a message if you want to chat 
    • By Pounder613
      Looking for someone to breed in my hotel room all week. 
    • By RawBoTTom4Use
      Short start up here with no sex. But it's coming in part 2.
      I started working at my present job in 2019. I had gone to the interview pretty high on T. The man who interviewed me was HOT! 6'3", 200 pounds, shaved head, muscles, commanding presence & he is the boss. He didn't give off any "vibes" so I behaved myself and knocked the interview out of the park. A couple of weeks later, I started the job.
      This was my first ever desk job. I was excited to start. I came in a couple of days before I was to officially start just to set up & decorate my new office. The job was in my area of expertise, so it excelled at it pretty quickly.
      Then, the fucking pandemic hit. I was an essential worker because of the field our business is in. For months I was the only one at the office. The. Only. One. This, lead to some fun at the office with Grindr hookups & BBRTS hookups too! But it also lead to deepening my addiction to Mistress T.
      As things started to open back up, the boss would come into the office once a week or so, just to check on things. On his third visit, I had left my office to go to the bathroom. That was a safe haven. Or so I thought. Single room, door locked and a loud as hell exhaust fan. I went in, dropped my britches, sat down & pulled out my glass cock which was preloaded and ready. I lit my torch, got the "roll in the bowl", inhaled deeply and just as I released a huge white cloud...the door opened and there stood my boss. 
      "Oh, fuck!" Was all I managed to get out. I was busted... 
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