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Part 26 - Twice the Father


The expensive looking black Mercedes 4x4 entered the suburbs on the warm Saturday morning, Rico sat huffing and puffing at Mason, his usual trait when he didn't agree with his husband's decision. He had said his peace before leaving their mansion and as expected Mason just kept glancing and grinning at him, that was his unique trait that easily wound Rico up that lead to one of their fiery exchanges before ripping the clothes of each other and making mad passionate make up sex. Their love for each other was off the scale and the hot blooded Mexican Rico was one of the reasons Mason was kept grounded and sane, the other was reason about to get a surprise. In their late 40's Rico and Mason had been together for over twenty years instantly falling in love with each other at a dorm party that Rico had gate crashed one fateful autumn evening, that as they say is history and the two of them had never been apart since. Mason hailing from a wealthy banking family worked for his father and Rico a soap actor famous in his own right starring in some of the cheesiest Telenovelas that Mason took delight in watching and ribbing him constantly. Rico didn't care, he earned a pretty good wage and was always at red carpet events with Mason and loved lording it over him. Within the Telenovela world Rico and Mason were the celebrity couple that people loved to see. By the time they were in their twenties they adopted a timid half Mexican boy who just turned 11 years old, rugged and street wise lacking a real family life, Mason's mother had worked the authorities until they allowed for an official adoption to take place. The first few years were a little fraught with the three of them finding their feet with each other, the boy got stability in his life and soon bonded and grew up loving them, to him they were his real parents.

"I tell you this is not going to go down well" Rico said watching Mason turn on to the road.
Mason laughed "Just because you won some award for your dire acting you think you are right".
Rico slapped him on the arm "Show some respect to an award winner" he replied with a smug grin.
"The only respect you will get is when I wipe my cock across your pretty face" Mason said giggling.
Rico looked up at the house "Best behaviour Mason and don't get over protective" he said.
"Me?" Mason replied smiling, "If anyone gets over protective it is you" he replied laughing.
Rico checked himself in the small mirror on the visor. "Stop being so vane" Mason said turning on to the drive.

Charlie dressed in only his boxers poured Carrington a mug of coffee, he appeared at the doorway wearing boxer briefs that hugged tight against his waist and thighs. Charlie smiled holding out the mug, Carrington took a sip then put his mug down turning to face Charlie. 

"What?" Charlie asked looking at the intense look Carrington gave him.
Carrington smiled "I want to spend the day fucking you" he said moving towards Charlie.
Charlie backed up against the table in the kitchen "You have to break me in first" he replied.
"You think I don't know that" Carrington touching Charlie's face moving closer.
Carrington kissed Charlie lifting and sitting him on the table "This is weird" Charlie said.
Carrington pushed Charlie on to his back "Going to make you my toy today" he said teasing Charlie.

Charlie raised his legs clamping them around Carrington's waist giving a little squeeze and pulling him forward. His body fell on to Charlie's and their mouths locked together in a kiss. Rico stood in the doorway watching the two men going at each other oblivious to him standing there leaning against the door frame with his arms folded. 

Mason walked up behind Rico "Told you we should have called him an not just a message" Rico said.
Charlie freaked pushing Carrington off "Fucking hell" he screamed rolling off the table.
"Nice of you to let him up for air Carrington" Rico said walking around to Charlie.
"Coffee would be nice but put that away and wash your hands" Mason said laughing at Carrington.
Carrington looked down at his cock poking out of his boxer briefs "What are you doing here?".
"I sent you a message telling you we are coming over" Mason said walking in to the kitchen.
"You frightened him" Carrington said pushing his cock back in to his boxers.
Rico chuckled standing over Charlie "Need help young man?" he asked holding his hand out.
Charlie stood and backed in to the corner covering his raging hard on "Back off" he said.

The whole situation was confusing for Charlie who had no idea who these two men were that casually walked in to the house. Carrington strode over to Mason kissing him then did the same with Rico, Charlie stood there bright red still covering his modesty. Carrington walked over to Charlie putting his arm around his shoulder pulling him forward.

"Charlie meet my parents" Carrington proudly said, "Mason my father" he introduced.
"And my other father Rico" Carrington said, "An actor" he said using air quotes.
Rico coughed "An award winning actor to be precise" he said arrogantly then laughing.
Mason shook his head "And don't we know it, ten times a day he reminds and shows me the award".
"Don't listen to him Charlie" Rico replied, "He is jealous about my talent".
"What do you mean?" Carrington chipped in, "Your only talent is putting your legs over your head".
Mason cracked up laughing looking at Charlie. "At least I have the arse to do it" Rico replied.

Charlie stood there quietly trying to come to terms that Carrington had two fathers and failing to catch up with their rather sordid banter that was going on between them. He tried to sneak out of the kitchen to get some more clothes to wear but Rico was on him like a shot pulling the embarrassed Charlie back in to the kitchen. He found himself lost for words face to face with the incredibly attractive Rico who stood taller than him by an inch or so. Charlie could already see from the shorts and t-shirt he wore that Rico had a very fine muscle build, not massive or small but just the right balance that was enough to make his on screen character ooze sexual appeal. Mason on the other hand had brown hair and slightly taller than Rico, he though packed a more muscular body just like Carrington's.

"What are you both doing here?" Carrington asked again taking Charlie in his arms.
Mason looked at him "You sent us a message a few days ago" he replied.
"Dam" Carrington said running his hand through his hair, "I didn't mean to send it".
Rico smiled "Well you did and this one wanted to see what it was all about".
"Can I put some clothes on please?" Charlie asked fondling Carrington's arse.
"Of course you can" he replied kissing Charlie.
"Must you?" Rico asked, "I like looking at your body Charlie" he said with a crafty grin.
Charlie walked towards Rico "You wish" he said walking out laughing feeling a little more confident.
Rico chuckled shaking his head "I like him".
"Dad" Carrington said looking inquisitively at Mason.
"He is English" Mason said pausing, "Does that mean you are taking the job?".
Carrington stood looking from one to the other "Nothing has been decided".
Mason shook his head "Carrington you know this will break our hearts".
"Please don't" Carrington replied getting upset, "No guilt trip this weekend".
"Mason" Rico said holding his hand, "Carrington we will support what ever decision you make".
Mason looked at Rico. Carrington knew he father was upset "Get to know him" he said.
"Come on Mason you need to charm the hell out of him" Rico said kissing him.
Carrington smiled "I know Charlie is real" he expressed, "Just don't try buying him".
Mason smiled and nodded "There is a fine house up for sale not far from us" he added.
"Father!" Carrington said wagging a finger at Mason smiling, "How nice is it?" he asked.
"No" Rico said stopping them, "Can we just have an ordinary weekend all four of us".
Carrington leaned back against the counter "Does that mean we are spending the weekend with you?".
"Of course" Rico replied, "Your father is anxious about this new one".
Carrington nodded "If you mention award winning actor the weekend ends" he warned laughing.
Rico laughed "You idiot Carrington of course I am going to keep going on about it".
Mason finally laughed and hugged Carrington "He is cute" he said, "Nice choice".
Carrington smiled "I hope you like him, plus we are sort of engaged".
"Slow down Carrington" Rico said patting his shoulder, "I know how carried away you can get".
"I know" Carrington replied, "Better go make sure he is alright" he said walking to the door.
Mason nodded "And get dressed so we can leave" he called after him.

Carrington looked up the staircase dreading that he would find a very scared Charlie being pushed so fast in to meeting his parents when they hadn't spent much time together themselves. Climbing up slowly he knew that Mason really would be heartbroken if he moved to England for this job and in many ways he loved living in the Buckhead area and having his parents down the road, that alone brought a lot of sanity to Carrington.

Carrington walked in to the bedroom to find Charlie sitting on the bed "You okay?" he asked.
Charlie nervously nodded. "I never expected them to turn up" Carrington said.
Charlie looked at him "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked, "That you have two fathers?".
"Oh... I never think of it as anything else than normal" Carrington said holding his hand.
"I can get rid of them if you like, get them to back off a bit" Carrington offered.
Charlie shook his head "No, I see how much they mean to you" he replied.
"You do know they are expecting us to spend the weekend with them" Carrington said seriously.
Charlie laughed nervously "Are they assessing me to see if I an worthy?" he asked.
"Of course they are" Carrington replied smiling, "Mason is the hard one to crack though".
Charlie looked at him "What do you mean?" he asked laying back on the bed.
"Doesn't accept people on face value" Carrington replied, "Get to Rico then you get Mason".
Charlie smiled "He is a very stunning man" he said.
Carrington slapped him on the leg "Err, that is my father you are talking about".
Charlie shrugged "Oh he wants me" he replied pulling Carrington down laughing.
Carrington leaned over Charlie "Rico is astute and an excellent judge of character" he said.
"Oh" Charlie replied holding Carrington's hand. "So you...?" Charlie started to ask.
"Adopted" Carrington informed him, "They adopted me when I was 11".

Charlie nodded feeling a little sad for him hearing this, he couldn't imagine what it must have been like. Looking into Carrington's eyes there was no sorrow only happiness and he wanted to make Carrington happy as well. Charlie ran his finger down Carrington's cheek 'I love you Carrington, really I do' he said then kissed him long and hard.

Saturday they drove down to Savannah having a late lunch by the ocean and walked around before heading back to Atlanta. Charlie spent most of the walk with Rico by his side talking and listening, never one to be open Charlie soon found Rico so charismatic that he talked freely about his family omitting to mention he was a twin. Charlie observed a lot and the interaction between Carrington and his parents was incredibly close, despite Carrington being grown up they were still devoted parents to him. On the return to Buckhead Charlie was sat in the back with Rico and it was his turn to ask all about Rico's acting career that received constant moans from the Carrington and Mason in the front.

"He will go on for hours Charlie" Mason said entering Buckhead.
Charlie laughed and Carrington turned to wink at him. "Back to ours?" Rico asked Carrington.
"Yes if Charlie doesn't mind" Carrington replied. Charlie nodded in agreement fearing he had no choice.
Mason glanced at Carrington and smiled "Do you need to pick up anything?" he asked.
"No" Carrington replied, "Charlie sleeps naked".
Rico chuckled at Charlie going red "Who wouldn't with our handsome son" he exclaimed proudly.
Charlie watched the row of mansions appearing "Where are we going?" he asked Rico.
"Barclay House" Rico replied, "It is where we live and Carrington grew up there".

Charlie sat in the SUV looking at the building, some bloody house he thought opening the door and stepping out in the warm evening air. He couldn't quite take in the size of the place, it was almost double that of Hibiscus Manor and the driveway leading up was twice that of Carrington's relatively small place in comparison.

Rico stood waiting for Charlie "House?" Charlie said, "That ain't no house".
Rico smiled "No it is a home" he replied taking Charlie's arm.

They ended up spending the entire weekend at the house, for Carrington it was a major milestone since no other boyfriend had ever been invited to stay so long at the family home. Mason softened to Charlie but he couldn't hide the fact he didn't want Carrington to leave, he knew there would eventually be a time when their son had to make choices and it played on him heavily. Rico and Carrington were preparing lunch on the last day and Mason sat out on the terrace reading the paper. Charlie watched him for a moment then slipped outside and sat with him, it bugged him that Mason was a little distant still after spending so much time together. 

"Do you not like me?" Charlie asked speaking his mind.
Mason put the paper down and looked at him "I do Charlie, I just worry for Carrington".
Charlie looked at him "I get it" he said, "I'm taking him away from you".
Mason nodded "I know he will take that job in England now" he said looking out across the pool.
"Is that what this is all about?" Charlie asked, "I didn't ask him to love me" he expressed.
Mason looked at him "But he did and you will want to go back to England with him".
Carrington looked out of the window and Rico grabbed his arm "Carrington" Rico said stopping him.
"You know he has to do this for his own peace of mind" Rico said.
"Yes but I didn't expect him to do it so soon" Carrington said looking worried.
Rico chuckled "You forced him to when announcing that you were practically engaged" he said.
Carrington looked at Rico "He won't though I know he won't" he said desperately.
"I kind of know how you feel Mason, may parents left and moved to Australia" Charlie explained.
"I would pay you $1 million to leave Carrington" Mason said very casually.
Charlie looked at him "You have to be kidding?" he replied shocked at what Mason was saying.
"No" Mason replied calmly.
"You can't buy me" Charlie said thinking he was joking.
Mason smiled "Name your price" he said.
Charlie shook his head and laughed "$50 million at least" he said scoffing.
"Deal" Mason said, "But you must go now".
Charlie leaned forward "I want Carrington not your silly American dollars".
"Think what you could do with $50 million Charlie" Mason said testing him further.
"If you hate the idea of me that much just say so" Charlie replied.
Mason chuckled. "Because if you do I will stay just to annoy you" Charlie said standing up.
Mason laughed "Sit down Charlie" he said looking at him.
Charlie stood there looking at him "Why?" he asked, "So you can continue to insult me?".
"Not at all Charlie, I apologise if I have indeed insulted you" Mason replied genuinely.
Charlie sat down and looked at Mason "I tentatively accept your apology" he said.
Mason laughed "Gee thanks" he said, "Seriously Charlie I hate the idea of loosing him".
Charlie leaned forward "Then Carrington and I will need to work this out" he said.
"Would you like a speedboat?" Mason asked, "Flashy new car perhaps?" he said grinning.
Charlie rolled his eyes "No" he said adamantly, "Stop trying to sway things".
"What about a hug?" Mason asked looking at him.
Charlie sat back "If you try to cop a feel I will punch you" he said keep a straight face.
Charlie and Mason stood and hugged. "Welcome to the family" Mason said.
Rico smiled and glanced at Carrington "Please don't go to England".
Carrington put his arm around Rico "It has to be a joint decision" he informed his father.
"I know" Rico sighed, "You now what a big deal it is Mason accepting him is".
Charlie and Mason sat back down. "So were you really going to give me $50 million?" Charlie asked.
Mason shrugged "Probably not, I would have negotiated you down" he said chuckling.
"Cheapskate" Charlie replied smiling, "Money doesn't buy happiness Mason, that I can tell you".
Mason smiled "You are right, it is the right person by your side that is worth more than money".
Charlie looked out across the gardens "I like it here, reminds me so much of Hibiscus Manor".
Charlie turned to Mason "Not as big and I can't understand how you live in such a large place".
Mason laughed "Trust me Rico uses every room and leaves a mess in his wake" he said grinning.
"You should make him clean up after himself" Charlie said sounding serious, "I bloody would".
Mason sat there laughing. "And that bloody award he goes on about" Charlie said chuckling.
"Rico!" Mason shouted beckoning him outside. "Charlie wants to see your award" he said.
"Ooh yes, come on Charlie I will reprise my acceptance speech as well" Rico said grabbing Charlie.
Mason couldn't stop giggling seeing Charlie's face. "You will pay for this" Charlie said.

Mason stood up still laughing and went in to the kitchen where Carrington gave him a good telling off for putting Charlie through the award ceremony knowing that Rico would also put it on the home cinema screen. After the events of the weekend Tuesday was pretty much back to normal with Carrington back in the office. Charlie stayed at the house knowing he needed to think things through and make some decisions that were tough but also would build the foundations of their life. If he put himself in Conrad's shoes there would be no question that his decision had to be one that would make him happy but also Carrington. But why was he having to choose? Like a lightbulb moment he realised that Carrington had already made a decision to move to England to satisfy him, there was no question about Carrington's intention, that was until he met with Carrington's parents. Doing what he did best sending a text to Conrad asking for help he got a short shrift reply telling him to go with his heart and where he would be happy. Charlie stood up pacing around the bedroom half dressed, what he wanted right now was to think of nothing and start again with a clear head. Grabbing his gym wear he decided to go for a run using his phone to mark the starting point so he didn't get lost, he put his favourite music on and jogged away. He reached the three mile mark when he saw a large purple Porsche Cayenne stop in front of him, he chuckled seeing the license plate 'RICO1' and sure enough Rico stepped out leaning against it smiling at Charlie.

"What are you doing?" Rico asked as Charlie took his headphones out.
"Err running" Charlie replied, "In case you didn't know it is when you move quickly".
Rico chuckled looking at him carefully "From what?" he asked, "You look like your running from yourself".
"Get in" Rico told him, "Mason is at work and I get lonely plodding around the house".
Charlie walked up to him "If I do, you are not going to try anything are you?" he asked nervously.
Rico grinned at him then went serious "Get in Charlie for heavens sake your my sons boyfriend".
Charlie smiled "Oh and no more fucking award talk" he joked opening the door.
"Okay" Rico said looking at Charlie, "I like you Charlie and you are what Carrington needs".

Charlie settled in the leather seat loving the smell, feel and the interior of the car, it reminded him the day he poked his head in to Simon's limousine bringing so many memories flooding back. Charlie talked non stop about that day and the limousine and how being in this car reminded him of it. Rico turned on to the drive and through the gates then stopped. He looked at Charlie and smiled then got out 'Go on you can drive it up to the house' he said swapping seats with Charlie. Like a child he drove it carefully along the drive to the front of the house then around the courtyard several times, Rico glanced at him seeing the biggest grin on Charlie's face. They ended up playing tennis and swimming then video calling Carrington at lunch time.

Hanging up the video call Charlie turned to Rico "You were right I was running from myself" he said.
Rico sat back in the chair putting his feet on the table "Are you over thinking things?".
Charlie nodded "Probably, I want Carrington to be happy, but then so do I".
"I never saw a man in my life but your son seduced the hell out of me" Charlie informed him.
Rico laughed "Carrington has a knack of getting what he wants, always has".
Charlie smiled and nodded in agreement. "What do you really want Charlie?" Rico asked.
Charlie chuckled "I want a car like yours but green" he said making Rico laugh.
"Besides that" Rico said, "What would make you happy with your decision?" he asked.
Charlie sat quiet for a moment "I really don't know" he replied, "Carrington being happy".
"Yes we have established that" Rico said looking at him, "What about you though?".
"To hide away" Charlie nervously replied, "The gay thing, being judged or mocked".
Rico nodded "I get it Charlie, to love a man means you are gay, but you don't have to be gay".
Charlie looked confusingly at him. "You can still be a man Charlie, just not flouncy" Rico added.
"Ah right" Charlie said nodding, "You mean flouncy like you?" he asked then burst out laughing.
Rico laughed shaking his head "I am a very hot Latino lover Charlie, very much all man".
"Yeah I know, I would never have guessed you were gay" Charlie informed him.
"That is what I mean Charlie, you don't have to be gay to be gay" Rico said.
Charlie stood up "Can we go for a walk around the grounds?" he asked.
Rico stood "Of course, I can get my award and show the trees they haven't seen it yet".
"I will throw you in the pool if you mention it again" Charlie said holding his hand out.
Rico smiled and took it and they set off across the lawn. "What do I do Rico?" Charlie asked.
"That is not fair asking me, I will tell you to stay to make Mason and me happy" Rico replied.
"I would be away in the navy a lot" Charlie said beginning to see sense.
Rico remained quiet. "What would I do without my naval career?" Charlie asked more to himself.
Rico smiled "Use what you have learnt in normal life" he replied.
Charlie looked at him "It was mostly computer stuff" he said casually.
"You could always hang out with me, be my gopher at the studio" Rico said smirking.
"Very funny" Charlie replied laughing. "God I thought this would be easy" he said in anguish.

Charlie decided to wait and talk to Carrington after they had been to the gym, he couldn't make any decision on his own but he knew either way he would be happy as long as Carrington was there with him.

"I envy you" Charlie said taking off his gym wear.
Carrington stopped and looked at him "What do you mean?" he said walking over to him.
"Your parents they are so in tune with you and really close" Charlie replied sitting on the bed.
"Yours seem very loving from what I saw at the wedding" Carrington said holding his hand.
Charlie smiled "Yeah they are, but so far away all the time" he replied leaning on Carrington.
Carrington kissed his head "You really hit if off with Rico and Mason liked that" he said softly.
Charlie laid on Carrington's lap "Do you really want to move to England?" he asked looking up.
Carrington shrugged "Don't care Charlie, anywhere as long as we are together I told you that".
Charlie smiled up at Carrington "I don't get what you see in me" he said sighing contently.
Carrington chuckled "It is written in the stars and universe, we belong to each other" he said.
"Fucking crack pot" Charlie said smiling up and touching Carrington's chest.
"That maybe the case but you can't keep your hands off me" Carrington said kissing his hand.
Charlie sat up and straddled across Carrington "Will you poke my arse tonight?" he asked giggling.
"Not quite how I would have worded that" Carrington replied laughing, "But hell yeah".
Charlie kissed him on the lips "But you go easy on me" he said reminding him.
Carrington shrugged "Maybe" he said touching Charlie's lips, "Or maybe I make you my bitch".
Charlie giggled biting Carrington's nose, "One other thing, I have no idea how it will work".
Carrington smiled "Well you lay down and I stick my cock in your butt" he said chuckling.
"Yeah whatever, but that is not what I meant" Charlie said holding Carrington around the neck.
"I would... I mean if you want to stay here I would be happy to as well" Charlie said.
Carrington leaned back a little looking at him "Are you serious Charlie?" he asked.
Charlie nodded "Yes, I don't know why but talking with Rico today really helped" he added.

Carrington swooped in kissing Charlie hard then flinging him over on to his back and dead weighting him on the bed. Their mouths desperate to devour each other kissed so frantically that Charlie got an erection so quickly followed by an immediate orgasm that he couldn't control.

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When I read the first two paragraphs, I thought WTF.... What a sneaky twist ! A great way to introduce Carrington's parents. It was the perfect read at the end of another busy workday and a good diversion from a couple of domestic disasters. My heating packed up won't be repaired until the weekend and I also managed to flood my bathroom on Monday night that lead to water coming through the ceiling and causing a light in the kitchen to explode. I have a couple of portable heaters but this chapter was more than enough to leave me feeling warm and cosy 🙂


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Part 27 - Poking Charlie


After a light dinner Carrington took Charlie to the bathroom stripping him naked then taking his hand walking to the shower. 

Carrington took the shower head off he looked at Charlie "Bend over" he said grinning.
Charlie looked at the shower head "You are not fucking me with that" he replied eyes open wide.
Carrington laughed "No, I guess you have never had to clean out before sex".
"Clean out?" Charlie asked looking at Carrington then the shower head backing away a little.

Laughing screams echoed from the bathroom along with the occasional slapping noise and the words keep still. The odd retching sound from Charlie sat on the toilet expelling the water in gushes.

"Enjoying that?" Carrington asked still in fits of laugher.
"No" Charlie replied, "At least with a women you can just fuck without all this".
Carrington reattached the shower head "Ready to shower?" he asked.
Charlie stood "Don't know if I will ever look at that the same way" he said nervously laughing.
He walked towards the shower "Oh no" Charlie said suddenly running back to the toilet sitting down.

After three more attempts Charlie finally managed to take a shower and towel himself dry joining Carrington in bed. Thinking he would be nervous and worried about the pain, he was strangely calm falling in to Carrington's arms. Slowly and with exquisite tenderness Carrington ventured forward taking Charlie on an erotic love making journey. Exploring every inch of Charlie's body and ending up back in each others arms, Charlie let out a subtle moan feeling Carrington's finger rubbing at his hole. Sublime erotic tingles running up his spine spreading out in to every nerve ending in his body. The finger working a little deeper each time, Charlie moaned louder actually feeling his hole encouraging Carrington's finger. There was a little discomfort at first but his focus on kissing Carrington allowed a peace offering to his arse. Gradually Charlie found himself laying face down on the bed with Carrington kneeling beside him stroking his arse and back. Charlie moved his hand and touched Carrington's cock almost feeling the desire in he firmness. He giggled feeling the cooling liquid hitting his hole, turmoil running through his head unsure what to expect. The bed under him moved and he felt the weight of Carrington and the soft warm skin touching his back, lifting his head up waiting for the moment and ready to cry out in pain. 'You are too tense Charlie relax' Carrington said kissing his neck and cheek, turning his head to meet Carrington's lips they kissed having the desired effect and relaxing his body. Slowly Carrington moved his cock between the soft crevice between the firm arse cheeks, Carrington's cock crying out to delve in and take him, rubbing against the lubed hole had Carrington moaning in a state of desperation. With gentle movement he allowed Charlie time to enjoy the feeling, the small moans of pleasure escaping Charlie, his arse now pushing up wanting to feel more. Carrington's hands moved along Charlie's arms until their hands held each other, the significance of this act and Charlie squeezing Carrington's hand exuded a love neither of them had ever felt before. His final act of commitment to Carrington about take centre stage.

His hips drew back allowing his cock to move in to position, kissing Charlie's neck a few times he then eased down very slowly. The body under him tensing immediately, he pulled back waiting for Charlie to relax again then eased down a slightly less tensing took place and Carrington held his cock there kissing Charlie's neck again. A little more pressure added and his head snapped upwards half moaning and crying, his hole opened taking the head of Carrington's cock. Carrington squeezed Charlie's hands in comfort, his legs squirming left to right in discomfort for a moment. His arse wanting to reject the intrusion yet he was somewhat in control and gritted his teeth crying and moaning louder, it was a sacrifice through the pain he had to make. Carrington kissed him on the ear 'breath deeply and slowly Charlie' he whispered. Nodding his head he took several nervous deep breaths feeling his arse relax a little followed by more of the invading cock. Concentrating on his breathing and gasping each time more of Carrington got inside him, shaking his head 'Wait' he said through a gasp. Carrington held perfectly still feeling Charlie's deep breaths and softening moans, in time with his deep in take of air Carrington pushed feeling his cock slide the rest of the way. Charlie groaned his body stretching and head collapsing on the bed 'Fuuuck' he groweld squeezing Carrington's hand tightly until his knuckles turned white. His entire body pinned on the bed by Carrington suddenly had Charlie giggling, he really had no idea what to make of the weirdness of it all. Raising his head he turned to see Carrington looking at him 'Oh fuck' Charlie said lunging his face forward to kiss him. Intuitively Carrington's hips started moving slowly up and down, tiny movements but enough for Charlie to feel. The whimpers soon dying out replaced by moans from deep in his chest, Charlie broke away from the kiss 'Oh god your fucking me' he said sounding half surprised. Carrington kissed him 'And about time' he softly cooed at Charlie licking and kissing his nose 'Wanted to do this for so long Charlie, finally you are mine and I am yours' he whispered running his tongue across Charlie's lips.

Charlie unable to speak felt an increase in the weight and speed of Carrington's hips moving against his arse 'Argh, argh, argh' Charlie responded before Carrington shut him up in another deep kiss. His arse beginning to feel on fire from the friction of the cock rubbing against the inside of his arse, for a moment it eased then returned less painful, Carrington's pre-cum leaking out providing a natural lubricant. Still he waited for the real pain to begin, Carrington was true to his words and treated Charlie so delicately in his rhythm, the occasional hard deep thrust was delivered delicately and held there for a moment. Charlie responding by louder deep groans vibrating in his body, his hands held firmly with Carrington's. His hips started moving faster, the signs of his orgasm starting to build. The only movement coming from Carrington's hips riding in a wave motion, their bodies appeared stuck together the moans from Charlie filling the air around them, the gentle sound of balls tapping against Charlie's arse. Charlie lowered his head moaning as a powerful force of erotic pleasure took over his body. Carrington's head slightly above and to the side of Charlie's head was emitting erratic breathing, his body almost shuddering with each moment his orgasm built. Letting out two loud breaths his hips pushed down and arse cheeks clenched hard, caught by surprise Charlie cried out at the sudden sharp pain squeezing Carrington's hands again. Charlie's body reacted with his senses heightened, he could feel the pulsing in his arse, the hard jabbing movements of Carrington's hips sending shards of very weird pain through his body. Carrington groaning in to his left ear, he became aware that he was feeling Carrington's orgasm. The pain no longer evident his arse pushed up against Carrington's hips hard urging him on, Carrington responding by clenching his arse tight and pushing down. Carrington's body laying heavily on top of Charlie, their hands still clasped together, Carrington panted lightly through soft happy noises. Their eyes remained fixed on each other, staring, unblinking and full of love. Over the last few years being in this position had never crossed his mind, but here he was pinned under this amazing man with an array of emotional feelings. He just did something to Charlie that brightened his life and allowed him to face hidden secretive parts that had always been there, without judgement Carrington had released the true person in him.

After a few moments Charlie shook his head "Dam my arse aches and burns,' he softly said.
Carrington smiled "It will get easier" he replied gently kissing him.
Charlie smiled "Do you think it will be a girl or a boy" he asked then laughed.
Carrington raised his head "I hope it will be a boy" he said smiling.
"Two boys" Charlie said laying his head back down on the bed.
Carrington laid his head down facing Charlie "Would you really like 2 boys?" he asked.
Charlie smiled "Yes" he replied, "Always wanted children, I don't know why".
Carrington smiled "I want to adopt like my parents did" he said looking Charlie in the eyes.
"Two boys it is then" Charlie replied, "If you think you can handle two".
Carrington chuckled "Not for a few years yet though I want to enjoy you as much as possible".
Charlie smiled and sighed lovingly "Thank you Carrington, for everything".

Charlie spent the next few days exploring Buckhead, the more he saw of it the more he liked this perfect little suburb of Atlanta. His exploration done mostly through jogging the streets, he was even getting recognised by some of the other gay guys who frequented the gym who often shouted over at him 'Hey Brit' since they didn't know his name. Rico would finish filming by 2pm and would swing by picking Charlie up taking him out to lunch. Supposedly just quick lunches but with the amount of people who recognised Rico and wanted to talk about his latest series being aired meant that lunches ended up being longer than anticipated. The coming weekend Rico invited Carrington and Charlie to join them at Barclay House where he hosting a dinner for all his co-stars to celebrate their recent award wins. It mean another shopping trip for Charlie being a black tie event, Rico swung by Friday afternoon taking Charlie to Lennox Square and Ermenegildo Zegna boutique. He just went with the flow and trusted Rico's judgement after all he wanted to Charlie to look good. After trying on several tuxedos Charlie sat down and read the text message he received from Dave his commanding officer. He was brief and to the point expressing his disappointment but understanding, Charlie replied confirming he would attend in a couple of weeks.

"You look like a twink with the world on his shoulders" Rico said sitting down next to him.
Charlie looked up "Oh its nothing" he replied putting his phone away.
"Charlie!" Rico said looking at him, "If something is bothering you talk".
Charlie sighed "I have confirmation of my discharge from the navy in two weeks" he said.
"Oh right" Rico replied patting his knee, "So you are leaving the military then?" he asked.
Charlie nodded "Partly your fault, being so nice to me" he said smiling.
Rico grinned "Does that mean..." he started saying before Charlie stopped him.
"Don't ask" Charlie said abruptly, "Some things need to be worked out then we will tell you".
Rico sat back in his chair smiling "If you need help with residency Mason has contacts".
Charlie chuckled "Stop it Rico" he said, "I mean it and not a word to Mason yet".
"Hmm" Rico replied, "I will consider it as long as you hang with me Saturday night".
Charlie looked at him "You want to show me off more like" he retorted grinning.
"Of course you cute little twink" Rico said teasing him.
"Stop calling me a fucking twink" Charlie muttered under his breath. Rico looked at him then laughed.
"Perfecto" Rico said standing up taking the bags from the assistant.
Charlie got Carrington's credit card to hand over. "Put it away Charlie" Rico said.
Charlie walked with Rico out of the boutique "You didn't pay though" he said.
Rico laughed "Charlie you have much to learn. Dam photographers" he said waving his hand.
Rico grabbed Charlie and headed out of Lennox Square. "Slow down" Charlie complained.

Rico and Charlie reached Barclay House just after 5pm and Carrington arrived a few minutes before them already sitting down in the family room with Mason. They spent a cosy evening having dinner outside and talking late in to night. Saturday morning Charlie got up and stood by the window looking out at the peaceful grounds. Below on the terrace people were bustling around setting up tall tables where the cocktail party would be before dinner in the great room as it was called. Carrington woke and slipped out of bed padding across the room naked and semi erect with his morning wood. Charlie moaned softly feeling the arms and warm body touching his.

"Morning" Charlie said turning his head and kissing Carrington.
Carrington smiled "Morning. Everything alright?" he asked. Charlie nodded.
"What a strange world you live in" Charlie said watching the people bustling around on the terrace.
"This isn't too much for you?" Carrington asked looking slightly worried.
Charlie leaned his head back against Carrington "A little" he replied stroking his arm.
"You haven't changed your mind?" Carrington asked.
"No" Charlie said looking at him, "I have got my discharge orders Carrington".
Carrington kissed him "Are you definitely sure Charlie?" he asked seeing reassurance.
"Scared as hell to be honest" Charlie confessed, "I will be out of a job and career".
Carrington nodded "Rico needs an assistant his last one left months ago" he said laughing.
"Don't joke like that" Charlie replied, "Lunch with him lasts hours and I feel like a gooseberry".
Carrington laughed squeezing Charlie "Very sexy one, I know they can go on but that is Rico".
Carrington kissed his neck "Come and shower with me" he whispered softly taking his hand.

Walking down the staircase and through several rooms to reach the kitchen and family room they could hear Mason and Rico in fits of laughter, opening the door the housekeeper was standing over them along with a young man Charlie hadn't seen before. The young man was probably in his late twenties about Charlie's height with black hair and striking blue eyes with a normal body, he was dressed in a chefs tunic. Everyone was so occupied and laughing looking at a magazine the housekeeper brought with her that morning that they didn't notice Carrington and Charlie entering.

"What is going on?" Carrington asked approaching them, "Nate back from your holiday?".
"Carrington" Nate cried out walking over and hugging him, "And who is this?" he asked.
"Charlie this is Nate my parents chef, just back from holiday" Carrington said.
Nate shook hands and looked Charlie up and down "I approve Carrington" he said smiling.
"Like I need you approval" Carrington replied, "What is going on?".
Nate smiled "I will let Rico show you" he replied, "Eggs for you, what about your man?".
Charlie shrugged "Have you get shredded wheat?" he asked.
Nate looked at him "No idea what that is, you can have eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, fruit" he suggested.
"Egg and bacon please, with grilled tomato" Charlie replied feeling hungry.
Nate nodded "How do you like your eggs?" he asked.
Charlie didn't know if this was trick question "From a chicken" he replied.
Carrington laughed slapping Charlie's arse "No, how do you like them cooked" he said.
"Oh right, scrambled don't like fried stuff" Charlie replied.
"Yeah I could have guessed as much" Nate replied looking at his body.
"Morning guys" Mason called out refilling his coffee cup, "You have to see this" he said.

They walked over to an article in the magazine, a big picture of Rico on the left page and the right was a picture of Rico and Charlie leaving the boutique both smiling and looking at each other. Carrington burst out laughing reading the headline 'Hot Latin TV Sensation Rico On The Town With Handsome Young Man', Charlie read through the article his mouth open reading the lies being suggested in the stories. Mason and Rico went quiet watching Charlie's response unsure how he was going to react at his face splashed in the trashy gossip magazine.

"You okay?" Carrington asked trying to assess Charlie.
Charlie looked at Carrington "Dam I look fucking hot" he said grinning.
Rico stood up hands on his hips  looking in a huff "Last time I take you out" he said. Charlie chuckled.
"I have never been upstaged by anyone so British" Rico said walking towards Charlie.
Charlie held his arms open and embraced Rico " Oh Rico, of course I am hotter than you" he said giggling.

They both laughed and spent breakfast reading over the article for ages, Mason sat watching them with a big smile and nodded to Carrington. He knew that was his father's very real approval of Charlie and in that instant Carrington seemed to drop a massive burden from his shoulders, leaning back in his chair and smiling it didn't go unnoticed by Rico and Charlie. 

Mason stood looking at Rico tapping his watch "Come on Rico we have lots to do" he said.
"Si mi amour" Rico replied standing, "1pm for lunch" he said to Carrington and Charlie.
"Yes father" Carrington replied, "Think we will hit the gym and buff up for tonight".
"Charlie you need to tell let me know what you like and don't like" Nate called over to him.
"What now?" Charlie replied walking over to him.
"Not right now but I do need to know" Nate replied, "What would you like for lunch?".
Charlie chuckled "I don't know" he said then "Ah toad in the hole" he said laughing.
Nate stood scratching his head confused. "Look it up" Charlie said leaving with Carrington.
Carrington laughed "Crap I have never been able to stump him like that" he said.
Charlie looked at Carrington "What's going on, what's happening?" he asked.
"What do you mean?" Carrington replied looking at him.
"Something more relaxed about you, I can't put my finger on it" Charlie said stopping.
Carrington smiled "Absolutely nothing, in fact everything is just so".
Charlie shook his head "You are a conundrum sometimes" he said kissing him.
"You have impressed both my parents Charlie, they like you and that is big" Carrington said.
Charlie nodded and his smiled dropped "How the hell I tell my parents I don't know".

They went up to the bedroom and change then headed down the stairs electing to go to the gym in Buckhead rather than the one in the house so they could get out of the way for the morning. Rico came running out after them handing his car keys over to Charlie 'Take mine Charlie I know you like driving it'. Carrington warned Charlie that his fathers purple Porsche was well known around town. He shrugged it off laughing unable to pass the opportunity up. Carrington shouted across the courtyard at his father telling him they would have words later. Rico in true award winning  sitcom style turned throwing a look at Carrington then blew him a kiss laughing and closing the front doors. After their workout Charlie knew what Carrington meant, the car was surrounded by fans waiting and looking mildly disappointed with the appearance of Charlie and Carrington. They still asked where Rico was and settling for second best wanted photos taken with Carrington. It was definitely an eye opener for Charlie seeing that many of the very avid fans knew who Carrington was, they handed him congratulation cards for Rico's win and wanted to kiss him. Unfortunately Charlie got dragged into a couple of photos with fans asking who he was, his reply was no one special.

Charlie locked the doors "That was scary" he said looking at Carrington.
"I warned you" Carrington replied laughing, "I forgot to mention this happens sometimes".
"Cheers" Charlie replied glancing at Carrington then realising their photo was being taken.
"They never stop" Carrington said looking worried, "Let's get home".
Charlie looked at him "Home" he said smiling. Carrington reached over grabbing his hand.

Rico stood at the door seeing his car coming along the driveway. Carrington grabbed the pile of cards from the back seat and heard Rico laughing his head off. Charlie handed him the keys 'No damage' he said kissing him on the cheek. Carrington fetched the last card off the back seat and looked over but Rico and Charlie had already gone inside, he smiled shaking his head and knew that Charlie was going to fit in so well with his family. Lunch ended up with a promise that Charlie would show Nate how to cook toad in the hole since he couldn't fathom it out properly, he omitted to tell Nate that his twin would have to be on a video call explaining how to do it. By early evening Charlie was dressed in his tuxedo, a little nervous yes but actually looking forward to the evening. Walking in to the great room mason looked up and smiled at how immaculate Charlie looked.

"That is one fine gentleman" Mason said causing Rico to look up.
Rico nodded "Very suave" he said, "Charlie do you know how to behave?" he asked chuckling.
Charlie rolled his eyes "I am a navy man of course I know" he said walking over.
Carrington grabbed four glasses of champagne "We have a little announcement to make" he said.
Mason raised an eyebrow "I hope this is not going to upset the evening" he replied.
"No" Carrington replied as Charlie held his hand, "Charlie and I are going to set up home here in Atlanta".
Mason looked for a moment then hugged Charlie "Thank you so much" he said nearly crying.
Rico hugged Charlie "Thank you" he said kissing him on the cheek.
"We will spend some of the year in England at Charlie's home as well" Carrington said.
"Of course" Mason replied, "Actually the director of the INS is coming tonight".
Carrington cocked his head to one side "Did you plan this?" he asked smirking at Mason.
"Not at all, pure coincidence he is a friend" Mason said sounding offended but grinning.
Charlie laughed unconvinced "I will let you off this time" he said making Mason laugh.

Charlie had no idea who the guests were that evening, he was introduced to a lot of glamour both men and women from Rico's TV series and other co-stars, there was plenty of hot looking men in the room but Charlie by far was the biggest hit of the evening since word quickly got around he was dating Rico and Mason's son. Even though they had made the announcement Charlie kept his promise and hung out with Rico thoroughly enjoying his evening. Making his way around the room Charlie half expected it to be all highly strung diva actors seeking attention constantly, well that is what he had read about in some of the magazines. To his surprise everybody seemed completely relaxed despite the surroundings and the odd photographer milling around during the cocktail party. No matter who Rico spoke to a customary photograph was taken and Rico made sure that Charlie was in the shot. It was a cleverly disguised way of getting Charlie known to his fans and importantly their friends. Mason and Carrington mixed together keeping an eye on Charlie and sure enough his military training showed through with his precise manners and compliments pulling the guests in to his charm and English nature. 

"How are you going Charlie?" Rico asked finding themselves a quiet few minutes.
"Loving it" Charlie replied, "I'm half expecting famous Hollywood or reality stars to show up".
Rico laughed "Mi nino, no" Rico replied smiling, "We don't invite trash to our parties".
Charlie laughed "How can it be a party without trash?" he asked putting his empty glass down.
"Rico, Rico, Rico puta madre" Alberto said shining in his silver jacket approaching them.
"Oh Charlie, you ask for trash and here it comes" Rico said putting a hand on his shoulder chuckling.

Alberto strode purposely the last few steps towards them, at 26 he was no where near as big or famous as Rico in the TV world but he loved to make an entrance, Puerto Rican descent with a string of discarded gay lovers left in his wake he was one divine looking Latino. Even with his jacket on the muscles in his arms protruded, his dark brown wavy hair framing a laser precision chiselled face, light brown eyes and whispers of a moustache and hair below his lip and down his chin and Latin brown skin gave him a look of erotic prowess. A sight that even captivated Charlie for a brief moment.

"Alberto you managed to climb out of your trash can?" Rico asked smiling.
Alberto waved his hand "I like to make an entrance, I see you are dressed for the soup kitchen".
Charlie nearly choked from laughing. "Even I would choke being with him" Alberto said to Charlie.
Rico laughed "Charlie this unfortunate thing is Alberto Suarez, calls himself an actor" he said.
Charlie held out his hand and Alberto looked at it "No, we kiss" he said grabbing Charlie.
Alberto felt a hand on his shoulder "Hands off Gloria" Carrington said.
Alberto laughed "Only one person calls me Gloria" he said turning and hugging Carrington hard.
"When did you get back from Puerto Rico?" Carrington asked.
"Two days ago" Alberto replied kissing Carrington on the cheeks.
The hugged last a while "When are you going make a dishonest man of me" Alberto asked letting go.
"You are way past dishonest Albe" Carrington replied hugging him again.
"Anyway I see you have met Charlie my boyfriend, my man and not yours" Carrington said.
Alberto looked at Charlie and nodded "Yes very nice, I like" he said now shaking hands.
"Carrington take Albe to get a drink, no one can recognise him without a glass in his hand" Rico said smirking.
"Did they?" Charlie was about to ask but Rico laughed.
"Certainly not, Albe grew up knowing Carrington" Rico said, "Child actor, well still is".

During dinner Charlie found himself sat opposite Alberto and next to Rico and Carrington, Mason sat next to Alberto and Charlie noticed there was a clear friendship despite all the banter between. Alberto fell in love with Charlie's accent constantly asking him to say typical British things then trying to copy him. After dinner Charlie managed to get away from Rico and found Mason sitting outside getting some fresh air nursing a glass of brandy. 

Charlie slipped outside and sat next to him "Are these parties always like this?" he asked.
Mason siled "No, thank god, I can't keep up with the conversation half the time" he replied.
"The next one who asks to me to say something I will punch" Charlie said resting back.
Mason patted Charlie's leg laughing "You certainly stole the light this evening".

They sat there talking for ages, Carrington noticing Charlie was missing spotted them and stood by the bi-fold windows watching with a smile on his face. The sight of them getting along so effortlessly and the drink got him all emotional, apart from someone to love it was important that his parents like them as well. Rico came over putting his arm around his son 'Perfect choice mi hijo', Carrington wiped his eyes and leaned on his father's shoulder watching Mason and Charlie laughing in their own private little world. Rico kissed Carrington's head 'Come on let's get these divas out of here' he said.

Like a wave of time their stay was up and they stood at the airport saying good bye to Mason and Rico, Carrington had work to do and Charlie had to go for his discharge order. Massive strings were pulled and Charlie was leaving the US with dual citizenship and residency rights. Charlie was sad on one hand to be leaving after having the most amazing two weeks. The other was excitement to see Conrad who would be back from his honeymoon and he desperately wanted to see his twin.

Conrad was too excited to sleep and was up at the crack of the dawn, leaving Harry in bed he headed off with Felix to Heathrow desperate to see his twin and Carrington. Pacing up and down Felix grabbed hold of Conrad and sent him off to grab some coffees for everyone to keep him occupied and out of the way. Conrad arrived back just in time as Charlie and Carrington came through the doors, Felix grabbed the coffee tray and Conrad ducked under the barrier. Charlie ran towards him sweeping him off his feet hugging him tightly as flurries of words flew in the air about missing each other, playing it calm Conrad decided not to go on about his disappearance to Atlanta. Instead he smiled and nodded at Carrington over Charlie's shoulder then went over and hugged Carrington kissing him on the cheek.

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    • By Akoor
      This is part 1 of a new series. The first part contains no sex and is a setup for more to come. I promise that the lack of sex in this part will be heavily compensated for in parts to come. For now, enjoy reading 🙂
      Part 1
      Growing up, it was just my dad (Baxter Sloan), me (Joseph Sloan) and my older brother (Samuel Sloan). Mom left soon after I was born to marry some rich guy who loved her but didn't want the add-on baggage of 2 kids. So, the responsibility to raise me and my brother fell on my dad, who did the best he could to provide for us. My dad was only 21 when Sam was born and being a young single dad, he was a very involved parent.
      From a young age, I was an exemplary student. By the time I was 12, I was already in high school and graduated at 15 as a valedictorian. I started college soon after and graduated at 19 with a degree in software engineering with minors in business and statistics. While in my senior year, I started working on a project which became a business when I graduated. After expanding my business over the next few years, I finally sold it when I was 25 for a 9 figure number. Needless to say, I was set for life at this point.
      But after selling my company, I started experiencing a slump. Success, while wonderful, can also lead you to wonder if there's more than just money and power. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have both but having tasted both, I needed more. In some ways, I was experiencing a pre-midlife crisis at 25 which led me to make the decision that would change everything.
      I decided to head home to see my family whom I hadn't seen in over 5 years.
      When I left for college, I'd make it a point to come home twice a year to visit dad and Sam. In my senior year, the workload from school and my project prevented me from traveling home and after graduation, the singular focus to make my business work made me ignore my family. We'd still talk but I was distant and more engrossed with my work than listening to dad talk about small town life and his business. I figured as long as I sent nice gifts on Christmas, things would be all right.
      Before you judge me, you should know that I had a reason to be distant with my family. When I was 15 I came out to my dad who didn't take it very well. He didn't say anything much and kept his distance. I did it a few days before I left for junior year to avoid any awkwardness but his response to it really drove a wedge between us. My brother was cool with it, which was my only respite.
      Over the last 2 years I had spoken to dad twice and Sam a couple of times, so things weren't exactly very familial between us. Going home after all this time was going to be awkward but I needed to do this. I had nothing going on for me and I figured being home for sometime would give me perspective on my next steps and it'd be nice to go back to my hometown after over a decade away.
      When my flight landed at the airport, I wasn't expecting Sam to be there waiting for me.
      A little background on Sam- I had last seen him 5 years ago. At the time he was a lean toned guy, working in my dad's plumbing business and looking like every small-town dude who enjoyed the relaxed life and to whom the world at large started and ended within the confines of the town. He was smart too but he didn't put in the effort at school and was happy to start working for dad when he graduated. Not that dad was complaining. I think dad was happy to have one kid at home, even if he would never admit it. They were extremely similar too, which was why dad and Sam had a stronger bond than me and dad.
      The Sam standing in front of me outside the airport looked nothing like the Sam I remembered.
      This Sam was a beast.
      At 6'0, he was approximately 220 pounds of muscle. Wide chest, thick arms and legs, a thick neck and a buzzcut, gave him the appearance of someone you didn't want to fuck with. In just a t-shirt and shorts, both a size too tight for his frame, he was a walking wet dream.
      The second he saw me, he rushed over and gave me a giant bear hug. Almost lifting me off my feet, he pulled me in for a long hug while rubbing my back. When he finally let me go, his hand slipped down a little and grazed against my butt.
      "Holy fuck Sam, you look so different man," I exclaimed, finding it harder to not stare and drool at him.
      "Hahaha, yeah been a while you've seen me little bro. Looks good doesn't it," saying this, he flexed his left arm at me. I'm not sure how his sleeves didn't just rip off but they looked awfully close to, judging by the bulk of his bicep and tricep.
      Not wanting to stare and freak him out, I nudged him playfully and asked him where he was parked. In 10 minutes, we were on our way to the farm.
      The drive to our farm would take a little over 2 hours. Once we hit the road, we started catching up with each other. Sam asked me a lot of questions about my work and my life, revealing very little of his own. While we were chatting, I finally took a good look at my brother and started to observe some interesting things.
      At first glance, it wasn't obvious but through the confines of his shirt, I could make out his large nipples. I wasn't sure but they looked pierced, based on the tiny lumps on either side of each nipple. Tattoos filled every part of the exposed skin on his arms, leading up to his neck and sliding inwards towards his chest. A padlock chain on his collar with an actual lock, hung from his neck. Without being obvious, I took a sneak peek at his crotch and holy fuck, was that thing massively bulging. Whether this was natural or a sock stuffed in, it was hard to say but it sure was impressive.
      It was so weird how turned on I was by my big brother. I needed to keep it in check but his very presence was making it very difficult.
      "So how's dad? Has been a while since I last saw him?" I asked, changing the subject. I needed a distraction and this was the best and only way to do so.
      "Dad's great. He's so psyched to see you. Keeps telling everyone about you coming home."
      That made me feel guilty. All this time, I thought he wasn't particularly happy about me so to find out how happy he was to see me again did made me feel bad about ignoring him.
      "Hey, you okay dude?" my brother asked, observing the guilt on my face.
      "Yeah its fine. Just...never mind."
      An awkward silence followed us for the next hour of driving until we finally pulled up to our house.
      The house that I remembered from last time was not the house I came back to. For one thing, there was now an actual 7 feet wall surrounding the place with an electronic gate. The rusty beaten down path leading from the road to the house had been replaced with an actual functional driveway. The house itself had been freshly painted and possibly renovated, making it look actually nice and kinda classy (given the surroundings).
      "Whoa, what happened to the Sloan pad?" I asked in disbelief to a visibly grinning Sam.
      "A lot has changed Joe, you'll see for yourself," he remarked.
      While we were pulling out my stuff from the car, the front door opened and out walked my dad.
      If the changed Sam had been a surprise, my dad was a shock.
      5 years ago, my dad was a lean 6'4 guy with a clean shaved face and a cap on his head at all times. The man in front of me looked nothing like the man I remembered.
      He had ballooned up to become a muscle daddy. His body was absolutely massive with everything as wide as it could be. He had a bit of a muscle gut but it suited him. What was more shocking was the way he was dressed up.
      Gone were the flannel shirts and denims. In front of me was a man wearing tight shorts and a sleeveless vest, with the front completely open. On his chest were 2 very visibly protruding nipple piercings that had caused them to puff out obscenely. My dad was an extremely hirsute guy (always has been) but I could make out some tattoos on his skin as well.
      "There's my boy," dad rumbled and practically jumped over to where I was standing. He grabbed me in a hug and lifted me off the ground, smashing our chests together. His grip was tight enough to cause my lean muscular body to be absorbed into his bulk, smushing every part of us together. I was impressed, given that I take after my dad and stand at 6'2, which he easily lifted like I was paper. While we were hugging, I could smell the strong smell of sweat, beer and smoke on him, making me a little horny. I had to fight every instinct to not get aroused in front of dad, but it wasn't easy.
      "Hey dad, long time no see," I said as he let me go and dropped me to the ground. Without responding, dad hugged me again, only this time he sniffled and shook a little. Watching my formerly emotionally steady father cry out of happiness was not what I was expecting. We stood there for half a minute until he composed himself and detached.
      "A'ight, lets get you in boy" dad said, grabbing one of my things and started to walk towards the house. Sam and I followed him inside, which had changed significantly since I had last seen it. Before, it looked like a bachelor pad with things lying around, packets of easy-made food on the kitchen counter and empty bottles in the corner. Now, it was completely clean with a leather couch in the center, nicely done wallpapers and actual furniture.
      "What happened here? You guys won a lottery or something?" I was in shock, how did dad and Sam manage all this with their small town plumbing business.
      My dad let out a big laugh and slapped my back. "All in good time son, for now wash up and come downstairs. We have things to discuss."
      His tone meant business and even though I was an almost 26 year old successful former business owner, I felt like a ten year old boy that had to do what dad said. Sam helped me carry my stuff upstairs to my old room and left me in there.
      Normally, I'd take my time to wash up. But dad had meant business when he told me to come downstairs and I had questions of my own. How was their life so different and how were they so different all of a sudden? It made no sense and I needed answers.
      An hour later, the 3 of us were downstairs in the living area drinking beer. Dad and Sam were on either side of the couch while I was sitting opposite them. Dad was worried I was in trouble which is why I had reached out to them. When I told him that wasn't the case and I was just here to figure out my next steps, he looked relieved. He asked me point blank how long was I intending to stay. Unsure of what he wanted to hear, I told them I'd be here for no more than 10 days.
      "Hell no boy. You come back after 5 years and all you give me is 10 lousy days. You ain't leaving before the months up," my dad laid down the law. By the serious expression on his face, I knew better than to counter. Truthfully, I was relieved. Part of me needed time to figure things out and having a month's time to do so would be perfect.
      The conversation moved on to other things before I ended up asking about the house and the renovations. On doing so, my dad and my brother shared a look before my dad said anything.
      "Son, there are things you need to know about us." I kept quiet, letting him continue whatever he needed to tell me.
      "But first, I wanted to say how sorry I am for how I was when ya told me you were gay." That was a big surprise, considering I never imagined him feeling any remorse. He continued, "you should know, it wasn't because you were gay. Couldn't care less about that. I was just surprised you know, by how brave you were. Braver than your old man could ever be."
      For the second time that day, I saw my dad cry. Before I could do anything, Sam slid next to him and pulled dad in for a hug. Dad grabbed Sam in his arms and broke down, while Sam gently held him and let him vent it out. If it wasn't my dad and my brother, I'd think they were lovers.
      It took my dad a few minutes to compose himself, before he sat back up, took a deep breath and stared right into my eyes.
      "Son, I'm gay too. And so is your brother."
    • By Chilighetti
      PART ONE
      “Hey Ian! Looks like I finally found us some work?”
      “Oh? What?”
      “Well, 'retail workers' if you wanna get all technical about it. Same difference, we're getting fucked over either way.”
      These sorts of interactions were commonplace in Kace and Ian's relationship. In fact, you might call it the bread-and-butter of their day-to-day life. Really, Ian should've been used to it now. But for a, shall we say, more 'reserved' person, his boyfriend's more risque sense of humour still succeeded in making that tan on his face look more like a sunburn, and getting him very interested in looking at the floor. Or a wall. Or anywhere that wasn't eye contact.
      “Come on,” Kace laughed, tossing a muscular arm around Ian, pulling the whole 'whopping' 145 pounds of man to his side of the sofa .“It was funny!”
      “You know how I feel about those kinds of jokes...”
      “Of course! Why do you think I make them?”
      “Because you like to see me squirm?”
      “Guilty as charged.”
      “But why?”
      “You want my honest answer?”
      “Uh, yea.”
      “Because...” Kace continued, arm sliding lower to wrap around Ian's waist. “You're cute as hell when you're flustered.”
      Though that remark did nothing to reduce said flustering, it did bring a hint of a smile to Ian's face, one of the few he'd made over the past couple weeks. However, that smile wouldn't last for long as he sighed, blonde hair mingling with his boyfriend's brown locks as he set his head on Kace's shoulder.
      “So... Those are the only openings you could find today, huh?”
      Likewise, Kace's teasing demeanour also faded, shifting instead into concern.
      “Look... I know you're not big on 'people'-y jobs.”
      “Kace, I-”
      “And I can't blame you. People are dicks.”
      “Don't worry, I'll find us something else and-”
      Though Ian's 'raised voice' was little more than speaking slightly above inside-voice levels, to Kace it was as if a screamo-metal rave was taking place in their tiny living room. Ian never yelled. EVER. To call this a cause for concern would be the understatement of the year.
      “It's okay. I'll do it. Just get me the application form.”
      “No. You don't have to do some job you hate. There are always other options.”
      “Like what? Calling up Mom? Again?”
      “C'mon Kace, she's helped out too much already.”
      It was true. Since the day they'd rented that sardine-tin apartment, Ian's mother had practically shouldered all their living costs. She didn't mind, all she cared about was that her son found 'a nice young man to settle down with.' Besides, she'd joke, with him majoring in nursing, he'd be paying her back in spades anyways when she got 'so damned old I can't find my teeth no more!'
      Yea... Clearly Ian didn't inherit his shyness from his mom's side of the family. Anyways, the point was that even though she didn't mind, Ian sure as hell did. Kace sighed. Getting that guy to take a helping hand was akin to trying to bathe a cat.
      “Look... Just think about it, okay? We don't have to decide tonight.”
      Ian sighed. Though disappointed, his smarts overruled his emotion. There was no way he could rationally argue with Kace's suggestion.
      “Fine,” He acquiesced. “I'll think about it, but I can't promise anything. Now...” Ian paused. He needed something to occupy his mind, any menial task would do. “Would you like some supper?”
      “Dude. It's 4:30.”
      Ian's baby blues crashed, falling to look at an incredibly fascinating spot of brown carpet.
      “So yea!” Kace laughed, delivering a playful and (unintentionally) painful slap to Ian's back.
      Baby blues have just taken liftoff, I repeat, baby blues have just taken liftoff.
      “You're sure? I don't want you just to do this because of me-”
      “Ian. I'm. Hungry.”
      “As long as you're certain-EEP!”
      Why the 'eep,' you ask? Good question. In case you hadn't already guessed, Ian was rather the quiet type. He was lucky that he made all those (in Kace's opinion) adorable faces whenever they fooled around, because there were mutes who made more sound during intercourse. A good thing Kace, despite his large appetite for such activities, was fairly vanilla, because gagging Ian wouldn't have changed a thing in terms of the, ahem, 'auditory' stimulation. No, the only way, to the best of Kace's knowledge anyway, was to catch the guy by surprise. So, the second he stood up, SWHACK came a second slap! Only this one was a wee bit lower than the shoulder, let's put it that way.
      “Damn! Bounce quarters off that thing!” Kace hooted, counting not one, not two, but five ripples in Ian's butt before it finally settled back from extremely bouncy to its regular bouncy state. The display was made easily visible courtesy to a pair of bright blue short shorts. Really, the only reason Ian wore them was because they came free with his last photoshoot, and they couldn't afford to waste. Well that and he knew how much Kace loved it (though not as much as the complimentary Speedo, but that;s a story for another time).
      “I know,” Ian sighed, arching an eyebrow as a lazy smile spread across his lips. “You have. I've still got the bruises.”
      “Come on man,” Kace  laughed, calling out to Ian as he scampered off to the kitchen. “It was only one!”
      “One quarter my ass.”
      Dinner was, as usual, a budget feast of tuna melts and baked beans. Protein, fat, and carbs, Kace would say. You couldn't go wrong with that!
      Even if it was plain. Even if they'd had it every night for the past week. Even if-
      A piano solo blasted from Ian's shirt pocket, snapping both parties out of their daydreaming fugue. Not any piano solo, however, no, his ringtone was the opening to Kace's latest, greatest piece. A little something to remind them of what all this was for in the first place. Ian swallowed his mouthful, fully prepared to  hit decline.... That was until he got a good look at the caller ID.
      “Ah, sorry, I gotta take this one,” Ian said, leaving Kace alone with nothing but a half-eaten tuna melt for company as he made a hasty exit, not just out of the kitchen but out of the apartment altogether, off to pace the corridors in some conversation unknown.
      That... Wasn't like Ian. Like, at all. Running off like that, hiding conversations... It wasn't cheating, Kace knew that much. His boyfriend barely had enough extroversion to flirt with him, let alone a random stranger. Besides, the guy was paranoid about STDs and all that jazz (majoring in nursing can do that to a person). But, if not that, the question still remained: what was wrong? Whatever the problem was, Kace thought, sipping the last of his beer, he'd gently confront Ian with it that night. After all, their relationship was one constructed of trust. Whatever was bothering Ian, he could talk about it! Little did he know that Ian, who'd just hung up after insisting on consulting Kace before entering any 'binding contracts' was about to do the same thing. 
      “Ian, are you-”
      “Uhm, so I-”
      The pair stopped. Tried again. Stopped again. It seemed every time one opened his mouth to speak, the other chose that moment to do the same, sending them into a hopeless cycle of cutting each other off. Alas, one of the few disadvantages of always travelling the wavelength as your partner.
      Though mildly infuriating, it did serve to ease off a good chunk of the tension, and by the end the two were deliberately cutting themselves off just for the joke of it.
      “So,” Kace said, finally getting out in front. “I was going to ask... But I feel you've been trying to tell me for the past five minutes.”
      “How did you ever guess? Hah, yea, it's... It's Jonathan!”
      “Jonathan? That's great news!”
      “Not quite... You see he said he was looking for a-” 
      Why, might you ask, is that great news? Here's a hint: it has something to do with those short shorts hugging Ian's bubble-for-a-butt backside.
      Jonathan had been taking pictures since before the dinosaurs went extinct. Okay, maaaybe not quite that long. Let's just say he'd been at it long enough to to take maternity pictures for Kace's mom. Kace, who was now twenty.
      The pictures Jonathan specialized in though... Well, they weren't exactly white-bread pregnancy fare. And he wasn't interested in Kace.
      Don't be mistaken, he did not find him an unattractive man. Standing 5'8, 165 pounds, with a surfer dude mop of hair and deep brown eyes, the guy was nothing to sniff at. But Kace wasn't exactly what he (or, more accurately) his customers, were interested in. A bit too muscular. A bit too intimidating. A bit too, as one client put it 'top-ish.' They weren't looking for tall , dark and handsome. No, what they wanted was limber, lithe, and boyish. And that's where Ian came into play. 
      With only his height (5'6) and measurements alone, most people would've assumed they belonged to a woman. But anyone who saw him knew better. He looked effeminate in the way only a man could. He was, as Jonathan put it, a-
      “-Twink. He said he was looking for a twink.”
      “Uh. Yea. And I think he found one,” Kace said matter-of-factly, giving his boyfriend a painfully obvious glance up and down (especially down). “So, what's he got you modelling this time? Bike shorts? Boxers? Speedos? Hmm, yea, I hope it's Speedos.”
      “No, it's... It's not anything.”
      “What? It's gotta be something! Come on, I won't bite! Now spill.”
      “No, Kace, that's what I mean. It's nothing. At least for a couple shots anyway.”
      “Ohhh!” The brunette's eyes lit up, finally grasping what Ian was too shy to simply say straight. “That all? Look, Ian, I know how Jonathan works. Private clients with private requests desiring pictures for private use. Like, maybe five people will ever see it at max. I'm not telling you to do it if you're uncomfortable, just... Don't start worrying I'm going to get all jealous or something. The only way you're gonna make me mad is if I don't get a peek at those sweets pics of yours.”
      Kace winked, leaning in for a kiss... But Ian pulled away.
      “That... That isn't all. I'm... This isn't a solo shoot.”
      “Oh...” He said again, more hesitantly that time around.
      “Well...” Kace continued, trying to keep the conversation moving forwards. “What does he want you to do? For the shoot, I mean.”
      “Sort of a plotline, actually. Basically, an, uhm, older black... Gentleman seducing a....” Ian reddened, unsure if he wanted to quote Jonathan on the next part. “ 'Soft white twink'.' B-But there's no...”
      “Yea, that.”
      “You can use the word sex, you know,” Kace laughed, trying to lighten the mood by, as he loved to do, teasing his boyfriend's 'fragile constitution.' “I mean, with how much we-”
      “He said,” Ian interrupted, eager to nip THAT little tangent in the bud. “He wants some close contact. Not heavy petting or anything, just...”
      “Regular petting?” The taller of the two joked.
      “You could call it that... I guess.”
      “You should do it.”
      “Yea, if you want to, go for it,” Kace shrugged. 
      “Are you sure?”
      “Well, I mean, it's not like you're going to be fucking the guy or something.”
      “Right, sorry, 'engaging in intercourse,' is what I meant to say. Still, I'd prefer to look in on it myself too, just in case... Y'know... But if you can't do it with-”
      “Kace,” Ian said, putting a hand on his boyfriend's shoulder (made somewhat comical by their differing heights). “You being there is the only way I think I CAN do this.”
      Kace ended up being the one to send Jonathan the final okay, Ian taking off to do whatever he did when he felt embarrassed (which, let's be real, was probably holing up in the university library with a med textbook). When he arrived back some three hours later, he opened the door to find-
      “Hey, 'Rustic country lodging suite with fishing lake and complimentary fresh English breakfast,' or 'Roomy accommodations with...' Huh. Says here 'Nautical feel?'”
      “What?” Ian asked, baffled as he stepped into the kitchen, revealing Kace clicking feverishly on his old brick of a laptop. “What are you-”
      “Bed and  Breakfasts. See anything you like, just shout. Oh! 'Chic, modern rooms a stone's throw away from the city's premiere entertainment venues?' Sounds like clubbing to me! And I don't know about you, but that's right up my alley! There's also-”
      “And why exactly are we looking at BnBs?”
      “Uh, for your shoot of course. Duh.”
      “My shoot is at three in the afternoon, right?”
      “Yea. Hey, this one has a pool! All these things used to have was, I don't know, a bed and a breakfast,” Kace responded, only half listening.
      “...And the studio is only an hour out of the city, correct?”
      “Yup. Say, which would you prefer: a circular room with square windows or a square room with circular windows?”
      “I'd prefer to know why it is you think we need a Bed and Breakfast for a one-day job.”
      “Need? No, we don't need it. But it'll be fun.”
      “And how are we planning to pay for this?” Ian asked, gesturing to the burnt out lightbulbs gone months without replacing.
      “....The shoot,” Kace responded, as if being forced to explain the most obvious thing in the world.
      “Yes, all 250 dollars of it.”
      “Two hundred and, hah! 250?” He laughed, slapping the table with nearly enough intensity to send the laptop barrel-rolling to the tiled flooring. “Ian, it's 250 per HOUR! It's an eight hour shoot! Haha! I'm supposed to be the dumb one in this relationship remember?”
      “You're not dumb,” Ian said, registering the need to assure his boyfriend before the first part of what was said sunk in. “Wait. Per hour?”
      “Yep! Bet you're glad I read the fine print, huh? I-oh!”
      Something rare had just happened. No, it wasn't the couple embracing, that was a daily (practically hourly) activity. The oddity at hand here was who was embracing who. Kace always played 'offensive,' as it were, both inside and outside the bedroom, Ian fair better suited to being on the receiving end. Yet, Kace now found himself pinned to his chair by a pair of thin, smooth arms leaning over him from behind.
      “Thank you...” Ian whispered. To Kace, it was just money. But to Ian, he knew it was a big deal. Something he wouldn't have to take from his mother or put himself deeper into the indentured servitude that was student loans. He'd always been the type to try to earn his keep. Unemployment was tough on him. Finally, he could go to bed without feeling guilty, like a mooch.
      “No...” Kace corrected. “Thank YOU. Now...” He continued, once the pair had enjoyed a couple minutes of comfortable, intimate silence. “You. Me. Six pack in the fridge.”
      “Dude! We're celebrating!”
      They had a wild night. And by wild, I mean Ian drank three-quarters of his bottle instead of the usual one half.
      “Lightweight,” Kace teased, draining the dregs from his third bottle.
      “Well, we can't all be fat like you,” Ian replied, having consumed just enough alcohol to allow him to make playful jabs.
      “Hey!” Kace said, pulling up his shirt to reveal a very different kind of six pack. “This look like flab to you?”
      “Hmm. I think I'll need to get a feel of it myself before I can make any final conclusions.”
      Ian? Flirting? Was... Was he somehow sloshed already? There was no way he'd-
      “But... I shouldn't. You're clearly intoxicated. It would be taking advantage of a vulnerable situation.”
      And there was the Ian that Kace knew.
      “You can take advantage, I don't mind!”
      Ian sighed. “Yes, that is what a drunk person would say.”
      “Dude! Watch!” Kace whined, performing the finger-to-nose sobriety test. Alas, he missed the dead centre, falling slightly closer to the left nostril than the right. For most people, that would've been more than enough to prove that one was still overall competent. But, in case you haven't already guessed, Ian wasn't most people. “See! Sober! S-O-B-E-R! Mostly.”
      “Alright. Look, it's getting late. I need-”
      “Your beauty sleep.”
      “-My rest or I'll be too tired to get anything done tomorrow. My courseload isn't going to review itself.”
      “And if you still feel this way in the morning, we'll do something about it then, promise.
      “Pinky swear?”
      “Make yourself a cup of coffee.”
      Kace made something between a grumble and a laugh. It was a strange sound, and one he'd only started producing after dating Ian. That guy could be so risk-averse that he made one want to throttle and protect him at the same time. Basically, the kind of frustrating one can't help but love.
      That's why, after being left alone with his thoughts (for Ian was readying for bed, no doubt flossing his teeth and cleaning under each nail), Kace found something that just didn't seem quite right. With a payout of 2000 dollars, it made total sense why Ian would swallow his nerves and get in front of the lens. But... When he made the decision, he thought he was only getting 250...
      Kace shrugged. Maybe Ian was right. Maybe he really was drunk.
      Now I know you're probably all on the edge of your seats right now. Did he or did he not live up to his promise to Kace the next morning? Well, I assure you, he did. For four hours straight, as a matter of fact. Ian could still... Sort of stand afterwards? But it was a good thing they hadn't done the deed the day of the shoot, or else the poor man might've needed a walker just to get around the set!
      To Be Continued....
      Hello! I'm new to this site so I don't know if these are customary, so I'll attach one here in the first part and no more after. The story you are reading is a commissioned piece, and my buyer suggested I post it here. The story is currently complete, and per their request, I will be releasing it in parts. I am a female writer, so I apologize if sometimes my portrayal of the male homosexual experience comes across as 'off.' I hope you can enjoy regardless!)
    • By Scottyrim
      I had planned it all out. I was nervous and took a glass of wine gulping it down. The knock on the door ,though expected ,startled me. I opened it. 
      “ Hi”I said. 
      The guy I met, smiled” Hello “. 
      Even as I let him in I felt a sense of control start to flow away from me. He seemed more in control , more sure of himself.  Another knock.
       I let the other guy in as well. He seemed less certain , but more certain than me.
      I was the one who set this up and yet I was the one that seemed more on edge. 
      “ Would you like a drink?” “No “they both said . The first guy smiled and said “working”.
      “Of course”I stammered “ “Do you two know each other? .” The two guys looked at each other “ No” 
      I sat on the edge of the bed. Was this what I truly wanted? A hotel room ? Two prostitutes or should I say Escorts? 
      “ You both are Poz not on meds?”
      They now looked at each other more intently and then back at me. “ I am Neg, not on PREP .I only have tonight in London by myself... so... do you mind if I get another drink?”.
      “ So you want Raw, Poz dicks in your ass?” The first guy smiled.” You don’t need a drink, you need a huge hit of poppers”. 
      I looked around taking in my surroundings, for the first time really, even though I had checked in four hours before. What the actual fuck was I doing ?  Here I was in a hotel ,near the Airport about to have sex with two Poz Prostitutes. Six hours before I had been having a farewell lunch with friends. None of them would ever guess I would now be here doing this. “Who the hell was I ?” For a moment I thought I could pull out of this. I mean they would have seen this before, Clients chickening out. Wives , closeted. They would have seen it all before. But some fucked up Neg guy booking two prostitutes on online  ads because they were Poz and I had had too much poppers up my nose and too much twisted fantasy in my my head.
      “ It’s ok” The second guy spoke for really the first time.” Take off your clothes”. I gulped and within seconds we were all taking our clothes off except our underwear . The first guy” So this is a conversion ?” Yes I suppose” I blurted.
      “ Fuck hot “ he replied. “Suck my dick “ and without any further hesitation I grabbed his cock and started sucking. “ Suck that Poz dick you sick prick” This made me hornier. While still sucking one of my arms went for the trousers on the floor, grabbing my poppers from my pocket then inhaling hard. “ Can I have some? “The second  guy stepped forward and took the poppers from me. He took deep sniffs. “ Suck my cock as well “and pulled his hard cock out of his underwear. He had a PA attached to the end of his dick.. I started sucking this dick now. 
      In the background a French bareback film was playing from my USB on the TV.     
       “I am not sure about this” The second guy said. At the same time he didn’t take his dick out of my mouth. I stopped.
       “ I want this. I really want this. I need Poz toxic cum up my ass. I know what I am doing. I don’t want to make this uncomfortable for you, but I need to be Poz. You are doing me a huge favour that I can’t thank you enough for.”
      He smiled and eased himself.
      “Fuck you sick slut I am going to Poz you so hard that it won’t be just the toxic load that makes you Poz, it will be my dick ripping you apart and making you bleed. “ With that the second guy took the poppers off the first ,took a huge sniff and pushed the bottle to me . As I took the bottle, he pulled down my underwear  and threw them off.  He then pushed me face down onto the bed. “ You want a toxic dick I am giving you one.”  I have no idea where he got the lubricant from. It could have been from my suitcase, more likely he had some.
      I felt huge pain but he seemed to know this and covered my mouth with his hand as I yelled. Then suddenly I saw a different popper bottle in front of me and I sniffed in heaven and started to relax.
      The first guy came around to my head and had his knees open against each side of my mouth. I started sucking his cock as I saw a third bottle of poppers appear before my nose. “  You want that big Poz dick . Keep sucking you whore. You fucking love that infected dick don’t you”
      I kept slurping and sucking. 
      I felt guilt I was putting these two guys through this.I felt guilty I wanted this and yet it was though my soul desired this fucked up situation. “ I need to be Poz, infect me.Charge me up” I yelled. 
      They swapped. I felt another hard dick up my ass. “ Make me pregnant. Knock me up”.  I yelled. “You sick fucking slut take that fucking toxic dick” I heard.
      “Plant your dirty seed up my Neg Ass”. It seemed that each word made them release their inner Poz pig.” You are going to be fucked up so badly”they said. 
      Each time they put their dicks in my ass and poppers up my nose I was one step closer to my goal. I started to
      lose all sense of who was doing what .One moment I was sucking on a PA, the next moment a fat juicy cock. Both were up my ass.My head was starting to ache with the amount of poppers that was in my head.” I need to be charged pregnant “ I said. All I could smell was sex and poppers.
      “ You know soon you will be fucked up ,truly fucked up. No escape. Pozzed well and truly”
      In the haze that was my head I thought I felt the PA, but the poppers were so much I have no idea. Then I heard a whisper.” You sure? “ against my ear. “ Make me Poz” I said. “I am going to charge you Po..... “and then silence. “You fucking sick twaisted slut.”I felt it inside. I always hoped I would. Here it was .I had a charged Poz load up me. I smiled as a dick left my mouth. 
      I was so high in poppers I had no idea that the dick that now entered my body was the one with a PA attached.
      But the sudden pain made me remember.” You are fucked, you Neg slut. You will be pozzed by the time this is over “ More poppers under my nose. “ Fuck do you want a charged bloody load?” So the pain was not just the dick. “ Please” I pleaded “please do this ,make me Poz” The pace picked up. “You need to be toxic don’t you “ he said “ yes “ I pleaded. “You know this will fuck you right up.”  He said. “  “ Yes” I pleaded . “Make me your toxic dump.”He breathed heavily in my ear and then stopped. I felt it . I felt it in my ass. In Heaven. I had crossed over. I was gone.
      For a minute, maybe less I lay there. All three of us were breathing heavily. My finger touched my ass . It explored inside my ass while the once fat Poz dick became limper.  I took the finger out and saw it up against my eyes. Both blood and cum met my eye.
      “ Thankyou “ I said 
      Well you paid us you sick fuck. Hopefully you got what you wanted”
      I smiled” I did”
    • By Scottyrim
      I lay there in the dark. I could just see shapes in front of me. I was on a leather mattress, one of three next to each other. A guy I could see was lying next to me. Like me he had his ass open to the sky, to anyone. My ass was open to anyone as well. But it was open to Poz guys more than anyone else. I didn’t want to discriminate. But to me I needed Poz cum.
      Only 30 minutes before I was on my iPhone typing my position and area on my iPhone. The ad I placed in Barebackrt was very specific. “ Poz guys only to breed Neg guy not on Prep in dark room at Bathhouse. Please bareback Poz with the words not on Meds Poz” time and place. Here I was 30 mins later lying on my stomach  in the dark . My asshole was lubed. Every other minute I sniffed poppers. My cock was irrelevant.
      It is  an intense experience lying in the dark, sniffing poppers, watching shadows in front of you.
      The guy next to me was as still as a plank. Part of me wanted to check his pulse. When a guy came near him and start to fuck him, he hardly made a sound.
      You could feel men’s hands feel your ass and legs ,finger your hole. Random men . But I wanted something else . Something more . I waited. It seemed like forever and not long at all.
      A guy was feeling my leg in the dark. It was slow . He got to my ass and seemed to linger around my hole. Suddenly a voice came out of the darkness” Not on Meds , Poz” That was it . Nothing for a moment, as I breathed harder. Suddenly I felt wetness, Then I felt hardness. Then pain , then pleasure. Next to me the voice again.” You got more than you bargained for . Take that Poz cock.” He pushed it in hard. I had an intake of breath. We both stopped for a moment . Then a voice. “ “You sure you want this?. No turning back”  He almost impaled me and I answered almost in a scream. “ Give me your Poz DNA.” He breathed against my neck. “ Your a fucking slut” “ Yes” I responded. The guy fucking me laughed.  Then loudly he said to anyone in the room “ This slut wants to be fucked Poz, full of Poz cum. No self respect. He deserves everything he gets. Load him up with anything”. With his elbow he pushed me down. “I will be back”. He got off me. Emptiness.
      This was only for a minute or so . “ Fuck bitch you want fucking AIDS!!”  In short jabbing movements the next guy did not care. “ Been Poz 3 weeks you will fucking have this Pozzz” He trailed off. He had cum. So quickly. He managed to say “ Slut” as he  left me but he disappeared as quickly as he came. I felt myself smile.
      This is heaven.This is the meaning of life. Another voice. “ No meds, Poz”  this guy just grunted, again and again pushing into me. “ Fuck slut you are Poz “ He came abruptly. 
      Next to me the other guy being bottomed moved. He put his hand on my shoulder”. I need to cum “ He said. “  I have no idea what I am . If I have it or not. Never been tested”. “Please fuck me “ I replied.  He moved on top of me and started to pound hard my ass . “ I need to cum .Fuck this is so hot. Fuck you are so we wet. Fuuck!”. He had cum. He breathed against my neck. He stayed there for the longest time and then moved” Hope you get what you want” He said as he left.
      I was still smiling to myself in the darkness when I heard a familiar voice. Gruffly he announced to the shadows .  “Have you had your fill of Poz cum slut? “ “ Never” I replied. “Please fill me up with more” 
      He rammed into me hard.  I panted into the mattress. “I am close ,slut. You are going to be Charged Poz. Fuck you are going to have dirty seed in you. Take that Poz seed! “ 
      We both lay there. “You are going to have to go out of this Dark room eventually. People are milling around out the door to see who the Poz loving cum dump is. I smiled to myself. I had achieved wanted I was a Poz loving cum dump in a Bathhouse darkroom.
    • By Scottyrim
      I remember when I heard about The Six. I had just been barebacked by a dominating top. We had Poz talk throughout. The last words I spoke was “ Give me your Poz babies” as he bred into me. “The problem with me” he said  as he lay back down on the bed “ is I am firing blanks and it is clear you are ready for the real thing.” I laughed. “ You are the real thing. I love Poz guys even if you have meds. I have been fucked by many guys not on meds. I enjoy the feeling of Poz guys filling me up with dirty seed”. My top laughed “That is because you are a slut that craves Poz cum, but I have known you long enough to know you need more than just the Poz seed, you need the Gift.” He smiled “ I think you need The Six”. I laughed. It sounded absurd. “ it is no joke “ He said.
      That was 4 months ago. Now I was here in a large dark room in a bathhouse that had been booked for the night, under “ The Six” Well there were 6 of us in the room,but clearly we were not The Six. We were the bottom sluts. Some of us were freaking out. “ What the fuck am I doing here?” One guy was almost pleading to us. Another guy had a smile on his face , which probably matched my own. It was nirvana. Alright it was nirvana mixed with excitement and fear. But I was hot for this. Every fibre wanted this. The poppers that I breathed in heavily helped draw me into this new heaven.
      My dominant top , that was one of many on my way to Poz slutdom had explained it abit to me.” The Six “ are guys who are all Poz without meds. They are made up of either newly Poz guys or Poz guys that are dominant and need to infect continuously. They change , so one time it may be made up of the same guys for 2 pozzings but it might change along the way with a different guy appearing occasionally or several,” I was erect when he told me this “ How does it work ? “I could hardly contain my excitement.
      Basically it was a group of six guys who met every few months, sometimes only twice a year, sometimes 3 or 4 times a year. They were made up of guys not on meds who wanted to Gift willing guys. The guys who were going to be gifted needed to be invited by members and there could be no backing out if the invitation was accepted. The strike rate I was told was basically 100 %. Because of all of this you never entirely knew which one of the six made you pregnant.
      “ The moment they walk in, the name of the game is to make all the Negs Poz. You can get fucked by 1 or all 6. It is not up to you. It is up to them. There also needs to be 6 bottoms who need to be Poz. It is not enough to need it, you have to be almost fated to be Poz. It is why this sometimes takes months to occur, sometimes up to 6 months. You never truly know who infects you. God knows what happens if you try to back out” a wry smile came over him” let’s just say you don’t leave without the Gift” 
      “How do you know so much about it. Are you part of it?” I asked. “ I am on Meds, of course not “ he smiled at me “ “But before that “ I said. He just smiled “ It usually happens at a bathhouse. The room is booked , the bottoms arrive and then The Six. “I gulped, I could hardly breath. This could be all bullshit. But part of me knew it wasn’t. “ I am going to put your name forward.” He said.” You will get an email. It will be an email will have a subject line “ The Six” It will have a Respond/ Delete button. If you delete, you can never again be one of the sluts going to be pozzed by The Six. If you respond you agree to it all, no backing out at all. You will receive an email with time and place. No backout.” He smiled again. “This is you “
      Here I was 4 months later in a dark room in a bathhouse with 4 other slut bottoms and another near hysterical bottom. “ I am out of here” he said” Sorry this was all a mistake “ He didn’t move though. “ No one is forcing you to stay ,there is the door, you can open it “ said the guy with the smile on his face.  
      There was footsteps outside the door then it opened. Six guys came in , one after the other, all different. It was hard to make out the features because of the dark. A guy had “ The look” veins  and what I imagined with a largish belly and a long dick. I licked my lips. A couple of the guys looked like they were maybe bottoms in normal sex but here they all were in front of us full of Poz venom, infected with life force. It was a beautiful sight, only ruined by the nervous nelly wandering around.
      “ I have to go sorry. I made a big mistake “ said nervous nelly. There was no answer. One  of the six stepped up to nervous nelly put his hands on the bottoms  shoulders and pushed him down to the top’s dick. Nervous nelly was confused and just opened his mouth and let the dick come in. He started sucking hard on the dick. The top fed him poppers. 
      I always thought at this point there would be a little speech about a group of Poz guys infecting a group of Neg guys. No one moved to make a speech, but smiling bottom seeing nervous nelly sucking furiously on the popper fed cock took it upon himself to go up to the top I had been eyeing and grab his cock. With expert handling, while my jealousy started to rise, he guided the Poz Look guy expertly with his hands and within 10 seconds he was being ridden by Poz look guy hard. “ I want your Poz babies” smiling guy yelled.
      Meanwhile already nervous nelly was getting bred by Poz top. His smile said everything. Nervous Nelly was as happy as a pig in shit.
      I felt hands against me and I was pushed forward. I didn’t have time to think before I felt a sharp pain inside me that eased as I put poppers up to me. A voice next to my ear said.” Don’t worry mate. I saw you eyeing crix guy, my Viral Load is higher than his. You are bound to be toxic. By the time you have been ridden a couple of times you will be in the Club. Infection guaranteed. “I allowed my self to sniff heaven with poppers and looked around. 
      Everyone was fucking. There were 12 people in the room. Interspersed with the moans were words you heard. “ Charge me “  “ I want to be Poz” “fucking infect me !!” “ these are the last seconds you will be a neg boy” Breed me, breed me!!” I want to be pregnant with Poz” this last comment was made by nervous nelly as Poz Top pushed into him. “Fuck take that Poz infected load “ he gasped
      My maker whispered into my ear. “Fuck I am going to breed that scared little slut with my Poz load, after I have finished infecting you.I can feel              
       my PA scraping against your insides. You should be bleeding now and the infection should take . Fuck I am about to poison you.” I was shocked that I maybe bleeding. It scared me ,but I didn’t miss a beat. “Infect me. Make me yours. Make me Poz “ that was too much for him and he suddenly lurched into me.” Have my dirty seed slut” he whispered. He lay there for a moment, then slowly backed away, leaving me raw , bloody and full of Poz sperm. “ “You all leave here infected” he said as walked away.
      Before I had time to react, someone else entered me . “ Fuck blood and sperm “ you sure are going to pregnant with Poz by the time this is finished. I am a bottom”   he said “I have only topped twice and that is to Poz sluts like you. You are the Second guy.  The first one was that scared guy over there, but now I have built up some more Poz sperm , it is going to be you. Fuck I feel the need charge you. “I whimpered” 
      “Please make me toxic”. “Bitch the PA bitch before you created the cake, I am just putting the icing on top.  Take those babies slut.”
      It felt like hours I was there. It felt at least 4. There were moments where I needed to sit but felt torn and sore. The Six would Poz then rest, the come back for more. Crix guy bred me, but I felt like a whimpering mess. As he pushed his Poz cum in my ass I felt a tear in my eye.
      When it was all over I was sore and bloodied and two weeks later I came down with the tell tale flu. I received an email after I knew my results. The subject line was “ The Six” It had an accept and a decline on it. The accept said “ Be part of The Six for the next conversion. The decline was I was going on Meds.  I accepted and smiled. I could now give what I received.

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