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Covid Vaccination, are you?


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Had my 2 covid vaccine shots waited a week  then hooked up with a fellow pig, slammed and we fucked and fisted each other.  It was so nice getting back to  normal 


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First shot:  localized pain.  Not horrible but I felt it.

Second shot:  18-24 hours later aches, pains, chills, pretty bad GI symptoms, which passed by 36 hours.  Well worth it, though.  Not everything is 💯 but it gives me a little more comfort and confidence to go do what I love to do. 😉 

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Recieved the johnson and johnson shot 5 days ago. A littlec tired the nextC2 days. All is good. I hope it's worth it. I want to get back to normal.

Open up my adult  book store and adult theatre and people not do scared of getting head and fucking

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