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    Basically an all bb cum slut here.
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    What can i say, im a slut, a dirty slut. I enjoy slave/master, and being the slave. I enjoy getitng told what do to do or just having it done to me no matter what i like. Love forced.
    Into:CBT,tt, bb, groups, ws, bondage, ff, toliet, pain, deprivation, whipping

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  1. you look like a hot kinky poz boi ... 😛

  2. you are a totally hot poz boy!

  3. Congrats on getting pozzed! How was it? You should write about how it happened :D

  4. Love that u do everything, and you're so cute. What do u do toilet wise? I love shit play, both top and bottom.

  5. Porn is all about the show, I rather watch xtube. My piss drinking experience most of the time involves the guy hold my nose and pushing his dick down my throat and starts to piss making me gag and drool. Same thing with fucking, 9/10 guys have their dick so deep in my ass when they cum I think sometimes i can taste the cum.
  6. For my bf and myself its not all about sex, we have sex for fun, more guys mean more fun in our opinion. Since we are both poz we both fuck bb. With others bb too. We maintain our relationship outside of sex. But its always fun to have me getting bred over and over by random guys and him breeding random guys.
  7. Yea its something a lot guys try to do but they all know bb is better, usally after some drinking whatever, or even fucking after the first fuck it will usually be bb.
  8. Met a straight guy off craigslist at a rest stop off a local interstate. Pretty rough and quick, once he blew inside me he told me that my asshole was the tightest and warmest hole he has ever fucked, even better than all the pussy he has had. I like setting the standards high on the first fuck for straight guys.
  9. I like a rough fuck but not so much rough sex. Not much into the hair pulling and stuff just rough asshole pounding.
  10. like being told what to do? cum north to MI and see me!

  11. I agree getting fucked is a game, some people like to play longer and into different things than others. My example of not caring what a top does basically covers from a load and go fucking to tying me down tight, fucking me over and over, piss, and whatever other kink they would be into. Of course everyone has a limit on what they will do.
  12. Dirty slut here, too! Thank God for the web, without it I'd probably still believe I was the only one!

    So keep doing what you're doing, you seem to be doing it just right... :grin:

    Cheers from the other side of the Atlantic, :* Felix :*

  13. Hi, nice profile that you have. Too bad I'm not closer to have fun with you.

  14. I bb because when I first started getting fucked, the guy i hung out with would never remember to bring a condom, except for once or twice, so we just fucked with out one. when he bought a pack and put in his car, he couldn't stay hard so he said fuck it and went bb. Well when we had more guys joining in, same thing kinda happened. It got to the point no one was using condoms and then I said fuck it and never useing them again and thats the way i stayed.
  15. For me if the top is hot and smooth, take it all off. If the top is just a top then just unzip lol
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