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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    Devils Lake, North Dakota, USA
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    Sucking off men, dressing like a slut, taking risks. getting fucked in my ass. Love walking around at night waiting for men to find and use me.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Some webcam experience, Love to hang out on chaturbate.
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    Men, Transgenders - Casual days,. parks, malls, markets, coffee and tea,. light stuff ,and alot of cannabis,. I love soaps and herbs, and oils,. candles and comfort,. I love being soft, clean and shaved,. love cooking food, warm rooms, and sunsets,. and cocks, and cum.

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  1. Name: Will or Ville Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): (701)230-9513 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Devils Lake, North Dakota 58301 Times you're generally not available: at work Thursday to Monday mornings/afternoons I am free nearly every evening from 7 or so pm to 3am šŸ˜‰ Age: 34 Height: 5'11" Weight: 175 Ethnicity: Native American/Mixed
  2. Cannot wait until March! Iā€™ll be inĀ Seattle for a good weekend ?

  3. I was drinking a little beer on my deck while no one was home. In fact I had the entire property to myself for the entire evening. I ditched my male clothing and put on a simple dress, thong, stockings, cleaned and lubed my asshole, and put in my but-plug. I started messaging guys on grindr even though its not the best for my purposes it sometimes nets a good fucking. Got a message from a working man staying at the local casino, was pretty forward in his messages so I sobered up a tad, and drove over to his hotel room. Its always the hottest moment when they send the room number, leaving all the follow through on me. Walked past reception, and went upstairs, a couple floors, and approached his room. It was cracked open as is usually the case with these dates, I push it open to find a nice looking older gentleman naked hard cock laying on the bed. His eyes widened to take me in, as I slinked unto the bed undressing and nuzzling his erect throbbing cock. I went all way down, to his balls, held my breath and enjoyed his member in my throat for a few seconds, and then began to bob in my usual style,. Slurp, slurp. Slurp, pop, gag, slurp slurp,. For a moment I forgot everything and was cumming as I was bobbing my head and mouth over this mans erect penis. He stopped me, and rolled me over picking up my legs exposing my sissy hole,. Straight in with a plop, and my immediate whimper, I was being pounded bareback. Solid fucking,. Making my hole loose and sloppy,. Every sound of a hole being destroyed playing. In and out moaning,. Groaning,. And throbbing,.. cum filled my rectum,. He didnā€˜t pull out,. He worked the cum in,. Spanked my ass,. And pushed me away with a thanks, he was done,. I was fucked,. And like that It was over,. I got up, didnā€˜t bother cleaning., or straightening up, put on my dress again,. And walked down to my car,. Cunt leaking, lipstick smearedā€¦ love guys who fuck like this. Iā€˜d do this every night,. Maybe multiples I thought,. If they wanted it I had it to give out. But alas,. It was in the middle of nowhere and to find even one guy to pound me,. I was satisfied.
  4. All IĀ want for christmas is a train of guys to fill me with cum.

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    Photo 22.jpg

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  5. Cannot wait till I'm back in the northwest getting pumped full of cum, and walking funny.

    1. silent12345


      sound sexy baby , u most feel my hot milk inside ur assĀ 

  6. got deep fucked a few days ago,, i feel utterly destroyed. :D

  7. Ask a guy to come out to my lake house, he obliged. Though he was an hour away, I got ready to have my ass pounded. Took a shower and dildo'd myself until I felt ready. He was still a half hour away so I got dressed up in some stockings, a thong, and threw on a short dress. about 7:30pm he pulls up in a tan truck, Excited I walked around the side of my house and waved him over. He walked up to me and called me "cute",. hugged me and we went inside. I walked him into my living room, where I had laid out a blanket on one of the couches, we made out for a sec, and then I went for his cock. Opened up his pants and pulled his boxers down, I engulfed his member all the way, held it,. and bobbed on him for a minute or so,.. after that he picked me up and put me on the couch with my legs on his chest,. he pushed in spreading my legs revealing my boi cunt,. he pushed his cock straight in,. and I moaned with pain, he held it,. and I relaxed,. Fucking me hard, my cunt was becoming nice and loose,. smack smack smack,. until he asked with his cock deep inside me, "you want that load, baby",. I moaned a hard yes,. and he began to fuck me even harder,. shaking the couch and the walls,. pound pound pound,.and then I felt him explode inside me,. holding me down legs against my chest, filling my cunt with spunk... Afterwards he called me a woman,. or rather "now you're a 'woman'" ,. I gave him a kiss,. and he left, I got dressed for bed with his load deep inside me, and passed out hallucinating,.
  8. sucked an older gent in the field behind my house,. could still hear cars cruising by as I was gagging on his thick cock.,. wonder if they caught a glimpse lol

  9. I'm sometimes down there walking around.
  10. The last time I got fucked was in may or june 2011,. in spokane, wa. I was horny and drunk in my mums apartment with no privacy,. so I got on craigslist,. and sent out a few emails to people who have posted looking for a bottom boi, or something to that extent. I got a few replies back but chose the one closest to me (just north of the fred mayer on freya) cause I didn't have a car,. and would have to hike over to meet him. luckily it was only a few blocks away. I got to his place and waited around the back for him to come to door,. I didn't knock ,. but texted him and let him come outside so I could see him,. and him me, lol.... I didn't care he was older shorter, and maybe a few pounds overwheight. His older voice welcomed me into his room in the basement. "hi there,. you ready?",. I choked,. "okay" meekly,. and he walked me into the house,. We walked past a sex swing,. and into his bedroom,. he commanded me to remove my clothes,. I obligued. He took stock at what he was about to fuck,. a sexual groan emitted from him,. my asshole shuttered,. and my cock jumped,. he immediettly took on my boi breasts in his hands,. and began to suck on one of my nipples... electricity shot through my body,.. "mmm you do have nice tits",. my soul gave in. He directed onto his bed and laid in the other side,. we began to simply make out,. his weight on top of me,. his hands,... he grabs the back of my thighs and pushes my knees into my chest,. "mmmmm flexible",. he said,. continuing to maw at my neck and mouth. I could feel his package from within his boxers rub up on my sphincter,. "ready?",. he whispered into my ear.,. I simply groaned in pleasure. He swiftly removes his underwear,. and unvieals his cock,. rubbing it on my hole.... "let me eat you out first",. and his bearded face went to work on my hole and balls,. the facial hair on my shaved sissy bottom, was elevating,. sooo electric. then he began to position his cock at my hole... I looked at him in the eyes,. pinching my nipples in exctasy,. his cock went inside,. and we began to fuck,. I began to sweat like nothing else in my life,. and his weight the bed,.. and motions,. urghghhg,. I was defeated, cumming and,. getting deep fucked,. he sucked on my neck nipples and ears,. until my boi hole was a sloppy mess,. WET. he slumped over to the side and praised my boy pussy. I almost immediately passed out from the orgasm he gave me,. The next secound must've been a few minutes,. cause I came to on my stomach his whieght on top of me,. whispering dirty things into my ears i could no longer make sense of , his cock still making me his.,. I must've cum while in my spell.,. or maybe thats how long i orgasmed for,. whatever it was great,. and still happening,... ,... my hole couldn't take anymore,. his cock couldn't give anymore,. both wet, sweaty,. and exhausted from our exchange,. my phone range,. probably my mom,. wondering where I am again. Don't worry I just had the best series of orgasm in my life,.,. tired,. I got dressed again,. and the guy walked me to the front door,. kissed me and said to call him again. Now its morning ,. and I have to go make sandwiches for money. lulz
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