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  1. I'll be in Berlin soon any suggestions for sleazy bathroom sex?
  2. I'm going in September to bio hazard can't wait. Any recommendations for sleazy cruising areas in Berlin
  3. My pussy gets wet thinking of you
  4. I hope the time will cum soon. When I can give you want you need that is to spread your aids into my body
  5. My cunt is negative and needs your aids!!!
  6. When you're in NYC you can pump my neg cunt with your poz semen
  7. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed your? Cumholez too. Thanks for following me too. X☣️X

    1. negpussy4u


      Thanks my friend! If you were in NYC I'd surrender my neg cunt to you. Happy new year!!!xoxo

  8. Such a sexy and hot post! Those guys probably felt so good after you swallowed their semen.
  9. Love it!!! Especially poz unmedicated cum
  10. Neg pussy here for you...

  11. Negpussy4u 47 145 All toxic loads needed. High viral loads for my negative cunt. 646 299 3064 text 10036 Nights and weekends.
  12. Cute twink here hot neg ass. Love to be used by everyguy in place for poz breeding. What a perfect setting an abandoned warehouse in harlem. It would be grest to use more of these abandoned places for illicit after hour clubs.
  13. so hot!!! i need you poz semen deep in my hot negative pussy. im in nyc but willing to travel to give you my negative cunt....

    1. Poz2play


      Fucking hot love to give my poz loads.

  14. I need it from you. Fuck my tight pussy with your poz cum. Im neg. Need your poz cum
  15. This weekend i spent 3 days in a nyc porn theater crawling with men who looked like they had aids. You know the gaunt look, wasting away look.im neg and healthy but im soo turned on by these hot aids men seeding me. They were looking at my cute full healthy face with lust. One guy followed me into the dark room. I was so turned on. He looked sickly with a bad cough about 120lbs but tall and lifeless eyes. He pulled my pants down in the dark room and fingered my wet soft pussy. It felt like heaven. As he breathed down my neck i smelled that he probably didnt bathe in a few days and smelled cig smoke and alcohol.He was in total control. He knew what he wanted. Being an obedient slut i sucked his smelly cock hard. I then whispered in his ear that im neg status. He said he was poz off meds. He said i am going to fuck your soft pussy and give you my virus. I had a bottle of congac in my pocket. I took a huge gulp and my head was spinning. He then slid his aids cock into my soft tender and wet pussy. I was trembling with excitement. He then put poppers under my nose and forced the bottle in my nostril as his hot cock slid in and out. He was moaning so loud in pleasure. He pushed his hard hot cock deeper into me sliding slowly. But as his precum lubricated my tight pussy he started pounding hard. He shot a thick hot load into my ass quickly. I felt his hot semen explode in me. He kissed me on the cheek and walked away.

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