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    Sucking cock and getting fucked. Whatever it takes to satisfy my top.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Been a bareback bottom slut since my first hookup many years ago, condoms were never an option. I obeyed my top and took his load deep in my hole. That got me hooked on getting bred.
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    A hung top or tops to use my body until I'm full of their seed

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  1. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Definitely let it absorb for as long as possible. It’s harder when I leave right after getting fucked because it tends to start leaking, but when there’s no rush I love to lay face down in bed so his seed has time to make its way deeper inside me.
  2. Are there actually bottoms out there that ask guys to pull out after letting their raw cock inside them? I’ve been a bottom for 15 years and the thought of asking a top to pull out after he’s put his raw cock inside me hasn’t ever crossed my mind. It seems ridiculous that a bottom would ask a top to pull out. Once a cock goes in me I know that it’ll be leaking some Precum, why bother asking him to pull out if he’s been slowly leaking his DNA into my body while he’s fucking me anyway
  3. Tops- How Do You Spot a Cocksucker?

    Great thread. I’m a total bottom but most guys assume that I’m a top because of my looks. I’d love to know how to let other guys know I’m a bottom/cocksucker without having to explicitly say it.
  4. Pregnancy risk?

    It’s not totally random. Sometimes she goes to see him on safe days, and other times she goes to see him when she’s ovulating. It depends on how horny she is and when he’s available. She’s not going to turn him down when he’s available just because she’s ovulating. It’s difficult for her to see him the couple times/month that they get together so she goes whenever he’s available. I have no problem at all with him shooting his loads into my wife’s fertile uterus. It’s so hot knowing that his sperm are invading her body trying to get to the egg while she’s sleeping beside me
  5. Poll: Sexual Risk Habits, For Both Poz/neg

    Level 3 and 4 here, depending on how horny I am. I’ve stopped asking status when I’m very horny, and there’s no way I could stop things from progressing once I’ve started serving my top’s cock, regardless of what his answer would be. Sometimes when I’m less horny and just looking for a lay because I need my ass used I’ll ask status, but that’s starting to become more rare. I usually just go by whatever is posted in the guy’s profile and accept the risks.
  6. Does the size of the top’s cock matter?

    Or course it matters to me, but not enough to be a deal breaker. I’ve never turned down a guy with a smaller cock, but I get much more pleasure from large cocks. I’m greatful for every load of cum that tops shoot into me, but I love the initial pain and the feeling of being stretched open by large cocks. I can also feel big cocks cumming inside me much more than I can with a smaller cock in my ass. It makes me feel much more used because there’s more resistance when a big cock forces it’s way inside me, and the pain is a reminder of the top’s dominance over me...knowing that there’s nothing I can do to stop him from hurting me and using my ass until he’s ready to unload in me is such a powerful feeling of submission.
  7. Absolutely. The times that I’ve eaten cum out of her have been fresh, usually right after her lover is done filling her up. When she sleeps with it inside her overnight I don’t go down on her, usually only fuck her in the morning when she lets me. Most of the cum has been absorbed by her uterus or dried up by that time anyway
  8. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just got a load pumped into my guts by a married guy. His wife and kids are out of town. Got there, he took me to his bedroom, I started by getting on my knees where I belong and wrapped my lips around his cock. That led to mutual sucking on the bed, and right as he was about to cum he put me on my back and slid his cock into me in one firm stroke. I was on the edge the entire time he was fucking me. He was pumping his cock into my guts for about 10 mins before I started begging for his cum. He obliged and started thrusting even harder until he buried his cock as deep as he could and flooded my guts with his DNA. He kept his cock deep inside me and jerked me off, covering my stomach and chest with my cum. His load must have been huge because I felt a bunch leak down my leg as soon as I stood up. I can still feel his cum between my ass cheeks. I love knowing that there’s nothing I can do to stop my blood from soaking up his dna
  9. She doesn’t usually let me fuck her until the next morning. As mentioned in another post, she loves having her fuck buddy’s cum soaking into her pussy all night while she sleeps beside me, and I love massaging her pussy and lower abdomen to help his cum get deeper inside her.
  10. This story bring back memories of the girls I used to party with in my late teens and early 20s. Can’t wait to read more!
  11. I love it. We started with me being in the room and watching the guys fuck her, then through a wifi camera while I waited downstairs, and for the last while she’s been going to her fuck buddy’s house alone while I wait for her at home. It was hot watching her moan and lift her hips to get someone else’s cock deeper inside her, but my favourite is her going over to his place. I love knowing that someone with a bigger cock than mine has unlimited use of my wife’s body. He doesn’t let her leave his place until he’s put at least 2 loads into her pussy. It’s so hot to wait at home and imagine what he’s doing to her. She called me a few times and left her phone on speaker so I could listen, I’ve never heard her scream and cum like that for me. I almost came without touching my cock when I heard her tell her fuck buddy to put his cum deeper inside her than I ever could, and tell him how much she loves his cock
  12. Pregnancy risk?

    My wife and I both love it. She made me get a vasectomy a few months back so I couldn’t knock her up anymore because she refuses to go on birth control. She continues to see one of her fuck buddies once or twice a month who hasn’t had a vasectomy, he pumps at least 2 loads into her pussy every time she goes over to his place. It’s so fucking hot when she comes home and lays in bed naked beside me. All I can smell is his cum and her pussy, but she doesn’t let me fuck her until the morning because she wants his cum to soak into her for the rest of the night.
  13. Balls Deep or the Tip

    Balls deep when I'm fucking a pussy, just like when guys fuck me. Better chance of getting the slut pregnant or infecting her if I were to catch anything. If a bitch is willing to risk getting fucked bare then she deserves to keep every drop of cum in her pussy as a reminder of what she let me do to her
  14. Barebacking: what's in it for the bottom?

    What I get from bottoming raw is knowing that there's nothing I can possibly do to stop my body from absorbing another man's DNA. The mental stimulation I get from feeling a raw cock breeding me brings so much physical pleasure. I get a lot of my pleasure from having my body used by another man as a means for his pleasure. It's not the same when guys pull out, I need to take their cum inside me once they start fucking me, otherwise I feel like I've failed my top.
  15. First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    My first time wasn't planned at all. I was young with a much older top. He told me to relax and try to enjoy it while he worked his cock into me for the first time. Condoms didn't even come up as a topic of conversation. I did as he said and let him use my body however he wanted. Feeling his cock throbbing as he shot his cum into me was the best feeling of my life and got me hooked on it

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