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    Sucking cock and getting fucked. Whatever it takes to satisfy my top.
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    Been a bareback bottom slut since my first hookup many years ago, condoms were never an option. I obeyed my top and took his load deep in my hole. That got me hooked on getting bred.
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    A hung top or tops to use my body until I'm full of their seed

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  1. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Bitch, fag, slut Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 289-780-9885 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): north end of Toronto, near Yorkdale Times you're generally not available: 6pm to 10pm Age: 30 Height: 6'2" Weight: 250 lbs Ethnicity: White Quote
  2. It was 14 years ago. Condoms were never discussed and I did what I was told when my first top wanted to pop my cherry. I was hooked as soon as I felt him shooting his load in me. It's been raw ever since, never had a condom when getting fucked
  3. I love it, but only during a session. I love to be called bitch, slut, whore, worthless, etc... I love how emasculating it is to have a cock in my mouth or ass while my top is reminding me that I'm nothing more than a piece of meat for him to use for his pleasure.
  4. I definitely prefer cut. I love feeling the shaft sliding in and out of my hole. I don't turn down uncut guys, but I don't get as aroused or as much satisfaction from uncut cock because it's just the head going back and forth, not the shaft skin sliding in and out of me.
  5. The only time I swallow my own cum is when my tops order me to. I don't do it when I'm jerking off alone, and I don't allow myself to cum when I'm serving a top. I'm only allowed to cum when a top orders me to, which usually involves me swallowing it.
  6. It really depend on the guy and also where his cock is in my mouth. If the guy shoots hard and I'm sucking with my lips wrapped around his head I can definitely feel it shooting into my mouth. I can only feel his cock throbbing, not the cum shooting if I'm taking his cock into my throat. I prefer to keep my lips wrapped around his head when I make a guy cum because I love the taste. I miss out on the amazing taste when my top shoves his cock down my throat as he's cumming.
  7. As a total bottom, I believe that the top has the absolute right to inject his seed as deep as he can once I've offered him my hole. Being grown men, we all know what happens when a guy cums. I don't think there should be any separate discussion about where the load's going. It's my duty as a bottom to serve my tops, and it's my tops right to inject my body full of his seed. I don't think that I have a right to change my mind once our clothes come off because that would mean that I'm not doing my duty as a bottom to serve and please my top.
  8. Condoms were never even an option for me. I took my first cock when I was 16 from a much older man. He guided me gently and taught me how to serve cock. When it was time for him to pop my cherry there was no mention of condoms. He simply told me to relax my body and enjoy the sensations. As he was getting close he told me that he's not pulling out, I was hooked as soon as I felt his cock throbbing inside me. That moment was the most sexual satisfied of my life, I was hooked on cum from that moment on

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