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    Sucking cock and getting fucked. Whatever it takes to satisfy my top.
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    Been a bareback bottom slut since my first hookup many years ago, condoms were never an option. I obeyed my top and took his load deep in my hole. That got me hooked on getting bred.
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    A hung top or tops to use my body until I'm full of their seed

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  1. Maybe I can help you understand from my perspective I get all of my sexual pleasure from giving my body to another man for him to use and very little from my own orgasm. It's much more of a rush to feel another man filling me with his cum than for myself to cum. I love knowing that I've been filled by another man and that his cum is being absorbed by my body. My orgasm pales in comparison to how much pleasure I get from knowing that his cum will be with me long after the hookup is over. I also love how submissive it is to get fucked with my soft cock flopping around. It proves that my only sexual pleasure during the hookup comes from the cock that's inside me and is going to be breeding me, with my own cock unable to give me any pleasure
  2. I usually completely ignore my cock, but some tops like to watch me stroke as I suck their cock. My cock is almost always limp when I'm serving a top so it's just flopping around while I stroke it while sucking. It never gets hard when I get fucked, I only jerk off after my top is done fucking me if he allows it and wants to see me eat my own load while his cum is inside me
  3. I usually keep my shirt and socks on, unless my top wants to tweak my nipples while he fucks me. I like keeping my socks and shirt on because the only parts of me that matter during a fuck are my mouth and fuckhole
  4. I have a habit of biting the inside of my cheeks and making them raw when I know I'm going to be sucking cock. I do it for 2 reasons. The first is that it roughs up inside my mouth and gives the top more sensation when I massage the head of his cock in those areas. The second reason is that it gives his cum an easier time of soaking into my body when I don't take his load in my ass. I make sure to swish the cum around in my mouth and rub it into my raw cheeks before swallowing it when the load doesn't go directly down my throat. Does anyone one else do this?
  5. Most of my hookups are from squirt and bbrt, haven't really tried any other websites or apps
  6. The last toy I used was a rubber butt plug that a top made me insert right after he bred me to lock his load inside my guts. I bought it on my way to the hookup because my top told me that I'm not allowed to let his cum go to waste
  7. Finally hooked up with a top that I've been talking to for a few weeks on squirt. Went over to his place this morning for what was supposed to be a quickie. I knew he had a larger cock but his pics didn't do him any justice. He was almost 8" long, not the thickest cock I've ever seen but definitely one of the most beautiful looking I've ever seen. Nice big head, perfect scar line and very tight skin on his shaft. I stripped once we got our hello out of the way, he was in a robe and I was able to get my hand on his cock right away. He led me to his room where I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. He fed me a steady stream of precum for almost the entire 20 minutes that I was sucking his cock. He slowed me down a few times and told me that I'm trying to suck his balls out through his cock. When he was ready to make me his bitch he laid me down on the bed, put my legs over his shoulders, put lots of spit on my hole and started working his cockhead into me. The way he was working my hole was extremely sensual as opposed to just fucking. He got his head into me and went in and out a few times to tease me. He knew exactly how to drive me crazy and make me want his cock even more. I started moving my hips to meet his thrusts and that made him start working his cock deeper inside me. After a few minutes of grinding my hips with his he started a slow steady fuck which lasted at least 45 minutes. He was close to cumming a few times but he was able to keep himself close to the edge without unloading his seed. We didn't realize how much time passed until his phone rang and he saw the time. We realized that we both had to get to work so I pulled him down on me, kissed him and begged him to fill me with his cum. He gave me a few hard thrusts, forcing his cock balls deep and I could feel his cock grow a bit inside me. I told him to fill me up but don't pull out, then kissed him again which made him cum right away. His cock was throbbing in me for almost a minute, then he held himself on top of me and slowly grinded his cock around inside my cum filled hole. I jerked myself off while he was resting with his cock inside me and shot a load that landed on my face. My ass contracting when I came gave him another smaller orgasm. He pulled his cock out of me and I could feel his load dripping out of my hole. We layed in bed for a few minutes to let his cum soak into me before I got up and more fell out, then we both cleaned up, I thanked him and made my way to work. I can still feel some of his load leaking out of me when I squat at work, but I've been trying my best to keep whatever is left of him inside me
  8. I always ask status but the answer doesn't change the fact that his cock will be injecting a load into me. I'm well aware that it's nearly impossible that all the guys that have told me they're neg are actually neg. it adds to the thrill for me knowing that there's a chance he's lying just because he wants to pump his cum into me and doesn't want me to back out.
  9. Even though I've taken many anon loads, I prefer to get to know my tops a little bit, even if it's just some chatting before a hookup. I love knowing what I can do to give my tops the most pleasure, and I love locking eyes with my top when they're getting ready to breed me and start begging for their cum. I've learned that most tops love to see the submission in my eyes when they're about to cum, begging for their seed just reminds them that they completely own my body
  10. I've been force fed a few cocks with my head hanging over the mattress over the years. It's definitely harder to get them deep for me too. The height of the bed has to be perfect for my head to hang over at an angle that allows my throat to open up for the cock. A couple times the angle was perfect and I could feel the tops get their cock down my throat pretty easy. The other times were harder, and one time the angle was so bad that the guy made me puke all over because he wouldn't stop (and it's not my place as a bottom to try to stop him from using me). It's still much easier for me to get a big cock all the way down my throat when I'm on on my knees with him standing or laying with him in bed and going down on his cock from above.
  11. I definitely prefer slow, deep, firm fucking. I love to feel every contour and ridge of the cock that's using my hole and going to be pumping me full of its precious cum. I find that hard and fast fucking makes most guys cum quicker, slow and deep fucking helps most guys last longer which also lets them work up a bigger load to inject into me
  12. Went over to a tops apartment a couple days ago, sucked his cock on the couch while his wife and kids were on their way home. Saw them getting off the elevator on their floor while I was waiting to get on. She had no idea that she walked by the guy that her husband just fed a huge load to.
  13. The longest time that I've sucked a cock for was almost 2 hours. He came after about 20 minutes and stayed hard, had me go slow after he came until his cock was less sensitive, then it took me another hour and a half to work the second load out of his balls.
  14. Definitely prefer cut cock, love feeling the tight skin on the shaft sliding back and forth on my lips
  15. I like to cum right after my top breeds me. I love thinking about how his cum is being absorbed by my body and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Thinking about my hole soaking up a real man's cum always gives me an intense orgasm

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