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  1. I'll be in FTL starting tomorrow (5/24) until Tuesdau, May 29th staying at Inn Leather. Looking for raunchy party pigs who want to swap STDs
  2. I just got the last shot for my syphilis treatment yesterday. That was the FIFTH time I've had it. Also have had anal warts internally (not pleasant), crabs, chlamydia, and of course HIV.
  3. Chargedupslut

    NYC pride

    I was in NYC last year for Pride. Did nothing but get bred for 4 days straight.
  4. Scrolling through Twitter and found this today.  Some website had found a random video of me on the Internet and posted it with all these captions.  Love it.  :)


    1. mjkuhl


      I think there are a few of me, not slamming but being fucked.  My ex filmed them and when he left he took them with him

  5. Hey...good to see you on here too.  :)

  6. I can vouch for 442 Natoma. I went there on a Monday night--Monday, y'all!--and it was packed. And I got there relatively late (11PM for a party that went from 8PM-1AM). Somebody later told me it's really good at like 8:30. It was pretty friggin' good at 11 so I can't imagine how it must have been at 8:30 or, Jesus, on a Saturday night. Highly recommended. I went after a private gangbang party I had at my hotel so I already had a ton of cum in my hole. That made me relatively popular at 442, lol.
  7. Chargedupslut

    Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    Yay, I got to add another one during my San Francsico trip. Kyle King and I both just loaded each other.
  8. If I had a nickel for every time somebody has asked me to "poz them up", I'd be a rich man.  I usually turn down that offer because I'm mostly bottom myself and I'd rather be the one out there taking loads.  I don't know what's gotten in to me but I have unloaded in 3 *supposedly* neg holes this week and I am LOVING IT.  All with permission.  As hot as the stealthing fantasy is, I feel like I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did that for real.  But if you're begging me for it and you know what you're getting into, well then fuck yes, IT IS ON.

    1. seaguy


      If it's not you it will be someone else so you might as well go for it.

  9. For as slutty as I am, I have just never been able to get into being fisted. I've done it a couple of times but it always just feels like work and im kind of relieved when it is over. That said, i can actually fist myself enjoyably and i have some huge monster toys I sit on...which pretty much proves to me the fisting problem is a mental thing I have trouble with. My ass is physically capable but for some reason i just dont enjoy it with another person... But anyway, for piggiest/sluttiest thing, I'll go with my gangbang lottery win at Ft. Lauderdale Pig Week last year, which i have talked about on here before. My name got drawn out of a hat that contained almost 200 entries and as my winning prize i got put on a fuckbench in front of a crowd of a couple hundred people and got bareback gangbanged by the featured porn stars that were part of the event and then anyone in the crowd who wanted a turn. It went on for about a half hour (my knees finally gave out on that fuck bench which is the only reason i quit!) and afterwards we kind of estimated i got fucked by 30-40 guys and took 15 or so loads. Im just a regular guy so this kind of thing doesnt happen to me everyday and the best way to describe it was "surreal". As it was going on i kept thinking "Jesus...is this actually happening right now?" Lol...that was a few months ago and i still use it as jack off material in my head and probably will for a long time.
  10. Chargedupslut

    NEVER thank the bottom

    A little slap on the ass afterwards and a "thanks buddy, have fun" is what I say as a top when i'm done with a hot scene and what I appreciate hearing as a bottom.
  11. So there's a guy in LA who runs a site that lists out various sex parties happening around the city.  I contacted him about listing my party in April and I NEVER ONCE said anything to him about including my porn name on the party or advertising it like that.  The subject came up in our back and forth chit chat but I never asked him to put this kind of spin on the party.  He emailed me when the ad was up and said "Here, what do you think?"


    I would never have been so brazen as to call myself a porn *star* (yet!) but I have to say, I'm not upset at how this looks.  :)  And he said it will definitely get me more dick....so there's that.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NLbear


      Nothing wrong with using what you got ;-)

    3. slavetoy4u2use


      If it gets you more cock why not

    4. BREEDmeRAW


      This is what people appreciate. You are a guy that likes to get fucked a lot, some days you may already have 3-6 loads in you when someone tries to meet, your schedule changes as you meet more men. 

      Advertise your ass and make it clear that you Only bareback and BREED my ass full of CUM.

  12. Is it really considered stealthing if you sit down on my raw dick by your own choice, ride it for like a minute, then decide you want to put a condom on, and then I try to sneak it off again? (True story from a bookstore over the weekend...and i totally got busted when i tried to take it back off. Lol, guess i need to work on my technique a little. *Sigh*...this is why i normally bottom...) 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. brutisbareback


      Would have been over for me when he asked...never cover bareback only for life

    3. SweatyKum


      I'd expect you to fully unload inside my pig cunt RAW. :) ATL has some great bookstores for breeding. Was it the Tokyo Valentino Bookstore over on Cheshire Bridge Rd near Heretic and Manifest? 

      OINK! Great pictures on your profile, stud! Hope those pits and crotch are good and ripe on a regular basis. 


    4. seaguy


      Once you start bare there is no going to condom, it's bare or nothing.  To start bare and then expect the top to rubber up is rude and in my opinion insane.  Why on earth would you want to make the sex less pleasurable by asking the top to rubber up?  Maybe if your a fucking pussy.

  13. Fucking hot man!  Would love to have at least a couple days with you!


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