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  1. I did a double take today as I was going through some old emails (in my regular, non-nasty account) and saw this:


    The full description turned out to be kind of a disappointment though.  :)  Watermelons?


    1. negbtm


      lol what kind of work experience do you have for that to pop up as a potential job for you??

    2. PissPigBrooklyn


      you would be cool with a Jacob's ladder on your dick and it would sure help you breed! 🤩😈🐖

  2. Chargedupslut

    Porn stars with biohazard tatts

    This is great guys.! I looked back through some of the forum posts and I couldn't find anything that specifically addressed this although it had kind of been talked about briefly within some other posts. And I thought "wow, how have we never done a forum topic on this subject before?" The Christian I was trying to think of in the beginning is Christian Torrent. In looking him up I accidentally came across Billy Dexter whose tattoo I knew about but I had forgotten that one. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew Sean Hunter too. Most of the rest of these are new though so keep em coming!
  3. OK guys....now that I have a biohazard tat and Im still trying to do porn.....can we name all the porn stars with biohazard tatts? I can only think of 3--Tony Bishop, Ethan Wolfe, and Christian something-or-other. I know there are more (and I know I could have done a quick Google search but that ruins the fun). So who are they?
  4. So here it is guys.  The first shots of the new tattoo.




    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. anonbugchaser


      perfect my fellow atlantan

    3. ronnie4u


      YUMMY HOT , Handsome , Delicious and Craving to having him NOW !  !    :)  :)

  5. Chargedupslut

    BF on Tren

    I've done two cycles of tren with testosterone. Tren is some amazing shit. I took my measurements/weight/etc every week during the 12 week cycle and in that time I added nearly 4 inches (!!!) to my chest, an inch and a half to each bicep, and gained about 20 pounds. I mean I could alnost stand in front of the mirror and just watch my muscles grow. I was reasonably scrawny to begin with even though I had worked out religiously for years, so adding 20 pounds did not turn me into some ballooned-up, steroided-out, muscle queen. It really brought me to a weight (6', 170#) that looks good on me without being bulky, It has given me way more confidence to take my shirt off, well, basically all the time and I have definitely noticed he increase in trying-to-be-sly glances from dudes out in public. On some profiles on other sites I have even started creating usernames with "muscle"-something in them. Its probably arguable whether I can really be doing that now but it would have been downright ridiculous to try it back at my starting weight of 149#. During my first cycle, honestly, there wasn't a lot of bad. I didn't break out, my balls didn't shrink and {insert some Dateline NBC scare story here that you've heard} also didn't happen. I was on the lookout for being short-tempered and my mood did change but it didn't come out as angry with people which was what I was watching for, It was more like being impatient with people. It took me a week or so to figure out that THAT was the big mood change for me but once I realized it, it was easy to manage. Also, I had 1 or 2 nights of night sweats, which is common on Tren. The second cycle was a complete waste and it was all my fault. I was doing way too much tina at the same time. In order to help Tren do its magic you have to eat, eat, eat, eat, eat....and of course whats the one thing you don't do on tina? One meal every two days wasn't cutting it. My weight at the end was just about the same as the beginning so I guess the silver lining is that all that tina didn't make me lose any weight. I shudder to think what I would have looked like then. Also, unlike the first time, I broke out really bad on my back (I'm sure the tina didn't help that) but it went away really quickly once I stopped tren. I am actually getting ready to start my third cycle next week. It can be very addictive. I never wanted to be a big steroid queen--I still don't--but now that I'm 170 I've started thinking, "I bet 190# might look pretty hot on me too." And when it gets to 190, 210 will start sounding attractive, etc. I doubt I will actually make it to 190# this time, but if I do that really will be it. I'm banking on it sitting well on my frame without looking too "baloon-y". I'll let you know in about 12 weeks.
  6. Fuck, ya'll. I did it. The tattoo. Pics to follow.

    1. Willing


      Poz no meds is so hot 🍆

  7. Just met up with a guy from Breedingzone--not gonna say who--but I got pissed on, we swapped bugs, and now I have CUM DUMP written on my ass.  Who's next?


    1. PissPigBrooklyn


      Fucking A-OK HOT!

  8. West ga here,  ?

  9. Chargedupslut

    In NYC for Pride 2018

    Hey pigs...I'm in NYC from 6/21 to 6/26 with a hotel room to myself in Midtown Manhattan. Toxic bugchasing pig looking to pig out with other raunchy pervs.
  10. I'll be in FTL starting tomorrow (5/24) until Tuesdau, May 29th staying at Inn Leather. Looking for raunchy party pigs who want to swap STDs
  11. I just got the last shot for my syphilis treatment yesterday. That was the FIFTH time I've had it. Also have had anal warts internally (not pleasant), crabs, chlamydia, and of course HIV.
  12. Chargedupslut

    NYC pride

    I was in NYC last year for Pride. Did nothing but get bred for 4 days straight.
  13. ur hot man



    1. ronnie4u


      Simply HOT and Delicious looking !  :)

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