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  1. After a 3 month wait, MY VIDEO FINALLY CAME OUT!!  This is a still shot from the 2 minute free preview on the front page of victorcodyxxx.com.  Black and yellow singlet, right there in the middle of the action.  :-)  Go check it out...as an added bonus, the last shot of the preview is Ray Dalton cumming all over my ass.  I guess I'm supposed to be all cool and collected about this, but I am not gonna lie, I am giddy with excitement.  My official porn debut!


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    2. bbpigadam


      what's your porn name?


    3. seaguy


      Often porn is filmed without the benefit of air conditioning because of the noise the A/C unit makes.

    4. Chargedupslut


      Porn name is Caleb Rogers

  2. I don't even really know what a Pokemon is, but I was walking through Macy's, randomly saw this shirt, and stopped and bought it ON THE SPOT.


    1. breedable70
    2. jimazoid04


      It's a anime TV show that also has an adult following. There is also a mobile game based on it to catch pokemon in the wild. I actually play the mobile game and it can be fun. 

      Its kinda hot on you and that it has a hidden meaning to you!

    3. seaguy


      It's a Nintendo video game series that has a totally different meaning in your case.  Great shirt for you.

  3. call me now as I go into day 3 -- Hail SSaTan  407 522 3906 -- only XXXTreme

  4. Sydney Mardi Gras Recommendations

    I went for Mardi Gras 2014 and had a partner at the time. We definitely played around with guys (including meeting 2 guys who lived on the second floor above the parade route and invited us back the next day to watch the parade so we didn't have to stand on the street and fight the crowds. Luckiest break ever.) but I wasn't the cumdump that I would probably be today if I went as a single guy. I found the bathhouses to be standoff-ish. We went to an after-party at one of the bathhouses and it was all circuit guys from the dance floor, and they were all hot AF. My partner and I were kind of the dogs in the place which, not to toot my own horn or anything, is an unusual place to be. I mean, usually I would put us somewhere in the middle of the pack in "hotness level" for any given crowd. But here, yeah, we were on the bottom. And the same guys who were so chatty and friendly on the dance floor would not even look at us, much less talk to us or rub on us, at the bathhouse after-party. We asked the parade-route guys that I mentioned above about it and they said, and I laugh about this to this day, "Basically, Sydney guys are cunts." Now, I would never paint a whole city with such a broad brush, but we were there for nearly 2 weeks and we discovered that pattern over and over. Dance floor...super friendly guys. Bathhouse...same guys will hardly talk to you. The corollary to this, of course, is that I had more dance floor sex in Sydney than I think I've had anywhere else.
  5. First night of Augusta was a success.  Took 7 loads in the maze and then came back to the room with a guy who had never done T at all and ended up both slamming.  Looking forward to Cumunion tonight.  Hit me up Augusta pigs.large.5a76430f74b33_20180129_1442201.jpg.98cafd811126f09729314031e4f9337f.jpg

    1. AZRawPig


      Looking forward to seeing your ventures in exploring the porno industry. Let me know about its release. 

  6. Headed to Parliament House in Augusta tonight to pig out all weekend, including for the Cumunion party tomorrow.

    1. alwaysready


      if envy were not a mortal sin, I would be green with it now

  7. The information for Ft. Lauderdale's Pig Week has been updated for 2018.  And if you look hard enough, you might find a video of me on there. (*cough* Gang Bang Lottery tab *cough*) 


    1. PissPigBrooklyn
    2. workmyhole


      Fucking incredible.


    3. Deviant_Angel


      Video got removed by YouTube 

  8. Making Plans

    I live in Atlanta so I'm fairly nearby. I went to Fort Lauderdale 3 times last year alone and have probably been there 9 or 10 times overall. I've been to Inn Leather once but it was during Pig Week so I'm not sure how it would be on a "normal" day. It only has like 12 rooms and its not really near anything else so that's something to consider. Have not been to Windamar but I've heard it is pretty sleazy. I usually stay at the Worthington because it seems to be the right mix of "hooking up" and "nice place to stay". It has 3 pools and there's plenty of action but you don't feel gross when you're out of your sex mood and just trying to drag your luggage down to the front so you can go home. Slammer on Friday nights is probably my favorite thing to do. It is PACKED every time I've been there. The crowd has never seemed pretentious to me---its all guys fucking having sex, not chit-chatting--but the age range is basically 25-50 with very few exceptions outside of that so if that's a concern of yours just keep that in mind. And make sure to check out the round couch thing in the back which is unlike anything I've ever seen anywhere. Some of the hottest sex club action you will ever see. Club Ft. Lauderdale is the younger, clubbier bathhouse and it has one of the nicest pool areas of any bathhouse I've ever been to. You MIGHT get a little attitude here from some boys but there are enough people, at least when I've been, that you can just move on to the next guy. And there will be plenty of non-attitude guys too. I always hate that when people describe Club Ft. Lauderdale it comes off as pretentious when that is really a minority of people. Its a great facility and I've had plenty of fun there. Clubhouse II is the "raunchier" bathhouse which of course means I had to try it. My one experience there was awful though because it is also the "older" bathhouse. And I don't mean a little older. The one time I went I swear there was no one there under 70...and that is not an exaggeration. Many people have told me that I must have just somehow hit it wrong though because I guess it can be sleazy and fun and not a nursing home on Friday and Saturday nights. I can't tell you that from firsthand experience though. Just what I've heard. The guys online are fucking PIGS. I've had a few nights down there where I've just stayed in and hooked up from online. You almost hate to do that on vacation but the boys are so fucking nasty down there that I don't even end up feeling bad about it. LOL I usually rent a car because I've been so often that I kind of know the area so I don't really know anything about the public transit except that they do have Uber and its been pretty fast and reliable on the times I have used it. Also there is a freight train line that cuts through the middle of town and occasionally you hit it and get stopped by a long train. A local told me once that if you're ever running late for a trick you just tell the guy when you get there "I got stopped by the train". Apparently every local guy has used that excuse at one time or another. LOL Have fun! I'm telling you, you CANT go to Ft. Lauderdale and have a bad time. At least I never have.
  9. Las Vegas Bb Hotel Whore

    I don't know why I am just now seeing this post....but is that the hotel that used to be the King 8?? Born and raised in Vegas and spent many MANY days in the early 90s as a teenager at some of the adult bookstores. And I used to routinely cruise the King 8 parking lot.
  10. look like you could really use my neg jock hole

    1. alwaysready


      if you guys get together, make sure you film it. woof

    2. Chargedupslut


      Are you here in Atlanta? Because if you are I might just be in the mood to use a neg jock hole.

    3. alwaysready


      I wish. Memphis here. would love to take your seed.

  11. Leather & Fetish weekend 28 March 2018 - 3 April 2018

    I don't think a sentence has ever motivated me to go somewhere more than RawLeather casually throwing out the statement "You will get more than 10 loads a night." I'm gonna look into it.
  12. Becoming an anon cumdump

    Wouldnt you know it, I happen to be doing that very thing right now.
  13. OK, I found a pic on Twitter to prove I really did it.  Thats me way over on the left.


    1. boybottom4use


      hot pic! was that at Flex? Would love to bottom for all the guys!

  14. So I did it.  I filmed a porn.  It was for Victor Cody and I have no idea in what capacity it is going to be used---website, video, etc.  But I did it.  It was with Cesar Xes, Ray Dalton, Sterling Johnson, and 2 others whose porn names I don't know.  So there.  It's not quite Treasure Island yet, but I'm on my way.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. PissPigBrooklyn


      Excited for you! Excited for me to see it!

    3. Chargedupslut


      He said it could be up to 6 months between filming and when it gets released

    4. suckerboi


      I can't wait to see it.  Wish I could be as brave as you.

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