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  1. It's that time of the week again.  Little Piggy Nick will be available for you to fuck at my place tonight and tomorrow in Webster starting at 6ish. 

    We got to his limits with 8 guys last Friday, but what kind of Daddy would I be if I stopped there, ;) So it's open house and open hole again for all takers, no questions asked and no one refused.

    Bing your own beer  (he needs practice recycling) and your favorite spanking implement or ass toy. 

    My other boy (bareben) is also availble for kink and breeding too,  so hang out watch porn, drink beer, get serviced and fuck.

    HMU for more info, Rick: (585)642-4682

  2. Small party underway, anyone looking to join local to Rochester, NY hmu, 585-642-4682.  On offer Newneg and bareben.  Poz very welcome ;) 

  3. DadP

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    Round 3 tonight, ???the more the merrier. HMU for details/directions 585-642-4682 Webster NY. Words of "encouragement" to boy at 315-892-1561.
  4. Round 3 of this pig boy's converstion takes place tonight at my place in Webster.  Starting at 7 and going until everyone's balls are empty.  Round 4 tomorrow night at around 7 (all nighter)  HMU up for directions/details.  Rick 585-642-4682.    No chems, byob or pot.  My other boy (bareben) is free for use as well.

  5. Round 2 for this little whore tonight.  If you're in Rochester (and poz), hit me up to pump some cum in him.  Starting at 7 tonight.

    Details: 585-642-4682


    1. TonyG


      mmmm go for it

    2. OwenAhDark


      How did round two go?

  6. I will be hosting this little sub chaser at my place in Rochester/Webster NY tonight and tomorrow.  Looking for other tops/versas to fuck him for his first cumdump session.  If you're interested, contact me directly at 585 645 4682.  I also have my permanent boy, bareben.  You're welcome to fuck one or both.  One neg, one poz, one tight one loose/sloppy, both available. 

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    2. rublthlad


      yes it is?

    3. DadP


      I'll be training him all summer, if you ever get to NY.  I host no problem.

    4. rublthlad


      great will see what can be done

  7. Will be hosting the sub, newneg (prof on here and bbrt) at my house in Rochester NY, tonight and Friday.  If you are looking to dump your load in a neg hole, HMU.  585 642 4682 for more details.  Also my permanent boy is Always available (bareben on here) for regular use.  One poz, one neg, one sloppy, one tight, You're choice.

    1. jaybird


      i think they'll both be lose and wet by the end of the sessions .. 


  8. Just to make it clear about my relationship with this boy.  He is not mine "totally".  However I am helping him and training him to be a pig slut and cumdump.  Since he lives at home, he is available at my place every Thursday and Friday night.  He's new to being a whore, but is looking to be trained to accept more anon, cock.  Therefore, if you are looking to fuck and seed this boy, I'm going to push it to the next level, you may contact him directly at 315-892-1561.  Aside from his job, he is available for use other than the times at my place.  If you're in the Rochester area, I recommend this sub, although he is need of "cumdump" training.   Any misbehavior on his part, please let me know, and it will be dealt with his next visit at my place.  And as always my boy (bareben) is available 7 days a week.   Contact me for details on either of the boys.

  9. DadP

    Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    My boy is supposed to absorb, but has been having trouble with leakage. His hole's showing a little wear and tear. So now he gets plugged and/or punished for leaking out.
  10. whoring out my sub boy in Rochester.  I host only 585 642 4682.  Boy is bareben on here.  No one refused.

    1. TakenItHard
    2. barecubtop


      He has a great boy ass, wish I were able to join in.

    3. boybottom4use


      Ben is a super, hot poz fuck boy!

  11. Whoring out my my boy 24/7 this weekend outside of Rochester NY. Hosting all pervs.  If you're looking to dump a load text 585 642 4682

    1. Guest


      Such a good Daddy to do this!

    2. workmyhole


      I'd love to have a Daddy do that to me

    3. mjkuhl


      whore me out his weekend

  12. Personally, I use bbrt. It's kind of the standard go to site. Of course there's some flakes on there, but pretty much every hook up site does, but overall for local hook ups it's been the chief site. I've also had good luck with Nastykinkpigs, but the gps can be a bit screwy as to what is says is in sniffing distance. For apps, I've tried Grindr, the problem was dealing with the guys that don't bareback. Tried Jack'd, that was a little better, but still not as bb oriented as it couild be. It would be nice to have other choices for hookup sites especially one that was a little more HIV/AIDS friendly/accepting.
  13. Whoring out my boy (bareben on here).  Hosting all weekend in Western NY outside of Rochester.  Poz pref, but all guys are welcome to fuck him that like being watched of course.  Text me at 585 426 4682 for info.

    1. fungayboy


      I'd love to watch ;)

  14. Looks like you're going to need a block, ignore or even a report button in the chat. The past three days there's been a troll, making fun of larger people, and basically everyone who became poz. Here's his latest post today about someone who wanted to share a video of themselves... Just an idea of what he's been up to. oh i don't think the site takes vids IcePickYourBoulder 1h ago reply i dont think anyone wants to see a vid of you getting fucked IcePickYourBoulder 1h ago reply and its called xtube mdog9000 ➖? ↔ 40m ago reply
  15. I didn't realize I wasn't following you.  I corrected that immediately.  Thanks for all the advice and counseling you've been giving my boy.





    1. cardoc49


      Hi Rick Im only so very glad to be of any help and support for your boy xx Carsten

    2. DadP


      You are.  If he becomes a pain, just let me know.

    3. curiousnegsub


      Always great advice and support - far better than any doctor that really don't understand.

  16. Very proud of my slut boy bareben.  It's been 7 months today since his little cunt has been med free.

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    2. mjkuhl


      You taught him well.

    3. suckerboi


      He is lucky to have you as his Daddy!  I would love to add my strain to his.

    4. OwenAhDark


      You are a lucky daddy to have such a good slut boy. 

  17. Got my boy available for heavy use, dump and go or hang out. Looking for some spankers.  HIV/AIDS friendly.  Outside of Rochester Wickr dad4pozboys.  All welcome ;)

    1. Subchemfag69


      how what a lucky boy, wish I had a dad like you

  18. Notes: While the story itself is not true, many of the the events, people and places are. I’ve simply rearranged them into this story. Enjoy. Intro. He was skinny, a bit lanky and uncoordinated His glasses on the thicker side, a bit of acne, dirty blond hair cut short brushed forward and really not in any particular style. Greg had been picked on, teased and bullied his whole life. To a point where he constantly looked down, stayed out of people’s way, didn’t call attention to himself and buried himself in his schoolwork. He was 19 and school was done now for him so, with no friends to speak of, he found his only social interaction in online gaming. Greg was also gay, and with no real support network, Greg retreated into a spiraling descent of low self-esteem. He was a geek, a sub and corruptible, and he was 110% mine. Part 1 Being single for a while now and having been recently diagnosed as HIV+, I had gradually pulled out of the dating scene. I have a pretty good bod, and subs have always enjoyed my cock, but being 52 and poz made hooking up harder than before. So, I had started joining in on some of the online gaming communities. While I wasn’t the best player, I developed a good base of local online gaming “comrades” and we would regularly partake in long online quests together, bullshitting and talking with them sometimes all night long. But, my pervy side still needed to be satisfied, so I also occupied my time on many of the kink and bdsm sites. And one day, I saw it. On a kinky daddy/son site, I saw the same avatar as one of the members of my quest team. 19 years old, 110 lbs, 5’11”, submissive, brown hair, brown eyes, looking for something long-term unexperienced but looking for an older dominant man 40 -60, with an interest in kink. No other pictures but the avatar. Could this be a coincidence? The owner of the avatar in our quest group had a young sounding voice, and often seemed shy during the voice chats. Could it be the same person? Curious, I decided to investigate a little further. I did a Google image search on the avatar, and found no other occurrences of it except in our game forum and in the game’s subReddits The connection was there, his gamer name was Muks in the online game, and his character description was that of a sprite; skinny, young, blonde agile, and loyal to whomever oversaw the given quest. His behavior during game play was definitely passive at best preferring to follow others than to lead himself. Still curious, I logged onto the online game that we had spent so much time playing together. The rest of the team wasn’t online, but was surprised by the luck I had when I saw, Muks was. I sent him a text message through the game asking him how he was. “Bored” he replied. “Me too” I said. Feeling a bit horny and coquettish, I asked him if he’d like to go on a quest. Just the two of us. He said “Sure. Why not?” So, I lead him to place in the forest where not many players of the game would be, and told him the name of our quest would be Veritas and I would be the quest leader and that in order to succeed in the quest, I would need his complete honesty and obedience. As with all other past quests, he agreed. “Ok,” I said “we’ll start with some questions.” I decided to stay in the online texting rather than voice to encourage more anonymity and honesty. I started with easy questions to check against his profile on Daddies4bois. “How old?” I started. “19” he responded. Check. I thought to myself. “Where from?” I continued. Next town over. Another check. I asked him his real life, eye color, height, weight, and hometown. His short answers, all checked out against his profile the profile on Daddies4bois. I then decided to up the ante a bit, and told him that since I was the quest leader, he had to address me as ‘Sir’. “Yes Sir.” He responded immediately and beautifully. “Why is it you have so much time to be online?” I then asked. “I don’t have any real-life friends Sir” He replied. “Don’t you have a job?” I asked quickly. “No Sir, I don’t go out much Sir.” “What about your family? Do you live at home?” “I live with my mother Sir, my father left a long time ago Sir.” “Does she like you playing video games all day and night?” I asked, liking the fact he has no father figure. “Um, she doesn’t really care Sir.” “Why’s that?” I asked “She has some problems of her own to deal with Sir.” “I see,” I said, changing the subject back to his friends. “Why don’t you have other friends your own age to hang out with?” “I don’t really fit in Sir.” He responded. Loving where the conversation was going, I pushed on. “I don’t understand. You prefer to hang out with the older men of our quest group?” “Yes Sir!” he responded. “Why?” “Because, older men are more open, not as judgmental, don’t make fun and seem to have it more together Sir.” “Well, you’d be surprised” I said thinking back to all the wasted tweakers and flakes I’ve known. “I’ve always thought you were pretty cool, and prefer to only go on quests when you’re with us.” “Really?” he responded. “Really what? You forgot something!” I typed. “Really, Sir” he corrected himself. “Yes boy,” I typed. “But you’ve just committed 2 violations of the quest rules.” “I’m sorry Sir,” he typed. I didn’t respond, giving him time to think and a pause that needed to be filled. “I know I forgot to say ‘sir’ Sir, but what was the other violation Sir?” Perfect! I thought. “Yes, you forgot to address me as Sir, but you also questioned your quest leader said.” I explained. “Oh, I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to Sir.” “Good boy, you’re catching on.” I said, and further went on to restate that I always preferred to go on quests with him, he was always obedient and loyal. “Thank you, Sir, I’ve always enjoyed our quests together too.” He responded. “Do you like this little quest?” I asked. “Yes Sir, I do.” “I do what boy?” “Yes Sir, I do Sir.” “That’s three violations boy.” “I’m sorry Sir, I won’t do it again Sir.” “You’re a good boy, but “sorry” can only be expressed through the acceptance of punishment.” I posited. “I don’t understand Sir.” “Don’t worry boy, we’ll worry about that another time.” “May I ask a question Sir?” he then typed. “Yes boy, you may. And you’re a good boy for asking permission.” “Thank you, Sir. Why do you call me ‘boy’ Sir?” “Does it bother you boy?” “No, Sir. I actually kinda like it.” “Good boy, but that’s a 4th violation.” I typed in quickly. “Yes Sir, I’m truly sorry Sir.” Now I was sure! This was definitely the same boy on the hook up site. Anxious, I needed to bring this to the next level. “Like I said we’ll deal with “sorry” another time.” “So tell me you truly like hanging out with 50 year olds…?” “Yes, Sir” he replied. “Good, because I’m 52, and would like us to go on more quests, just you and me. How do you feel about that boy?” “That would be great Sir! Do you have any we can go on, Sir?” “Yes, but they’re completely different than what you’re used to.” I typed back. “Really Sir? In what area of the game?” “They’re very different from the game we play online boy. How would you like to try some real life ‘cosplay’? if that’s what you call it these days...” “Oh, I don’t know, Sir. I don’t have any costumes, Sir”. “That’s ok boy. I do.” “Lot’s” I added. “We could have some really great adventures, you and me. Plus, they’re getting more and more popular. Why don’t you think about it a bit? I really think you’ll enjoy it and it will be much better than sitting in front of your computer screen day and night. Here’s my phone number. I have to sign off now, so, I want you to give me a call when you want to talk more and start cosplaying. Is that understood boy?” Here I stopped. I needed to leave it all in his head and not be too pushy. “Yes Sir” he responded. At that I signed out of the game. To be continued...
  19. Whoring out bareben all night.  Western NY near Rochester, hmu for info dadp on wickr

    1. Willing


      Whore me out too?

    2. Willing


      Everyone loves a virgin neg hole?

  20. Looking for tops and pigs in western ny near Rochester to come fuck my boy's aids hole while I watch.  No one refused and if you're looking for a regular cumdump, that can be arranged.  HMU wickr dad4pozboys

  21. DadP

    Game Quest

    Game Quest: Part 23 Poz lube for the bang I handed Mark a leash which he promptly attached to the boy’s collar, and helped him rise off the fuck bench. “Come on pig,” He said. “It’s time for another dose of toxic sperm up your pig cunt.” I removed an old sheet I placed over an old leather couch that I had found curbside a few years ago. Seeing the cracked black leather on the couch brought back the memories of when my playroom was in full swing. Many a friend and man have hung out on this couch, some waiting their turn to plunge their cocks into whatever I had strapped down on the bench. But sadly, some of them were no longer with us. Mark led the stumbling boy by the leash over to couch, and pushed him to his knees before it. “Listen pig,” Mark said, “I’m going to give you another chance at sucking my cock, and this time you’re going to worship it. Understood pig?” The boy looked at me for his answer and I just subtly nodded me head affirmatively. Mark took his place on the couch and spread his legs wide apart with the boy on his hands and knees between his legs. Mark grabbed the back of the boy’s head and forced it down on to his stiff cock. “Open your throat pig, I want you down to my balls!” Mark shouted forcing the boy to gag. “You know,” Mark said looking over the boy’s back, “I don’t know what we can do about the smell of this pig, but I read that one of the best treatments for acne was piss. Urine therapy, the vanillas call it I think.” “Oh ya,” I said laughing, “So it’s a therapy now? He’s going to be real healthy here.” I added sarcastically while swinging the leather straps of the piss gag around my finger. “My playroom is going to be a regular day spa for him.” Mark held the boy down on his cock until he started to choke and heave. Mark’s p.a. must have hit the back of the boy’s throat because he started retching and spewing up stomach juices into Mark’s crotch. “Lick it up pig!” Mark shouted grabbing the boy by the hair and slapping him hard across the face. I watched this scene intently. Mark held the boy by the hair and directed him to his balls, pubes and ass until the boy had cleaned all the sputum from Mark’s crotch, except his throbbing cock. It was a beautiful sight to see the fresh white nubile skin of the naked boy against the rough dark chap-clad hairy body of my bud. “That’s enough pig,” Mark said yanking the boys head back by the hair. “We’ll leave the rest of your slim on my cock for lube.” The boy opened his mouth to say something, probably ‘yes sir’, and before he could, Mark spit a huge gob into Greg’s mouth and slapped him hard again across the face. Mark guided the boy to his feet, spun him around then by the hips lowered him down by the hips onto his angry cock glistening with precum and throat juice. Mark held the boy by the hips in a near sitting position and teased the boy’s sore hole with his p.a., sliding the boy’s hole over his stiff cock until he lined the head up and with one motion pulled the boy’s hips straight down, impaling him straight up to the balls. The boy winced, then stiffened up with pain. Mark held him firmly by the hips and told him, “We’ll make a good cock whore out of you yet boy. Move your hips back and forth like this.” Mark said while guiding him through the motion. “and clench your slutty hole as tight as you can around me shaft.” The boy in obvious pain obliged. Mark moved the boy back and forth, side to side and in circles around his cock. The boy writhed like a worm on a hook. “Clench pig,” he shouted. “squeeze that cunt! Work for it pig! Show your daddy you want dirty poz loads shot into your cunt.” The boy was covered with sweat and mouth twisted in pain as he struggled to comply, Mark was forcing his hips up and pulling the boy’s hips down. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum! Squeeze bitch! You know you want my toxic juice your filthy slut hole!” Mark bellowed at the top of his lungs. Nothing shocking, nothing new. I remember the days when we had plenty a slut on our laps on that very sofa. It was pretty hot to see Mark back in his primal pig mode. I continued on in cleaning the playroom, when suddenly I heard something that almost made me drop the dildo I was wiping off. “Please fuck me Sir, cum inside me Sir.” Greg said strained and ever so softly. With that Mark pulled and held the boy’s hips so the boy was impaled as deeply as possible on his cock. He stiffened and started his primal grunting, and unleased his hot load deep inside my boy’s cunt.
  22. I'm still hosting and whoring out my boy (bareben) 24/7.  Marathon Easter weekend through Monday.  Hang out, a bit bring beer or dump and go

    1. swrdswlr


      How many loads now?

    2. wanttoconvert


      Fuck, I wish I was there.  I just got my hole prepped and eaten out raw before a 9 inch poz fucking!  And nothing else turns me onto a hot gang bang fucking of a Sir's boy, than fucking my load as far up into a dude, than with a raw dirty load just force fucked deep up into me!

  23. DadP

    Game Quest

    Game Quest: Part 22 “You’re still a lousy shot,” quipped Mark running his hand over Greg’s plump red hot ass. “Plenty of time to work at it…” I shot back. I turned my attention to the boy. He wasn’t crying any more. I lifted his head to look into his face. He stared blankly, unable to focus on anything. His breathing was labored and I slapped his face hard to see if he’d respond. It took a few slaps and Mark tugging at the strap on his butt plug to bring him back to reality. “Come on,” said Mark. “Let’s get this plug out of his cunt and get some more cock in him. I’m my balls are ready to explode.” “Hold on,” I said to Mark. “Boy, are you with me?” He still stared off across the room. I knelt down to bring my face closer to the boy. Then I lifted his head and started to kiss him. Slowly the boy started to respond, and his breathing increased. No doubt his ass was searing with pain from the strapping. I pulled away and said. “See boy, that’s what happens when you’re a bad boy. The strapping you just got was part of the learning process and I’m sure there will be many other times when you will get the same. But I want you to understand, it’s for your own good, and sorry ‘sorry’ means nothing to me until you’re fully punished. Just nod your head if you understand.” Weakly, he lifted his head a bit. “Was that a nod boy?” I asked Again, he lifted his head as best he could. “Good boy,” I praised. “I want you to remember boy, that whenever you want to say sorry, it means nothing. So the next time you feel you need to apologize, remember, beg to be punished instead. Is that clear?” Again, he nodded, still with the glazed look in his eyes. Looking back at Mark, I saw his cock was throbbing hard again. I reached over and grabbed a bottle of poppers and held it under his nose. “Here boy,” I said lovingly. “Breath in deep, this will help with things.” He started to take a deep breath. “No, no, through your nose. Sniff deeply boy.” He started to revive a little more, but still in a daze from the belting. “Good pig,” I said. “There’s plenty more where that came from.” “Thank you Sir.” “Now Mark is anxious to pump some more cum into your little pussy there boy. How about we get you off the bench for a little while, and try fucking you another position. Would you like that boy?” “Yes Sir.” “But any shit from you and you’re going back on the bench. Understood?” I asserted. “Yes, Sir.” “Good boy,” I said as I removed the locking pins from his wrist shackles. “Give me a hand Mark, you take care of the straps, but leave the plug alone. I’ll get that.” Mark replied “OK”, and busied himself with the straps. I moved around to the back of the boy and undid the strap for the plug. “Ok, boy. This is gonna hurt. Don’t push, just relax your cunt muscles and let me do the rest. Understand boy?” “I think so Sir.” He replied I started tug lightly at the ball plug buried in his ass for about two hours now, but his hole was still too tight and was not going to give it up easily. “Mark,” I said, “give him another hit of poppers, his cunt’s not letting go of this easily.” Mark held the poppers under his nose, and told Greg to sniff deep. I grabbed ahold of the strap that was still attached to the base of the plug, and started to pull slowly, but with more force listening to the boy wince in pain. His ass lips started to distend out as the ball of the plug started to surface, when finally, it crested and his hole expelled it with a ‘slop’. Ass slime and cum followed the plug and slopped to the floor leaving the smallest gape in his recently deflowered hole. “Nice,” I said. “Looks like his cunt is going to open up like a real pig’s. Come get a look.” Mark made his way around to see. “Oh ya,” he said. “Look at it that juicy hole wink and drip, a very cock hungry cunt indeed.” At that Mark started to stick his fingers in the boy’s cunt and slide them around. The boy started drawing short breaths from the stinging pain of his tender hole. “And sensitive too,” I added. “Now go ahead, and drop your tox load in him, before the others get here. I’m going to wait until later tonight when he’s good and full.” I grinned rubbing my cock.
  24. DadP

    Game Quest

    Game Quest: Part 21 No pity for pigs. Mark tossed me the leather and I wagged it in front of his face so the boy could see it. “See this, boy? This is what Daddy’s going to use to punish you, and it’s going to hurt a lot. First I will punish you for making Mark and I breath in your stink, then you will beg Mark punish you for pissing on the floor. Is that understood boy?” “Yes Sir,” he said. I moved around back and surveyed his ass, he still had welting from Mark’s skilled hand. Running my hand over my target I played a little with the round base of the ball plug buried in his ring. It had moved out a bit, so I unbuckled the strap holding him to the bench at the small of his back and told Mark to go push his shoulders while I tightened the strap to so that the base was inside his cheeks. “One, two, three.” Mark pushed the boy back toward me while I yanked up on the butt plug strap as hard and fast as I could. The boy yelped like a beaten dog, and then started repeating “oh my god, oh my god, it hurts, it hurts.” The base was now well between his cheeks. “Shut up pig!” I said as I re-buckled the butt plug strap, tightening it by another 2 notches. “It’s gonna hurt worse later when we take it out.” I finally said I stepped back and stretched my whipping arm. And looked at my boy’s plump ass. My cock stiffened as I thought of mine and Mark’s poz sperm swimming around somewhere deep in his gut. I raised back my arm to bring down the first blow. It’s been a while and I was nowhere as good as Mark, but brought it down as hard as I could and and the strap landed low on his cheeks and high on his thighs. I’d work on nuances later, right now I just wanted to hurt him. To cement our bond and define our relationship with pain. The first scream that came out of him was like music. This pig was mine and this was invigorating! I brought down three more blows shooting for different spots to test my aim. I sucked, I didn’t hit the positions I shot for, but I did hit him, and the blubbering and screaming told my aim really didn’t matter. I continued to bring down the strap again and again onto his sweet young ass until it was dark red and glowed with sadist tendencies awakening within me.
  25. DadP

    Game Quest

    Game Quest: Part 19 I had to gather my composure too. The weight of the situation was more than I expected. This boy wanted to be mine, and live in a cage in my playroom. What ever lonliness drove him to such a low self image of himself was now something that I needed to seize upon and nurture, to make this boy a complete and total slave and poz cum pig. Internalizing the situation, I stood up to look down at this pig before me, drew in my breath deep to enlarge my chest, and grabbed the boy’s hair to lift his face up. No more tenderness. He’d been immobilized, strapped down to my fuck bench with the huge trailer hitch butt plug Mark had picked out for him for about 2 hours now with both mine and Mark’s viral loads swimming in his gut. Getting back to task, I asked him in no uncertain tones, “Are you clear why you are being punished, pig?” I asked letting go of his hair and watching his head flop down. “Yes, Sir.” He said. “Why?” I demanded. “Because I’m a stinky pig and I made your playroom smell Sir.” “Very good pig!” I erupted “How do you like the plug in your asshole pig?” “It hurts Sir.” He responded. “It’s supposed to pig,” I said wryly. “It’s stretching your pig hole and keeping our cum in, plus it makes Daddy and Mark very horny to see you like this. Now I want you to try to push the plug out as hard as you can. Like you’re trying to take a shit.” Without a ‘yes sir’ he scrunched up his face and started to push. I laughed because I knew the plug was strapped in securely and wasn’t going anywhere. His face reddened at the effort, and then he blew out all the air in his lungs and let his head collapse as he panted in pain trying to refill his lungs while “Try again pig. Take a deep breath, and push as hard as you can until I tell you to stop,“ I ordered. “But…” “No ‘buts’ boy,” I interrupted. “Ready, on the count of three, push and hold. 1, 2, 3…” On three, he breathed deep, scrunched his face and started to push. I heard a small fart squeak past the plug. He was definitely obedient. When I told him to stop, I heard the flow of piss, streaming to the matt under the fuck bench. The little pig was emptying his bladder. I looked back down into his face. I had to laugh he looked horrified. “There she blows!” proclaimed Mark followed be a gruff laugh. I couldn’t help but laugh too. “You really are a pig stinking up my playroom and now pissing all over it. You really are a handful. I’m going to have to take this one lesson at a time.” “I’m sorry Sir, I don’t know what happened.” Finally, more than impatient, Mark shouted, “Can you stop the lovey talk, I’ve got another load to pump into this pig. Just whip him already.” “Alright,” I hollered back. Make yourself useful then and bring me the heavy leather strap over on the peg board.” “Not that one, the one with the holes in it.” I said trying to motion to which one.

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