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  1. I found CC WILDLY disappointing. Worst bathhouse experience I’ve had. The closed the public play spaces so all action had to happen in rooms, the sauna was closed as well and the steam room was damp and cool. It was terrible.
  2. I love SW Chicago. I’ve been to various bathhouses around the US and this is by far my favorite. Huge. Clean. Nice. Well laid out and I’ve had some of the most fun here. I haven’t experienced rude staff beyond the norm, though I’m younger, white, good looking. Some customers are standoffish in the club, but it’s to be expected. There is no dark room here though and the “lights out” night is totally an exaggeration. Perhaps some areas are a bit darker than normal but if you didn’t tell me it was lights out night I wouldn’t have been able to tell it from any other night. Don’t go expecti
  3. Some great recommendations here. Gunna have to give them a shot. I was in a sling at a bathhouse once. Top repositioned me in the sling, causing my open bottle of popper to spill and splash right in my eye. Oh man. Burnt like fucking hell. Soon as he was done with my hole I got up and washed my eye out good. Was super super worried about it but seems like no long term damage.
  4. I saw a few posts here asking for recommendations on which lube is best, but not really a thread specifically to discuss J-Lube, so thought I'd make one. If this exists somewhere else, let me know. Just started using J-lube, and looking for some discussion, tips, tricks. Obviously it's good in large quantities for assplay, but wondering if anyone has any recommendations on using the stuff in a more broader context? The stuff is so versatile and has lots of stuff scattered around with different viewpoints, so let's consolidate. For example: Recommended recipes? Thick or thin? An
  5. I thought I'd start a (hopefully) fun discussion topic, story prompt. I hadn't seen one like it before. Tell us about something that if you had known then what you know now, you might've done something different, ended up in a different place, or gotten to where you are sooner. If I had only known then, what I know now.... The guy I went on a few dates with years back, there wasn't really a spark between us then, but now is a total cumslut and we'd have so much fun together. Some friends who stayed in the friend-zone for years, until we both learned we're total pigs and now
  6. Jock strap. Towel over shoulder. Get a cock cage. Nothing says bottom more clearly than your cock being locked up. If you’re going to wrap a towel around you, depending on the size of you/the towel fold it in half so it’s shorter/covering as little as possible. Like trunk style underwear length
  7. Thanks Read1 for liking my previous post. Reminded me I never gave an update. Orlando has a couple of dark spaces. One in the back was loaded with bottoms. Couldn’t even get around. None of their holes were super inviting. The dark space in the main building was better. Again too many people for the size of the room. Hard to get a spot to get fucked or fuck. I spent a bunch of time just bent over holding myself up, nothing to lean against but I got a LOT of cock. Was so fun. Sling in the back was hit or miss. Lots of trolls. I took a bunch of cock in random places but best w
  8. I did read somewhere that generations are getting shorter because the technology and world is moving so much faster now. Gen Z is only about 10 years or so. We’re already into Gen Alpha (born mid-2000 to now). Fun stuff.
  9. Fucking hot story, glad you got yourself a boy, but he’s not a millennial. The youngest millennials are nearing their mid 20s. Most are around 30 now.
  10. Once in my early mid 20s I was taking the bus over to Steamworks Berkeley from SF. Uber was still very new, and expensive. I was a broke college kid so I took the night bus out. bus had a few people on it who started filtering off. At a certain point there was just one guy on the bus and me, the ride was long and so after a few stops and what seemed like forever we both kinda looked at each other knowingly. We were going to the same place. One of us (I forget who) got up and sat next to the other. We struck up a conversation and then finally got to our stop and headed in together. W
  11. One time at Steamworks Chicago I was wandering around taking loads. Got towards the end of the night and knew I wanted to plant my load in a bottom soon. There was quite a crowd gathered around one of the glory hole booths in which a guy was taking a good pounding. Watched a couple guys dump loads in him and take off and none of the remaining like 7-8 guys around watching made a move. Everyone just kept looking at this cunt down on his knees. I thought I was waiting my turn then when discovered that not to be the case I stepped in surprised no one wanted to fuck. Ill be dammed if h
  12. Hot. My husband and I checked out entourage and found it woefully disappointing. -1/10. Never again. Steamworks locations are the best but the bathhouse in Orlando gets an honorable mention. Had a killer time there
  13. Thanks! I ended up calling them and was told about the elevators. Didn’t ask about parking though. Hot pics on bbrt. Added you there. Let’s fuck when I’m in town
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