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  1. Reopening for vaccinated men on 6/15. Proof of vaccination required.
  2. There’s no reason this couldn’t classify as a non-profit if so organized. Again, stretching the limits, could classify as literary and educational. I’m not advocating this, I don’t own the site, but we gotta get creative to stay alive. It’s getting easier and easier to do things on a shoestring budget now with the advent of cloud services. It’s easy to scale up and down as needed; and you can run apps entirely serverless now, which don’t even use individual servers but smaller services that in many cases are much more cost effective. (They’re basically pay per use.) Not that any of this is possible for this site. I’m not sure how the backend is run but I would assume it’s a standard server app.
  3. Ugh. Speechless. Start accepting crypto (despite the learning curve). Get creative. Let’s create a middleware company that sells intangible credits that can be used for subscriptions at other sites. We already live in the grey area. Let’s push the limits of workarounds. I’m a developer, willing to help build/test/operate if I can. I’m sure there are more of us here too.
  4. Hate it when guys do that. Like you know we want it.
  5. Does anyone know how the Sniffies “pseudo location” works? Presumably the pick a location near you but anyone know how far off that location is? Wish they’d show you on the map where they’re telling users YOU are.
  6. All the time, even before Covid. Seems like in the last few years, more and more people are asking for money. Sex work is valid work, but like you, I don’t feel the need or want to pay for sex. Sometimes the person is super rude on the other end. Always a fun time to call them a prostitute. They take such offense. “I’m not a whore, I’m just looking for a little [insert whatever excuse for charging they have]”.
  7. I found CC WILDLY disappointing. Worst bathhouse experience I’ve had. The closed the public play spaces so all action had to happen in rooms, the sauna was closed as well and the steam room was damp and cool. It was terrible.
  8. I love SW Chicago. I’ve been to various bathhouses around the US and this is by far my favorite. Huge. Clean. Nice. Well laid out and I’ve had some of the most fun here. I haven’t experienced rude staff beyond the norm, though I’m younger, white, good looking. Some customers are standoffish in the club, but it’s to be expected. There is no dark room here though and the “lights out” night is totally an exaggeration. Perhaps some areas are a bit darker than normal but if you didn’t tell me it was lights out night I wouldn’t have been able to tell it from any other night. Don’t go expecting a dark room atmosphere. It’s not that at all
  9. Some great recommendations here. Gunna have to give them a shot. I was in a sling at a bathhouse once. Top repositioned me in the sling, causing my open bottle of popper to spill and splash right in my eye. Oh man. Burnt like fucking hell. Soon as he was done with my hole I got up and washed my eye out good. Was super super worried about it but seems like no long term damage.
  10. I saw a few posts here asking for recommendations on which lube is best, but not really a thread specifically to discuss J-Lube, so thought I'd make one. If this exists somewhere else, let me know. Just started using J-lube, and looking for some discussion, tips, tricks. Obviously it's good in large quantities for assplay, but wondering if anyone has any recommendations on using the stuff in a more broader context? The stuff is so versatile and has lots of stuff scattered around with different viewpoints, so let's consolidate. For example: Recommended recipes? Thick or thin? Any additives? Anything to help keep it from drying out while using? Mixing techniques? Microwave? Blender? Hot/Cold water? Patience? Shelf life? Preservation tips? Storage & dispensing containers? Ways to reduce stringiness? Use for toys? Masturbation? and of course, clean-up methods? From clothing, towels, spills on the floor/carpet? Paper towels? Rags? Share your funny stories? Anecdotes? Mixed my first batch the other day in a mason jar with the microwave method. Originally with the 5/1 ratio, which I found too thick. Not used to holding a mason jar of lube and inadvertently held it a bit sideways spilling all over the carpet. Used a rag to clean up as much as I can as quickly as I could, but alas, couldn't get it all. The rag was totally soaked and felt like rubber. Ended up just throwing it away, not sure I'd ever get that amount out, no big, lesson learned. Love how slick it is and can use it with the toys. Dries out super fast, but a little spit re-wets it, perfect for long edging sessions. It is suuuuuper stringy though, which makes it a bit hard to work with.
  11. I thought I'd start a (hopefully) fun discussion topic, story prompt. I hadn't seen one like it before. Tell us about something that if you had known then what you know now, you might've done something different, ended up in a different place, or gotten to where you are sooner. If I had only known then, what I know now.... The guy I went on a few dates with years back, there wasn't really a spark between us then, but now is a total cumslut and we'd have so much fun together. Some friends who stayed in the friend-zone for years, until we both learned we're total pigs and now have a lot more fun together. In general finding friends of yours on this site or BBRT. All the times I turned down sex because I didn't have a condom. Bathhouse trips without the cum filled holes that make it oh so worth it... I'm not super creative, but I'm sure some of you have some STORIES. Lets hear 'em.
  12. Jock strap. Towel over shoulder. Get a cock cage. Nothing says bottom more clearly than your cock being locked up. If you’re going to wrap a towel around you, depending on the size of you/the towel fold it in half so it’s shorter/covering as little as possible. Like trunk style underwear length
  13. Thanks Read1 for liking my previous post. Reminded me I never gave an update. Orlando has a couple of dark spaces. One in the back was loaded with bottoms. Couldn’t even get around. None of their holes were super inviting. The dark space in the main building was better. Again too many people for the size of the room. Hard to get a spot to get fucked or fuck. I spent a bunch of time just bent over holding myself up, nothing to lean against but I got a LOT of cock. Was so fun. Sling in the back was hit or miss. Lots of trolls. I took a bunch of cock in random places but best was this twink boy who came hands free as I fucked him on the couch in the back. Got a bit of an audience. His cum tasted so good. The dark rooms in Toronto at Steamworks we’re a bit of a let down. The room at the front with the slurp ramp was a bit overlit and seems geared too much toward oral. I need my holes filled. The fuck bench didn’t get me a lot of attention either and people don’t seem to know how to fuck on it either I guess. Lots of what felt like amateur hour and condoms. Bleh. The dark room in the back was so dark and small and crowded it felt totally useless. Dark rooms get my seal of approval though. Orlando made that clear. So much cock and cum. Bend over, suck some cock. Random cock will find my ass as I do that sometimes but mostly ended up sucking someone off then standing up a bit and backing myself on their cock. Sometimes they just wanted oral and declined, but was the best way to keep action moving. Otherwise so many “watchers” in a dark room. Wtf
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