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    Fort Lauderdale, FL
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    cumwhore PNP gear leather manscent breath control
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    I am looking for tops with high viral loads in my area

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  1. Here's what I love doing before leaving the house


    1. MTWTFSS


      Nice cloud blowing

  2. If you want to see me getting high follow me on Tumblr at hairyrawbb


  3. Thanks man if ever up this way would love to take your loads yes see you might be neg and a bottom but I take any load from a top or bottom in hopes of getting pozed up , the way hot looking hot would love to eat it out and you are a hot looking stud. Thanks 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. wsmanscentbug


      great I know a few places - amongst them my place - where I could whore you out 

    3. btmwsfun


      Would love to get whored out and used as a toilette side by side, then share with each other whatever bugs the other one gets.

    4. wsmanscentbug


      Love your spirit man and push each other's limits

  4. if your truck or else ever takes you to Fort Lauderdale or surroundings let me know I would love to be under your will and control 

  5. Inn leather in Fort Lauderdale or any seedy motel around FTL and you should go to 321 Slammers everyday after hosting parties where you are staying at. You can pm if you want and talk in more details
  6. Any top pigs going to Ramrod or slammer 321 tonight?


  7. Thanks for the rep on my pic I'm flattered and would love to feel your throbbing meat shooting loads

  8. Thanks for the rep stud

  9. that's a very nice hole you have there - I am quite sure you will have no trouble finding a breeder for that

    1. wsmanscentbug


      thank you man! I hope the breeders will hear your words

    2. bbfuckstik


      thanks for the reputation...

  10. My hole for all loads

    I am craving loads
  11. Who wants to breed it for me? I am craving loads


    1. curmud


      wooaahh YEEAAAhhhhhH

    2. scott0882


      Breed your good and often. 

    3. wsmanscentbug


      @scott0882 text me I'm free all weekend long if you want you can use me at your own discretion and whore me out when you're done with me and need to reload those nuts for other rounds of merciless pounding and breeding my bug chasing hole

  12. thanks man for following we should meet up

    1. curmud


      would luv 2 attend U mens' cookout 

      mayhaps i could lick all the b'oles clean 

    2. wsmanscentbug


      anytime a great tongue is always welcum

  13. thanks for the follow, wsmanscentbug


  14. Hey ... thanks for the rep!! ;):drool:xxx

    1. wsmanscentbug


      you are very welcum

  15. Hey bug, thanks for following.


    1. wsmanscentbug


      my pleasure I would like to play with you man

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