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    Cheating on bf, B.B.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    20 years old widely experienced in sex, lover of poz guys

    Fun fact: have never used a condom, ever, not even when losing my virginity

    Kik: kiebare
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    A dirty slut that doesn’t mind me being vocal and will fuck me rough with only spit as lube

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  1. Started barebacking at 15 when I lost my virginity, my boyfriend at the time didn’t have a condom and since we were virgins we went raw, then the first guy I slep with after him went raw and I’ve never looked back. Never have used and never plan on using condoms, I’ve only ever done bareback and I’m only planning to go raw
  2. Had a slow 2017 due to deciding to actually try and make monogamy work, however in the new year I decided screw it, and since then I’ve taken about 70 loads (discounting the boyfriends loads)
  3. Last night whilst the boyfriend was at work I invited an old fuck buddy round to give me a good seeing too, he’s recently invested in a PA so that coupled with a girthy 8” dick tore me up nice

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