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  1. Damn, what a Lucky Boy! I trouble with horny Black Males, it's not really me who has the trouble with them. It's the males on father's side of the family, that doesn't get along with them. Something to do with the family being racist and bigoted. Personally I think the family realizes that really not as well-endowed as the rumors they've spread about their family. But to each their own. The family us probably just a little Batshit crazy that I just have the desire for incestous sex like did when I I wasn't making the decisions about whose bed I crawled into. But they're all poor cause their wives took all their money, in the divorces and then moving in with their new Black Stud husbands they have now. I think the scientific definition is Penis Envy. Its mostly a white boy problem.
  2. My my, I'm going to have to attend one of these CumUnion here in Denver.
  3. I discovered Glory Holes when I was around ten. I've sucked Cock ever since.
  4. I used to suck off Male strangers in public restrooms when I was young. But thank God now I can go and Suck as many Cocks as I want through the Glory Holes all over Denver. Or just invite guys to stop by my apartment.
  5. Some fags get off on saying they'll show, but its just easy for them to chicken out. That's just who they are. Sad when you think about it, they'll never get experience their true selves.
  6. It's nice to hear some people still had people that cared. I've become resigned to fact that I'm going to die and there's no way out.
  7. You only live once. I've done everything wrong and I'm alone because of it. But I wouldn't change things. I've lived my life on my terms and by own rules. I think it came from being molested as a kid. Can't really let my guard down enough, when I have I was the one that got hurt. So I've spent my whole life sleeping around. Which has made me an easy target from the husbands of some of the men I've slept with. They just couldn't handle the fact that they weren't totally pleasing to mate, but its always my fault their partner strayed. But now I'm getting what I deserve some say. That's Life and then you die.
  8. For more the couple years, I've working at trying to stay Clean from Crystal Meth. I did so on premise that Life was going to better. So I did what they said to. I dropped a whole bunch friends, connections a whole life I wasn't going to need anymore. But better hasn't got here, not even close! I'm done! I should have been happy with what I had. I'm not even remotely happy! This hopefully will be my last rant on this subject. I'm coming down today. I having a good day. But damnit I refuse to drink their kool-aid. I've been around to long, I don't want to go totally back where I was before. But I'm going to start using again. My friends that have succeed had 1thing I didn't, and that was something to go back to. I don't have that kind of life. I was born out of bars and drugs and all that kind stuff. I was a dealer of something. I had a life I built for. I'm not equipped to be as old as I am. The people I went to high school are waiting on grandchildren. I have concept of that. I am just trying to muddle through life, and not injure anybody else on my way through.
  9. I'm partial to Males who just want Head. I got over being Fucked a while ago. I'm a cocksucker, my purpose for being is to Suck every Cock I can. I get self worth from it. But if a Top neds the use of my boypussy, I am not one say no.
  10. I miss the life used have, before I let some asshole who got himself Clean tell me there was a better life to had if I did the same. But forgot tell me how judgemental everyone was going to be. How they would look down their noses that I would stop and stick a Horny total Stranger's Cock in my mouth. That they didn't give a Shit, that I enjoyed it. The assholes have lost out on simple satisfaction that swallowing a warm, thick creamy Load of Cum can give a hungry cocksucker. That's one of the reasons why I sneak around behind everyone's back. Because the people I left behind, they never judged me, because they had their own tastes to satisfy.
  11. I've never really gotten much enjoyment from getting Head. Ive had some really talented boys give Blowjobs through the years, but I've never Busted my Nut over one. But I've shot gallons of Spoonge because some Horny Male picked my mouth to stick his Cock in.
  12. I remember living my life like that. When I was a Meth Dealer. I never worried about having roof over my head, it just happened. And all that other stuff was included. Now I have people harping on me about being clean and how much better it is. Where as I used too live my life so everybody could watch. Nowadays, I sneak around behind back, just so their Fucking lives can be peaceful. It so much easier on them to think I've been sick for 5 days. When the reality of things is thank god, nobody has felt the need to come visit me and bring me flowers. Then they would have deal with the simple sleazy fact I've been preoccupied with providing a Hole for any Male with a Hard Cock and a Point full Meth to keep the ParTy going.
  13. Seems like a nice concept. Probably the type life I'm heading into. I've enjoyed an Adult life, of being the pretty one. But I've spent the last 4.5 days, we've just been Spun and Fucking like bunny. But by this afternoon, when the magic of Meth wore off, neither one of us could stand the sight of each other, naked or otherwise.
  14. I have made it a point to make sure people are aware that I take great pride in servicing Black Males. It just drove my family absolutely bat shit crazy!
  15. I've always liked having guys shoot some of their Load on to my face. I have found that I get an extra little thrill from riding the bus home from wherever I was at sucking Cock. It's always interesting to see who just has to say something and if they are going to offer to add some of their own Seed to that which has already dried or sometimes it's still drying.

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