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    Pretty open.. not much I'm not into. Rather enjoy getting fucked up and wild and kinky. wanna find out how far I will go.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    bbguy29 on kick
    bbfan31 on wicker

    Hit me up and talk kinky with me
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    Cum... bonus points for bugged up cum.

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  1. Great attitude - get it done and pass it on!

    1. BBFan29


      Thanks man... I'm definitely trying to do my part. 

    2. pozboy


      I hope we all are doing all we can to make the world a worse place - more depraved and riskier

  2. BBFan29

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    I would guess in the hundreds...150+. Never kept count.
  3. want U 

    install Urslf n me 

  4. BBFan29

    Fantasy Turning into Reality

    It's an amazing fantasy. But I would never let someone eat my gift givers load out of me. The whole point is to absorb it. Also (I'm not the jealous type honestly) but I Could not share a gifter with another chaser.
  5. Still one of my favorite stories... wish there was more. Like what its like for them when they get out
  6. BBFan29

    Depression & Barebacking/bug Chasing

    I feel the same way. If I'm going through a time of depression I feel less than desirable.
  7. BBFan29

    Telegram Chat

  8. Id love to have you convert me on video. ill let ya know if Im in Philly



      Especially I'm in Muncie Indiana

  9. BBFan29

    Sex With Couples

    In an open long term relationship here. We both love playing with a third. And sometimes playing separate
  10. BBFan29

    Ripe Pits

    Fuck yes
  11. Thanks for the new friends! I appreciate it

  12. Where are my WV guys?
  13. BBFan29


    Its happened every time I've done this. Ill.take one before and one.afterw which usually dies the trick. But damn. I love k9 more than anything.

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