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    Was busy in the late 80s and 90s with a variety of sexual activities.
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    Never done commercial porn, but have worked with other porn stars doing demos at Folsom...Just ask for details.
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    Always looking for cumdump bottoms that need a load. Extra points to the cumdumps that are preloaded, other guys into leather, neoprene and fetish gear.

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  1. I think a lot of guys are turned off breeding small asian bottoms based on perception. I know that I had some preconceived ideas too. I figured that they were all ladyboys and feminine. Then about 12 or so years ago I was cruising M4M ads on Craigslist. There were two guys looking for tops. One was a big white dude and he was looking for tops to gang fuck his smaller asian buddy. That scene turned me on. They were in a motel and had guys lined up all day. When I showed up the bottom guy had been fucked by a number of guys and was cummy wet, and ready for more cock and cum. He had a masculine voice, a little attitude and was a slutty, hot fuck. Three guys were there while I fucked him. We traded off between the three of us until I had to split and I dumped a load in his hole. That really changed my attitude tword Asian fuck buddies. Its fun to fuck a big muscle hole, but just as fun to be fuck smaller bottoms that are just as capable of taking cock and cum.
  2. Fuck yes!   I’d love to help with flooding that hole of yours and  opening up your cunt.   

    1. bottomguysea


      Fuck yeah!!  Would love it

  3. Just name a time and location and I'm sure that we can get a few tops to load you up. I for one would be happy to follow you into the bushes or have you ride my cock in the back of my truck.
  4. Great work MuscleJock. I bet that you felt super satisfied at your birthday dinner. Did you shower all the loads off you or keep some for pride. I love knowing that a buddies cum is drying in my beard or on my face or shot on my baseball cap. Or if I've eaten out a cumpdump after fucking--that my face and beard smell like sex. Where did Dmitri put up his add to find tops for you (if you know). Usually on big weekends out here the best cumdump scenes are on BBRT. But I have been to some well-used cumdumps that I found on Twitter and elsewhere. There is nothing hotter than fucking a totally spermed-out cumhole. I love knowing that my dick is churing up other dudes loads and I love that feeling of my nuts when I fuck the other guys loads out and they start to stream down my nuts. Nothing better than the feeling of that. Or the sound of all that cum getting fucked deeper into a bottoms hole. I'm sure that you did a great job. I'd love to have you out here and put you up in a room on Market Street. We could work to break your 61 load record.
  5. Great posts buddy

  6. Highway 80 rest stop in my truck—got and gave a pretty sloppy suck. Wanted more head but had to get home.
  7. 1. Bottoms who sometimes shoot a load with a soft floppy cock while getting fucked. 2. Slurping and sucking sounds when a decent sized top enters a jizz filled hole or pulls out fast. 3. Bottoms that make reference to going home to their family after a gangbang or porn shoot. 4. Bottoms with random loads on them (on their faces, in their hair, on their jock/baseball cap/leather gear).
  8. What did your boyfriend charge the client for whoring you to him? I got a gig getting whored out for a guys 40th birthday but did it for $$.
  9. Swallow. Always ready to practice taking more. I’m talented enough now to let about two average dudes piss down my throat. My goal is to keep up so 100% goes down. And I’m always happy to flood a buddy’s throat with my piss.
  10. Ahhh...Marshall Beach...can’t wait for some warm SF weather.
  11. Jared is a talented fucker.  I can’t wait for my turn in his cummy hole.  

    1. MuscledHorse


      thanks!! Happy to give you as many turns as you need to be satisfied.

  12. The Horse Market is hot as fuck and not to be missed. Of course the coronavirus is fucking every thing up right now. But after it passes definitely go to one. The comments above are pretty accurate. Bottoms and tops are in a range of ages. I attended in Germany and there was more screening for fitness/build than there was for age. I had a few buddies there—one was a mare. As Insatiableboy said —lube isn’t an issue after the first round of breedings. There are red hoods for BB and white hoods for safesex. The ratio is different from city to city. I looked for “my” type of mare to focus my time on. My dick was in about 30 mares and I came three times. I would love to have cum more but had been whoring it up all week so my cock and balls were spent. Our buddy reported that he was fucked by 100 dicks. Admittedly he mares don’t necessarily know when guys are taking turns (tag teaming) or cum back later for another round. He was busy all night and was fully satisfied when we debriefed-later.
  13. I’m always up for taking a buddies piss down my throat. I’m always training to take on more. I can lean back and swallow my entire piss. I am always good to go on pissing down a buddies throat or letting a buddy drain his piss into my willing gullet.

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