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Seduced, Chemmed, and Pozzed by My Wrestling Coach

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9 minutes ago, kente said:

That's one of the most hot fucking poz stories here. My cock shot several of his  dirty loads reading it


Love to be your neighbor - your playmate - your sucking / cum dumpster - let me Please you in anyway possible !    single and vers .   :)

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    • By Chokulo
      It’s been ages due to Covid and winter, and desperately needed to get fucked. So the only option was to go  to the heath, as one load was never going to be enough. I was getting horny all afternoon gave myself a proper cleaning and sat on a butt plug to get loose and ready. By the time 8pm came around I was seriously leaking, anticipating a great night and finally, some raw loads.
      I am about 15 minutes  away, lubed up  i jumped on my scooter and headed up. I had a pair of loose trousers so could totally step out of them and use them as a rest. Parking up I could see a few cars, so headed off down to the path to the dark room, which is a dark leafy area . As I entered I could see quite a few guys already here. I got to the log, took my trousers  off and presented my naked ass to the room. Almost immediately one of the guys peeled off and I could hear him crunching towards me. A hand caressed my ass, and then a finger dawdled over my hole, slipped in and could feel the warm lubed ass, ready, waiting.
      He shifted behind me, I heard his zip and then he shuffled towards me, I could only look down between my legs to see his jeans. Then I felt his cockhead nudge against my hole, gently probing, the mix of precum and lube leaving a warm trail as he gently slid up and down before hesitating, and slowly pushing in. That first cock head is the best moment, as you feel,your hole open up to the pressure. He slowly pushed in as I accommodated his cock, not big but a nice size, perfect for the first fuck. Once in he stopped and I heard him crack open some poppers, sniff hard twice, and then after a hesitation slowly slid all the way back in. I groaned out loud and arched my back. “ you like that don’t you” he whispered, as he started to pull out and push back in. I milked his cock as he pulled out, opening as he thrust in. He groaned, he wasn’t going to last long. He started to pick up speed and I ramped my hips back to meet his thrusts, his breath grew ragged. I could hear others nearby moving in. He sped up, grasped my hips groaned load and rammed in hard, his cock pulsating up my ass, his juice flooding my guts. It felt so good as he held still, his cock pulsing three or four times, then he leaned forwards, resting a moment and whispering “ great ass you slut”. I put my hand between my legs to feel his balls and cock as he slowly pulled out, and caught a little dribble of cum that I quickly licked up, and then moved my hand back to feel my cummy hole, all warm and sticky, with that fresh fucked smell!
      He zipped up and pulled away, but barely had he stepped away when I felt a thick finger slip into my hole, deep, mixing the cum in my ass, he took his finger out and pushed in two, cum leaked out, it was a big load. “Smells like a slut”, he said out loud. I murmured in agreement, don’t give me the chat just slip your dick in I thought! And sure enough looking between my legs I saw him slip down his trackie, a pair of muscular legs shifted towards me and a fat mushroom head prodded till it found the right spot. He then thrust in hard, taking my breath away, I arched and pushed back to slam my ass back up to his balls. His cock must have been 8 inches and fat, because it filled me. This guy was riding me hard, pulling out and slamming in, and each time he pulled I sucked at his cock with my ass muscles, and could feel the slimy oozing cum. I slipped my hand underneath to feel his full balls, my fingers sliding either side of his cock to feel it’s slippery hardness. We had a real rhythm, him thrusting in hard as I pushed back, my ass opening each time he thrust in. We kept this up for 10 minutes, his hands caressing my stomach as he leaned forwards, both of us sweating hard. “ I’m cumming” he gasped, “breed me!” . And with one final hard thrust he pinned me, his cock slipping deep and hard, swelling as he held me tight, pumping load after load into me. I clamped down on his cock to keep him inside me and pushed back against his hips. He arched back, nestled in and kept his cock inside me until it started to soften. I moved my hips forwards, held his shaft with my hands as his softening cock slipped out, warm, slick and still meaty.
      I rested my head on my arm, leaning against the trunk, that was a proper fuck! My ass was open and sloppy, my fingers dipped in, and could feel the looseness and brought my fingers back to my mouth to smell and lick the cum. Stayed there for the next few hours and must have taken another 6-7 cocks and a few more loads. By then I figured it was time to move on to the fuck tree.
      Got there and it was crowded! About 6 bottoms along, asses pointing out and tops buzzing around, fucking. I joined the far end, dropped my trousers and started to bend out, pushing some cum out, but was too far along. Shuffled along into the middle to get that proper bend, back arched. Reached under my balls to finger and stretch my hole. I could see feet shuffling, and then suddenly a cock nudging my hole. Slick and slippery it glided in and nestled deep a moment, and then started pumping. But a few minutes and out again, my ass empty. A few minutes later same thing. I knew he was loving it as he clearly didn’t want to cum.so off again, and then finally he’s back, settles in and starts to pump, my ass opening up to the warm firm thrusts, the cum leaking out making that beautiful sticky, slappy sound of a well bred hole. He picks up the pace, I thrust back to match his rhythms, his balls slamming into my ass. We are both going faster, then I feel him stiffen and push hard, all the way in. His cock fills out, pulses and he shoots deep and hard inside me. A few seconds of hard pulsing, he sighs, leans forward and rests on me as he cock slowly softens. My hand reaches under my balls to feel his shaft as it slides out, a rush of warm cum into my hands and out. A great night, and time to go home!
    • By Monorchid
      I'd been fucking with Zac on and off for a while. I went to his place a couple of times a month. We had some beers, shared some spliff, and got down to business. We're both versatile, so roles usually got swapped and mixed up. Now and then, we sorted a roleplay, which was fun but a bit forced.
      At the time, I'm mid 40s, slim, fit, but I'm not impressively built or endowed. Zac (short for Isaac) is 30s, beefy and equipped with an almost clichéd Big Black Cock. I'd spend many sessions learning to take him deep in my throat, and it took a while before it stopped hurting when he fucked me.
      We set up a session, and I arrived as usual. I was playing sub whore, so got naked and sat in the floor while he sorted drinks.
      He came into the room and handed me a beer, "I've got something special sorted for tonight." He sits in front of me on the sofa, fully clothed with his legs spread wide. Reaching over, he opened a box and took out a pipe. After taking a tug on it, he passed it to me and played the lighter over the bowl while I sucked. We'd usually had spliffs before, but this was different. Suddenly, the only thing I could see was the lump in his jeans. I leant down and rubbed my face in his musky groin. He stroked my shaved head. "That's right."
      My head was swimming as I felt his cock growing under the denim. After a while, he tapped my shoulder and I looked up to see him offering me the pipe again. I took it, and the lighter, pulling on the pipe watching him take off his t-shirt. When he took back the pipe, I went back to mashing my face in his groin. "Yeah, you need my cock Boi."
      All I could manage was "Mmmm..."
      He leant back and I reached up to feel his nipples. I rubbed my face across his legs and crotch until the effect of the pipe wore off a bit. He lifted my head to look at him. "We can carry on, or you can say 'no'." I was confused - I'd expected something new when I arrived and didn't really know why he was offering me an out. I was looking from him to the pipe, and I'm sure I was drooling. All I could think was I was going home empty and unfulfilled.
      "You want more?"
      "Yes. What we having?"
      He handed me the pipe, "Just smoke it. You love it."
      I sucked hard until he pulled the pipe away from me. I fell hard into his lap and he rubbed his hand over my back. "Good. You're gonna be wrecked, you know that?" I nodded, rubbing all my head over his groin.
      I lifted my head and sat back on my heels, taking a deep swig on my beer. He leant forward and put his blindfold over my eyes. We used his blindfold quite a bit - it's soft leather with an elastic strap and pads which press on your eyes a bit. Our set up was the one wearing it couldn't take it off without the session coming to a quick end. I knew I'd be wearing it all night.
      He hooked his arms under my shoulders and put me in the armchair. Instinctively, I lifted my legs, but he pushed them down and leant in to whisper "Last chance." I didn't really know what he meant. Then he was gone. I could hear him moving around, but sat where he'd put me waiting for whatever was coming. My arse was twitching and my cock was standing full mast. It seemed like several minutes passed while he fussed around.
      I felt the pipe pressed to my lips again, and huffed hard on it. He took it away and pulled off the blindfold.
      When my eyes adjusted, he was sitting across from me chatting with two new guys. They were all naked. Zac saw I was paying attention and smiled. "OK?" I nodded, not knowing who to look at. He waved a hand at each of them, "My mates, Dan and Den." I smiled at them. Dan was short, white, tightly muscled. His half-hard cock already impressive. Den was tall and wiry, with a still soft black cock which hung heavy over his balls and promised a painful fuck. I slid of the chair to kneel on the floor. "Well, he's eager." Dan pulled me to him and pushed my face into his balls.
      "You gonna pin him?" Den asked. I didn't quite understand. Dan held my head down while his cock hardened against my face. Someone grabbed my arm and there was a pricking feeling just before the world dissolved.
    • By GermanCumDump23
      I work at a retail job. Boring, tedious, but a night few days ago was decidedly different. I was working stocking freight when a young man came up to me, and mumbled something to me. I asked him to repeat himself as I didn't hear him. He came closer, pulled down his mask, and told me that I should meet him in the nearby bathroom and suck his cock. Being caught off guard, I didn't know what to say, other than to let him know that I didn't want to get caught and fired. He told me that he would go ahead and be in the bathroom in three minutes, and if I didnt show after five more, he would just go home. After he walked away, I debated on what to do, and decided that I would just go tell him that we should go do things in his car instead of a public bathroom at my job. I walked into the handicapped stall, and he was stroking a huge hard cock, and I couldn't help it. I was on my knees, taking his cock into my throat, gagging on his length, loving the slutty feel of being choked on such a long thick cock in a public bathroom. He was moaning as I worked his cock in and out of my mouth, sucking him and licking his shaft. He pulled out and asked me to bend over, drop my pants, and show him my ass. I dropped my pants and after rubbing his cock along my ass crack a few times, he found my hole and pushed his cock inside, pumping a little at a time, pulling out and pushing in deeper with each penetration until his balls were slapping my ass. We heard someone enter the bathroom, so he pulled out and sat on the toilet, stroking his cock and fingering my hole. After a few people came and went, we were alone again, and he said he was going to cum. He pushed his cock into my hole and a pump or two later he flooded my bowels with his hot load, and remained deep inside me for a minute or two until his cock slipped out and his cum started dripping into my underwear. I quickly pulled my underwear up and got dressed again. I told him to hit me up again sometime, but to try to find a less public place to breed me. I left the stall with a smile on my face and an ass full of cum.
    • By Ozpig
      Last Sunday I saw an older top for the third times. We met of Grindr and the three times i have been to my place has been sensationally pleasurable. He has opened the door, naked, rock hard and he can fuck for a good 40 minutes before he comes. He has a perfectly proportioned thick as cut cock, loves changing positions and he certainly can fuck. As i was playing with his balls and cleaning his cock on Sunday night the thought entered my head that made me wonder just how many bottom men's mancunt he has thrilled with that great cock. I simply asked him while I was holding his manhood "I'll bet this has thrilled a lot of bottom boys over the years." He looked quite serious and said "not as many as you might think" I was married for 40 years and very rarely played around. "What a waste I thought".  I am more than willing to help him catch up for lost time.
    • By Loadluver310
      So in a couple of weeks, it's gonna be my birthday. I would love for me to be in a hotel room taking loads for a few hours. Always fantasized being a cumdump. Would love to try it out. 
      Live in Carson, CA 
      Cannot host. 

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