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Where did you get (or give) your last load?

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just got a random load from the scruff. only pic was of a grey fuzzy chest... he didn't want to see my face and didn't want me to shower. i left the door open... basketball playing in the back ground... i was ass up on the couch. slammed the goddamn door and then went str8 to eating my hole. def could feel a thick beard. He was rubbing his what felt to be an uncut cock against my hole. two wads of spit and i was being slammed by a surprisingly massive thick cock. after 10 min of hair pulling and ass slapping I could feel his cock getting very very rigid... he let out a yell that the whole block could hear, called me a slut, and left. fucking rad!

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went to the bathhouse yesterday and had a great time. In the dark room, saw a thick built daddy bear in the gloryhole area. He saw me and went around and put his towel in the opening to let me know where he was. He gave me his cock..nice and thick. I sucked and he gave me his tasty reward. Walked around for a bit and saw a cute cub. Followed him into the steamroom where we were sucking eachother. As I sucked him, I felt his hairy hole. He spread his legs a bit more and I went and ate his hole. I put some lube on his hole and stuck in my finger and he loved it. I put my cock on his hole and he backed up on my cock. Rode his hole for a while until he shot...then I shot a load in his hole. Walked around some more and met up with another daddy bear. In the dark room, I started to suck his cock and he felt my hole. He loved the fact that I had a lubed hole. He spun me around and put his cock on my hole and asked me if I wanted it. Being the pig that I am, "yes." He slid into me and fucked me for a few minutes and blasted a nice load in my hole. There was also another bear there who upon the daddy leaving my hole, started to play with my hole. I didn't move thinking that he would fuck me, but unfortunately he did not fuck me. I walked around to the rooms in the basement and saw a daddybear jerking while watching a flick in his room. I walked in and started to jack his cock. He told me he wanted to suck on my cock. As he sucked, my hand went from his cock to his balls and then to his ass. He liked my fingers playing with his hole. So I fingered his hole for a bit. He then got on all fours and told me to fuck him. As I got behind him, I noticed he had a bunch of condoms on the table next to his bed. I grabbed some lube that were next to them, got my cock slick and slid into his ass. He told me that he loved the way my cock felt in his ass and soon he was standing up and backed up against me. With the my back to the wall and this bear pushing against me, I thought he was trying to push me through that wall. He was jerking his cock and told me that he was close. I asked if he wanted me to come and he told me yes. So I let loose in his ass and he sprayed his load all over the floor.

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had a friend over this weekend and he fucked me real good. hes only 6c but dam is that thing thick! took two loads a day from him and sucked his cock while he watched TV. Im really getting into serving men for days at a time instead of a few hours at a time. Its was nice to wake up and suck his cock while he slept. Start a new daddy bed and breakfast and my house, you pay with cum and cock!

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Swallowed a young, tatted Indian's load yesterday at his place in Somerville. He responded to my CL posting to suck a dick on camera. He readily offered his cock and juicy load for my mouth and face. We chatted before and after sex and have plans to just hang out. Both of us have clips of me sucking his cock on our phones. A half hour ago, I finished swallowing a Latin buddy's thick load. He's slim, about 6' with a very thick 8 incher. Usually comes to our circle jerk sessions, but he loves to fuck, too. Won't do it raw, though. Has a girlfriend and has only fucked me raw ONCE. He was so close to busting his nutt that time. I was sure he was going to plant it, but he pulled out at the last second to shoot a huge handful of that stuff. I remember lying there thinking, "that should've been in me."

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A couple of days ago. THis guy that I had played with before but wouldn't let me cum in me hit me up. I told him no, and why. He said it was OK and I could come in him. I went, and fucking him passionately, and blew a several month load into him, which he seemed to love. Too bad he was so tweaked out, though.

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Just spent a few days in the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa and stayed at the gay-owned Basement Studios which has 5 bungalows. It has a pool and cruising area as well with lots of slings and a darkroom. I sucked my share of cock but things got really interesting when this daddy bear flooded my ass in front of three guys in the darkroom. I then let one guy fuck me with a condom (no more of that for me if I can avoid it). The absolute hottest part of my stay was this British guy, ex-rugby player with an 8 inch cock. He fucked me all over the complex over two days. I took so many loads from him I lost count. He would fuck me in the sling and leave my hole dripping. He woud get hard again and add a second load minutes later. I fucked him with my butt plug and he shot again!

I thought it was all about the pump and dump but this guy has changed this for me. I was leaking gobs of precum from the thorough fucking I received and lost interest in the other cocks there because I was totally satisfied with his. Nothing like being high on poppers and getting pounded by a dick that fits like a glove.

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I got royally played tonight by a pro. Maybe I was pressng my luck by going out again tonight since I got nicely plowed both late Sat/early Sun morning and ridden again Monday night.

Typical quiet midweek night at tubs. Cruised a nice short stocky furry daddy with a thick Eastern European accent and an even thicker uncut cock but he didn't seem too interested. But in the steam room we were both playing with ourselves and then he let me suck him for a bit until it got too hot for him - but he had me really hard and excited. I know he overheard me turn down the advances of a young Iranian bottom when I told him I was more a bottom myself. The Iranian kid is really good looking, but not picky when he's horny so I was kind of relieved to see him use up a couple trolls who were annoying me, and he quickly cleared the place out and then left himself. About an hour had passed since sucking the stocky guy and he was now watching porn in the darkroom. He waved his cock at me and I went back to work on it. He wasn't very vocal, but I was getting hard looking up past his furry belly into his eyes, and spit into my hand to wank myself off. He started moaning and getting more excitd as I deep throated him, and he reached down to paw his furry nuts and ass. So grabbed his nuts which he liked and then rubbed his ass. He really started moaning loudly when I did that and then got up and put his ass in my face. The fur hiding his hole was thick but I managed to find it with my tongue, but it soon became clear that wasn't what he wanted. I did hesitate briefly but he said nothing and simply waved his ass back and forth in front of me and so I spit some more onto my hand and used that to enter him bare. He opened right up and I realized that the only reason he had me suck his cock was that he had seen how hard it had made me earlier in the steam room, and he realized that if he pretended to be a top he could get me excited enough so that he could get a plowing. Old men know all he fucking tricks! Unfortunately he wasn't super clean - in the dark I couldn't see any brown but there was that unmistakable dark earthy smell. I'm not a fucking bitchy whiner and it's not often I get hard enough to top, so I wasn't gonna let it stop me. I just took a big hit of poppers since that's what they're for - getting you past your inhibitions. The porn playing was that filthy Cazzo flick where Tommy Haine gets gangbanged and then later uses a baseball bat to rape a dad so that was helping keep me in the zone as well. I managed to give him a good plowing but I couldn't come. I think it was mainly a mental thing as I prefer to bottom for older.

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Ironically this bottom boy bred a guy 4 times tonight.

Got fucked last night at the book store. The guy was about to fuck me bare and started pushing it in when I squeaked, "Do you have condoms?" and he mentioned he was about to get them (no he wasn't). If he would have just taken my ass for himself I would have loved it. I did enjoy it though. But I'm starting to wonder if some cocks can not fully expand or harden in condoms. He fucked me with a condom though and I still enjoyed it. Just wanted more. The guy a few weeks ago who fucked me bare but started with a condom had a hard time keeping it hard and I bent over as he kept attempting. I finally felt that hard cock in me and it felt so big. I told him to keep fucking me and he did but he told me that he was barebacking me. I could not control myself so I said, "breed me". He did and I found out he came twice. So when he told me he is in me bare he basically meant that he already came and would like seconds.

I went to the bath house tonight hoping to get fucked. I met this hot guy in the steam room who worshiped my body, cock, and took care of my hole and was a damn good kisser. He got me so hot and excited that I fucked him bare. Never fucked anyone bare before. Hell it's funny because we talked a bit before and he said he never barebacks and always plays safe. Funny..I used to say that too but not two men have had their hot raw cocks up my tight boy ass and one tricked me and breed me. So I fucked him pretty good and then came in his ass. It felt great. We went to another sex club afterwards and we fooled around and I fucked him in a sling for a bit and gave him a few more loads in a more private area. It was hot and all but I think during I was fantasizing about what I want a guy to do to me.

I sucked a few cocks but honestly I wanted a load in me. I really really question if I will do safe much longer. I need to at least stay neg though. Damn bareback is so addicting. He told me I am the first to bareback him so he will get addicted too. I got corrupted now I corrupted someone...

And all I can think about right now is a hot woofy daddy bending my hot ass over and pounding my ass and breeding me as his cum dump..


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Had quite the fuck spree last night. 4 bttms fucked and filled.

1. 27, latino, came over on his way to work

2. 22, white, bi, has a gf, only wanted to suck my cock. But once I started rimming, in it went and I fucked him till I filled him

3. 30, a cute white red head, says he usually doesn't bb on a hook up cuz he is cheatin on his BF. Well, bare and bred it was

4. 33, white, dark and olive features texted 5 min after #3 left. Was over 10 min after that. Quick pump and dump

About 10 min after #4 left, a fifth bttm texted but it was late and I did have another load in me. When it rains it pours, I guess

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I sucked a few cocks but honestly I wanted a load in me. I really really question if I will do safe much longer. I need to at least stay neg though. Damn bareback is so addicting. He told me I am the first to bareback him so he will get addicted too. I got corrupted now I corrupted someone...

If you continue barebacking with guys you don't know at bathhouses and bookstores it is inevitable that you will become HIV positive. You only have one option if you absolutely want to stay negative: stop barebacking anonymous guys at these sorts of places. If you can't do that it is only a matter of time and luck until you are pos. If these are real experiences, you could already have caught it.

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      So,we met up last night. He arrived,and was 6'2, 200#, muscular; to my 5'8", 130# scrawniness. He immediately pulled his cock out and played his part well, telling me to suck his fat poz cock.
      He fucked me doggie on the floor, force feeding me poppers. Growling he was going to fill my little cunt up with poz seed. I was flying. As he picked up the pace and the talk, I could tellhe was going to blow soon. Then he stopped.
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      True story.
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      Hey guys:
      Has anyone else encountered this issue?
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      I happen to be on PrEP and old enough to know what I want.  I wish I could block these idiots to be honest.  BH

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